Custom Invitations

Custom Invitations


Custom invitations make any event special. No matter the type of activity you have planned, printing your own invitations will make a great impression and encourage people to attend!

Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations let your friends and family know about your special day. Whether you choose to design your wedding invitations from scratch or adopt a premade design, choose a design and font that matches your wedding theme. This lets invitees know what to expect and creates a cohesive experience from the invitation to the ceremony. To make your invitations perfect, work with a printing company that can give you advice on your design or even create a design for you.

Non Profit Invitations

Non profit invitations help you make the world a better place by increasing attendance at your next event. Whether you’re planning an auction, gala, or a meeting with donors, sending out a well designed invitation lets recipients know that you’re a reputable organization. In your invitation design, make sure to make it clear who or what will benefit from their attendance. Recipients will be more motivated to attend when they know how they’ll be making a difference.

Save The Date Invitations

Save the date invitations let recipients know about your upcoming event, such as a conference, wedding, or bar or bat mitzvah. You can then follow up with a formal invitation, such as a folded invitation, closer to the event itself. Save the date invitations put your event on people’s calendars with enough advance notice for them to schedule travel and accommodations. In your design, make it clear that the real invitations will be sent later.

Business Event Invitations

Great business invitations make it easy to attend the event you’re planning. They can cover a wide range of events: conferences, expos, stakeholder meetings, company parties, and more. The key to a great business invitation is a design that clearly indicates all of the details for the event and how guests are expected to respond. Sending a professionally printed invitation lets guests know how important your event is.

Party Invitations

Party invitations both set the tone and help you and your attendees make plans. When designing your invitations, incorporate your party’s theme and colors, and choose a font that fits your desired mood. If there is a dress code or other important information such as gift or donation preferences, make this clear on your invitations. Custom printed invitations will make your bridal shower, birthday party, graduation party, and more a success!

ZoePrint Prints The Invitations You Need

When you’re ready to print invitations for your next event, ZoePrint is ready to help. We offer the three most common invitation sizes, A2, A6 and A7, in both horizontal and vertical layouts. Make sure to choose blank or printed envelopes for your invitation as well.

When budgeting for your event, know that there are easy ways to save on your invitations, such as printing in black and white, ordering in bulk, and partnering with printing companies like ZoePrint that know how to keep costs low. Feel free to ask the experts at for help if you need it.

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