Appointment Cards Increase Patient health


Appointment cards are handy tools that help patients stay on top of their health. In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about patient appointment cards. Let’s get started!

What Are Appointment Cards, And Why Are They Important? 

An appointment card is a small card that a client receives at the end of their appointment that contains the date and time of their following appointment. The card is typically the size of a business card, making it easy to store in a wallet or on a fridge and refer to later. 

These tangible reminders help patients remember their follow-up appointments, resulting in fewer missed appointments and making scheduling easier for healthcare practices and businesses. They lead to better health and less hassle. They’re a win-win!

What Information Should You Include On An Appointment Card?

Appointment cards are easy to design. They’re small, so only include the most important information. Here are the can’t-miss elements of appointment reminder cards. 

The Patient or Customer’s Name

Be sure to include a field for the customer’s name. This is particularly important for practices which might see multiple members of the same family. No one wants to accidentally show up to their spouse’s tooth cleaning!

The Next Appointment Date and Time

Provide a place for the date and time of the next appointment. This is the most important part of the card! You can include checkboxes for each day of the week if you’d like, or you can leave space in the date field to write the name of the day of their next appointment. 

Your Company’s Name and Logo

Every interaction a customer or client has with your brand influences their impression of you. Include your company’s name and official logo, and adhere to all company branding guidelines, including color choices and fonts. 

Your Company’s Address and Contact Information

Help your client easily arrive at their next appointment by including your address on your card. As well, provide your contact information so that customers can contact you if they have questions or need to reschedule. 

Space for Notes or Information Specific to Your Business

Include space for notes, in case the customer needs any other specific information about their next appointment. This might include space for stylists to write their names on salon appointment cards so that clients can request the same stylist, or a technician might write the name of the service needed at the next appointment. 

A Special Discount

Encourage return appointments by also making your appointment card a coupon or by including a discount code. This is a popular option for companies such as salons and massage parlors which want to encourage return visits. 

Who Uses Appointment Cards? 

Appointment cards are useful for a variety of businesses and medical practices. The following businesses are particularly well-suited for appointment cards.

Medical Practices

Appointment cards help all types of medical practices, from dentists to therapists and more. Simply fill out a card for each patient that includes their next appointment date and time, and send them on their way. They’ll be able to easily remember when to come back for their next cleaning, treatment, or visit. 

Use a traditional horizontal appointment card or a dynamic vertical appointment card that provides space for details about the follow-up appointment. 


Salons often schedule the next appointment at the end of the current appointment, making an appointment card a helpful and easy part of the check-out process. Make sure that customers leave both with a great haircut and with an appointment card in-hand.

Include a field for stylists to write their names on the appointment cards so that clients can be sure to see the same professional every time they visit. Consider using a unique square reminder card that exemplifies your salon’s creative outlook on life. 

Massage Parlors

Massage parlors, as well, use appointment reminder cards to make sure that clients know when they’re coming back. Use a peaceful theme and light colors on your card to mirror your business’s relaxing atmosphere. 

Canva provides many useful appointment cards templates that you can customize for your specific practice or business. 

Veterinary Practices

Whether Spot needs a checkup or Rex needs a followup test, appointment cards help pet owners take care of their animals’ health. Consider adding playful, pet-themed design elements such as paw prints or dog bones to your card, as well as including fields for both the pet and owner names. 

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