Booklet Printing

Black & White Booklets

Black and white booklets communicate your message economically to customers, prospects or members of your organization. Booklets are useful tools to explain points of view, to sell products or to explain how to put together or use an item.

The most popular sizes for black and white booklets are half sized and full sized after folding. Decide first on the best size for your booklet, the number of pages you want to print and the quantity you will need.

CBlack and white booklets are frequently used when there is a need to communicate a larger volume of pricing or technical information. They work well for price lists, assembly instruction books, warranty information booklets and technical manuals. They can also serve as cheap newsletters. When designing a booklet, make sure there is enough white space so everything is readable and use photographs with good contrast. The experts at can help with a design if you need it.

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Color Booklet Printing

Communicate in style with color booklet printing! Whether you are creating event programs, calendars, catalogs, newsletters or informational booklets, printed booklets give you plenty of room to get your point across.

The most popular sizes for full color booklets are 5.5x8.5 and 8.5x11 after folding. Decide on the best size for your booklet, the number of pages you want to print and the quantity you need to get started.

Businesses use color booklet printing for employee handbooks, training manuals and instruction manuals to communicate with team members and the public. Marketers and communication specialists use booklets as newsletters or catalogs to convey a larger amount of detailed information about a group or a series of products. Printed calendars can also be printed in this format. Well designed booklets are effective communications tools. Ask the experts at for help if you need it!

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Booklet printing connects you with customers and readers with more in-depth information. Booklets have more readable pages than flyers or brochures, so you can communicate details about your product or service in style. Cheap booklet printing from is used for newsletters, catalogs, event programs, and instruction manuals, and the most common final sizes are 8.5x11 or 8.5x5.5.

Properly designed booklets always have page counts which are divisible by 4 -- you get 4 pages per sheet when sheets are folded in half. offers booklets from 4 pages to 40 pages to suit your needs. For thicker booklets, contact us for a custom quote.

Custom Booklets are used for marketing, training, information, and even pleasure reading. Booklet printing creates products like calendars, newsletters, magazines, training manuals and simple books. Booklet binding is inexpensive, making booklets a very cost effective type of book. To design great booklets, be sure to use enough white space to make them easy to read, and break up text with eye pleasing graphics and images. Ask the experts at for help if you need it!