5 Playbill Tips And Tricks You Need To Know

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Children Looking at scripts for a play

You’ve made it through rehearsals, and now it’s opening night. The theater doors open and the audience starts walking in. As they enter the theater, they receive a playbill which will be their tour guide for the show.

While rehearsing with the cast and crew, building the set, and doing costumes and makeup are all vital parts of preparing for a theater performance, so is designing and printing great playbills that guide attendees through the performance. This article will guide you through what you need to know about playbill printing, from beginning a design to sending your document off to be printed.

Tip 1: Master The Design Basics

Together with posters advertising the performance, your playbill is likely one of the first materials that audience members will see about your show. Therefore, your playbill design sets the tone for the performance.

It’s a good idea to create a design that portrays the show’s main mood or themes. If you’re putting on a musical, you can use bright colors and bold fonts that have panache. For a Shakespearean play, on the other hand, you might opt for a more classic style.

This applies to your theater poster as well. The more accurately you are able to portray your show’s tone, the better you’ll be able to find interested audience members who will enjoy the show.

When you’re thinking about what to include in your playbill, don’t forget the following parts:

  • A title page with the name of the production, the times, dates, and location of performances, the name of the theater company, and an eye-catching illustration
  • Lists of the cast and crew members
  • A synopsis of the show
  • A director’s note

You can also optionally include aspects such as cast and crew bios, messages of encouragement from family members, and advertisements from local businesses.

If you’re making your first program, consider doing so with the help of design platforms such as Canva or Adobe InDesign. These can get you started on the right foot and provide a playbill template that you can customize, or you can create a program from scratch.

Tip 2: Choose The Right Printing Method

Once you’ve designed your playbill, it’s time to print it. This means deciding whether to print at home or with a professional printing service.

Printing at home can be a simpler process, as there’s no need to find a print partner. However, the effort and research it can take to find a printing company that’s a good match for your needs often pays off in the long run.

When you work with a professional printing company, you receive printing speeds and quality that are impossible for a home or office printer to provide. A professional printing press can print more copies faster, as well as handle thicker papers which are impossible to print in home printers. The printing company also operates the machinery, so you don’t need to worry about paper jams, maintenance and repair, or buying ink.

Tip 3: Select The Best Paper And Finishing Processes

When you work with a professional printing company for your theater program printing, you can choose from a wide range of papers and special finishing processes.

Deciding which paper you want to use might feel complicated. Consider opting for a 70# uncoated text and 100# dull text paper for the interior of your playbill and a 80# or 100# gloss paper for your covers, which will help your playbills stand out and help the colors pop.

As well, consider opting for environmentally friendly papers, such as papers made of partially or entirely recycled materials. This helps you make sure your playbill printing is good for the environment.

Tip 4: Proofread And Perfect

Your playbill is a public-facing document that represents both your show and your theater company. If you’re putting on a school show, your playbill also represents your school. Therefore, it’s important to make sure your document is free of errors before you send it off to be printed. Make sure to get multiple pairs of eyes on it to catch any small typos or mistakes.

If you’re printing a playbill for the first time, it can be helpful to receive a proof of your playbill before you print the whole order. This gives you the opportunity to ensure that everything looks the way you want.

Tip 5: Add Final Touches

You’re almost done with your playbill. Now it’s time for the fun parts: deciding if you want to add any final touches that take your playbill to the next level.

Some options include:

  • Choosing between stapled binding and saddle stitch binding
  • Considering luxurious additions such as embossing
  • Opting for die-cutting

All of these additions are optional, but they help your playbills stand out from the rest and turn them into keepsakes that performers and their families will treasure for decades.

Print Playbills That Set The Stage For A Great Performance

When you’re ready to get started printing great playbills, partner with ZoePrint. With decades of expertise in theater program printing for school and community theaters alike, we can help you create the programs that bring your performance to life.

ZoePrint’s low playbill printing costs let you print great playbills cheaply, which helps you dedicate more money to other production costs, and our simple online ordering platform and quick turnaround time means that you can place an order and receive your programs in a heartbeat.

Get started with great playbill printing by ordering online, or ask ZoePrint for a custom quote!

The Ultimate Guide to Note Card Size: Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Needs

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Family writing on notecards

Whether you’re writing a to do list at work or sending a letter to a friend, note cards are the tools you need. But do you know all the note card size options you can pick from? There are more possibilities than you might think.

If you’re not sure what the difference is between A6 and A7 or are wondering what a standard notecard size is, keep reading. This article will explain the most common note card sizes, how they’re useful, and how professional printing can create the notecards you’re looking for.

Understanding Note Card Sizes

Note cards can be a range of sizes, and they often use a unique sizing terminology. While there is no single standard note card size, here are the most common ones.

A2 Note Cards

A2 note cards are the smallest standard note cards. At 5.5x4.25, they’re versatile but commonly used for notes and reminders.

A6 Note Cards

A6 note cards are right in the middle. Their 6.25x4.5 size makes them perfect for longer notes and flashcards.

A7 Note Cards

At 7x5, A7 note cards are the largest of the bunch. They are a great choice for recipes, invitations, and larger notes.

Specialty Note Card Sizes

If you want something other than the standard notecard size, you can also print larger or smaller notecards. Here are some of the most common options.

Mini Note Cards

If a smaller note card fits your needs, you can opt for cards that are 3.5x2. This size is common for business cards, but it is also perfect for quick notes, product tags, and labels. You can also print square 2.5x2.5 cards, or even cards as small as 1x2.75.

Oversize Note Cards

If you’re looking for notecards bigger than A7 (7x5), a 6x9 card might be right for you. This size is perfect for visual presentations, projects, and even room decorations. If you’re interested in this size, or larger note card sizes, reach out to your printing partner. There’s a good chance they can print them for you.

Custom Note Card Sizes

While the sizes above are the most common, printing other note card sizes is easy as well. Professional printing companies such as ZoePrint can print virtually any size note card, so feel free to ask for the size you have in mind.

Selecting The Right Note Card Size For Your Needs

If you feel like there’s an overwhelming number of choices, no need to stress. Here are some suggestions for which sizes you might want to use, based on what you’ll be using them for.

Professional Uses

Note cards are useful throughout the business world. From communications tools to marketing materials, they get clients the information they need.

Notecards are helpful presentation tools. A2 cards are the perfect size to be cue cards for speakers, and you can distribute A7 cards to audience members with your product’s main selling points.

A2 cards are handy job aids, which help employees succeed throughout the workday. In the restaurant world, they’re also helpful ingredient and allergen cards, which servers can keep on hand in order to provide accurate ingredient lists to diners.

Sending handwritten notes to prospective and current clients establishes trust, builds a relationship, and shows your dedication. Any size card works here, so pick the size that best fits the message length you’ll be sending. For shorter letters, feel free to print smaller A2 cards, or size up all the way to A7 for longer letters.

Academic Uses

Note cards complement the rest of your school printing to help students succeed in the classroom. Smaller sizes, such as A2 and A6 cards, work well as flashcards and help with vocabulary, memorization, and studying for tests.

Larger cards, such as A7 cards, work well as classroom decoration, as well as signage for cordboards and in hallways. They can even be mini canvases for art class.

Personal And Creative Uses

Printing personalized stationery is simpler than you might think. A6 note cards make great stationery for sending to friends and family. As well, since note cards are for more than just writing notes, you can print A7 note cards as event invitations, room decorations, and DIY projects.

If you’re an artist, printing your art on note cards makes it easy to sell them at art fairs or online. Printing your note cards in many sizes provides more options for customers to pick the size they’d like. In general, however, larger A7 cards are generally better, as they provide more space to see the details of your art. You can even work with a speedy printing and delivery service such as ZoePrint, who can print your note cards on demand and ship them directly to the customer.

Print With The Note Card Pros

Picking a note card size is the first step in the printing process, and partnering with print experts who can create the note cards you’re looking for at a price you love makes every other step easy. Here at ZoePrint, we print all the notecard sizes you can imagine, from mini 1x2.75 cards, to large A7 cards. We also print custom sizes, so you can create the exact card you have in mind.

If you have questions about your note card’s design or layout, our in-house design team is happy to help out, and using our fast offset and digital presses, we can complete and ship orders right away. When you work with ZoePrint, you know that you’ll get great note cards quickly.

Get started printing your note cards today! Order online, or ask ZoePrint for a custom quote.

Hit A Grand Slam With Baseball Program Printing: A Comprehensive Guide

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Children Playing Baseball

Baseball captures the essence of American culture. From the crack of the bat to the roar of the crowd, every game consists of tradition, passion, and excitement. Whether it's a Little League championship or a college game showdown, one thing remains constant: the importance of a well-designed baseball program.

Programs are vital for players, fans, and family members. In this guide, we'll explore the basics of baseball program printing, from design tips to distribution strategies, to help teams and events hit a home run with their printed materials.

What To Know About Baseball Program Design

In order to print a baseball program that your team and the fans love, it's essential to understand what makes a great baseball program design. Here are some key elements to consider.

Cover Art

Your baseball program cover sets the tone for the entire program, so include eye-catching graphics that reflect the spirit of the event. Make sure to add your team logo, and you can accompany it with an action shot or iconic baseball imagery to grab attention.

Team Roster

Let the entire ballpark celebrate your players and their accomplishments by adding a detailed roster, complete with players’ names, numbers, positions, and any notable statistics or accolades.

Game Schedule

Provide a schedule of events, including dates, times, and locations of future games. This allows fans to cheer on your team every time.

Engaging Profiles

Highlight key players and coaches from your team with individual profiles, including photos, biographical information, and quotes. By getting to know the people both on the field and in the dugout, you build team spirit.


Offer advertising space to local businesses, vendors, and sponsors to generate additional revenue and support for the event. This can help offset program printing costs and support the team throughout the entire season.

Get Design Inspiration

Creating an entire program on your own can be a daunting task. If you’re looking for examples to help you get started, check out online baseball program template ideas, or ask your printing partner if they offer design services. It can be a good idea to let the professionals take care of your design, which both gives you peace of mind and ensures that you’ll have a program that impresses everyone who reads it.

How To Print Your Baseball Program

Once you’ve finalized your design, it’s time to print. Here are some printing options to consider as you’re getting ready to place your order.

Choose Your Size Wisely

Baseball programs come in a range of sizes. While the most typical size is 5.5x8.5, you can print programs that are 8.5x11 or even larger. Printing a smaller program saves on printing costs, while printing a larger program gives you space to spread out and include images that bring the game to life.

Pick A Paper

Your program’s paper influences its look and feel. A heavier paper weight, such as 100# text paper, makes your programs sturdier, while a lighter one, such as 80# text paper, allows for more flexibility. If you’re including color photos in your program, it’s often a good idea to print on glossy paper, as this paper increases photo clarity and makes the colors pop.

Consider Color

To print in color, or to print in black and white? That is often the question. Luckily, there’s no single right or wrong answer; the decision is up to you and your budget.

Clearly, printing in color adds visual interest to your program. On the other hand, printing with only black ink saves on printing costs. If you’re able to spend the money to print in color, it’s often a great idea. If you’d like to add some color to your baseball programs but don’t want to use full-color printing on every page, you have a few options:

  • Print only covers in color. By printing only your covers in color and the rest of your programs in black ink, you still create a dynamic program while saving on printing costs. This is a particularly good idea if your program's inner pages mostly consist of text or player statistics, which would likely be printed in black anyways.
  • Print in fewer colors. If you’d like to include some color in your programs but don’t want to invest in full-color printing, feel free to print in black and one or two spot colors. This lets you include pops of colors, such as your logo or team colors, while saving money.

Opt For Finishing Processes

Printing consists of more than simply applying ink to pages. You can choose to include any of a wide assortment of finishing processes that make your programs even more pleasing to the eye and to the touch. Some finishing processes include the following:

  • Stapling. Stapling is a useful finishing process for almost all programs over four pages long. It ensures that your pages will stay in the right order, so fans can easily read everything you have to say.
  • UV coating. This adds a smooth layer to your program’s cover. It increases visual interest and feels great to hold.
  • Embossing. If you want to add an extra something special to your program, you can emboss the cover. This emphasizes the embossed elements and helps your program stand out.

There are many more finishing processes out there, so feel free to ask your printing partner for information about what they offer.

Partner With The Printing Company That Bats A Thousand

Your baseball program is more than just a piece of paper; it's a tangible connection between fans, players, and the game itself. Make this connection sturdy by printing high quality programs that respect the game with the printing company that can make them right.

Here at ZoePrint, we specialize in sports program printing that both players and fans love. With decades of expertise in designing, printing, and distributing baseball programs, we know how to hit a home run via printing, so your players can hit home runs out on the diamond.

To get started, order your baseball programs today or ask ZoePrint for a custom quote!

Sales Sheet Printing: What To Know

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Creating an effective marketing plan involves a range of strategies and multiple products. In order to build your customer base and increase sales, incorporate sales sheets into your next marketing strategy.

While the sales sheet might not be the first piece of marketing collateral you think of, it’s worth adding to your collection. In this article, we’ll explain the benefits of sales sheet printing and how to create sales sheets that make an impression.

What Is A Sales Sheet?

A sales sheet is a single, unfolded sheet that advertises a product or service. It typically includes information about your product and is straight to the point, using images, headlines, small amounts of text, and a call to action effectively in order to inform readers and inspire them to take the next step.

Sales sheets can encourage readers to make a purchase, start a business relationship, or learn more about a product. They catch readers’ eyes and get ideas across efficiently. In short, they use a small amount of space to pack a punch.

Sales Sheets Are Versatile

Sales sheets are a useful tool no matter your sector. Some ways that sales sheets can help your business include:

  • Marketing and selling items such as medical devices, industrial equipment and office supplies. Sales sheets provide information about the details that make a difference to prospective buyers, giving you the opportunity to make an impression and encourage a purchase.
  • Marketing for services. By including a pithy explanation of what you provide your clients on a sales sheet, they’ll internalize the importance of your services.
  • Advertising financial and legal services, personnel firms and insurance products.  
  • Effective presentation tools for in person presentations, whether handed out at trade shows, or in one-on-one sales appointments.

If you’re looking to provide information to your readers in an efficient and effective way, printing sales sheets is a great idea.

How To Create An Effective Sales Sheet Design

Whether or not your sales sheet works will depend on one aspect: its design. This includes imagery, copy, and headings, and it makes or breaks your sheet. It either inspires readers to take action or put down your sales sheet without a second thought.

Take a look at a sales sheet example or two to get inspired, and include the following design ideas as you create your sales sheet.

The Right Amount Of Text

We all know the story of Goldilocks and the three bears: one bed was too hard, one was too soft, and the third was just right. The same is true with the amount of text on your sale sheets.

If there’s too much text, readers will lose interest and stop reading. If there’s too little text, readers won’t get the information they need and might not be convinced you can meet their needs. Including just the right amount of text provides the information readers are looking for without cluttering the page with too many words.

Try to limit your text to a couple of sentences per idea or product. Better yet, use bullet points to distill your ideas down to the bare minimum. There’s no need for complete sentences; include headlines that readers can easily skim.

Illustrative Images

As we all know, a picture’s worth a thousand words. People’s eyes automatically seek out images, so include eye-catching visuals of your products so that people can imagine what they’re ordering. Be sure to include high-resolution images and print your sales sheets in color, as both of these aspects give your sales sheets a professional look and help your images pop off the page.

A strong design will balance images with white space effectively so that your message comes across in style. Take a look at some sales sheet examples and to find designs you like.

An Inspiring Call To Action

Including a strong call to action that helps readers feel inspired is one of the most important features that your sales sheet can have.

Do some brainstorming: what exactly is the result you want your sales sheet to have? Do you want readers to make a purchase directly, contact you for more information, visit your website to learn more about your product or service, or do something else? Have a crystal clear idea of what you’re aiming for, and make sure that your call to action revolves around that idea.

Be careful to present your call to action succinctly, using just enough text to get the point across.

Sales Sheet Printing: Tips and Tricks

Once you’ve created a great sales sheet design, it’s time to print. Here’s what to keep in mind through the printing process.


Frequently, product sales sheets are 8.5x11, but you can also make attractive half size sheets (8.5x5.5). The key is to decide how much information you need to convey, how you will use them, and who you will distribute them to.

If you’re able to present all the information you need in a half sheet, feel free to condense and save some money on printing costs, but using an entire 8.5x11 is completely fine.


Your sales sheet’s paper affects its look and feel. You can pick a thinner paper such as 80# or 100# text paper to save some money on printing costs, or feel free to choose up to an 80# or 100# cover papers, which are thicker and show that you have your readers’ comfort in mind.

If you’re printing your sales sheet in color, choose a glossy paper that will make the colors pop.

Have Enough Copies On Hand

There’s nothing worse than missing out on a sale because you didn’t have the right materials on hand, so order enough product sheets to always have a ready supply. You can order in advance and store a stack of sales sheets in house, or you can work with an on demand printing company who will keep a digital file of your sales sheets and can quickly print more when you need them.

Print The Products That Accompany Your Sales Sheet

Be sure to think about how you will present your sales sheets. Do you need a presentation folder, envelope or other presentation tool to contain your sales sheet and make it look attractive? If so, it can be a good idea to print all of the items you need with the same printing company, so you can work with one point of contact and consolidate operations.

If you already have a successful relationship with a printing company, you can simply ask them to take care of your sales sheet printing as well.

Print Your Sales Sheets With The Experts

Sales sheet printing gives your marketing the extra push you need, and ZoePrint offers the sales sheets you’re looking for. We offer both digital and offset printing, so we are competitive on a variety of quantities, and our quality can't be beat. Our design team can help you create an effective sales sheet, and then our print team can bring it to life.

Get your marketing started today! Click here to order your sales sheets, or get a custom quote from ZoePrint.

Top 5 Tips For Cheap Booklet Printing

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Printing on a budget is a fun challenge. If you have a strict cost limit, part of the printing process is coming up with a design and print plan that both creates the material you want and fits your price point.

If you want to create a booklet that matches both your goals and your budget, getting advice from the experts can help. This article will explain what you need to know about cheap booklet printing online, so that you can print your own booklets without the hassle.

The Professional Printing Difference

You might think that printing at home or with an in-office printer is cheaper than professional printing. This isn’t always true, however, because in-house printing often involves more costs than you’d think.

Buying, repairing, and stocking ink and paper for your in-house printer takes a lot of money. When you outsource your printing to a professional company, they take care of all the day-to-day costs, which gives you peace of mind.

When you’re limited to what a home or office printer can create, you can only use a small selection of paper sizes and weights. You also lose access to the finishing processes such as binding that make your booklets look great.

A professional printing company gives you the range of options you’re looking for, as well as assistance throughout the printing process, from design and printing to finishing and shipping, all at a low cost.

How To Print Booklets On A Budget

Here are some tips for printing booklets that give you the most bang for your buck.

  1. 1. Get Inspiration

    Learn from others’ successes and mistakes. You have a limited amount of space to work with, so take a look at existing booklets or online templates to see how they choose to organize their booklets, what they decide to include, and how they could have improved their design. By seeing the variety of options out there, you can better decide how you want to maximize your space.

    If you’re trying to save money, consider using a free design website such as Canva to design your booklets. These easy to use websites provide extensive templates and simple editing tools so that you can import your own images, write your own text, and make your design look great for cheap. Then you can download a PDF of your design and send it to your printing partner. It’s that easy!

  2. 2. Consider Your Size Options

    While you’re in the design process, take a look at printing costs for different booklet shapes and sizes. Booklets come in multiple sizes, and you can choose how many pages you want your booklet to have (as long as the number of pages is divisible by four). Play with your design to find the right combination of page size and number of booklets that works best for your project and costs the least.

    For example, if you’re considering printing eight-page 5.5x8.5 booklets, how would the price change if you decide to print four-page 8.5x11 booklets instead? Think about what works best for your design, your message, and your budget.

  3. 3. Don’t Be Afraid To Look Far Afield

    It’s not uncommon to wonder, “where can I get cheap booklet printing near me?” However, in this day and age, you can often find cheaper options online than you can in your area, even when you factor in shipping costs. Simply put, cheap online printing companies can print your booklets at prices that can’t be beat. Take a look at options near and far to be sure you’re getting the right price.

    If you already have a printing partner, feel free to ask them for advice on how to cut down on costs. They often have ideas that can save you money without sacrificing quality.

  4. 4. Consider Color

    From a design and business standpoint, printing in color is always a good idea. It draws attention to your booklet, adds liveliness to your design, and makes photos and diagrams clear. However, from a budgetary standpoint, it’s less than perfect; it often costs significantly more than black and white printing. Therefore, take the time to consider if and how much color printing you need in your booklets, as this can lead to lots of savings.

    If you’d like to include some color in your booklets but don’t want or need full color on every page, here are some suggestions that will help you save money:

    • Print only the covers in color. The color on the covers will attract attention and encourage people to pick up your booklet, while you save money by printing the interior pages in black and white.
    • Print in color where it’s needed. If your booklet contains some pages of text and some pages with art, diagrams, or photographs, you can print only the pages you need in color and the other pages in black and white. Since booklet printing consists of printing pages and folding them into a booklet, be sure to talk with your printing partner beforehand about how to design your booklet to make this option possible.
    • Print in fewer colors. Sometimes you want a splash of color but don’t need every color under the sun. In this case, you can opt for printing with black and one or two colors. This means that you can put text headers in another color or include your company logo in color, both of which add a layer of interest to your booklets while keeping costs low.
  5. 5. Get The Cheap Booklet Printing You Need

It’s important to partner with a printing company that can deliver the product you need at a great price. Here at ZoePrint, our cheap booklet printing online gets you the booklets you’re looking for at a price you’ll love.

We specialize in cheap printing, and our simple ordering platform makes it easy to get the product you need. We’d love to talk with you about your project and can help you throughout every stage of the printing process, from design and print to shipping. Our team is dedicated to providing the best experience for our customers! To get started, order your booklets online or ask ZoePrint for a custom quote.

5 Top Invitation Design Ideas For Your Next Event

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Invitation Design

Receiving an invitation gets attendees excited about weddings, baby showers, parties, graduations, birthdays, business events, and everything in between. Your invitation design gives guests all the information they need about the event and sets the mood for a great party, so sending an effective invitation is an important task.

Creating the perfect invitation for your event is fun and easy. Here’s what you need to know to make an invitation that gets the celebration started.

5 Best Invitation Design Tips

Creating an invitation can be an exciting process. Here are some of the most important ideas to consider as you’re designing your invitations, no matter what kind of event you’re planning.

  1. 1. Let Your Theme Shine Through

    If your party has a theme, incorporate it into your design. For example, for a circus-themed birthday party, include typical circus design elements such as red and white stripes, balloons, or even an image of a clown on the invitation.

    If you’re struggling to think of a design yourself, consider using a template. Canva, for example, offers countless customizable templates. You can replace their text with your own message, resize design elements, and even add your own pictures. Their editing system is easy to use, so you can create the design you want and then simply download a PDF of your design and send it to your printing company for quick printing.

    Your invitation theme can give guests ideas of what gift to give, and it shows the host’s personality. If your event doesn’t have a specific theme, using a colored or textured paper is a great way to make your design more exciting, especially if there are no images or photos.

  2. 2. Opt For A Matching Font

    When creating your design, choosing a font or typeface is one of the most important steps.

    First, make sure the font matches the theme of the event. For example, if you are designing an invitation for a charity ball, using a decorative font like Curlz or Comic Sans would not be nearly as effective as using a nice script or modern serif font. On the other hand, if you’re designing an invitation for a child’s birthday party, a lighthearted font such as Catchy Melody or Alloy Ink might do the trick. Or, you can let the child pick the font, which adds even more personality to the invitation.

    Second, make your invitation clear. It is important that the font is legible and correctly sized. Keep your text at a size of twelve point or larger to ensure that everyone can read it.

    Third, switch it up, but not too much. Using a variety of type sizes and fonts can be a successful way of organizing bodies of text, so long as the invitation is cohesive and not confusing. A rule of thumb for designers is not to use more than three different typefaces on any given design.

  3. 3. Match Your Other Materials

    Oftentimes, when you’re planning an event, invitations aren’t the only print item you need. Do you also need envelopes, or table place cards, or programs? If you’re printing multiple printed pieces in an invitation set, be sure that all pieces are well coordinated. Use the same fonts and design elements on all pieces to show that they belong together and are about the same event.

    It is sometimes necessary to use more than one type of paper, however. For instance, if you’re sending a reply card with your invitation, use uncoated paper for this item since it is easier to write on. At the same time, pick colors and papers that compliment one another. If you’re wondering which papers to pick for your invitation and accompanying materials, feel free to ask your printing company for advice.

  4. 4. Think About Size

    Your design can be horizontal or vertical. No matter which orientation you choose, make sure to pick a size that will fit inside a readily available envelope. These are the most common invitation sizes:

    If you pick one of the invitation sizes above, consider printing matching envelopes with a design that uses the same font, color, and theme as the invitation itself.

    Another option is to create your invitation as a postcard. This is a good choice if you want to avoid using envelopes, which saves money and means that you’re in charge of printing one less item. When designing postcard-style invitations, work with your printing partner to ensure that your invitations meet the post service’s rules for postcard dimensions and weights.

  5. 5. Add A Special Touch

    Modern invitation design can include special elements that make your invitation stand out. Your printing partner can add innovative touches that make your invitations cause for celebration. Some ideas to personalize your invitations are to have them die-cut into a unique shape or to add rounded corners.

    You can also add decorations to your invitations on your own to make them even more exciting. Try using decorative string, burlap, sequins, ribbons, or lace to make your invite look special. Some of these extra touches require careful hand work, but you will be rewarded with a one of a kind invitation your friends will remember for years to come. As well, people love personalized items, and recipients will look forward to your event.

Invitation Printing Services That Deliver

Once you have created your beautiful invitation design, upload it to ZoePrint and get great quality invitations at a cheap price! We print both card-style and postcard-style invitations, as well as matching envelopes and all of the other print materials you need.

If you’d like help with your design, just ask. Our dedicated team is always happy to give advice about all steps of the print process, from design to print and delivery. We can even design your invitation from scratch! Simply let us know what you have in mind, and we can make it possible for you.

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Top Tips And Tricks For Gift Certificate Printing

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Gift Certificate Printing

Top Tips And Tricks For Gift Certificate Printing

Everyone loves receiving a gift certificate. Gift certificates are also great promotional and marketing materials, and they’re perfect for giveaways. They’re a smart deal for the businesses who sell them, as every gift certificate sold means guaranteed income. For all of these reasons, gift certificates are a can’t miss item in your inventory.

Custom gift certificate printing is easy and cheap, and it creates products that sell like hot cakes. Here’s what you need to know about gift certificate printing, including which materials to print on, where to find customizable design ideas, and how to get started with your next project.

Gift Certificate Design Made Easy

If you’re thinking about custom gift certificate printing, here are some design ideas to get you started.

Find Customizable Templates Online

Many design websites offer gift certificate templates that can help you brainstorm and get in touch with your creative side. Canva has a range of templates, and their easy online editing platform means that you can customize their designs with a click.

Jukebox also offers customizable templates, so you can pick your favorite design and get started immediately. Add your own photo or logo, change the text, and you’re ready to send the file to be printed!

Create Your Own Design From Scratch

If you’re creatively inclined, consider designing your own gift certificate from the bottom up. By starting from the beginning, you’re able to make your gift certificate completely your own and include your own branding, colors, and design elements that you use in other products. This creates a cohesive brand identity that matches all of your other materials, so gift card recipients will immediately connect their gift with your business.

Get Design Help From The Experts

If you want to print a gift certificate that inspires people to give the gift of your business, reach out to professionals who can create a design that makes you look great. If your printing partner offers design services, consider asking them for advice. Otherwise, contact a design professional online or in your area, as they will be able to create the product you’re looking for.

Pick The Right Paper

One of the key steps in printing your gift certificates is choosing the paper that they will be printed on. You can choose from a range of materials, so here are some of the top options to consider.

  • 80# gloss cover paper. This study paper will help your gift certificate hold up until the recipient decides to use it, and the paper’s glossy finish will make your gift certificates shine.
  • 16 point coated paper. This paper is quite thick, which makes your gift certificates feel like a fancy present. Recipients will love the luxurious feel of this paper.
  • Plastic. You might even want to print your gift certificates on something other than paper. If you want to make recipients feel like they’re receiving an extra special present, consider selling plastic gift certificates that are the size and shape of credit cards. These are easy for recipients to keep in their wallets, so they won’t forget to bring their gift card the next time they stop by your business. Some traditional printing companies can print on plastic, so ask your printing partner if this is an option that they can provide for you.

If you’re wondering which paper would work best for your gift certificates, reach out to your printing partner. They can tell you about all of the materials they offer, as well as which one might be the best fit.

Make Your Gift Certificates Look Great

Professional printing can involve a selection of finishing processes that give your products extra flair and a higher level of professionalism. Some finishing processes that you might want to include in your gift certificate printing can include rounding corners or die cutting, which create gift certificates in unique shapes.

Many printing companies also offer finishing processes such as lamination and UV coatings, which make your gift certificates look even better. Feel free to ask your printing partner which finishing processes they offer.

Don’t Offer Gift Certificates By Themselves

Think of the last time you received a gift certificate. What did it look like? Was it in an envelope? Providing envelopes along with your gift certificates makes the process one step easier for the gift giver, as they don’t need to provide their own envelope. As well, this ensures that the envelope is the perfect size fit for the gift certificate. For these reasons, it’s a good idea to print your own gift certificate envelopes.

If you want the gift certificate inside to remain a surprise until the recipient opens the envelope, you can simply put a couple of words on your envelope, such as the phrase “a gift to you” or “To” and “From” fields for the gift giver to fill out.

On the other hand, if you want recipients to know that their gift relates to your business even before they open the envelope, feel free to include your name and logo on your envelopes. It’s completely up to you. Even if you don’t put your company’s name or logo on your envelopes, make sure any text matches your company branding. This ensures that the envelope and the gift certificate inside match and look good together.

Get Started With The Top Custom Gift Certificate Printing Service

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Basketball Program Printing: The Complete Guide

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Basketball Programs

Wondering how to pump up team spirit and increase attendance at your basketball games? Consider printing a custom basketball program. Creating your own sports program is easy and cheap, and it makes for a great keepsake.

In this article, we’ll explain what you need to know about basketball program design and printing, so that you can create programs that make readers cheer.

Types Of Basketball Programs

Your basketball program can take a wide range of forms. Here are some of the most common types of programs that you can print.

Game Programs

Basketball programs let fans know who to cheer for. You can distribute them at games, tournaments, and championships, and they give players the recognition they deserve. These programs often have the names and positions of the teammates and coaching staff, and they can also contain ads for local businesses.

Event Programs For Awards Ceremonies And Team Banquets

Basketball programs help communities celebrate their players. Programs provide structure for awards ceremonies, and they let attendees know which awards will be distributed. You can consider including all of the players’ names to ensure that everyone is celebrated, whether or not they receive an award.

Calendar Programs

Printing mini programs containing a schedule of the season’s home and away games lets friends, families, and fans plan for upcoming games. These can take the form of small booklets, pocket calendars, or leaflets that you place inside your programs.

Why Basketball Program Printing Matters

Sports program printing makes a difference. By printing custom basketball programs for your team, you do the following:

  • Encourage your team. Seeing your name in print feels powerful. Printing programs that celebrate players give them the confidence and drive to play their best.
  • Offer fan memorabilia. From jerseys to pennants and more, fans love keepsakes from their favorite teams, so printing programs for your basketball team gives the fans what they’re looking for.
  • Create memories. Players and family members alike will treasure the memories of playing on the basketball team. A well-designed printed youth basketball program gives everyone something to look back at for decades to come, as they remember the exciting moments on the court and that special time of life.
  • Give order to an event. A program is a helpful organization tool for events such as sports banquets and awards ceremonies. By providing the order of events, including which awards will be presented and who will present them, you make sure everyone is on the same page.

How To Design Your Basketball Program

Your basketball program design will depend on what you intend to use it for. Here are some guidelines that can be useful no matter what your goal for your program is.

Use Your Team’s Colors

This one is hard to forget, but it’s still worth mentioning: incorporate your team’s colors into your basketball program design. For a school team, be sure to include your school logo, mascots, or other meaningful imagery such as a school slogan.

Include Player Bios

In order to cheer on your team, attendees need to know who they’re cheering for. Therefore, be sure to include every player's photo, statistics and personal information in your program so your fans will be in the know. This also encourages players to try their best, since they know that the public will see their stats.

Consider Adding Ads

It’s a fact of life: running a basketball team–and printing programs–takes money. You can offset some or all of these costs by letting local businesses place ads in your program. This is a win-win, as you get some extra cash and businesses get to expand their reach in your community.

Consult The Professionals

Design is important in creating interest for your readers. Quality professional photography can also make a real difference in the look of the final printed piece. Depending on how much money you have to spend, you may opt to use professional photographers and designers both to save time and improve your design. Feel free to ask your print partner if they offer design services that can help make your program even better.

Sports Program Printing Tips

All types of sports programs benefit from professional printing. Here’s what to keep in mind as you go through the print process.

Larger Isn’t Always Better

When you’re printing your programs, consider what size you really need. You can choose from full size or half size programs depending on your budget and the amount of information you have to print. In many cases, a 5.5x8.5 size booklet will offer more than enough space for everything you want to say in your program. However, if you want to spread out even more and include large photos, you can size up to a 8.5x11 size booklet.

On the other hand, if you’re making a program for an event such as a ceremony, you can consider creating a simple, one-page folded program. This offers enough space for readers to follow along with the event while being kind to your budget.

Printing In Color Adds Excitement

You can rev up your team and make your next game even more exciting by creating quality full color basketball programs. When printing in color, readers can see the team or school colors, and you can include action photos of teammates and previous games that pump up the team spirit.

Pick A Paper

If you’re printing your programs in color, make sure to print on a glossy paper. This will ensure that the images have clear definition and the colors pop off the page. 80# and 100# gloss text are top options that make your programs shine.

Team Up With The Basketball Program Printing Experts

When you’re ready to get started printing your basketball programs, be sure to give ZoePrint a try. With decades of printing basketball programs and other sports program printing, we can make the items you’re looking for at a price you’ll love. We also specialize in rush projects and will get your printing done fast.

To get started, order your programs online or ask ZoePrint for a custom quote.

Cheap Program Printing For Every Occasion

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Cheap program printing

Organizing an event takes lots of preparation. Whether you’re getting ready for a theater performance, planning a business conference, or hosting a sports match, creating a program is a good idea and a smart organizational strategy.

Printing a program via a cheap custom printing company creates the exact document you’re looking for and is kind to your budget. This article will explain the basics of cheap program printing, including why it matters, who might want to use it, and how to take advantage of it for your next event.

Why Cheap Program Printing Makes A Difference

Here’s why printing your programs with a cheap printing company is a smart choice for your next event.

  1. Save money to use elsewhere. You have a limited budget, so make your money count. When you save money on printing costs, you have more to spend on other parts of your event, such as props, a photographer, or catering. You can also save for future events.
  2. Get what you need without unnecessary costs. When working with an affordable printing company, you can opt for additional perks and the finishing processes you need, but it’s your choice, and you’re not required to use them.
  3. You know that you’re receiving good products for your money. When working with a professional printing company, you can rest assured that you’re paying for high-quality items.
  4. Avoid the headache. Office printers can jam, run out of ink, and need professional repair services. By outsourcing your program printing to the professionals, you let them take care of the entire print process. With full-time teams dedicated to producing your print materials, you can relax, knowing that your programs will be taken care of.

All in all, working with a cheap program printing company makes the print process easy and gets you the items you need at a price you’ll love.

Who Needs Program Printing?

A wide range of sectors rely on program printing to make sure events run smoothly, participants get the credit they’re due, and attendees know where to be and when. Here are some of the groups and events that benefit from professional program printing.

  • Theater, dance, and music performances. Performance programs provide details about songs and performers, and they include space for community ads, which also helps offset printing costs.
  • Weddings. Your wedding can be the best day of your life, and a beautiful wedding program is a keepsake for both the couple and those who care about them.
  • Business meetings. Printed programs provide structure for meetings. From meeting with a client to hosting a regional or national business conference, program printing ensures that everyone can follow along with the relevant discussions and action items.
  • Sports events.Sports programs give athletes the attention they deserve. They’re also informative, providing the season’s game days and locations.
  • Funerals. Printing custom funeral programs celebrates your loved one’s life. These programs also guide mourners through the service, which can make the event easier for everyone.

There are many additional uses for cheap custom program printing, and they’re helpful in a wide range of business and entertainment environments. This list is only the tip of the iceberg.

Make Your Programs Into Reality: Cheap Custom Printing Tips

Printing your own programs is an exciting and creative process. Where’s what to keep in mind as you’re drafting, designing, and ordering your programs.

  1. 1. Go Small

    In general, smaller items cost less to print. Therefore, consider printing smaller programs, such as 5.5x8.5 programs, which are compact but still provide space to include all the information you need.

  2. 2. Print In Color On Covers

    Adding a splash of color to your programs helps them catch readers’ eyes and is a smart marketing tool. If you’d like to save money, consider printing most or all of your program’s interior pages in black and white. If you’d like to include a page or two of photographs in color as well, feel free to do so, but opting for mostly black and white printing will keep costs low.

  3. 3. Talk With Your Print Partner

    If you’re looking for additional ways to save money throughout the printing process, reach out to your print partner. They can offer advice about how to make budget-friendly choices while receiving the great printed programs you’re looking for.

Work With The Cheap Program Printing Experts

No matter the event you’re printing a program for, ZoePrint can help you print programs that make your event go smoothly. We offer both smaller 5.5x8.5 programs, as well as larger 8.5x11 programs, and our easy to use website makes cheap program printing a breeze.

Order your programs today, or ask ZoePrint for a custom quote to get started!

Brochure Layout: The Complete Guide

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brochure layout

Brochures are important tools in your marketing toolbox. A printed brochure gives customers information about your business in a way that they can easily understand, but in order for your brochure to make an impact, choosing an effective design is key.

The best brochure layout strategies make sure that the right information gets through to your customers. This article will explain the most important brochure design ideas, as well as tips and tricks to make your brochures as effective as possible.

How To Create An Effective Brochure Design

Creating a brochure is a fun, creative project. However, it’s important to have a plan to guide you, in order to end up with a great finished product. Here’s what to keep in mind throughout the process.

Think Strategically

The first step in designing a brochure is knowing what its main purpose will be: to advertise, educate, or entertain. At the very beginning of the design process, ask yourself: what do I want readers to know or do after reading this brochure? Some possible goals you might include:

  • The reader will make a purchase.
  • The reader will understand which services you offer.
  • The reader will learn information about a given topic.
  • The reader will contact you or visit your website to learn more.

Your goal for the brochure will influence the copy, images, and organization you decide to use, so think through your goals and your main ideas at the beginning. You can then keep this goal in mind while you write and design your brochure to make it maximally effective.

Think Big

Next, decide on your brochure’s size and folding style. Will it be a tri-fold brochure or use a different folding style? Is it going to be a standard size such as 9x8, 11x8.5, 14x8.5, or 17x11, or do you want it to be larger or smaller? Will your design have bleeds?

Also, will your brochure be mailed? If so, check with the Post Office to make sure your brochure will meet postal standards and to determine the postage cost.

Plan Your Panels

After you have decided on the purpose and format of your brochure, designing the panels is the next step.

The front panel is what viewers see first, making it the most important part of the design. It should be obvious from the front panel what your brochure’s purpose is, and the design should be interesting enough to make the reader want to read the entire brochure. Consider adding photos or diagrams that attract readers’ eyes or help explain concepts you discuss in your brochure.

Create Your Message

Choose your words carefully, particularly on your brochure’s cover: too much text on the cover will lessen the brochure's effectiveness, so select a simple, focused headline. Make your message clear with colorful, eye-catching graphics.

Viewers should be able to find the information they are looking for–and the information you want them to know–quickly and efficiently. If there’s too much text, readers can feel overwhelmed. People are more likely to skim over large bodies of text, so use headers, subheaders, bulleted lists, and callout boxes to organize your ideas. This will help readers find the information they need and keep them engaged.

As you’re writing your copy, prioritize your most important points. If you are promoting a service or a product, don't worry about including every detail of your product or message. You want the reader to be intrigued enough to contact you for more information, allowing you to open a dialogue with potential clients.

Plan Your Organization

It is important to consider how the panels of your brochure will interact with one another. For example, you can position a large photograph across two inside panels, or even make the entire inside into one informative section. Or, you can choose a more traditional organization style and organize each panel as its own column with its own topic.

It is a good idea to sketch out the design on paper before you write the copy. That way you will be able to prioritize images and important text, making the overall design much more effective. Get a few other pairs of eyes on your potential design to see if they have any feedback. Coworkers can provide helpful insights about how to make your design work even better.

Bringing Your Design To Life

Creating a tri fold brochure layout can be a lot to think about. Here are a few design tips to remember when considering brochure layout ideas:

  • Limit your design to 3 typefaces, or fonts, in the brochure. For example, you can pick one serif, one sans serif, and one script font for the entire piece and stick with only these fonts throughout the design.
  • Make sure your brochure matches the look of your website and other printed materials. This helps the reader with brand recognition. Use the same typefaces and colors as you do elsewhere so that readers will associate you with your other products and services.
  • Be consistent in type sizes, image styles, borders, etc. Consistency in the design will create unity and make your brochure easy to read.
  • Keep the body text point size to less than 12 points, unless you are targeting an older audience. This will increase the amount of text you can fit on your brochure.
  • Use white space when you can. Brochures can hold a lot of information, but if the design is too cluttered, it will be unappealing or frustrating for the viewer. Simplicity in design can be very effective.
  • Be informative, but don't feel as if you need to list every detail of your product or service. Give your readers a reason to contact you for more information, and make your website and contact information easy to find on your brochure.

Partner With The Brochure Printing Experts

At ZoePrint, we can help you with all of your printing needs throughout the entire brochure layout, design, and printing process. Upload your own fabulous design, or we can create one for you. Our easy online ordering process makes it easy to submit your custom brochure for quick printing, and we provide the full range of sizes, papers, and folding styles you’re looking for.

Click here to order your own brochures, or ask ZoePrint for a custom quote to get started!

5 Theater Playbill Printing Ideas That Bring Your Show To Life

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Playbill Printing

Staging a theater production is an exciting and creative process. From building the set to rehearsing and fundraising to watching the curtain go up on opening night, you have the freedom to follow wherever your inspiration leads you. This is also the case when it comes to your playbill printing.

Theater playbills are easy to print, and they add an extra level of showmanship to your performance. With the right planning, you can print cheap playbills that engage your audience. In this article, we’ll explain the top ideas behind printing great theater playbills.

Why Professional Playbill Printing Matters

Playbill printing is a simple and affordable way to bring your production up a notch. Professional printing companies can print on papers that are difficult or impossible to use in at-home or office printers. These papers for your custom playbill can be thicker than typical office printer paper and make your playbill look professional and sophisticated. They can also be glossy, which makes your playbill shine.

Professional printing also provides the certainty that your playbills will arrive on-time, and you don’t need to worry about the printing process itself. There’s no need to deal with buying paper and ink or figuring out printer repairs. Simply sit back, relax, and enjoy the process!

5 Playbill Printing Ideas

Here are ZoePrint’s top 5 ideas that lead to attractive and engaging playbills on opening night.

1. Make Design A Team Effort

Your playbill design is a visualization of your production, and it’s how people will remember this performance years into the future. Therefore, create a playbill design that encapsulates what you want readers to remember.

It can be a good idea to incorporate many people’s ideas into the design process so that you can choose the best ideas that have been contributed. Feel free to ask actors and stage crew for design ideas. You can even ask a performer who does visual art to design the program’s cover.

When it comes to both your program’s cover design and its internal design, feel free to reach out to a professional playbill printing company such as ZoePrint, as they can help make your desired design look great in print. If you’re struggling to get ideas, your print partner can even create your entire design for you.

2. Go Big, Or Go Small

When printing your playbills, you can choose from a wide range of size options. Two of the most popular playbill sizes include 5.5x8.5 and 8.5x11. Both sizes offer unique advantages.

5.5x8.5 playbills are a common size and offer a range of benefits: they’re large enough to contain everything you’d like to include in your playbill, while still being small enough for audience members to hold while they watch the show. Because they’re smaller, they’re also cheaper to print.

8.5x11 playbills give you space to dive in and go into detail. You can include large images that bring the performers and the rehearsal space to life, and you can make some extra money by selling full-page ads to local businesses. These larger playbills include enough space to include pretty much anything you’d like.

3. Make Your Photos Shine

Playbills for amateur theater such as school and community theaters often function as keepsakes. It’s a great idea to include photos from the rehearsal process and dress rehearsals, which give performers and their families the opportunity to look back at their playbills for years to come and remember the good times they had performing. Including photos transforms a simple playbill into a keepsake that recipients will treasure for decades.

To make your photos look great, print your custom playbill in color on a glossy paper. Glossy paper makes colors pop and increases the definition of the images. As well, be sure to include photos in the highest possible resolution so that they look crisp and clear in print.

4. Simple Touches Add A Lot

Professional playbill printing includes finishing processes that take your product to the next level, such as binding, embossing, and rounding corners. These processes are difficult to create on your own but simple for a professional printing company to add, and they contribute an extra level of sophistication to your playbills. They don’t cost much but make your playbills feel luxurious.

5. Complement With Other Print Products

Playbills aren’t the only print products your production will need. You’ll probably be printing posters and flyers advertising your performances, and including similar design choices for all of your materials, like using the same text font and color scheme, helps readers see that all of your products are advertising the same performance.

You can choose to use the same artwork on all of your products for a sense of consistency between your materials, so that viewers know that they’re all about the same show, or you can opt for different illustrations that give viewers a range of interesting visuals to look at and interest a wider range of potential audience members.

Partner With The Best Cheap Playbill Printing Company

Here at ZoePrint, we’re leaders in the playbill printing business. With decades of experience printing theater playbills for schools, community theaters, and other organizations, we can bring your playbill dream to life. We also print all the other products your production needs, including posters, flyers, and more.

Order online to get started with playbill printing, or ask ZoePrint for a custom quote!

3 Music Book Printing Tips That Will Make You Sing With Joy

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Music Book Template

Music conveys emotion, opens hearts and minds, and makes culture accessible. Music can’t do this on its own, however. It needs performers, inspiration, and accessibility. Music book printing creates this accessibility and brings the benefits of music to the world’s stage.

Music booklet printing includes a diverse assortment of materials, including sheet music, performance and recital programs, and books about music. In this article, we’ll provide design and printing tips for some of the most common types of music books.

Custom Music Book Printing: Who Needs It

What is a performance without a program? How can a musician read notes without sheet music? Without music books, the performing arts would grind to a halt. No matter how music is a part of your life, music book printing can help you make your art possible.

Here are just a few examples of who can benefit from professional music booklet printing.

  • Composers. If you write your own scores, printing them creates the opportunity to sell them. For independent composers, working with a professional printing company gives the professional look of a publishing house without the downsides.
  • Music teachers. Helping students develop their musicianship often means creating materials for them. Whether you’re printing warm up or sight reading books, writing arrangements for your students, or printing recital programs, you can create the exact booklet you need via custom music printing.
  • Musicians.Printing out scores is an important part of practicing. Whether you prefer to have a paper copy of your score to take notes on or want to ensure that you have extra copies as backups, printing out your music with the help of a professional printing company ensures that you’ll have high-quality music that will hold up for as long as you need it.
  • Concert halls and performance spaces. Music books and booklets play a range of roles for larger music institutions. Printing program booklets for concerts provides information for audience members about the concerts’ music and performers. As well, custom printed informational booklets about your music programs attract both participants and donors.

Printing your music booklets with the help of a professional printing company creates the high-quality, durable products you need to both create beautiful music and make a great impression on audience members.

ZoePrint’s Music Booklet Printing Tips

Knowing how to print your music books can be a struggle. Here are some ideas to keep in mind as you’re going through the print process.
  1. 1. Learn From The Experts

    Making your book or booklet look great might feel like an overwhelming task. No need to worry, however, as there are many music booklet template ideas online that can inspire you and give you the tools to create your own music book design in a flash.

    Canva’s simple user interface makes it easy to create your own custom designs. They also offer a wide range of existing designs which you can customize to your heart’s content. Canva provides stylish templates for concert program booklets, music learning materials, cover designs for music books, and more.

    FreePik offers a range of music booklet template styles. No matter whether you’re creating an informational brochure about your music program or advertising your next performance, you can find a design that works for you.

    If you’re looking for advice on how to create a great design for your music book, feel free to ask ZoePrint’s design team for pointers.

  2. 2. Pick An Effective Binding Style

    Professional printing companies offer a range of binding styles, so pick the binding that works best for your book. Two of the main binding techniques that work best for music printing include coil binding and staple binding.

    Coil binding is a great option for printing sheet music, and particularly longer collections of music. Coil binding is a binding technique in which holes are punched along one side of each page, and the pages are then bound together with a long plastic or metal coil. This binding style means that your music booklet will open flat, so it will stay open to the correct page on a music stand.

    Staple binding is an affordable binding technique in which the pages of your booklet are folded in half and then stapled through the fold. This creates a booklet with a number of pages that is divisible by four. Staple binding is a good option for shorter booklets, such as performance programs and shorter choral scores.

  3. 3. Work With The Music Book Printing Experts

    Printing your music book presents all of your efforts to the public. Show that you care about how your book looks and feels by printing it with ZoePrint! We provide high quality, cheap music booklet printing for composers, musicians, and event organizers across the country.

    Here at ZoePrint, we know that you have an image in mind for your music booklet, and we can help you make that image a reality. Our offset and digital presses can handle any type of music book you have in mind, and our helpful team is always happy to talk with you about your project. We love bringing music to the world through print.

    To get started, order your music booklets online or ask ZoePrint for a custom quote today!

ZoePrint’s Paper Weight Guide: Everything You Need To Know

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Paper Weight

Are you trying to decide which paper to choose for your next project? Wondering why 100lb text paper is actually lighter than 60lb cover paper? We know that the complicated world of paper weights can be a challenge to understand, so we’ve created this guide to help you out.

In this article, we’ll explain the essentials of paper weight, including an explanation of what we mean when we talk about paper weight, a helpful paper weight chart, and explanations of when you might want to choose which paper.

Paper Weight: The Basics

A paper’s weight is equal to the weight of 500 pieces of standard-size paper. Sounds simple, right? However, this gets a little bit more complicated when we factor in the complication that bond paper, text paper, cover paper, and index paper all have different standard sizes.

If it sounds confusing that there are multiple standard paper sizes, that’s because it is confusing! This system evolved over centuries and is due to the fact that, back in the day, each kind of paper was created for a different purpose, such as for newspapers, letters, or books, which all needed paper in different sizes. This idea of multiple paper paper sizes has stuck around, and we still use it today. In addition, different countries have different standard paper sizes, so we’ll focus on US paper sizes.

Here are the standard sizes for the main types of paper:

  • Bond paper: 22”x17”
  • Text paper: 38”x25”
  • Cover paper: 26”x20”
  • Index paper: 30.5”x25.5”

Given that there is such a wide range in standard sizes, there is also a huge range in the weight of 500 pieces of paper. Let’s look at an example: as you can see above, the standard text paper size is over twice as large as the standard bond paper size. Therefore, 500 pages of text paper will weigh over twice as much as 500 pages of bond paper.

Paper Weight vs. Points

If you’ve looked around paper and printing websites, you might have noticed that some papers are measured in pounds while others are measured in points (abbreviated as pt). While pounds are a measure of paper weight, points are a measure of paper thickness. One point equals 1/1000 of an inch. Therefore, for example, 60lb cover paper is 6pt paper, so it is 6/1000 of an inch thick.

The Ultimate Paper Weight Chart

Paper weight isn’t impossible to figure out if you have the right tools. Luckily, we’ve created a paper weight chart that can help you understand which paper you’re looking for. Here’s a list of paper weights that compares bond, text, cover, and index paper, along with each weight’s equivalent in points.

Bond (Ledger) Text (Book) Cover (Cardstock) Index Pt
16 40 22 33 3.2
18 45 24 37 3.6
20 50 28 42 3.8
24 60 33 50 4.8
28 70 39 58 5.8
29 73 40 60 6
31 81 45 66 6.1
35 90 50 75 6.8
39 100 54 81 7.2
40 100 56 83 7.3
43 110 60 90 7.4
44 110 61 92 7.6
47 120 65 97 8
53 135 74 110 9
54 137 75 113 9
58 146 80 120 9.5
65 165 90 135 10
67 170 93 140 10.5
72 183 100 150 11
76 192 105 158 13
82 208 114 170 14
87 220 120 180 15
105 267 146 220 18

In this table, for example, you can see that 100lb cover paper is the same thickness as 72lb bond paper, 183lb text paper, and 150lb index paper. As well, these four papers are all 11pt paper, or 11/1000 of an inch thick.

Most Common Papers: Which To Choose

Understanding how to convert between paper sizes helps you compare different paper weights. But how do you know which paper to choose for your next print project? Here are some pointers that might help.

Light Weight Papers

The lightest papers are typically lighter than 65lb bond paper. At-home printers can easily print on these papers, and they are easy to fold without scoring. They are good options for items such as flyers, interior pages for booklets or training manuals, and order forms.

Medium Weight Papers

This middle group of paper extends to approximately the equivalent of 74lb bond paper. These papers are still possible to print in an at-home printer, but they need to be scored before they are folded. They work well for thinner notecards, brochures, and other materials that are sturdier but still need to be a little bit flexible.

Heavy Weight Papers

Heavy weight papers are typically the equivalent 74lb to 90lb bond paper, making them too thick for an at-home printer. They are best printed through a professional printing company. They are typically used for sturdier items such as business cards and event invitations.

Extra-Heavy Weight Papers

At the equivalent of 90lb bond paper or even thicker, extra-heavy weight papers are the thickest papers. They can only be printed via a professional printing press, and they typically include items such as packaging and letterpress.

Work With The Print Experts

Hopefully this paper weight guide has helped you understand the complicated system of paper weights and can be a resource as you choose the best paper for your next project. If you have any questions about paper weights, reach out to ZoePrint! Our print experts can answer all of your questions and help you make the right choice.

In addition to providing advice and design services, we also print all the print products you need. Order online, or reach out to ZoePrint if you have any questions.

Customized Notepads for Business: What To Know

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Printing your own customized notepad both synergizes internal operations and makes marketing a breeze. Partnering with a cheap printing company is an easy and affordable way to bring your notepads to life, and it leads to great products.

Notepads are both functional and stylish and anyone can use them, which makes them the perfect choice for your company. Here are some of the best reasons to print your own customized notepads for business, as well as tips for creating highly effective notepads.

What Customized Notepads Bring To The Table

Distributing your own notepads makes an impression, and custom notepads ensure that users remember you. Here are some other reasons to invest in custom notepads:

  • They’re useful. Everyone uses notepads. Whether people are working or at home, we all keep track of our ideas on notepads.
  • They’re versatile. Even in today’s electronic era, people need notepads to jot down work ideas, create reminders, make grocery lists, and more.
  • They’re memorable. Recipients will think about your company every time they use your notepad. Notepads become incorporated into users’ daily lives, so they can make a big difference for your brand.

Custom Office Notepads

In the office, notepads are versatile. Every employee needs notepads and scratchpads to make to-do lists, take notes during meetings, and jot down ideas to remember later. Therefore, employees should be able to easily access notepads that they can use for their day-to-day activities. Create custom notepads for your office which display your company’s name or logo to help create a united company identity.

A well-designed notepad can help everyone get the information they need. Custom notepads are particularly useful for taking notes during calls, and you can add fields or notepads that are specific to your business. For example, if you have typical customer orders, include check boxes for common requests. By creating custom notepads tailored for your employees’ needs, you increase productivity and decrease hassle.

Design Ideas For A Customized Notepad

We’ve discussed the fact that your notepads are an important part of your operations and marketing. Now let’s think big: here are some notepad design ideas that can help you design top-tier notepads for your business.

  • Go pro. Since users will be looking at the logo on your notepad for months or even years, make sure your logo is up to date. Include a professionally-designed logo and your contact information on your notepad to increase brand awareness.
  • Be both visible and usable. Notepads are meant to be used, so consider how much of the page you want to be usable. Consider turning your design elements into a lightly-printed watermark so that customers see your logo but can still write over the entire page.
  • Get the help you need. If you’re wondering how to create an effective design, reach out to a professional company such as ZoePrint who can give you tips and tricks and help you print highly effective notepads.

Notepad Printing Tips

Ordering your own notepads is a simple process that delivers great results. During the printing process, you get to make a few choices to customize your notepads and make them look exactly like you have in mind. Here are some of the decisions you can make.

Pick A Size, Any Size

Notepads come in a wide range of sizes, so you can choose the size that best fits your needs. Some of the most popular smaller notepad sizes are 4.25”x5.5” and 5.5”x8.5”, both of which are perfect for taking telephone notes and writing small reminders, and 8.5”x11”, which works well for more in-depth note-taking. However, there’s no single right or wrong size; ask your printing partner if you’d prefer a different size.

Choose Your Color(s)

People often think that printing can be only black and white or full color, but there are actually many more options. You can choose between black and white printing, one color printing, two color printing, and full color printing. Black and white printing is the cheaper option, whereas full color printing is still affordable but lets you use any colors you want in your design, making your notepads more exciting.

One or two color printing is a useful middle ground, as they give you the option to include a pop of color in your design without paying for full color printing. You can include your logo, for example, or add exciting design elements that grab users’ attention.

Decide On A Paper Weight

Picking your paper is a decision that can completely change the feel of your notepads. Thinner papers are more affordable, particularly if you’re printing your customized notepads in bulk, whereas thicker papers provide a sophistication that users will appreciate.

Two common papers for notepads include 20# bond paper and 60# offset paper. These papers are lightweight and cost-effective. However, feel free to size up to a thicker paper that gives your notepads a luxurious feeling.

Work With The Notepad Printing Experts

When you’re ready to print the perfect custom notepads for your company, ZoePrint is ready to help. Our web-to-print portal makes it easy to custom print cheap notepads so that you can write all the notes you want and make a great impression. Our goal is to help you look great in print!

Order your customized notepads online, or get a custom quote from ZoePrint to get started.

Touchdown-Worthy Football Program Printing Ideas

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Football Program Printing

Printing your own football programs lets your players shine. Designing your own programs and partnering with a cheap printing company helps you save money, so you can have extra room elsewhere in your budget.

If you’re curious about cheap football program printing, keep reading! This article will explain some of ZoePrint’s best tips, as well as football program template ideas and other design inspiration.

Football Program Design: The Basics

Sports program printing is an easy and creative way to show support for your team. Your program can be as simple or as complicated as you want, with opportunities for both design inspiration and team spirit. Programs are highly customizable, and they can range from a one-page poster to a bound booklet. Here are some of the sections that you might want to include in your program:

  • Players’ names, stats, and photos. By including all of your players’ names and positions, as well as their stats and pictures, you give players confidence and help fans get to know who’s on the field.
  • Season calendar. Make it easy for fans and families to attend future games by including a calendar of home and away games, as well as other important team events such as playoff schedules and awards nights.
  • Coach spotlights. When you include a message from a coach or an interview with someone on the training staff, you provide families and fans a closer look into the inner workings of the team.
  • And more! When it comes to what to include in your football programs, the sky’s the limit. Consider your readers and what would be most interesting to them, and include that in your next season’s program.

Sports Program Printing Tips

The printing process involves making a lot of choices. Everything from the number of pages in your program to the paper you print on is up to you. If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to printing your program, feel free to look through ZoePrint’s guide to sports program printing. You’ll find everything you need to know, including tips on program sizes, papers, and binding styles.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to the ZoePrint team. They can help you decide on the best printing specs for your project.

Best Football Program Template Ideas

When you’re designing your football program, it can be a good idea to get inspiration from others. Here are some college and high school football program template suggestions that might help you come up with your next design.

Canva Templates

Canva is an online design platform that’s easy to use and can give you some great ideas for your next program. Their selection of football programs, pamphlets, and brochures will give you many options, so you can find the one that you like best.

Canva’s user-friendly platform gives you the option to easily upload your team’s pictures, resize text, and add your own design elements. There is a wide selection of both free and paid designs, so you can choose the design that works best for your team and your budget.

Pinterest Templates

Pinterest provides endless amounts of inspiration for all sorts of designs, including your football programs. Taking a look at some existing football programs can help you get inspired and find a design you want to emulate. Some Pinterest pins even lead you directly to sites such as Canva so that you can use those exact designs for your program!

Work With The Football Program Printing Experts

When you’re thinking about football program printing, ZoePrint is ready to help you, every step of the way. Our design team can make your design look great in print or even create a design from scratch for you, and our expert printing team will bring your program to life. We offer booklet style programs in a variety of sizes, as well as all of the print materials your team needs, including posters, flyers, and more.

To get started, order your program online or ask ZoePrint for a custom quote!

5 Top Tips For Cheap Book Printing

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Cheap Book Printing

Printing a book is a big project. No matter whether you’re self-publishing or printing books for your organization, cheap book printing is easier than you might think. In this article, we’ll explain ZoePrint’s top 5 tips for cheap book printing online so you can get the books you want at a price you love.

Best Tips For Cheap Book Printing And Binding

If you’re trying to save money on printing costs while still receiving a product that looks great, here are some ideas to consider.

  1. 1. Bigger Isn’t Always Better

    When you’re getting started creating your book design and layout, think about which size will fit your needs. It’s logical, but it’s worth saying: smaller books cost less to print. Therefore, if you’re trying to decrease printing costs, decreasing your book size will help.

    There are two main strategies for decreasing your book size: decrease the number of pages, and decrease the size of the pages. Both are effective methods to decrease printing costs. If you want to further lower the number of pages in your book, you can include a QR code that links readers to additional online content.

    If you’re wondering how to effectively make your book smaller without losing content, feel free to ask your printing partner for advice.

  2. 2. Fill The Page

    When you’re aiming for cheap book printing services, be your own best friend. In the design process, make sure you use formatting to your advantage so you don’t use more pages than you need.

    Here are a few ideas to help you cut down on wasted space:

    • Downsize your font. Don’t make the font so small that people can’t read it, but there’s a good chance that you can bring the font down a couple of points without anyone noticing.
    • Delete extra spaces. If you typically leave an empty space between paragraphs of text, try taking that line out. This is a simple method for condensing your page count.
    • Finesse your text formatting. If the last word of a paragraph is on its own line, there’s a good chance that you can reword a sentence or two to condense your paragraph and free up that extra line of text for more content. It might feel like a small change, but you’ll be surprised how much space you save!

    Every small adjustment helps you take better advantage of the pages you have and leads to a more affordable book.

  3. 3. Ask For Design Help If You Need It

    Many printing companies offer design services as well. Some printing companies can create designs without charging too much money, but other printing companies charge a lot. If you feel confident in your design skills, why not create your book cover design yourself? This can significantly decrease print costs.

    Taking care of your book’s design includes the added benefit that you get to have complete creative control. You know your readers, and you get to design a cover and interior pages that fit your readers and your goals.

    If you’re interested in saving money but still want some design advice, consider working with a printing company that can tweak your design for you or help you make your existing design look great in print without charging for the full cost of creating a design from scratch. This solution is often the best of both worlds and leads to a beautiful book that doesn’t break the bank.

  4. 4. Get Creative With Binding

    Many people think of books as being either hardcover or softcover. However, there are other affordable binding options that you might want to consider.

    Staple binding is a cheap binding style that looks great. It is a good option for books up to approximately 40 pages long. If you’re interested in staple binding, make sure that the number of pages in your book is a multiple of four. This is because staple binding involves folding pieces of paper in half and stapling at the fold, so each single piece of printed paper will become four pages in your book.

    Spiral binding is another affordable alternative. For spiral binding, the printing company punches holes in the book pages and binds them with a plastic or metal spiral. This binding method gives you the flexibility to change your books later; simply remove the spiral, add or take out pages, and rebind the book. One of the other top benefits of spiral binding is that your book will lay flat when it is opened.

    Comb binding is also a cheap binding technique that gives you flexibility when it comes to updating your book’s contents. Simply unhook the combs from the plastic spine, remove pages, and add any new pages you’d like!

  5. 5. Print in Bulk

    When it’s time to print, remember that printing in bulk decreases the printing cost per copy. If you know approximately how many copies you’ll need and will either be distributing them quickly or have ample storage space, consider printing all of the copies you’ll need in one go. This will decrease the cost per book.

    That being said, try to estimate the number of copies you’ll need and not drastically overestimate. When it comes to saving money, it’s better to print an additional smaller order than order so many extra copies that you have to recycle stacks of extra books.

Partner With The Leading Cheap Book Printing Service

If you’re interested in cheap book printing and binding, ZoePrint is ready to help! We offer affordable book printing, including a range of binding styles and paper weights, so you’re sure to find the print solution that’s best for both your book and your budget.

To get started with cheap book printing online, order now or ask ZoePrint for a custom quote!

Custom Product Label Printing: Why And How

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Printing custom labels for your merchandise adds a personal touch and demonstrates your professionalism. If you want to print your own product labels but don’t know where to start, check out these tips for cheap product label printing that will level up your labels.

The Benefits Of Printing Your Own Custom Labels

Making a great impression matters, particularly for small businesses. Your product labels show the whole world who you are, which makes them an important aspect of your branding and company identity.

When you print your own labels, you have complete control over their look and feel. You have the freedom to make your own aesthetic choices, including preferred fonts, color schemes, and styles. There’s no need to adopt a generic look or be the same as your competitors.

As well, when you create your own labels, they’re customized for your own products. You can include the names and prices of the products in the design itself, rather than writing them by hand after printing. This increased level of professionalism shows customers that you’re serious and dedicated to your products.

How To Print Common Types Of Labels

When it comes to custom labels, there are two main types you can print: sticky labels and label cards. Here’s the most important information about how to print both types.

Sticker Labels

Sticker labels are exactly what they sound like: labels that you stick onto your product. This type of label works best for hard-sided products, such as bottles, soaps, boxes, and folders.

Printing sticker labels is simple: once you decide on your preferred label size, you can simply create a PDF of your design and send it to your printing partner. They’ll print out pages with your labels, so all you have to do is stick the labels onto your products. Depending on the size of your labels, you can print anywhere from two to a few dozen labels on one piece of paper, which makes them a cost-effective choice.

Label Cards

Label cards, also known as product tags, are highly versatile. They can come in a range of shapes and sizes, and you can hole-punch and tie them to products, set them on tables, or distribute them by hand.

Printing your label cards takes just a couple of steps. Here’s how you do it.

  • Choose a size. There are a few regular label sizes: 3.5x2, 2x3.5, 2.5x2.5, and 1x2.75. However, if you’d like a different size, feel free to ask your printing partner to create them for you.
  • Decide on one side or two. You can print one- or two-sided label cards, so think about which one would be most helpful for your product. When printing two-sided label cards, you can include product information on one side and your organization’s name, logo, and website URL on the other side.
  • Pick a paper. You have a wide number of options for your label paper. A thinner paper option is 12 pt, or you could opt for a thicker paper such as 16 pt, or even a luxurious option such as 110# satin cover stock.
  • Consider UV coating. UV coating adds a shiny layer to your labels. If you want to make your labels gleam, this option is a great choice.

Once you’ve made these decisions, you can send your label design to your printing partner, and they’ll print, cut, and deliver your labels right to you.

Partner With The Label Printing Experts

Hopefully this article has shown you some of the benefits that custom product label printing can provide for your products. When you’re ready to take the next step, get in touch with ZoePrint! We print cheap labels in a wide range of sizes, and we ship nationwide.

Request a quote from ZoePrint to get started!

Cheap Flyers Printing: What To Know

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Printing your own flyers is an easy and cost-efficient way to spread your message. Businesses in every sector can use flyers as marketing tools, simple ways to let the public know about upcoming deals, events, and anything else you want customers to know.

Cheap flyers printing is a great choice for businesses on a budget, and it gives you extra cash to spend elsewhere. In this article, we’ll explain how to cut down on flyer printing costs while still creating top-tier products.

How To Get Your Flyers Printed Cheap

Cheap flyer printing doesn’t mean sacrificing quality. Here are some of the best strategies you can use to print affordable flyers.

  1. Bigger Isn’t Always Better
  2. When it comes to printing costs, the size of your flyers can have a big impact. If you’re trying to cut down on flyer prices, have you considered printing a smaller flyer? Opting for a smaller flyer is an easy way to keep costs low.

    If you’re trying to figure out how to successfully downsize your flyer, consider your most necessary points and the amount of text you can shave off. Instead of a paragraph of text, how about a bullet point or two? Instead of listing product or event details, how about a QR code that links to your website? This will cut down on the amount of text needed on your flyer, with the added benefit of directing readers to your website, where they can easily learn more and make purchases. As an added bonus, you will also have a way to track the success of your flyers based on how many people scan the QR code!

  3. Consider Creative Color
  4. Flyers that include color are more likely to be noticed. However, this doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune on color printing. You can use a range of strategies for printing colorful flyers that don’t break the bank: printing in fewer colors, printing in color on one side, and printing on color paper.

    When you print in fewer colors, you decrease printing costs. Consider using one color or two colors for your flyer’s most important text or your organization’s logo, and printing the rest in black ink. This gives your flyer a pop of color while keeping costs low. Make sure to choose colors that match your branding so readers associate your flyer with your organization.

    If you need a flyer printed in full color, you can choose to print in color on one side and in black and white on the other side. This allows for both colorful imagery and space for the details, without paying for both sides in full color.

    If you want to include color but don’t want to pay for color printing at all, consider printing in black ink on a color paper. Color paper draws eyes to your flyer without the cost of color printing. This is a great choice if you’re looking to save some extra money.

  5. Think About Copies
  6. When ordering your flyers, consider how many copies you really need to print. When choosing the number of copies you’d like to print, try your best to find a balance between ordering too few and too many.

    If you know you’ll be using the same flyer design for a long time, order in bulk to take advantage of the lower cost per page. If you’ll be changing your flyers frequently, on the other hand, order in small batches and reorder as needed, so you don’t need to recycle huge numbers of obsolete flyers once you’ve updated your design.

  7. Get The Level Of Help You Need
  8. These days, printing companies offer a wide range of services, as well as many many levels of service. When trying to save money on print costs, work with a printing company who can give you the level of assistance you need and reasonable prices on services such as creating a design for you and tweaking your design to make it look great in print.

    The best printing companies offer a range of assistance so that you only have to pay for the services you need. If the printing company offers the cheap flyers print services you’re looking for at a price that can’t be beat, that’s even better!

  9. Order From The Cheap Flyer Printing Experts
  10. Here at ZoePrint, we provide cheap flyer printing online for individuals and organizations across the country. With a wide range of sizes and paper options, you’re sure to find the print product you’re looking for, and our simple ordering process makes it easy to bring your flyers to life. Our low prices make flyer printing possible for everyone!

    When you’re ready to print your flyers, order online or request a custom quote from ZoePrint!

Cheap Newsletter Printing: 3 Top Tips

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Cheap Newsletter Printing

Printing a newsletter gets your message out there. From marketing to community building, newsletters give you space to provide detailed information about current events at your business, school, faith community, real estate company, and more.

If you’re trying to figure out how to balance the budget while creating the print materials you need, you’re not alone! In this article we’ll explain the best tips and tricks for cheap newsletter printing and help you order a great product that’s easy on both the eyes and your bank account.

3 Top Cheap Newsletter Printing Strategies

Here are some of the best strategies to help you print your newsletters affordably.

  1. 1. Bigger Isn’t Always Better

    This first one is pretty self-explanatory: smaller items are cheaper to print. If you’re looking to majorly cut back on costs, printing smaller newsletters can be a great choice.

    If you’re printing booklet-style newsletters, ordering 5.5x8.5 booklets instead of 8.5x11 can be a good choice. You can also opt for booklets with fewer pages, which further lowers printing costs. Instead of a 12-page booklet, how about an 8-page booklet? Making these types of small changes will save you money.

  2. 2. Consider Color

    We all know that adding color to your materials makes them more likely to get read. And yet, we also know that color printing tends to be more expensive than black and white printing. While this might sound like a problem, you can still add color to your newsletter while cutting down on costs. There are a few ways to do this: printing on color paper, color printing on only your covers, and printing in fewer colors.

    Printing On Color Paper

    Who says that you have to print in color for your newsletter to be colorful? An easy and cheap alternative to printing in color is printing with black ink on color paper. You still get a splash of color without paying for full-color printing.

    Printing Covers In Color

    If you’re creating a booklet-style newsletter, it’s easy to find a middle ground when it comes to color printing. You can print your covers in color and print the interior pages in black ink. This adds a splash of excitement and interest to your newsletter, while still saving money on the inside pages.

    Printing In Fewer Colors

    No matter the type of newsletter you’re printing, choosing to print fewer colors is a money-saving strategy you can use. Consider printing in black and one or two spot colors. This lets you highlight your newsletter’s headlines and title and your logo, for example, while still keeping costs low.

  3. 3. Choose Your Finishing Processes Wisely

    At the end of the printing process, you can choose from a range of finishing processes, which is the name for all of the additional processes that can take place once your items have been printed.

    Finishing processes can include UV coating, die-cutting, lamination, and binding. As you’re considering which processes to include, consider that newsletters don’t typically need many fancy finishing processes. They can simply be printed, either folded or stable-bound, and they’re typically ready to go.

Partner With The Cheap Printing Experts

Newsletters’ simplicity can save you lots of money in the long run. If you want to print your newsletter without breaking the bank, partner with ZoePrint! We offer the cheap printing services you need for all of your print materials, not just your newsletters. If you have questions about how ZoePrint can help you keep prices low, feel free to contact us.

To get started with ZoePrint’s cheap newsletter printing services, order online or ask for a custom quote today!

Dance Recital Program Messages: Top Tips

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Dance Program Ad Examples

Printing a dance recital program is an important step as you get ready for your next performance. You have a wide range of freedom when it comes to your program design, and you can include as many pieces of information as you want.

One important section in any dance recital program is ads and messages, which can take many forms. This article will explain the basics of dance recital program ads ideas, why they’re important, and some ideas and inspiration that both families and businesses can use.

Dance Recital Programs: The Basics

Dance recital programs have a few main functions. They guide audience members through the performances, noting the names of pieces, their composers, and the dancers participating. They serve as keepsakes for dancers and their families for years to come.

Recital programs can also bring in some extra income and offset performance costs by giving families and local businesses the opportunity to purchase ads and messages. These can be quarter-page, half-page, or full-page spots that individuals or businesses can purchase and place a message or graphic of their choice.

Ads And Messages: The Two Types

The two main kinds of pages that people can purchase in dance recital programs are ads and messages. Here’s what to know about both.

Dance Recital Ads

Selling ad space in your dance recital programs gives local businesses a chance to get noticed. People love supporting local businesses, so giving local stores the opportunity to get seen helps everyone. As well, knowing which businesses are supporting their children’s dance recitals makes families more likely to give those companies their business.

Local businesses can have extensive expertise with graphic design or none at all, so consider providing templates that they can easily modify. Include some dance program ad examples on your website for inspiration. By adding a list of dance recital program ads examples to your website, you provide the design ideas that people might need.

Dance Recital Messages

Giving families the opportunity to put messages in your dance recital programs is a win-win. Dancers feel seen and supported, and you make some extra money to offset production costs.

It’s a good idea to include some design inspiration or even templates on your website so that families can easily make their own messages. By making the design process easy for families, you increase the likelihood that they’ll choose to make a purchase. You can even offer design help or ask a professional printing company like ZoePrint for ideas and assistance in creating great recital messages.

Make Ordering Easy

Include clear, step by step instructions for ordering ads on your website so that both families and businesses feel like it’s easy to purchase spots.

You can design your program in virtually any computer program you have, including Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and even PowerPoint, or more advanced programs such as Adobe InDesign. When you know which image files are compatible with your chosen program, be sure to include that information on your website so that people can submit an image that you can easily drop into your recital program file.

As well, specify the dimensions of the ad sizes you offer so that families and businesses know how large or small their messages should be. Nobody wants to spend the time and money creating an ad that looks pixelated once it goes to print!

Work With The Dance Printing Experts

When you’re ready to print your dance recital programs, it’s time to partner with ZoePrint! We produce all of the printed dance materials you need, including programs, posters, flyers, and more.

To get started, order your programs online or request a custom quote!

3 Top Tips For Cheap Booklet Printing

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Woman reading printed booklet

Printing your own booklets is an easy way to spread information, create comprehensive marketing materials, and make memories that last a lifetime. Booklets can cover a wide range of topics and are useful tools in a wide range of sectors and industries.

In addition, balancing the budget is an important task for every business. By opting for cheap booklet printing, you leave more money for the rest of the budget. Here are ZoePrint’s tips and tricks for printing booklets cheap that still create a finished product that will impress your readers!

  • 1. Make Your Cover Look Great

    Oftentimes, readers do judge books–or booklets–by their covers. When it’s your booklet they’re judging, make sure your cover makes a great first impression.

    One way to create a great cover is by opting for a thicker cover paper, such as 80# uncoated cover paper, 100# gloss cover paper, or 100# dull cover paper, while using a thinner paper such as 70# uncoated text paper for the interior pages.

    Opting for a thicker cover paper makes your booklet sturdier and gives it a polished look. This gives you the leeway to use thinner interior pages that cost less, as they’ll still be protected by the thicker outer pages.

  • 2. Print In Black And White Without Sacrificing Color

    Black and white printing saves a lot of money. When you have the option, consider printing in black and white to cut down on costs.

    However, printing in black and white doesn’t mean your booklets have to look boring. You have a couple of options to introduce some color to your print products: printing on color paper and printing only your covers in color.

    Printing with black ink on color paper is an easy way to provide a pop of color to your booklets without paying for color printing. Depending on the type of booklet you’re printing, you can choose a paper color that matches your branding or simply a bright color that attracts attention.

    Printing only your covers in color is another great strategy for booklet printing cheap. This is a particularly good idea if the interior content of your booklet consists mostly of text. The covers provide the color and interest that encourage readers to pick up your booklet and take a look, and the interior pages provide the information they’re looking for.

  • 3. Think Big By Thinking Small

    If you want to print booklets cheap, sometimes cutting down is the solution. By printing booklets in a smaller size, you have to pay less for each booklet. Two of the most common booklet sizes are 8.5x11 and 5.5x8.5, and by picking the smaller of the two sizes, your booklet starts at a lower base price.

    If you want help figuring out how to print your booklets on a smaller scale while still including all the information you need, feel free to reach out to the design team at ZoePrint. They can help you create small booklets that pack a punch!

  • Partner With The Cheap Printing Experts

    If you want to see how cheap printing booklets can help your business, partner with ZoePrint! With cheap printing solutions for booklets, business cards, and all the print materials you need, we can help you save money while receiving the high quality print products you need.

    To get started, order your booklets online or ask ZoePrint for a custom quote that helps you save money!

    Healthcare Printing Services: What You Need To Know

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    Doctor's office with printed posters in the background

    Healthcare printing provides resources to the people who need it most. From marketing to information, high quality printed materials make all the difference when it comes to attracting new patients and providing effective patient care.

    Medical printing takes a wide range of forms. If you’re wondering which items to print, this article will cover some of the most important print products that all practices need.

    Most Important Printed Healthcare Items

    Running a successful practice involves printing a wide range of items. Here are some of the most important printed items that make a difference both for your business and in your patients’ lives.

    Medical Form Printing

    Practices use a wide range of medical forms for both patient intake and care. Some of the most common medical forms include consent forms, vital sign charts, referral forms, and physical exam forms, but there are many other types of medical forms as well.

    Outsourcing the printing for these medical forms makes production cheap. You can receive hundreds–or even thousands–of copies at once, with a low cost per click. There’s no need to worry about buying paper, dealing with printer malfunctions, or replacing ink cartridges.

    Medical form printing is most commonly black and white for maximum clarity and contrast between the paper and text. This also saves money during the printing process. Medical forms are also often printed on affordable papers such as 20# bond white paper, which further helps cut down on costs.

    Medical Flyer Printing

    Medical flyers advertise your practice and encourage patients to give you a call. Your medical flyers can focus on your practice’s specialization and the services you provide, or how to get in contact and schedule an appointment, or any other topic you’d like potential patients to know.

    Flyers balance text and images, so as you’re creating your flyer design, think about how you can minimize the amount of text while still providing the key information that readers need. This might mean including a short paragraph about your practice, a couple of short phrases describing the services you offer, and a bolded call to action. If you include much more text than that, readers might lose interest.

    Appointment Card Printing

    Patients don’t want to miss their appointments, and you don’t want them to miss their appointments, either. Appointment cards help patients keep track of their care by reminding them about their upcoming visits. These cards are cheap to print, affordable to send, and lead to increased patient health.

    When printing your appointment cards, you can even include a discount on future services. By encouraging patients to make return appointments while saving them money, you make it more likely that they will come back and take good care of their health.

    Medical Brochure Printing

    Medical brochures are a middle ground: they are large enough to provide detailed information but small enough that it’s important to prioritize which information to include and to say it succinctly. Brochures are compact and easy to distribute, making them handy tools to provide information and images or diagrams without overwhelming readers.

    When planning your medical brochure design, be sure to use a clear organization strategy. Patients need to be able to find the information they’re looking for quickly, so use headings and subheadings to direct readers’ eyes, as well as bullet points that provide information using as few words as possible.

    Partner With The Medical Printing Experts

    When you’re ready to find a partner who provides the healthcare printing services you need, it’s time to work with ZoePrint! We print all of the materials your practice needs, and we ship nationwide. Our design team can even help you with your design or create a new design for you.

    To get started, order online or ask ZoePrint for a custom quote!

    Legal Notepads and Legal Printing: Everything You Need To Know

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    Legal Notepads

    Legal printing consists of a wide range of items that are useful both for professionals in the legal world and people outside of it. Legal notepads in particular are a useful tool for all sectors.

    If you’re curious about printing your own (or other products), this article is the place to start. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about legal printing services, how to order your notepads, and more!

    The Benefits Of Professional Legal Printing

    While printing the materials you need in-house might seem like a good idea, outsourcing to a professional printer is often the better choice. A professional printing company gives you the full range of materials you need, including brochures, flyers, and business cards, as well as items that are impossible to print in-house, such as notepads and booklets.

    Working with a professional printing company also means that you avoid the headache of buying ink and repairing machines. Your printing partner takes care of everything so that your materials end up at the office, ready to use.

    In addition, professional printing makes printing for multiple locations easy. Firms with multiple locations can order online and receive the same high-quality products delivered to each office.

    Printed Items Your Legal Office Needs

    When you’re brainstorming products to print for your firm, make sure to include the following materials.

    Custom Business Cards

    Business cards are the cornerstone of any professional setting. Print matching business cards for every employee in the office, from receptionists to partners, in order to create a unified and professional image for your legal practice.

    Custom Legal Documents

    Many legal documents need to be professionally printed in custom sizes. Luckily, professional printing companies can handle printing in the sizes you need, including 8.5x11, 8.5x14, and other custom sizes.

    If you’re looking to print an item in a specific non-standard size, feel free to ask your printing partner about it. There’s a good chance they can print it for you!

    Custom Letterhead

    Legal firms use mail to communicate with clients and colleagues, and communicating on custom letterhead gives your communication an air of professionalism. A simple and sophisticated letterhead is all you need to demonstrate to clients that you take your work seriously.

    How To Print Legal Notepads

    Legal pads are useful for everyone, whether you’re in the legal field or not. They’re handy for taking notes during meetings, jotting down ideas, making to do lists, and more. Here is what you need to know about designing and printing your own, step by step.

    1. 1. Pick A Size

      Legal notepads come in a range of sizes, so you can pick the one that fits your needs. Two of the most common sizes include 5.5x8.5 and 8.5x11, but don’t feel limited to those. Feel free to talk with your printing partner about printing whichever size you have in mind.

    2. 2. Save a high resolution PDF.

      Once you’ve designed your legal notepad, make sure to save your design as a PDF so that your printing partner can print it. Save your PDF in the highest resolution possible, which will keep your notepad from looking pixelated.

    3. 3. Choose color or black and white printing.

      During the printing process, you can choose whether you’d prefer to print in black and white or in color. You have a few options here: you can choose to print with only black ink, one spot color, black and one spot color, two spot colors, or full color.

      If you’d prefer to save money, you can print with black on ink on colored paper. Legal pads are usually printed on yellow paper, so this option might be a great choice for your project.

    4. 4. Pick your preferred paper.

      Whether you’re planning to print on white paper or colored paper, you also need to choose your preferred paper weight. Legal pads typically are typically made of a lighter paper, so 20# bond paper is a great choice.

    5. 5. Choose the number of sheets of paper per pad.

      The last step that affects the print process itself is deciding on the number of pages you’d like for each pad. You can’t go wrong here. Two of the most common options are 25 pages and 50 pages. These are large enough to be useful for a long period without becoming bulky.

      However, if you’d like a different number of pages, feel free to talk with your printing partner. It’s likely that they can print it for you.

    6. 6. Decide how many pads you’d like to order.

      The final step in the printing process doesn’t actually relate to the printing specifications themselves. Instead, it’s time to decide how many notepads you’d like to receive.

      The number of notepads you want to order depends on how you plan to use them. If you’re planning to distribute them to every employee, for example, deciding on the number of copies is fairly simple to calculate.

      On the other hand, if you’re planning to keep a stack at the office for the future, the number might be a little more difficult to figure out. Luckily, legal notepads are timeless, so even if you order many, you’ll use them eventually.

    7. 7. Get help from the experts.

      When you’re ready to get started with legal printing or printing your legal notepads, partner with ZoePrint! We provide the professional and affordable materials your office needs to make a great impression on your clients. Our simple online ordering system and speedy shipping services get you the products you need quickly and easily.

      Order your legal notepads today, or ask ZoePrint for a custom quote!

    Cheap Booklet Printing For Every Industry

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    Cheap Booklet Printing

    Booklets are a great addition to every business’s toolbox. From marketing to information, they both look great and provide the information that your customers need.

    If you’re wondering how to make a difference for your business without spending too much, keep reading! In this article, we’ll explain the importance of printing your own booklets, talk about how custom booklets help for a wide range of industries, and discuss why working with a professional printing company makes all the difference.

    Printing Booklets Cheap Makes A Difference

    Printing custom booklets is a great option for any business. Here are just some of the ways that booklets make a difference:

    • They’re affordable. You have lots of expenses to take care of. By printing your booklets with a professional printing company, you don’t need to purchase your own printing and finishing equipment. You also avoid costly upkeep and repair.
    • They’re customizable. You can create the perfect design for your company, product, or idea.
    • They’re handy. Booklets pack lots of space for text, images, and explanations. Whether they’re as large as 8.5x11 or as small as 5.5x8.5, they give you space to include everything you need.

    In short, if you want to send a message, send it through a professionally printed booklet!

    Cheap Printing Booklets In Your Industry

    No matter your sector, you can print booklets cheap. Here are some of the ways that they can make a difference in your field.

    Real Estate Booklets

    Booklet printing for real estate businesses gives you the marketing exposure you’re looking for. They offer lots of space for images, floorplans, and explanations of neighborhoods. You can even include information about the history of the area and local resources such as stores and schools.

    Booklets are also helpful for construction and development companies. You have more than enough space to explain your services and include photos of your great work.

    In real estate, you’re in the business of creating community. Distributing monthly or quarterly newsletters ties readers together, and you can discuss industry trends, new properties, and advice about the industry. A booklet is a great format for this newsletter, as you can choose the size and number of pages that works best for your project.

    Healthcare Booklets

      Booklet printing for healthcare can take a wide range of forms. Healthcare booklets can include:

    • Explanations of diagnoses and procedures, which helps patients understand their health and know what to expect during their next visit.
    • Instructions for operation preparation, so patients can safely get ready for surgery.
    • Tips about new medical technology, which encourages offices and hospitals to buy your product.
    • Preventative advice, which helps patients keep themselves healthy.
    • Important information about your practice or hospital, which encourages patients to choose you for their care.

    In summary, you can get virtually any message across via a well-designed healthcare booklet. They help you distribute the information your patients need most.

    B2B Booklets

    Business booklet printing helps you make connections in the business world. From displaying images and statistics to providing information about your product or services, booklets do it all.

    Providing the data to back up your statements makes a difference when it comes to convincing people to make a purchase, and booklets give you the space to include all the graphs, charts, and data you need. You can even distribute your booklets at trade expos to connect with other businesses and make connections in the industry.

    Arts Booklets

    Booklets help creativity flourish. From art exhibit catalogs and dance programs to performance playbills, a booklet gives you the opportunity to share your creativity with the world. Make sure to print your booklet in color so the details pop out.

    If you’re printing a booklet for a school arts event or performance, consider asking students to design the artwork. This helps them feel ownership over the booklet and makes a great keepsake for students and families alike.

    Booklet Printing Cheap Means Professional Printing

    Partner with a printing company who can print booklets cheap. Professional printers offer a range of papers to choose from, as well as multiple booklet sizes and binding styles, so you can choose the specifications that work best for your project.

    You might be tempted to print or assemble your booklets on your own, but be aware that this might take more time and money than you’d think. Printers can jam and break, and printing in color on office printers can be expensive. By ordering your booklets from the professionals, you leave it to the experts who can take care of everything for you.

    Partner With The Cheap Booklet Printing Experts

    Printing booklets cheap is an art, and ZoePrint knows just how to do it! If you want to receive great booklets that don’t break the bank, reach out and work with us.

    Here at ZoePrint, we’re experts in getting our customers the print materials they need. We can print the booklets you’re looking for at a price you’ll love. To get started, order your booklets or ask us for a custom quote!

    Zine Printing In 3 Easy Steps

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    Zine Printing

    Printing your own zine is a fun way to express your creativity and spread a message. Everyone from students to creatives can design zines, and they’re endlessly customizable.

    Printing your own zine is an exciting and fulfilling process. If you want to learn more, keep reading! This article will walk you through the zine printing process so you can create the zine of your dreams.

    Zines: The Basics

    In short, a zine is a short magazine, and the rest is up to you. It’s an incredibly flexible art form and can include anything you choose.

    Zines commonly include a mix of text and art. They often contain prose or poetry and some sort of visual art, either created digitally or on paper and scanned into a digital form. They can be about any topic and can be any length.

    Anyone can make a zine, from an individual or an art class to a business. With the help of a low-cost printing company, they are affordable to create. Anyone can try their hand and spread their message through a zine!

    The Zine Printing Process

    You can create a zine about virtually any topic, and you can print it in virtually any form as well. Zines are highly customizable, which gives you the ability to make it look exactly how you want. Here are some of the ways to customize your zine during the printing process.

      1. Pick A Size, Any Size

      Zines can be a wide range of sizes. Two of the most common sizes for zines include 5.5x8.5 and 8.5x11. Each size has its own benefits.

      5.5x8.5 zines are compact and pack a punch. These booklets are smaller, which means that you can fill each page with art and text or create a simpler design that focuses on one element per page.

      8.5x11 zines are large and give you space to spread out. This size is a great option for zines containing a lot of text such as literary magazines, and the larger size lets readers see the details in every piece of art.

      2. Choose Your Paper

      There’s a seemingly-limitless number of paper options for printing your zine. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, no need to panic! We have some advice.

      Since photo zine printing often includes art and design elements, we recommend printing your zine in color. Printing on glossy paper helps color printing pop and increases the clarity of the images. Therefore, two of the best paper options for your zine include 80# gloss text paper and 100# gloss text paper. Both of these will make your art and design jump off the page.

      In addition to the inside paper, you can also choose a thicker cover paper that makes your zine sturdier and helps it look more sophisticated. 100# gloss cover paper is a great choice for your cover.

      3. Save A High Quality PDF

      Most printing companies will want you to send a high-resolution PDF file of your zine when you’re ready to print. Make sure to save your PDF file in the highest possible quality. This will ensure that your printed zine is crisp and clear and doesn’t have any pixelated images.

      If you have any questions about what kind of file to create, reach out to your printing partner. They’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have!

    Print Your Zine With ZoePrint

    Once you’re ready to bring your zine into the world, partner with ZoePrint! Our printing services make the zine creation process easy and affordable, and we offer all the customization you need to make exactly what you have in mind.

    Our professional design team loves creating zines, so simply ask if you want help with your design. We can even create a design for you!

    To get started with quick and easy zine printing, order online or ask ZoePrint for a custom quote!

    3 Dance Recital Program Templates For Your Next Performance

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    Dance Recital Program Templates

    Well-designed dance recital programs guide your audience through a performance. When you’re organizing a recital or dance performance, printing your own program is an important step in the process.

    If the thought of designing your own program sounds overwhelming, there’s no need to stress! In this article we’ll explain three of the best dance recital program templates to inspire your next project.

    Benefits Of Printing Your Own Dance Recital Programs

    There are quite a few reasons that printing custom dance recital programs is a good idea. Here are some of the best ones.

    • Helping the audience. Dance recitals can involve many pieces and many performers. Distributing a program gives the audience a way to keep track of who is performing what.
    • Giving participants the recognition they deserve. Putting a dance recital together takes a village. From choreographers and teachers to dancers and stage crew, a huge number of people chip in. Acknowledging everybody who has helped with the recital in your program is respectful and makes everyone involved feel seen and appreciated.
    • Creating memories that last a lifetime. Dancers look back fondly on recitals that they’ve danced in, and a program is the perfect keepsake.

    To sum it up, printing your own program helps to make the recital a success for dancers and audience members alike.

    3 Dance Recital Program Templates To Check Out

    If you’re looking for inspiration, taking a look at a dance recital program template might help. Here are some great options that you can use when you’re getting ready for your next performance.

    1. 1. Artistic Recital Templates

      A stylish recital program is easy to read and makes a great keepsake for dancers and audience members alike. When you’re looking for inspiration, check out some of the great template ideas on Canva.

      Canva is simple to use, and templates on Canva are easy to customize. You can use templates as-is, customize them slightly, or use them as inspiration to make your own. Canva also allows you to create items from scratch, which gives you a huge amount of freedom.

    2. 2. Creative Recital Templates

      Sometimes it helps to see a wide range of ideas so that you can choose the design that you like best. If that’s the case for you, check out the huge number of dance recital templates on Poster My Wall.

      By perusing many different designs, you’ll be able to take stock and decide which look and theme is best for your project. You can then edit the templates easily on the website to make the design your own.

    3. 3. Academic Recital Templates

      If you’re looking for a simple and easy to use template, this recital template from The University of Oregon does the trick. This academic template is perfect for student recitals, and there’s ample space to include performance notes that give audience members context about the performances they’re seeing.

      You can easily customize this template for your own recital by replacing the filler text with relevant information. This no-frills program template makes the design process easy!

    Get Help From The Design Experts

    We hope these templates can help you get started on the design process. However, designing your programs can be an overwhelming process, and you might still have questions about which designs and images are best for your specific project.

    If you need advice, don’t hesitate to reach out! Professional printing companies such as ZoePrint are happy to help with your design and can even create a new design for you. Simply call or write them with your questions, and they’ll get back to you with ideas and inspiration.

    Print Your Dance Recital Program With ZoePrint

    Now that you’re inspired to print your next dance recital program, let ZoePrint take care of the rest! We print dance and theater programs that make your performance a success, as well as dance flyers that spread the news about your event.

    You can choose between 5.5x8.5 and 8.5x11 programs, or if there’s a different size you’d prefer, ask ZoePrint about it! There’s a good chance we can make the program size you have in mind.

    To get started, order your program online or ask ZoePrint for a custom quote!

    Printed Business Newsletters Made Easy

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    Business newsletter

    Did you know that print marketing requires 21% less cognitive effort to process than online marketing? Clearly, getting your name and ideas out there in print is a key strategy that makes an impression on readers.

    One of the most effective ways to build and maintain an active client base is by distributing a well-written and designed business newsletter. In this article, we explain why print newsletters are such a great idea, as well as some of the best strategies to print a newsletter that makes a great impression.

    Converting Your Digital Newsletter To Print

    If you already publish a digital newsletter, you might think that it’s not worth printing physical copies as well. We’d like to put that worry to rest. Here are some of the reasons why printing your newsletter is a great idea.

    • It reaches a wider audience. People quickly delete emails without reading them, whereas they’re more likely to flip through a paper newsletter.
    • It is easy to reach target demographics. While people typically sign up for digital newsletters, you can send paper newsletters to any household in your target demographics with targeted mailings. You can focus on certain residential areas, income levels, or other demographics.
    • It is easy to print an existing digital newsletter. If you already publish a digital newsletter and don’t have the time or resources to create a new physical newsletter from scratch, you can simply adapt the digital version. With just a few tweaks, your newsletter will be ready to print.

    All in all, printing your newsletter is an easy task that makes a big impact.

    The Value Of A Printed Small Business Newsletter

    Small businesses have a lot to gain from distributing a newsletter in print. You have a limited budget, and dedicating some of that to print materials is a worthwhile effort. Your newsletter does the following:

    • Demonstrates that you care about community. Small businesses are the lifeblood of cities and neighborhoods, and a detailed newsletter containing articles about local interest demonstrates that you care about serving residents in your area.
    • Increases ties with other businesses. You can feature other local businesses in your newsletter, in particular businesses that your target demographics might be interested in. There’s a good chance that those businesses will then feature you in their materials as well.
    • Lets customers see the people behind the business. Newsletters give you the space to spread out and include a range of content. Include notes from the owner, interviews with staff members, or other insights into the people running your organization. This brings your business to life in readers’ minds.

    You can send the newsletter from your small business to community members and distribute it in the store as well, which gives the largest possible number of people a chance to read it.

    Business Newsletter Printing Tips

    As you’re designing and printing your newsletter, here are some of the most important ideas to keep in mind.

    Newsletters Take Many Forms

    Newsletters can come in many shapes and sizes, so you have the flexibility to pick the newsletter style that best fits your needs and budget.

    8.5x11 flyer newsletters are simple yet effective. They consist of one piece of paper, so you can print on the front and back to include a message to readers, updates about business hours and activities, or any other message you’d like.

    8.5x11 brochure newsletters are small but pack a big punch. You can choose your preferred folding option, which breaks your newsletter down into panels perfect for a range of articles and information.

    5.5x8.5 booklet newsletters are handy and can contain a lot. These can consist of multiple pages, so they work well for quarterly newsletters or other newsletters that offer a bit more content.

    8.5x11 booklet newsletters give you lots of space to spread out. In addition to the large paper size, you can print a booklet newsletter with up to 40 pages. If you’d like to distribute a newsletter containing multiple long articles, many illustrations and photos, and other content, this size is the perfect choice.

    Your Paper Choice Sends A Message

    Every item you distribute tells your readers who you are. Printing on high quality paper demonstrates that you care about your image. The best paper for your project will depend on the type of booklet you decide to print, so feel free to ask your printing partner for advice on the paper that makes the most sense for your project and your budget.

    In general, printing in color makes a great impression on readers. Colors pop when printed on glossy paper, making it a good choice if you’re printing your newsletter in color or adding photos or images. Glossy paper also makes photos and images appear crisp and beautiful.

    Design Is Everything

    It’s a fact of life: readers will judge your business based on your newsletter design. Therefore, everything from picking the perfect name for your newsletter to coming up with a great design is an important decision. You can use online templates, design one from scratch, or enlist some help.

    If you’d like help designing your newsletter or converting a digital business newsletter into print, feel free to reach out to the experts at ZoePrint. We can help you optimize your newsletter or even design a new one for you.

    Partner With The Business Newsletter Experts

    Printing your business newsletter is an exciting prospect. When you’re ready to get started, ZoePrint can help you get it done! We print all of the print materials your business needs, including newsletters that help you send a message.

    To get started, order your newsletter online or ask ZoePrint for a custom quote!

    Get Inspired With Dance Flyer Ideas

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    Everybody loves a great dance flyer. Whether you’re planning a rave or a father daughter dance, distributing an awesome flyer makes people excited to attend. Here are some of ZoePrint’s top pointers to inspire your next project.

    Reasons To Print Your Own Dance Flyer

    If you’re planning a dance, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by everything you need to do. Of course it’s important to plan the decorations, food, and music, but all of that is for naught if nobody shows up! Therefore, spreading the word about your dance is one of the most important steps in the process.

    Distributing flyers is an easy and effective way to let people know about your upcoming dance. If you’re planning a school dance, you can send flyers home with students, and you can hand out flyers for community dances on the street or distribute them to local businesses.

    Designing and printing your own flyers also saves money. By using a free online dance flyer template and printing with a cheap printing company, you spend less money, which opens up more space in your budget to spend on other parts of the event.

    Dance Flyer Inspiration

    Get ready for your next project with these dance flyer design ideas!

    Father Daughter Dance Flyer

    Father Daughter Dance Flyer

    Designing a daddy daughter dance flyer leads to beautiful family memories. When putting your poster together, make the dance easily accessible to both parents and children through engaging fonts and images. Use large text that jumps off the page, and make it clear what the cost of admission is and if the money is going to a specific cause. Feel free to take a look at a dance flyer template or two to get ideas.

    When it comes to the size of your father daughter dance flyer, you can choose from a wide range. Some of the most common small flyer sizes include the following:

    You can also print much larger flyers, all the way up to 12x18. Talk to your printing partner about the size you’re looking for. There’s a good chance that they can print it for you!

    School Dance Flyer

    School Dance Flyer

    From parent-child dances to senior prom, dances are an integral part of schoolculture. Whether you’re a student, faculty member, or parent designing the flyer, you can create a flyer that brings the dance to life.

    When designing your flyer, make sure to put the theme first. You want readers to know exactly what to expect when they walk through the doors, and a great flyer also helps attendees prepare for and decide what to wear.

    If you feel hesitant about creating the flyer art yourself, ask a student to do it! This will give the flyer a sense of character and make it one of a kind. You could even approach an art teacher about assigning it as an art class project and using multiple students’ designs to create a few versions of your flyer.

    Halloween Dance Flyer

    Halloween Dance Flyer

    When spooky season is around the corner, it’s time to plan for Halloween! Ghosts and ghouls of all ages love a great Halloween dance, from trick-or-treaters to college partiers. Hosting a Halloween dance is a great way to give people an opportunity to let loose and have fun.

    When creating your Halloween dance flyer, think about your target age group and what they expect from Halloween. Include playful elements on a flyer targeted towards younger people, while you can feel free to include scarier design ideas and imagery if your dance is aimed at older teens or adults.

    When printing your halloween dance flyer, consider which paper you prefer. Glossy papers, such as 80# or 100# gloss text paper, or 80# or 100# gloss cover paper, will make your flyer’s colors pop.

    Work With The Dance Flyer Experts

    If you’re trying to organize the best dance ever, make sure to print your dance flyer with ZoePrint! We offer cheap printing that gives you the customization you need at a price you’ll love. We can even help you with your design, or create an entire design for you.

    To get started, check out our flyer options or ask ZoePrint for a custom quote!

    Choir Sheet Music: Top Design And Printing Tips

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    A choir single from sheet music

    Printing your own choir sheet music makes performing simple. Whether you’re printing school or church choir sheet music, or even orchestra sheet music, follow the steps below to print custom music that’s both easy to produce and easy on your budget.

    Why Print Your Own Choir Sheet Music?

    The answer is simple: it’s easy and affordable!

    Printing your own music allows you to distribute and sell your own music arrangements, and you can bring your own artistic vision into the world. When working with printing companies that offer handy online ordering, you can quickly and easily attach your file, choose your preferred print options, and receive your printed sheet music quickly.

    By printing your own music with an affordable printing partner such as ZoePrint, you often save money over ordering music from major publishers. You can choose which papers, sizes, and quantities you prefer, all of which help you retain maximum control over your budget.

    Choir Sheet Music Design

    Designing your sheet music is composed–no pun intended–of just a few steps. Here are three steps for designing choir sheet music that looks great in print.

    1. 1. Consider length.

      Once you’ve put the finishing touches on your arrangement, you should have a rough idea of how many pages your sheet music will be. This number of pages will inform the type of sheet music printing that will work best for your project.

      If you’re printing very short scores, it might be possible to print on the front and back of one 8.5x11 piece of paper. Longer compositions frequently work well as either 5.5x8.5 or 8.5x11 booklets. You can choose either staple binding or no binding, as well as three-hole punching so that singers can easily organize their scores in binders.

      If your score is longer than approximately 40 pages, you might want to ask your printing company about the possibility of printing your score as a perfect or spiral bound book. These binding options will provide the support that longer pieces of sheet music require. This option is perfect for orchestra sheet music and longer choral works.

    2. 2. Set your margins.

      Various score sizes require a range of margins to ensure the best possible printed appearance. Here are some of the most common music score margin recommendations:

      • Large scores: 0.7” margins on all sides
      • Small scores: 0.35” top and bottom margins, 0.55” left and right margins
      • Scores containing all parts: 0.35” top and bottom margins, 0.55” left and right margins

      By including these margins in your score, you’ll maximize the usable space on each page without running the risk of any parts of the score accidentally getting cut off.

    3. 3. Save a high quality PDF.

      The importance of high quality printing cannot be overstated when it comes to sheet music. One major step in creating great sheet music is sending your printing partner a high resolution PDF of your work. Printing high resolution sheet music makes your scores easy to read and therefore easy to perform.

      Many sheet music software programs offer simple ways to save PDFs of your work. Make sure to save your file with the highest possible resolution. This makes it simple to send the highest quality files–and therefore receive the highest quality printed scores.

    Choir Sheet Music Printing

    Here are some of ZoePrint’s top printing tips for when it’s time to make your school, community, or church choir sheet music a reality.

    1. 1. Pick a sturdy paper.

      Your scores have to last through many rehearsals and performances, hopefully for years. Therefore, printing your scores on paper that’s sturdy enough to endure repeated uses is worth the upgrade. The Major Orchestra Librarians Association suggests printing sheet music on 60# or 70# paper, which leads to sturdy scores that can hold up over time.

    2. 2. Upgrade your cover paper.

      This is a particularly important option if you plan to use your sheet music more than once. A stronger cover means that your music will hold up to repeated uses. Some great cover papers include 80# uncoated cover stock and 100# gloss cover stock.

    3. 3. Consider color printing.

      Black and white printing is usually sufficient for the scores themselves. However, printing score covers in color and including imagery, decorations, or a relevant photo helps singers find your specific score amongst the many that they bring to rehearsal.

    Partner With The Music Printing Experts

    When it’s time to print or publish your own sheet music, let ZoePrint take care of the job for you! We provide cheap choir sheet music printing that gives you full ability to customize your sheet music to fit your needs. We also print recital and performance playbills that will make your concert a success. We love to help all kinds of artists express their creativity!

    To get started, order your sheet music now or ask ZoePrint for a custom quote.

    How To Print Custom Logo Notepads That Make An Impression

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    Man taking notes on a notepad emblazoned with a logo

    Your marketing materials are important business investments. If you’re wondering which items are worth investing in, we’re here to let you know that logo notepads are a great choice. In this article, we’ll explain why they’re worth your time and money and give you all the information you need to print your own.

    Benefits Of Company Logo Notepads

    Logo notepads are extremely effective print materials, and are worth including in your marketing strategy. Here are just a few of the reasons why they’re a good idea.

    • They make an impression on targets. Recipients will look at them time and time again, every time they need to write a reminder to themselves, make a grocery list, jot down a business idea, and more.
    • They last a long time. Notepads have stamina. Depending on how many pages they are and how often recipients use them, they can be used for anywhere from weeks to years. This makes logo notepads a great way to create a longstanding relationship with recipients, as they’ll be seeing your branding again and again.
    • They’re affordable. Notepads are inexpensive to print, making them worthwhile investments. You get a big bang for your buck.
    1. How To Print Logo Notepads

      Printing your own custom logo notepads is an easy process. Here’s what you need to do.

      1. Make your logo perfect.

      Your notepad design is based on one important aspect: your company’s logo. This is a great opportunity to take stock of your logo and make sure it’s helping you achieve your goals. Has it been a while since you’ve updated your logo? Do you need to refresh it, or even completely redesign it? Do the colors need to be tweaked? If there are changes to be made, now is your opportunity.

      If you’re looking for help with a logo refresh or a branding redesign, the experts at ZoePrint are happy to give you some advice.

    2. 2. Pick your preferred size.

      Notepads come in a range of sizes, so you can think through which size fits your goals best. Are you printing notepads for internal uses such as taking notes at meetings? If so, a larger size such as 8.5x11 might be the right option. If you’re planning to hand out the notepads to potential clients or customers, smaller sizes such as 4.25x5.5 or 5.5x8.5 might be the right options.

      If you’re looking for a different size, talk with your printing company. There’s a good chance that they can provide what you’re looking for.

    3. 3. Develop your design.

      Now it’s time for the fun part: creating your notepad’s design. Whichever size you’ve chosen, think about how you’ll scale your logo and any other design elements to that size.

      Notepad design can take a few different forms. At its most simple, you can include only your logo, either at the top of the notepad or as a watermark in the background. Then, you can add any other design elements you’d like, including lines, checklists, your company’s contact information, or other design elements and illustrations.

      As you’re working on your design, keep your notepad’s end goal in mind. If you’re using your notepads as marketing tools, make sure your logo is front and center, and include your branding so users remember what your company can offer them.

      Consider adding a creative or whimsical twist to your notepads, if it fits with your brand identity. By making your notepad memorable, you make your company memorable as well.

    4. 4. Choose your favorite paper.

      Professional printing companies offer a wide range of papers to choose from. Which paper you choose depends on a few criteria: desired look, feel, and cost.

      Two of the most common papers for company logo notepads include 20# white bond paper and 60# white offset paper. 20# white bond paper is standard copy paper, which is fairly lightweight. 60# white offset paper is a bit thicker, which adds a level of sophistication to your notepads.

      If you want to add a splash of color to your notepad without paying for printing in color, you can print on a colored stock. This is a great solution that brings interest to your notepads while still being easy on your budget.

      Choosing the best paper for your project might feel overwhelming. If this is the case, feel free to ask your printing partner for advice.

    5. 5. Print with the experts.

      When it’s time to print your logo notepads, ZoePrint is here to bring your ideas to life! We have extensive experience designing and printing company logo notepads that help businesses make a great impression. Our easy online ordering system makes it a breeze to bring your notepad idea to life.

      To get started, order your logo notepads online or contact ZoePrint for a custom quote!

    How To Publish Sheet Music: 5 Top Tips

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    Music publishing and printing gives you the opportunity to bring music into the world. If you want to start to sell sheet music but don’t know what to do, there’s no need to fear! This article will explain the 5 tips that make sheet music printing and publishing simple.

    Advantages of Sheet Music Printing

    Whether you’re a composer, a music teacher, or simply a music aficionado, custom music printing makes printing your music possible.

    When you’re composing or arranging your own music, it can be daunting to figure out how to create the products you have in mind. Custom music printing makes this easy, as you can print all of your works with your preferred print and paper specifications.

    As well, if you’re looking to sell sheet music, you can order as many copies of your compositions as you’d like to ensure you don’t run out of stock. Plus, it’s always easy to reorder when you need more.

    Music printing makes music education simple. It’s easy to print sheet music and arrangements that you have created specifically for your students, which makes learning effective and fun.

    5 Best Tips For Music Publishing And Printing

    Here are some of the music printing tips that will help you produce great materials for your next performance.

    1. 1. Consider form and binding.

      No matter the project you have in mind, you can find a product and a binding style that will work. For short pieces, including choral works and short orchestral works, unbound or staple-bound booklets are the perfect solution. For longer pieces, such as longer orchestral works, perfect-bound booklets are a great idea, as the binding will keep the score together over the course of many uses.

    2. 2. Stay up to date on the legal aspects.

      If you are printing anything other than original compositions, make sure you are aware of and in accordance with all relevant copyright laws. This is particularly important if you’re selling your sheet music or performing it in front of an audience.

      If you have any questions about what is or is not possible to sell, consult with a legal source who can provide you with up to date information for your area. This is not the place for mistakes, so better safe than sorry!

    3. 3. Save your score as a high quality PDF.

      If you’re planning on eventually printing your music score, think ahead and save your score in the highest possible quality. This will lead to the crispest, cleanest printed material.

      When musicians are in the middle of rehearsing and performing, they don’t have time to decipher blurry notes. By making sure that your printed scores are pristine by saving your score’s PDF in high resolution, you make their work easier–and therefore, you make their performances better.

    4. 4. Choose a helpful online vendor, or become one yourself.

      Music publishing and printing can be as small or large an operation as you want it to be. If you’re trying to sell sheet music, you’ll often be selling online. You can partner with vendor sites, or you can sell them on your own website. There’s no right or wrong answer here; it simply depends on what works best for you and your sales process.

    5. 5. Partner with a dependable printing company.

      When you’re getting ready to start sheet music printing, it’s vital to pick a company that can support you and provide the materials you need at a price that works for you. Do some research before committing to a printing company. Here are some questions that you might want to get answers to:

      • Can the printing company ship you items to you? If so, what is the cost of shipping?
      • Which papers does the company use?
      • What binding styles can the company offer?
      • Can the printing company accommodate changes to the order or custom elements?
      • Is the company easy to contact? Are they helpful and eager to answer questions?

      By answering these questions, you’ll start to get a good feel for which printing company fits you and your project best.

    Work With The Music Printing Experts

    You’ve done the hard part of composing and arranging a piece of music. Now it’s time to partner with ZoePrint to bring your work to life! We print the music materials you’re looking for, including small and large sheet music printing, larger score printing, and more. We also print performance playbills that make your next concert or recital a special event. We help you bring your music to the world through excellent sheet music printing–just ask any of our satisfied customers.

    Get started by ordering your sheet music online or asking ZoePrint for a custom quote.

    5 Dance Printing Tips To Make You Twirl With Joy

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    dance printing

    Whether you’re organizing a ballet recital or planning a prom, custom dance printing is an easy and affordable way to get the print products you’re looking for.

    If you’re curious about printing your own dance materials, either for yourself, a school or community dance recital, or a professional production, keep reading! This article explains some of the most important ideas that make dance printing easy.

    Why Dance Printing Is A Great Idea

    Anyone can buy dance posters and brochures online, but buying someone else’s product doesn’t give you the freedom to print exactly what you have in mind.

    Custom dance printing gives you the flexibility to create the best design for your project and goals. There’s no need to conform to a design that someone else has already decided on; simply put, you can bring your imagination to life.

    As well, you often save money when you print your own materials. You’re not paying for another designer’s labor or inflated prices. All you need to pay for is the cost of printing itself, which is often much cheaper than buying pre-printed products off of a vendor’s site.

    Top 5 Dance Printing Tips

    To print your own great dance materials, simply follow these top 5 tips. You’ll have excellent printed materials in hand in no time!

    1. 1. Know Your Goal Before You Start

      Whenever you start out on a print project, it’s a good idea to have your end goal in mind. You have a reason for printing your dance-related materials, so before you start the design and printing process, take the time to articulate the main goal of your project.

      Are you primarily raising awareness about an upcoming party? Are you giving dancers keepsakes to remember their dance courses? Whatever your goal, make sure it’s crystal clear, because this will guide the design process.

    2. 2. Design With Your Goal In Mind

      Now that you’ve created a goal for your print material, you’re ready to use it as the basis of your design. For example, if you’re advertising an upcoming performance, remember to include information such as the time, date, location, and admission cost for the performance.

      If you’re creating a dance program and your goal is to inform audience members about the dance company and the performers, including biographies of the dancers might be a good idea. On the other hand, if you’re creating a dance program that is meant to be a keepsake for performers, including photographs from rehearsals would better create the emotional impact you’re looking for.

    3. 3. Widen Your Reach With A Range of Materials

      Depending on your reason for printing dance materials, consider the advantages of printing additional materials to complement your items. If you’re planning to print posters for an upcoming recital, how about flyers that dancers can hand out themselves as well? If you’re printing performance playbills, what about personalized cards to invite audience members to opening night? By supplementing with additional items, you’re able to make your point even more effectively.

    4. 4. Balance Your Budget And Your Number Of Copies

      We know that it can be tricky to know how many copies to print. After all, you want to have enough copies to meet your needs without going over budget. If you’re handing out recital programs, for example, it’s important to have enough for every audience member as well as any dancers who would like a program to take home.

      Keeping an eye on how much you’re spending is always an important part of the printing process, so it can be helpful to work with a printing company that shows you exactly how much your order will cost and how changing the specifications of the order can influence this cost.

      If you have other questions about how to keep print costs down, feel free to reach out to the ZoePrint team. We can help you print the best products for the least amount of money!

    5. 5. Partner With The Printing Company That Meets Your Needs

      When you’re ready to get started with dance printing, let ZoePrint help! We print all the materials you need at a price you’ll love, including dance programs, posters, flyers, and more. Our easy online ordering system makes receiving your products a breeze.

      Order online or ask ZoePrint for a custom quote today!

    Top School Newsletter Design Ideas

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    School Newsletter

    Keeping families up to date on everything going on at school can be a big task. Sending home a school newsletter is an easy and helpful way to make sure that teachers and families are all on the same page–pun intended.

    Printing a great school newsletter means coming up with a great design. In this article, we’ll give you some inspiration, as well as school newsletter examples and printing tips, so you can print school newsletters that are fun for the whole family.

    The Importance Of Printed School Newsletters

    If you’re wondering whether printing paper copies of your newsletter is a worthwhile use for your budget, we have a simple answer: it is! Here are just a few of the reasons why printed school newsletters are a good idea:

    • Physical materials feel more concrete for younger students. It can be easier for them to comprehend words on paper than words on a screen.
    • Paper copies are good reminders for families. They can place them in prominent positions if there’s a particular note or section that the family wants to remember.
    • They’re more interactive. For example, students can cut out articles and put them on the fridge.

    Digital newsletters can get lost, end up in spam folders, and feel less real. Paper newsletters are the more effective option.

    School Newsletter Design Ideas For All Ages

    From kindergarten to senior year, school newsletters bring students, teachers, and families together.

    Design Ideas For Younger Students

    Here are some top tips for elementary and middle school newsletters that make communication easy and fun.

    • Keep it consistent. Young students benefit from routine, and the same goes for your newsletters. By including the same core sections in every newsletter, students know what to expect.
    • Add some excitement. When holidays, vacations, or school events are on the horizon, use them for your newsletter’s theme. For example, a back to school newsletter gets students excited about the coming year.
    • Have some fun. Include an interactive section for the students. A maze, a word search, or a coloring section all increase students’ interest.
    • Build community. Interview various teachers and staff members so students and families can get to know them better.
    • Make a splash. To add some color to your newsletters without going over budget, print them with black ink on color paper. Color paper also helps your newsletters stand out in students’ folders, which helps parents find them.

    Design Ideas For Older Students

    High school and college newsletters are targeted towards a different demographic, so you can use some different design ideas.

    • Dig deep. Older students have longer attention spans, so you can print quarterly newsletters that contain longer, in-depth articles.
    • Look nice. Consider printing in color and on thicker paper such as 80# or 100# gloss text paper. These papers make a great impression on readers, including students, families, and other community members.
    • Stay current. Include articles and features that give families a glimpse into school life by interviewing students, spotlighting clubs, and highlighting upcoming events, sports games, and performances.
    • Encourage participation. Some older students enjoy writing their own articles for their school newsletters–plus, it looks great on their college applications.

    School Newsletter Examples

    Get inspired with these school newsletter examples! You can also check out lots of school newslettertemplates online, which makes designing your own newsletters easy.

    Back to School Newsletter

    Back to School Newsletter

    This back to school newsletter gets students and families excited about the coming year. The yellow background is inviting, and the short paragraphs are easy for both parents and students to read.

    Simple School Newsletter

    Simple School Newsletter

    More isn’t always better. Sometimes distributing a simple newsletter makes the most sense, as it is straight to the point. This newsletter includes information both for students and parents without overloading either.

    Detailed School Newsletter

    Detailed School Newsletter

    Newsletters can be great places to explain what’s going on in the classroom. This newsletter provides both details about what’s happening at school and reminders about upcoming events.

    Print Your School Newsletter With The Pros

    When you’re ready to print your school newsletter, ZoePrint is ready to help! We print the newsletters you need quickly and at low prices, and we can ship to your school. Our team loves helping schools and making learning fun!

    Order your school newsletters online or ask ZoePrint for a custom quote to get started.

    How To Print Custom Carbonless Forms In 5 Easy Steps

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    Custom Carbonless Forms

    Almost every company uses carbonless forms, or NCR forms, to make operations easy and effective. But have you thought about the benefits of printing your own custom carbonless forms? They’re fun to design, easy to print, and helpful for your business.

    Printing your own custom carbonless forms might sound intimidating, but we promise it’s not. Here is ZoePrint’s complete guide to NCR forms printing. Follow along, and you’ll see how easy it can be!

    The Importance Of Custom NCR Forms Printing

    If you’re on the fence about printing your own NCR forms, here are some reasons why custom forms are a good idea.

    • They’re specific. Because they’re tools made for your specific business, they do exactly what you want and need them to.
    • They’re flexible. You can easily change your forms yourself. If you rely on another company’s forms, you’re constrained to what they offer.
    • They’re easy. When ordering from a printing website such as ZoePrint, ordering your carbonless forms involves making only a couple of choices and clicking a couple buttons. It really couldn’t be simpler!

    NCR Forms Printing In 5 Easy Steps

    Here’s what you’ve been waiting for: the steps to printing your very own custom carbonless forms.

    1. 1. Get inspired.

      The first step for any printing job is creating your design. You can get inspiration for your design in a couple of ways:

      • If you currently use NCR forms, take stock of them. What do you like about them? You can incorporate these aspects into your new design.
      • Take a look online. You can find lots of inspiration on a range of websites.
      • Talk with colleagues or competitors. How do their carbonless forms help them meet their goals? Can you adapt their ideas for your business?

      Once you have some ideas, you can start creating the design that will best fit your needs. If you want help making your design the best it can possibly be, reach out to the helpful design team at ZoePrint.

    2. 2. Think it through.

      Carbonless forms are easy to customize. One of the biggest ways to customize your forms is by deciding how many parts, or pages, they should have. The most common options are two part and three part forms.

      Two part forms are the best choice when the business and the customer each only need one copy. In this case, the forms will usually be white and yellow. If another copy is needed, then three part forms are the way to go. For three part forms, the forms will usually be white, yellow, and pink.

    3. 3. Make a splash.

      When printing your NCR forms, you can choose to print in black and white, one color printing, or two color printing. Each has its own benefits.

      • Black and white printing is cheapest. This is a great option for internal documents, where functionality is more important than aesthetics.
      • One color printing, as well as printing with black and one color, is a good middle ground. These give you the option to add some pops of color to your forms, which makes them more exciting.
      • Two-color printing makes the best impression. Using your brand’s colors and printing your logo in color shows customers that you care about their experience with your services.

      Although one color and two color forms are the most common orders, your form may have a full color logo which requires them to be printed in full color. Although full color forms are not offered as a product on, please feel free to reach out with a custom quote and we will accommodate your needs. In short, you can’t go wrong when it comes to printing your forms in black and white or in color.

    4. 4. Think ahead.

      When ordering your custom carbonless forms, planning ahead pays off. Many professional printing companies can offer you a proof of your form so that you can see what it will look like once it’s been printed.

      When ordering a new item or changing your design, it’s generally a good idea to order a proof so you can tweak your design if needed, before the item goes to print. That way, you will receive the item you have in mind.

    5. 5. Work with the best in the printing business!

      If you’re looking for custom NCR forms printing, ZoePrint is here to help. We print custom carbonless forms in sizes such as 5.5x8.5 and 8.5x11, and we offer both two and three part forms. Our simple online ordering system makes it easy to print the exact forms you’re looking for, and we ship straight to your door.

      To get started printing your own custom carbonless forms, order online or ask for a custom quote.

    How To Print Church Conference Flyers That Bring Congregations Together: 5 Top Tips

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    Church conference flyers

    Organizing a church conference brings faith communities together and helps believers connect. In order to encourage the highest number of attendees to your next religious conference, spread the news with professionally printed church conference flyers.

    If you want to learn more about church conference flyers, you’re in luck! This article will explain everything you need to know in order to print a church conference flyer that gets congregation members excited about your next gathering.

    The Benefit of Church Conference Flyers

    Conferences are opportunities for attendees to exchange ideas and broaden their horizons, and this is especially true at religious conferences. By hearing from a wide range of thinkers, speakers, and leaders, attendees emerge with new ideas and inspiration.

    Attracting a wide range of attendees for your conference requires raising awareness within many different congregations and communities. This is where your flyers enter the picture. Your flyers get readers interested in your event and encourage them to learn more and sign up.

    Here are some of the questions that your church conference flyer should address:

    • Does the conference have a specific theme or focus? If so, what is it?
    • Who are the most important speakers?
    • Where and when is the conference?
    • How can readers learn more about the conference?

    By answering these questions, you help potential attendees become interested and get the information they need to show up.

    5 Top Church Conference Flyer Printing Tips

    Here are some of the best ways to print church conference flyers that turn heads.

    1. 1. Use High Quality Photos

      Including photographs of the featured speakers, preachers, or other notable presenters will get attendees excited about what they’ll hear at your conference. Make sure all image files are the highest possible quality so that the photos aren’t pixelated when your flyer is printed out. Readers are also more likely to look at high-quality photos, which will get them thinking more about your conference.

    2. 2. Print On Glossy Paper

      You want your flyer to attract attention, right? In order to do so, print your flyer on glossy paper such as 80# gloss text paper, 100# gloss text paper, 80# gloss cover paper, or 100# gloss cover paper. This glossy paper will make your flyers glow. As well, the glossy paper will make the colors on your flyer pop out, and the photos of featured speakers will look even better.

    3. 3. Remember Your Priorities

      Readers can only attend your conference if your poster includes enough information for them to get there. This means making sure that you include the most vital information: the conference name, place, date, and registration information. Use an easy to read font such as Goldleaf or Devant Horgen for this information so that potential attendees know exactly where to go.

    4. 4. Make The Conference Theme Clear

      If your conference is focused on a certain topic, such as a holiday, religious concept, or community, include it in your flyer. This helps readers get a good idea of what to look forward to at your event.

      You can explain your theme in a few ways, either implicitly or explicitly. If you don’t mention it in the name of the conference, consider adding a short sentence or phrase somewhere on your flyer, or an image related to the theme, so that readers know what to expect.

    5. 5. Distribute Far And Wide

      One of the best aspects of church conferences is that they often include members from many different congregations. To make sure that your conference gets as many attendees as possible, send copies of your flyer to many different congregations. A professional printing company such as ZoePrint can even ship your flyers to multiple locations for you!

    Let The Print Experts Help

    You want your conference to be a success, and printing with ZoePrint helps you achieve that success through easy to order, excellent printed materials. We can print everything you need for your conference, including your church conference flyers, brochures, and programs that will help presenters and attendees alike have a meaningful and inspiring experience.

    Our easy-to-use website makes ordering your products simple, and we can ship right to your venue. To get your very own custom church conference flyers, order online or ask ZoePrint for a custom quote!

    How To Print Instruction Sheets: 3 Top Tips

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    Instruction Sheets

    Whether you’re explaining complicated processes or making a great education possible, instruction sheets help you communicate your ideas clearly. These easy-to-print items only cost a little but make a big difference.

    If you’re wondering how to print your own instruction sheets, this article is for you! Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about instruction sheet printing.

    What are instruction sheets?

    Instruction sheets can take a wide range of forms. Typically, they are short and to the point, and they provide information about a given topic. They explain information step by step, frequently with numbered points or an order that readers will follow.

    Types of Instruction Sheets

    Instruction sheets can come in many different forms. Here are some of the most common types.

    Educational Instruction Sheets

    Learning happens step by step, and educational instruction sheets make learning easy. They can explain math concepts simply, describe how to complete science experiments, and even provide ordered explanations of historical events.

    Assembly Instruction Sheets

    Many items require assembly, and instruction sheets help users assemble these items with ease. Whether the product in question is build-it-yourself furniture or complicated machines, providing step by step instructions help people understand what to do. You can use them in-house or distribute them to customers.

    ZoePrint’s advice: add images to your assembly instruction sheets to make the assembly even easier!

    Process Instruction Sheets

    If you’re looking to explain a process, instruction sheets can help you provide easy and clear explanations. For any step by step process or a specific course of action, instruction sheets provide clarity and guidance.

    Training Instruction Sheets

    Job training involves learning many step by step processes. Training instruction sheets make these processes clear and help new hires learn the ropes. By providing clear, detailed information about job processes, you help employees succeed and provide great service.

    Safety Instruction Sheets

    In every sector, safety is paramount. Safety instruction sheets provide guidelines that keep your workplace safe and ensure that both employees and visitors are able to feel confident and secure.

    3 Top Instruction Sheet Printing Tips

    1. Put clarity first. Information sheets are functional documents with a clear goal: to make information and processes clear. Therefore, as you’re creating your instruction sheet design, think through the process you’re explaining, and make all of the information as clear as possible.
    2. Consider color. You can choose to print your instruction sheets in black and white or in color. Which option you choose will depend on what makes the most sense for your instruction sheet. If you’re including images or diagrams, printing in color can provide additional details that help readers follow the instructions. Printing in color also allows you to include your branding. If you only have text on your instruction sheets and aren’t including your branding, printing in black and white is a cost-effective choice.
    3. Pick your favorite size. You can choose from a wide range of sizes when it comes to your instruction sheets. The most typical size is the classic 8.5x11 size, but you can go as small as 4.25x5.5 or as large as 11x17.

    Work With The Expert Instruction Sheet Printers

    If you’re looking for great professional instruction sheet printing, look no further than ZoePrint! We offer the instruction sheets you’re looking for at a price you’ll love. We offer a wide range of sizes, and our design team can help you with a design or even create a design for you. Our online ordering system is easy to use, and we ship straight to your door.

    Order your instruction sheets or ask ZoePrint for a custom quote today!

    Theater Flyers Set The Scene For A Great Performance

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    Theater Flyers

    Lights, camera…audience! The auditions, the rehearsals, and the set construction have all taken place, and now it’s time for the last step: spreading the word about your performance. This is the perfect time for theater flyers to take center stage.

    If you want to learn more about theatre flyers, keep reading! We’ll explain what you need to know and give some examples of effective theater flyers that encourage people to show up on opening night.

    Why Theater Flyers Are Important

    Everyone in your production has worked hard to make a great show, and inviting as many attendees as possible makes everyone’s efforts worth it. Flyers are easy to hand out, post on walls, and mail home.

    Great theater flyers attract eyes and get people excited about attending the show. They act as a preview: what sort of show will take place? What can the audience expect? Your theater flyers give a sense of what the show will be like.

    Flyers are also great keepsakes after a show. Cast members can hang them on their walls, put them in scrapbooks, and even sign them for adoring fans.

    Printing Tips For Theatre Flyers

    As you’re designing and printing your theater flyers, take these ideas into account.

    Don’t Be Afraid To Stand Out

    Flyers are supposed to grab people’s attention and get them excited about your show. Therefore, use your inner drama queen when you create your flyer design. Bright colors and bold text are your friends! If your flyers get people thinking about the show, you’ve succeeded. Printing in color helps your flyers attract the attention they deserve.

    Print In Multiple Sizes

    You can distribute flyers in a few ways: post them on walls, hand them out at events, leave them in local businesses and organizations, and more. Different sizes work best in these different situations. For example, smaller flyers (such as 5.5x8.5) are easier to hand out, whereas larger flyers (such as 12x18) are easy to read when posted on walls.

    Make Sure Your Design Works

    Have you ever printed a large number of copies of a document, only to realize that the design wasn’t quite right? Luckily, working with a professional printing company can help you avoid this issue. One of the advantages of working with a professional printing company is that we can make sure your design will look great, fix your design if you’d like, and send you a proof so you know exactly what the finished product will look like. No more unwelcome surprises!

    Examples of Great Theater Flyers

    Here are some theater flyers that make a great impression.

    Thematic Theatre Flyer

    Thematic Theatre Flyer

    This flyer uses design to illustrate the play’s themes in a creative way. Even without using color, the flyer conveys the emotions and main ideas behind the show, and it gets potential audience members excited about attending the performance.

    Theater Tryout Flyer

    Theater Tryout Flyer

    Theater Tryout Flyer

    Flyers don’t only advertise performances; they also help new actors find your group. Whether you’re looking for new cast members within your school community, city, or even an entire region, well-designed flyers can help new talent find your organization. This flyer is double-sided, which provides even more space for the organization to include details about the event. As well, the bright colors grab attention.

    Descriptive Theater Flyer

    Descriptive Theater Flyer

    This theater flyer provides a glimpse into the content of the show, both through the photograph and the description that it’s a parody of Romeo and Juliet. Using a range of blue colors throughout the design sets the stage–pun intended–for the coming performance.

    Print The Best Theater Flyers With The Experts

    Here at ZoePrint, we print all of the materials you need to make your next performance a success. We’re the go-to printing company for theater playbills and theater posters for productions nationwide, and our easy ordering and shipping services let you focus on what’s important: preparing the best show possible.

    To get your very own custom theater flyers, order online or ask ZoePrint for a custom quote!

    How To Print Repair Forms In 3 Simple Steps

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    Repair Forms

    Repair forms are the workhorses of the printing world: they might not get a lot of attention, but they serve an important purpose and help your employees make a difference.

    Printing custom repair forms makes your business more efficient and saves money. If you want to learn more about the benefits of custom repair forms and print your own, keep reading! This article will explain everything you need to know.

    Why Custom Repair Forms Make A Difference

    Repair forms are simple to design and print, and they make it easy to provide great service to your customers. In particular, printing customized forms makes a huge difference when it comes to saving time and making a great impression. Here are some of the biggest benefits of printing custom repair forms:

    • Spread your branding far and wide. Customers often keep a copy of the repair forms, so including your business’s name and logo on your repair forms gives them the opportunity to become familiar with your name at the same time as they experience your great service.
    • Tailor to your needs. By designing custom repair forms, you can include the exact information you’d like to include and the services you provide.
    • Adapt easily to changes. If your services change, it’s easy to update your repair forms. If you’re relying on another company’s forms, on the other hand, it’s much more difficult to make small changes to your services, because then you would have to find a different form design.

    How To Print Repair Forms: 3 Easy Steps

    Whether you’re printing machine repair forms or auto repair forms, the process is the same. And luckily, it’s easy! Here are the three main steps to printing your own repair forms.

    1. 1. Pick A Size

      Before you can begin designing your appliance, bike, or automotive repair forms, it’s important to know what size form you plan on printing. This is because the dimensions of your form influence how much information you can include, as well as your form’s height-to-width ratio.

      Some of the most common repair form sizes are:

      If there’s a different size you’re looking for, feel free to ask your printing partner. There’s a good chance that they can print the size you have in mind.

    2. 2. Create Your Design

      Now comes the fun part: creating your repair form’s design. In short, remember that form follows function. The primary use of a repair form is to make repairs easy and clear. Therefore, consider the repair process, as well as both employees and customers’ needs.

      Here are some top design tips:

      • Think through your employee’s process and organize your form accordingly. Repair forms work best when employees can fill them out from top to bottom as they complete the service. Therefore, if employees always provide services in a specific order, organize your form in this order. This will increase efficiency and prevent oversights.
      • Find a balance between text and blank space. The more information you include in the form’s design, the less employees will need to add when they fill out the form. However, this gives them less freedom and flexibility to write specifications for the specific job.
      • Decide between portrait and landscape. Once you’ve chosen which information to include on your repair forms, you’ll know how much employees will need to write. Landscape orientation is horizontal and often leaves space for wider boxes, so employees can include more information per line. On the other hand, portrait orientation is vertical and provides space for more lines, but a smaller width per line.

      If you have questions about your repair form’s design, you can always ask the experts at ZoePrint’s design team for help. They can make your graphic work, adjust your design, or even create a design for you.

    3. 3. Add A Splash Of Color

      The final step in the design process is deciding how many colors to include in your repair forms. If the client will be receiving a copy of the form, including at least a small pop of color makes your auto repair forms noticeable.

      It can be a good idea to print your company logo or name in color. If you really want to impress, you can even print with two separate colors, as well as with black ink. This is a great way to highlight your logo, a sum total box, or any other important information on your automotive repair forms.

    Print Repair Forms With The Experts

    Whether you’re printing auto repair forms, technology repair forms, or any other kind of repair forms, ZoePrint can help you every step of the way! We provide affordable printing for businesses in all sectors. Our easy to use website makes ordering your repair forms simple, and we ship directly to you.

    To get started with your very own repair forms, order online or ask ZoePrint for a custom quote!

    How To Print Cheap Notepads For Business: 3 Essential Steps

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    Cheap notepads with logo

    Custom business notepads are a great way to get your name out there. Small or large, colorful or black and white, they are both useful marketing tools and improve internal operations. Best of all, they’re cheap to print!

    If you’re thinking about printing your own cheap notepads with logos, keep reading. Here are the 3 most important steps for printing your very own cheap notepads for businesses.

    Why Print Cheap Notepads For Businesses?

    Think of how many notepads you’ve accumulated over the years. We’d guess that it’s not an insignificant amount. You might use them to take notes during phone calls, keep track of to-do items, or leave notes for coworkers. You’re not alone in this! People use notepads all the time.

    Since notepads will always be useful, they make great marketing materials. People will keep them, make use of them, and look at your company’s name and logo when they do so.

    Top 3 Notepad Printing Tips

    Here’s what to keep in mind when you’re printing your own cheap notepads.

    1. 1. Create A Design That Makes An Impact

      Cheap notepads with logos practically pay for themselves as long as you plan the design well. Branding consistency can increase revenue by 20%, so make sure your design follows your business’s brand guidelines and displays your name and logo prominently.

      If you’re printing notepads for internal use, get feedback from the people who will be using them. Their input will help you make your notepads as helpful as possible.

      Sometimes design ideas don’t come naturally, and that’s okay. If you’d like help with your notepad’s design, feel free to reach out to the design team at ZoePrint who can tweak your design or create a new one for you.

    2. 2. Plan Your Colors

      Cheap notepads with logos are effective because they display your branding and help people remember your business. Therefore, it’s a great idea to print your notepad in color–particularly your business’s name and logo. This will help people remember your branding. You can choose between printing in one color, two color, or full color printing.

      On the other hand, if you’re printing notepads for internal use, there’s often no need for color printing. You can save some money by printing in black and white.

    3. 3. Pick A Paper

      Another choice you get to make when it comes to your cheap notepads for businesses is the paper you’d like. The most common paper is 20# white bond paper. This is standard copy paper that you would use in an at-home printer.

      Another common paper is 60# offset paper. This paper brings some extra heft to your notepads, which lets recipients know that you care about their experience and will provide great services.

      If you’d like to add a pop of color to your notepads but don’t want to print in color, consider using a color paper. If there’s a different paper you’d prefer to use for your notepads, feel free to ask your printing company! There’s a good chance they can meet your needs.

    Make A Great Impression With Help From The Print Experts

    Whether you’re printing notepads for marketing or internal use, printing cheap notepads with logos makes your company look great. To get started printing your own notepads, let ZoePrint take care of everything! Our easy to use website makes ordering your notepads a breeze, and we offer all the customization you might want.

    To get your cheap notepads today, order online or ask ZoePrint for a custom quote!

    Express Yourself With Stapled Booklet Printing

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    Stapled Booklet Printing

    Whether you’re marketing a business or sending out a newsletter, stapled booklet printing helps you represent yourself well in print.

    In this article, we’ll explain some of the best uses for stapled booklet printing and walk you through the printing process. Let’s get started!

    Benefits of Stapled Booklet Printing

    From cost to looks, here are some reasons why stapled booklet printing might be the best option for your project.

    It’s cheap.

    Staples are inexpensive, and the staple binding process is easy. There’s no need for specialty materials or costly labor, which can be the case for other types of binding.

    It’s quick.

    A simple process like stapled binding can happen quickly, which means that your booklets will be on their way to you soon after they’re printed.

    It’s flexible.

    Stapled booklets can be a range of sizes. The two most common sizes are 5.5x8.5 and 8.5x11, but many professional printing companies can print custom sizes for you as well.

    It’s versatile.

    Staple binding is possible for booklets as short as eight pages to as long as 80 pages (typically in denominations of four pages so that there are no blank pages). You can choose whether to create a booklet that’s short and sweet, or long and detailed.

    It’s easy to read.

    Staple-bound booklets are easy to read, all the way into the margins. Depending on the size of the booklet and the number of pages, they are also easy to unfold so they lie flat.

    5 Great Uses For Stapled Booklet Printing

    Booklets are useful in many situations. Here are some of the top booklet types you can print.

    1. 1. Marketing Booklets

      Booklets make a great impression and are therefore highly effective marketing tools. You can include as much information about your service or product as you’d like, as well as complement text with photos and images that demonstrate your product in use. Printing on gloss paper makes your images pop!

    2. 2. Newsletters

      Professionally printed booklets help you distribute information in style. Businesses, schools, and nonprofits all benefit from sending out regular newsletters that keep your community up to date. Whether you’re sending monthly, quarterly, or yearly newsletters, professional printing helps your newsletters stand out.

    3. 3. Playbills

      Before the curtain rises, audience members love to read through the theater program or playbill for the show they’re attending. You can print a simple playbill that only contains the names of the cast and crew, or you can expand to include artist biographies, ads from businesses who sponsor the show, and even announcements about future productions.

    4. 4. Employee Handbooks

      What would your operations be without employee handbooks? These important materials guide new employees as they find their footing in their new job and impart crucial information about your company. Professionally printed employee handbooks get your employees ready for success.

    5. 5. Instruction Guides

      If you sell products that need to be assembled, or if your customers or employees need to follow complex instructions, provide helpful guidance with printed instruction booklets. Because you can print stapled guides that are as short as eight pages and as long as 40 pages, you have the space and flexibility to describe assembly routines, include images, and explain step-by-step processes in detail.

    How To Print Stapled Booklets

    Printing your booklets is an easy process. Here are the choices you’ll make as you get ready to print, as well as how to make stapled booklet printing cheap.

    Black and White or Color Printing

    One of the first choices you want to make is whether you’ll be printing in black and white or in color. Black and white printing is often cheaper, but color printing sometimes makes a better impression. Therefore, it’s a good idea in general to print in color if your booklets will be distributed externally. As well, color printing is a better option if your booklet includes photos or diagrams. Readers will remember your message when it’s printed in color!

    Choose A Paper

    Your choice of paper affects the experience of reading your booklet. Using a lightweight paper saves money, while a thicker paper shows your dedication to the experience of reading your booklet. Gloss paper is generally a good option if you’re printing in color, as the gloss makes the colors pop.

    Choose A Cover Paper

    When printing your booklet, you can choose whether you’d like the covers to be printed on the same paper as the interior pages or on a thicker paper. Thicker covers can add a feeling of sophistication to your booklet and is a particularly good idea if the interior pages are a lightweight stock.

    Choose The Number Of Copies

    Estimating the number of copies you want to print can be tricky. If you’ll be distributing all of the booklets at once, for example at a theater performance, it’s better to overestimate the number of copies because there won’t be time to order more copies if you run out.

    On the other hand, if you’ll be distributing your booklets over time, you can feel free to underestimate the number of copies you need. Reordering copies is just a couple of quick clicks away!

    Stapled Booklet Printing Solutions

    When you’re ready to get started with stapled booklet printing, ZoePrint is here to help! With decades of experience, we’re ready to work with you to print the booklets you’re looking for. We have experience printing booklets for a range of businesses and schools to fit needs in many sectors. Our expert design team can also help you make your design ready to print, or design your booklet from scratch!

    Order your booklets online or request a custom quote to get started.

    How To Print Conference Flyers in 5 Steps

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    Conference Flyers

    Organizing a conference involves many steps, including booking a venue, finding keynote speakers, and organizing travel. It also involves marketing your event so that people know to attend. This is where great conference flyers and convention printing are important.

    If you’re wondering how to print conference flyers that bring attendees to your event, keep reading! In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know.

    The Importance of Professional Convention Printing

    Convention printing covers a wide range of products: attendee folders, booklets about proceedings, signs directing people to the correct rooms, and more. In short, it involves all of the printed materials that make your convention or conference a success, including the printing your attendees do to promote their products and services..

    Convention printing offers some unique aspects. Firstly, you need all of your materials at the same time, which means working with a dependable printing company that can be sure to have all of your printed materials in place before the conference begins.

    As well, conferences often meet in different locations year after year, which necessitates working with a printing company who can ship nationwide. Once you’ve partnered with a printing company, it’s easy to keep working with them, so choose a printing company that can meet your long-term needs from the beginning.

    How To Print Conference Flyers

    Conference flyers get your event, company, or booth the attention you’re looking for. Whether you’re raising awareness about a keynote speaker, highlighting the benefits of attending your convention, or simply promoting your company, product or service, here’s what to know so that you can print conference flyers that work.

    1. 1. Know Your Goals

      Every successful end result begins with having your goals in mind. What is the purpose of your flyer? Are you printing business conference flyers to convince people to attend an event? Will you distribute flyers to keynote attendees to spread the word about next year’s meeting? Are you a convention vendor selling a product or service? Having a solid goal will make the rest of your design easy.

    2. 2. Pick A Size

      Flyers can be a wide range of sizes: you can choose from virtually any size you’d like, from as small as 4.25x5.5 to as large as 12x18. When choosing a size, think about how much text you plan to include. The more information you’re planning to add, the larger your flyer might need to be.

    3. 3. Choose One Side Or Two

      Another important decision in the design process is whether you plan to print one- or two-sided flyers, as this doubles the amount of space you can use for your flyer. If you want space to spread out, include multiple photos, or describe more than one product, double-sided flyers are the way to go. Two sided printing is also frequently more cost effective and environmentally friendly than one sided printing.

    4. 4. Make Your Design Work For You

      When you’re creating your conference flyer’s design, consider how it will be used. Use color theory to inspire your desired effects in your readers, and draw attention to the most important elements by using color and dynamic shapes.

      If you’d like help making your business conference flyers’ design the best it can be, feel free to ask a printing company with an excellent inhouse design team, such as ZoePrint, for advice.

    5. 5. Choose Your Favorite Paper

      Business conference flyers are highly versatile, partly due to the fact that you can print them on a wide range of papers. If you’re looking to go with the cheapest options, papers like 70# uncoated text paper or 80# gloss text paper will work nicely.

      On the other hand, if you want to make a great impression on readers, choosing a paper such as 100# gloss cover paper is thick and professional. These papers show readers that you are committed to great service and a professional experience.

      If you’re printing in color, it’s a good idea to print on gloss papers, as they make the colors shine.

    Print Conference Flyers With The Experts!

    Now you’re ready to print your conference flyers, and ZoePrint is ready to help! With decades of experience in professional printing for businesses in all sectors, we provide all of the materials you need for your next conference.

    Our online ordering system is easy, so you can quickly get the products you need at a price you love. To get your conference flyers, order online or ask ZoePrint for a custom quote!

    Fundraising Envelopes Make Or Break Your Campaign

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    Fundraising Envelopes

    A great mailing system is the key to an effective fundraiser. Whether you’re mailing donation requests or remittance envelopes, printing well-designed fundraising envelopes will make your fundraising a success.

    If you’re looking for more information about fundraising envelopes, keep reading! In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know.

    Why Effective Fundraising Envelopes Matter

    Did you know that every household receives an average of over 800 pieces of junk mail per year? That’s more than one per day. Such numbers mean that people decide almost instantly whether to open the envelopes they receive in the mail or throw them out.

    Notably, when people receive a letter, they frequently decide whether or not to throw it away without even opening it. This is why effective fundraising envelopes are so important: they convince people to open the envelope to learn more about your cause. Simply put, an ineffective envelope means that your letter never gets read. An effective envelope does the opposite: it inspires recipients to open the envelope and see what’s inside.

    Most Common Types of Fundraising Envelopes

    When you’re printing fundraising envelopes, three types of envelopes are most popular: general envelopes, donation request envelopes, and remittance envelopes. Here is what you need to know about them.

    General Fundraising Envelopes

    Fundraising can involve a lot of mailing. You might send a pre-fundraiser letter to potential donors, letting them know about your upcoming event. You might be asking for continued support from past donors. No matter the type of message, enclosing it in an effective envelope boosts the chance that recipients will open the letter and read what you have to say.

    Donation Request Envelopes

    When fundraising and conduction donation drives, encouraging a high opening rate is vital. This means printing envelopes that strike the perfect tone, both ensuring readers know that your envelope contains important information without looking gimmicky.

    Remittance Envelopes

    Remittance envelopes are used to send donations to your organization. These are printed with your mailing address, so donors only have to write their return address and place a check inside. Remittance envelopes make donating easy, which encourages people to take action if they’re on the fence.

    How To Design Fundraising Envelopes That Work

    We’ve discussed why sending well-designed envelopes is important. Now let’s get to the fun part: how to design effective envelopes that increase donation rates. Here are ZoePrint’s top tips.

    Don’t Use Too Few or Too Many Words

    When it comes to fundraising envelopes, it’s important to find a balance between including too much and not enough information. Including a short message on your envelope helps recipients to understand the importance of opening it, but including too much text can look cluttered or sound like you’re pleading.

    Therefore, in addition to information such as your mailing address and the recipient’s address, consider including a short message, such as one sentence, but don’t include much more text than that.

    Find The Most Effective Size

    Envelopes can be a wide range of sizes, so the envelope size that works best for your needs will ultimately depend on what type of mail you’re sending.

    For letters about fundraising or requests to donate, the standard #10 envelope size works well. This perfectly fits a tri-folded 8.5x11 piece of paper.

    If you're sending a more personal communication, such as a thank you letter for a donation, or a message from your organization’s leadership, printing a card is a good idea. You would therefore want to print an envelope that matches the card size, whether that is A2, A6, or A7.

    Use Color To Your Advantage

    It can be difficult to stand out in black and white. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to print your envelopes in color so that you can add your logo in color, as well as any other images, illustrations, or noteworthy text. If you make it stand out, people will be more likely to respond.

    The more easily recipients can recognize your organization, the more likely they are to donate, so printing your logo and name in color is worth it.

    Choose Your Postage

    When printing remittance envelopes, you can either print envelopes that include paid postage or indicate that donors should add the postage themselves.

    If you choose to use postal indicia, which contains information about a company's postal permit in place of a stamp, you can save money on postage costs. However, your mail must conform to the USPS’s format. Check the USPS website if you have questions or are curious about this option.

    Make A Difference With ZoePrint

    When organizing your fundraiser, working with the right printer makes a difference. ZoePrint prints fundraising envelopes that make a great impression on your recipients and increase your chances of receiving donations. We print all the materials that your organization needs!

    To get started printing your fundraising envelopes, order online or ask us for a custom quote.

    Print Theater Posters That Set The Stage For Success

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    Theater Posters

    Lights, camera… promotion! While you might not think that raising awareness about an upcoming performance is one of the typical steps in the rehearsal process, it determines whether or not an audience shows up on opening night. Theater posters spread the word about your event, ensuring that your show reaches the largest possible number of spectators.

    Printing your own theater posters is easy and fun. In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know!

    Design Tips For Theater Posters That Work

    Whether you’re designing posters for a student group or a professional theater company, a great poster design makes all the difference. Here are some ideas to keep in mind.

    Make Text Easy To Read

    Your poster is successful only if it helps readers easily understand the most important information about your show:

    • Name of the show
    • Name of the group performing
    • Where the show takes place
    • When the show takes places
    • Cost of admission
    • Any other vital information

    Other than this information, it is good to keep the text on your poster to a minimum. The easier it is for people to understand the most important information, the more likely that they will take note and make plans to attend a performance.

    Match The Design To The Production

    All theater productions are full of personality, so let that personality show through on your poster design. For example, musical theater posters might include a lyric from an iconic song from the show or imagery that passersby might recognize.

    If you’re promoting a comedy, bright colors and splashy fonts portray the mood of the event. On the other hand, posters for more somber works tend to use more muted colors.

    Explore Your Artistic Side

    Posters are spaces to let your creative side run free. It’s a great opportunity to create your own artwork or let an artistic cast member do it. If your poster is for a student theater group, consider using artwork created by the students, as this brings additional character and heart to the designs. It is also an honor for students to see their artwork on their theater posters!

    If you’re not as artistically inclined, no need to worry! ZoePrint can create a poster design for you.

    How To Print Theater Posters

    Printing musical theater posters is easy. Here are some of the options you can choose between when bringing your posters to life.

    Pick Your Favorite Size

    Posters come in an enormous range of sizes, so you can pick your favorite–or favorites! Various poster sizes offer a range of benefits. Smaller sizes are easy to hand out, while larger ones look beautiful on the wall.

    Some of the most common poster sizes include:

    If you’re looking for a size not on this list, feel free to ask your printing company about it. There’s a good chance they can print what you have in mind.

    Choose A Paper

    Your theater poster’s paper affects how much attention people pay to it. Some common papers for smaller theater posters include:

    • 70# uncoated text
    • 80# gloss text
    • 100# gloss text
    • 80# uncoated cover
    • 80# gloss cover
    • 100# gloss cover

    For larger posters, ZoePrint recommends 80# semigloss text paper. This paper makes your larger-scale poster look great!

    Upload Your Design

    Once you’ve created your design and have chosen a size, it’s time to send your poster artwork to the printer. Make sure to save a PDF file of your poster design in the highest resolution possible, as this will ensure that your printed posters are crisp and contain all the details you envisioned.

    Check Out A Proof Before Printing

    When printing your musical theater posters, you want to make sure everything looks exactly right. It’s therefore a good idea to get a proof of your poster before printing, particularly if you’ve created the entire design yourself.

    Printing companies such as ZoePrint can email you a proof of your design if you wish so that you can make sure that your poster looks perfect.

    Now, you’re ready to print your posters! Websites such as ZoePrint make it easy to order online, and your posters will be delivered to you quickly.

    Print With The Experts

    When you’re getting ready for opening night, ZoePrint is here to help. We print all the items your performance needs, including the theater posters that spread the word. ZoePrint also prints theater programs that bring performances to life while making memories for cast and audience members alike.

    To get started, order online or ask for a custom quote!

    Religious Notepads Bring Faith Communities Together

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    Religious Notepads

    Religious notepads serve a variety of purposes, and they meet a range of needs. If you haven’t considered the benefits that notepads can have on your religious community, keep reading! We’ll explain why they are great, as well as what you need to know to print your own.

    Why Print Religious Notepads?

    Notepads might not be the first item that comes to mind for your religious community, but they’re actually the perfect complement to your other printed materials. Here are some types of religious notepads and why they make a difference.

    Notepads With Religious Quotes

    Religious texts contain meaningful quotes for all occasions. Printing notepads containing religious quotes can spread messages of hope, joy, and peace to the people who use them.

    Notepads for New Congregants

    Notepads are perfect items to give to new members of your religious community. They’re a token of your appreciation, while still affordable enough to distribute freely. Recipients will appreciate the welcome and feel at home!

    Notepads With Religious Themes

    People crave the comfort of religion, and even an item as small as a notepad can provide comfort in a difficult time. Whether you include religious imagery or your organization’s name, distributing materials that remind people of their religion frequently gives them hope.

    Souvenir Notepads

    Notepads make great reminders of special events. From Easter gatherings to bar and bat mitzvah celebrations, distributing custom notepads remind attendees of the wonderful time they had.

    Specialized Religious Notepads

    If your congregation is looking for specific types of notepads, it’s easy to make them yourselves. For example, you can print your own prayer request notepads or youth group notepads that contain exactly the elements you’re looking for.

    How To Print Your Own Religious Notepads

    Printing your own notepads is easy. Simply follow these steps, and you’ll have great notepads in no time!

    Decide on a Size

    When you’re creating your religious notepad’s design, it’s a good idea to create them to fit the proportions of your chosen notepad size. Some of the most common notepad sizes include:

    • 4.25x5.5. This size works well for small designs such as your congregation’s name, a phone message pad or a simple message.
    • 5.5x8.5. This size is a little bit larger, providing space for items such as a religious quote or additional words. You can also add design elements such as lines or grids to notepads this size. This size is ideal for To Do lists and general note taking.
    • 8.5x11. This size is the largest, so you can run free with any design elements you want. Keep your notepads simple by adding merely text or a design at the top of the page, or make them more intricate by adding designs such as borders, additional text, lines or other illustrations.

    If you’re interested in printing notepads in an alternate size, contact your printing company. There’s a good chance that they can print the size you’re looking for.

    Pick Your Color(s)

    Another choice to make while you’re still in the design phase is how many colors you’d like to include in your notepad.

    Printing in black and white is the most affordable option. This often decreases the visual interest of your design, however, so it’s best used for internal materials that aren’t distributed to community members.

    Printing with one spot color allows you to print in one color of your choice. This option works well for simple designs, such as the name of your congregation or a simple greeting.

    Printing with black and one spot color or two spot colors allows a bit more flexibility. Here, you can include more intricate designs, such as text surrounded by a border, simple imagery and lines, or other imagery that consists of two colors.

    Printing in full color gives you the most freedom. Here, the sky's the limit, and you can add as many design elements and color nuances as you’d like. This option frequently portrays emotion best to the people using them and conveys the messages of your religious notepads, whether they’re messages of support and hope or reminders of a meaningful occasion.

    Choose A Paper

    Once you’ve finished creating your religious notepad’s design, you can pick your preferred paper.

    20# white bond paper is the paper typically used in standard desktop printers. This paper is lightweight and easy to use, making it easy to ship and store.

    60# white offset paper is sturdier and gives your notepads a feeling of quality. It is a little bit thicker and creamier than 20# bond paper, and it shows recipients that you care.

    However, don’t feel limited to these papers. You can even print on color paper, if you like! If you’re interested in other papers or have questions about which paper is the best fit for your notepads, ask a printing company such as ZoePrint for advice.

    Turn To The Print Experts

    Once you’re ready to print your religious notepads, get in touch with ZoePrint! We offer all of the print items your congregation needs, including religious notepads that spread joy and bring communities together. Our design team can also help you with your notepad design or even create a design from scratch!

    To get started, order online or ask us for a custom quote.

    How To Print Holiday Postcards: A Step By Step Guide

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    Holiday Postcards

    When the end of the year is drawing near, it’s time to take stock of all the positives in our lives and send holiday greetings. To do so, why not print your own holiday postcards? Printing holiday postcards for businesses and individuals alike is an easy way to solidify connections and spread holiday cheer.

    In this article, we’ll explain what you need to know to print cheap holiday postcards that spread season’s greetings to friends and clients alike.

    Reasons To Print Your Own Holiday Postcards

    Printing postcards is a great addition to your business’s holiday traditions.

    When customers know that you care about them, you build a sense of trust. Holiday cards are kind touches that spread joy, and letting customers know that you’re wishing them happy holidays and a happy new year helps them feel confident that you care.

    Including a picture of your team on your holiday postcard provides a personal touch. When recipients see your smiling faces, they’ll know that you’re ready to help.

    When you print your own holiday postcards for businesses or individuals, you can include the exact message you prefer, whether it’s greetings for a specific holiday or general season’s greetings. You can even print postcards for holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Eid, and July 4th.

    How To Print Great Holiday Postcards

    Printing your own holiday postcards is easy and gives you a chance to express yourself. As you’re designing your postcards, here’s what to keep in mind.

    1. Size and Orientation

      First off, you can choose between a range of postcard sizes. Some of the most common postcard sizes are the following:

      • 4.25"x5.5"
      • 5.5"x4.25"
      • 4"x6"
      • 6"x4"
      • 5"x7"
      • 7"x5"

      Currently, the United States Postal Service First Class Mail requires that postcards be at least 3.5 inches high x 5 inches long x 0.007 inch thick (about the thickness of an index card) and no more than 4.25 inches high x 6 inches long x 0.016 inches thick, although these requirements are subject to change. Larger or smaller postcard sizes can be sent as standard mail.

    2. One Or Two Sided Printing

      Next up, you get to decide whether you’d prefer printing on one or two sides of your postcard. If you’re planning to hand out your postcards, you can choose whichever option you’d prefer. If you’re going to be mailing your postcards, it’s best to choose two-sided printing to provide space for postage and recipients’ addresses.

    3. Create Your Design

      Once you’ve decided on your holiday postcards’ dimensions and whether you plan to print on one or two sides, it’s time to design the card itself. Let your imagination run free. You know your recipients, so create a design that fits them.

      For help with your design, reach out to the design team at ZoePrint. We can help you make your design work if you know what you’re looking for, and we can even create a custom design from scratch!

    4. Pick A Paper

      Once you’ve chosen a design, it’s time to decide which paper you prefer. You can choose to print your holiday card on a wide range of papers. Here are some of the papers ZoePrint recommends:

      • 12 Point, Coated on 1 or 2 sides
      • 14 Point, Coated on 1 or 2 sides
      • 16 Point, Coated on 2 sides
      • 110# Satin Cover

      The glossy finish of coated paper showcases your graphics. If you’re planning to mail your postcards, we recommend choosing one-sided coating, as uncoated paper is easier for writing and postal machines.

    5. Save and Send Your Holiday Postcard

      Now your postcard is ready for printing! To get started printing, save a high resolution PDF file of your card design. The higher the quality, the better, in order to avoid pixelation in your final card.

      Finally, send your PDF file to the professional printing company of your choice, along with any special requests or printing preferences. And voila! Your holiday postcards are on their way.

    Make The Holidays Bright With Expert Printing

    Print your own holiday postcards with ZoePrint! We offer a wide range of sizes and paper stocks so you can express yourself creatively. If you need design help, just ask one of our professionals.

    Order your holiday postcards online or request a custom quote today!

    How to Print Your Own Small Notepads

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    Small notepads

    How many notepads do you use regularly? For most people, the answer is quite a few. Small notepads in particular are useful, cheap, and easy to print, making them great products for businesses, artists, and individuals.

    Are you curious about printing your own small notepads? If so, keep reading! In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about small notepads, including printing tips, design inspiration, and more.

    Why Small Notepads Make A Difference

    Notepads are handy marketing tools, gifts, and swag items. Here are some of their biggest advantages.

    They’re Useful for Branding

    Branding creates a corporate identity that your customers remember. It’s important to use every opportunity to help customers interact with your brand. Your notepad is an opportunity for individuals to see your logo, read your name, and carve out a space in their brains for your company.

    They’re Cheap

    Notepads in general, and small notepads specifically, are affordable. You can even choose specifications for your notepads that make them even cheaper, such as printing in black and white and including fewer pages per pad. Printing your own notepads doesn’t break the bank.

    They’re Convenient

    Small notepads are handy. They’re easy to keep in a purse, put on the fridge, or slip in a marketing folder. Larger notepads are also useful but can be more cumbersome. Small notepads are the perfect size to be fully versatile.

    They’re Convenient Marketing Tools

    If you use a notepad for to-do lists, grocery lists, or work notes, you can probably picture exactly what that notepad looks like. The same goes for the people who use the notepads you print. People will use them for a long time and look at them regularly, so they’re incorporating your company’s name and logo into their daily lives. This makes them excellent marketing tools.

    How to Print Small Notepads

    When you’re planning to print your own small notepads, here are some ideas to keep in mind.

    Pick a Size

    You want to print small notepads. Now you reach an important question: what’s too small? Simply put, a notepad that cannot be useful to your customers or recipients would be too small. Professional printing companies can accommodate most sizes, but two of the most common small notepad sizes are 4.25x5.5 and 5.5x8.5.

    Decide on a Binding

    You can choose between a few bindings for your notepads. Here are some of the most common:

    • Glue binding. This easy technique creates pages that are easy to tear off, which is perfect
    • for to-do lists, grocery lists, and other small notes.
    • Sticky pad binding. This binding is popular because of how useful it is. People can easily
    • stick notes wherever they need them.
    • Staple binding. Staple-bound notepads are sturdy and cheap to print.

    If you have questions about which binding style is best for your project, feel free to ask your printing company for advice.

    Choose a Paper

    When it comes to your small notepads’ paper, there’s no wrong choice. Two common options are 20# white bond paper and 60# white offset paper. Both of these papers work well with glue binding. However, if you have a different paper in mind, ask your printing company. There’s a good chance they can accommodate your requests!

    Consider How Many Colors You’d Like

    When printing your small notepads, you can choose from a number of color options. Here are the most common choices:

    • 1 color black ink. This is a good choice for notepads printed for internal use and is the cheapest option.
    • 1 or 2 spot color. This means that you can choose whichever one or two colors you’d like for your notepads.
    • Black and 1 spot color. This is a great option when the majority of your notepad will be black and white but you’d like to highlight a logo or title.
    • Full color. This option lets you use any color you’d like and as many colors as you want. Full color printing makes a great impression on recipients, so it’s the best option for marketing materials and any other products that clients will receive.

    Small Notepad Examples

    Notepads come in a range of designs and can appeal to many different audiences. Here are some examples of small notepads that can inspire you to make your own.

    Grocery List Notepad

    Grocery List

    Everyone buys groceries, and therefore everyone makes grocery lists. An aesthetically-pleasing grocery list notepad is a great product that everyone needs.

    Corporate Notepad

    Corporate Notepad

    A dignified business notepad makes a great impression on clients. They can use it to jot down notes while seeing your branding and appreciating your keen eye for design.

    Hotel Notepad

    Hotel Notepad

    Hotel guests need notepads for a wide range of uses. Keeping rooms stocked with stylish notepads helps guests feel at home.

    To-Do List

    To-Do List

    People use to-do notepads to keep their lives in order. Handing out these notepads, or printing them for yourself, is a great way to help people feel more organized.

    Functional Notepad

    Functional Notepad

    No two people use notepads the same way, so providing unlined space is a smart choice. People can take notes, doodle, and express themselves however they want.

    Print Your Small Notepads With The Experts

    If you want to print the best small small notepads at a price you love, partner with ZoePrint! We print high-quality notepads for businesses and individuals that make an impression. We offer all the print materials you need to make your company a success, and we love seeing our clients succeed!

    Order online, or ask us for a custom quote to get started.

    How To Print Dental Marketing Materials That Make Patients Smile

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    dental flyer

    Growing your dental practice means making and sustaining meaningful connections in your community. Printing your own dental flyer and dental brochure lets your patients know who you are.

    To learn more about dental flyer and brochure ideas, design, and more, keep reading! This article will cover everything you need to know.

    Why Dental Marketing Matters

    Your dental practice is a business at its core, and bringing patients to your practice is what makes a successful practice possible. Word of mouth can only get you so far: a comprehensive dental marketing strategy is what brings new patients to your door.

    Your marketing strategy also bolsters patients’ confidence once they’re in your waiting room. After all, providing great service is one of the best marketing strategies. Once new patients decide to visit your practice, the excellent care you provide will encourage them to come back.

    Dental Flyer Ideas

    Your dental flyer makes an impression in your community. Here are some design and printing tips for printing flyers that get noticed.

    Bolster Your Practice’s Branding

    As with any business, developing a cohesive brand is an essential part of any marketing effort, and your dental practice is no exception. Include your branding, such as your practice’s colors, font, and logo on your flyer, to encourage readers to identify with your practice from the beginning.

    Your dental flyer conveys an image of your business to the public, so make sure it reflects the message you’re trying to cultivate. This means choosing appropriate themes and images. For example, a pediatric dental flyer might include a kid-friendly theme, images, and color scheme. Include design elements that pop and make kids excited about getting their teeth cleaned!

    Use Accessible Language

    As is the case with any medical flyer, it’s important to use language that all readers can understand. Include limited text on your flyer, and use language that makes your services clear to all.

    It’s easy to overload flyers with text, so keep your copy to a couple of sentences and some bullet points, and include engaging images. These will keep readers interested without burdening them with too much information. Use easy to read fonts such as Arial or Helvetica.

    Choose Your Favorite Size

    As you’re designing your dental flyer, keep your desired flyer size in mind. 8.5x11 is the most common flyer size, but you can choose from a wide selection of sizes, including 5.5x8.5, 4x9, and even 8.5x14. The best size depends on where and how you intend to distribute your flyers: smaller flyers are easy to hand out in person, and 4x9 flyers fit perfectly in rack card stands.

    Dental Brochure Ideas

    Your dental brochure design is the best place to include a wide range of useful information. Here are ZoePrint’s tips for printing a dental brochure that draws in new patients.

    Use Your Brochure’s Structure to Your Advantage

    Create a dental brochure design that has readers in mind. Brochures are folded, which creates panels on the piece of paper. Use these panels to structure your brochure layout, including sections such as the following:

    • Services provided
    • History of the practice
    • Patient testimonials
    • Location
    • Team photo

    Include headings and subheadings to help readers easily find the information they’re looking for.

    Use Paper that Makes Your Brochure Look Great

    When printing your dental brochure, you can choose between a wide range of papers. A great paper makes a great impression, so pick a paper such as 80# or 100# gloss cover paper that gives your brochure a beautiful shine.

    Ultimately, though, the best paper is the one that fits your budget. If you want to save some money, opt for a cheaper paper such as 70# uncoated text paper.

    Keep Brochures in the Waiting Room

    When patients are waiting for their appointments, they often turn to whatever reading material is nearby, so keeping some dental brochure examples easily accessible in the waiting room is always a good idea. As they flip through, they might find that you provide additional services that they’re looking for.

    Top Dental Printing

    If you want to make the best impression on new patients, print your dental marketing materials with ZoePrint. ZoePrint provides cheap printing for all types of medical professionals. We print everything you need to build the new relationships that help your practice thrive.

    To get started, order your dental flyers and brochures online or ask us for a custom quote!

    Handyman Flyers Show Off The Tools Of Your Trade

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    handyman flyers

    Marketing can make or break your handyman business. With so much competition out there, it’s important to distribute marketing materials that make an impression. That’s why ZoePrint has compiled these tips for printing your own handyman flyers that get you the new clients you need.

    Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about handyman flyers, including some of the best handyman flyer ideas, printing tips, and more.

    Why is Handyman Marketing Important?

    All businesses rely on successful marketing to succeed. Whether you’re starting a new handyman company or are updating a preexisting one, it’s always important to build a marketing strategy that fits your goals.

    The US home service market generates over $105 billion annually, and handyman services contribute to that amount. By crafting an effective handyman marketing plan, you tap into this enormous market, and putting the best possible products out into the world encourages customers to take action and give you a call.

    How To Print A Handyman Flyer

    Handyman flyers are some of the best tools in your toolbox when it comes to your marketing strategy. Let’s discuss how to print handyman flyers that encourage business.

    Start With Great Information

    A flyer can only be as good as the information it contains. By explaining the highlights of the services you provide, your flyers help readers understand the useful skills you can contribute.

    ZoePrint tip: Don’t include too much text on your flyer. Try to distill your text down to a couple of sentences and some bullet points, which even readers with short attention spans will read all the way through.

    Get Inspiration

    Creating new material from scratch can be daunting. To get a head start, you can look at some handyman flyer template ideas. It’s always easier to get creative when you can see some helpful examples, so taking a glance at handyman flyer ideas is a great way to get off the ground.

    ZoePrint tip: To get personalized advice on your handyman flyer ideas, ask ZoePrint’s expert graphic design team to make your design work. They can also create an entire design from scratch!

    Pick A Size

    Flyers come in many different sizes. The best size for your handyman flyer depends on how much text you’d like to include, where and how you’re planning to distribute it, and how much money is in your budget. Smaller flyers are generally cheaper and easier to distribute, while larger ones allow more space for text.

    ZoePrint tip: An 8.5x11 flyer is a great handyman flyer size that includes enough space to include all the information you need without being overwhelmingly large.

    Use High Resolution Files

    If you plan to include photos on your flyer, make sure that they are the highest resolution possible. Low-resolution photos will look blurry, which might not impress readers.

    ZoePrint tip: When it’s time to send your flyer design to your printing company, be sure to save your digital file as a high resolution PDF. The higher resolution you can send, the crisper the images on your flyer will be.

    Print Your Handyman Flyers With The Print Experts

    When you’re ready to get started printing your own handyman flyer, let ZoePrint help! With a wide range of flyer size and paper options, we can print the flyer you have in mind without breaking the bank. We also print all the other items you need, including your handyman brochure, business card, and more.

    Our cheap flyer printing has helped many businesses find the customers they’re looking for, so see what it’s all about by ordering online or requesting a custom quote!

    3 Top Tips For Music Score Printing

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    music score printing


    Choirs, orchestras, and all other kinds of musical artists depend on reliable music score printing. Whether you’re a music director or a musician yourself, you know that sometimes locating the sheet music you need can be difficult. There’s an easy way to fix this problem: print your own scores!

    Music score printing is a handy tool for all kinds of ensembles and musicians. In this article, we’ll cover the benefits of music score printing and explain some of the best ideas to consider as you print your own scores. Let’s get started!

    Benefits of Music Score Printing

    Music score printing is an easy way to get the music you need at a price you love. When you print your own scores, you don’t need to depend on other companies who might charge higher prices.

    Printing your own music scores leaves you a lot of freedom and helps you express your creativity. If you’ve written or arranged your own music, it clearly hasn’t already been printed, so you get to produce the first paper copies. You can eliminate the need to work with an external music publishing company, which gives you many more options to get your music out into the world.

    Music score printing is affordable. It frequently consists of black and white printing, which is cheaper than color printing, and it doesn’t require intricate–or costly–finishing processes. The pages are printed, folded, possibly stapled or three-hole-punched, and that’s it!

    Music Score Printing Tips

    Once you’ve written your music score and you’re getting ready to print, here are the most important ideas to keep in mind.

    1. Keep It Simple
    2. Music score printing is no-fuss. They’re printed in black and white, which makes them extremely cost-efficient. Don’t feel like you need to add special features to your music scores to make them more impressive; sometimes, simplest is best.

    3. Pick A Paper That Will Last
    4. Musicians spend a lot of time with their music scores, including practicing regularly, marking them up, and rapidly flipping through pages. Therefore, print your scores on a sturdy paper that holds up to frequent use, particularly if you’d like to use the same scores with multiple ensembles.

      As you’re considering papers, a great option to consider is 70# uncoated text paper. This paper is sturdy enough to hold up to repeated uses but still easy for musicians to write notes on.

    5. Choose A Practical Binding
    6. Let your content determine your binding. If you’re printing a long score for an orchestra, such as a score for a full-length work, consider a sturdier binding such as coil binding, which allows the score to lay flat on a music stand. For shorter works, such as pieces between four and thirty pages, no binding or staple binding works just fine.

    Work With The Music Score Printing Experts

    Do you want to put your own music out into the world? ZoePrint is ready to print your music scores for cheap! For over a decade, ZoePrint has provided cheap music score printing services nationwide, including hundreds of scores every month. We also print all the other printed materials musicians need, including concert flyers, concert programs, and more.

    To get started, order your music scores online or ask ZoePrint for a custom quote!

    Cheap Black and White Printing Helps Businesses Grow

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    Cheap Black and White Printing for Businesses

    As you design and print any document, you first need to decide whether to print in black and white or in color. Black and white printing is a cheap and easy solution, and it has a wide range of benefits. Let’s talk about some of the best reasons why cheap black and white printing is a great option.

    Why Use Black and White Printing?

    Simply, cheap black and white printing is a smart business move. From cost to practicality, it’s a great option due to its wide range of benefits. Let’s jump into some of the factors that make it a savvy choice.

    Black and White Printing is Affordable

    Most importantly, black and white printing is a cheaper option than color printing, so it’s a great choice for your budget. Cheap black and white printing is versatile while leaving you more money to print special items in color or fund other operations.

    Black and White Printing is Accessible

    Black and white is easy to read. The contrast between black and white makes it accessible to everyone, including people who are color-blind, those who are elderly, and others who don’t see well. Making accessible materials is vital for your marketing, operations, and consumer use.

    Black and White Printing Looks Great

    Black and white printing creates a classy, vintage look. For example, a black and white poster is elegant and sophisticated and makes a room look fashionable.

    Black and White Printing Shows Up

    Importantly, black and white printing is helpful when packaging your products. If you create or ship items, you need to include many printed materials in the packaging, including but not limited to informational manuals, safety guidelines, warranty postcards, and inserts.

    Forms that use black and white printing are vital and need to be produced cheaply since you include them with all of your products, making black and white printing the perfect option. Consider printing many copies at once, which further lowers the price of printing per copy.

    Black and White Printing is Versatile

    You can use black and white printing for all sorts of items and industries. From handouts to NCR forms, black and white is frequently all you need to get the job done.

    Large format black and white printing also makes posters and flyers easy to read. Whether you’re printing a workplace protocol poster or work instruction flyer, large format black and white printing makes printing affordable.

    Get Started With the Black and White Printing Experts is excited to help you with all of your black and white printing ideas, and versatility is one of our strengths! We specialize in printing cheap black and white flyers, posters, brochures, and notepads.

    If you want to print a product that you don’t see on our website or if you want to use a colored or different paper stock you don’t see offered, feel free to call or email us to discuss custom orders. We want to help you make the perfect printed materials!

    When you’re ready to print in black and white, ZoePrint is here to help! Our useful web-to-print portal makes printing easy and cheap. Order online or request a custom quote today!

    Create A Welcoming Church Home With An Inviting Church Brochure

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    Church Brochure

    How do you welcome new members to your church and encourage current members to take part in church life? In addition to outreach and personal contact, distribute a church brochure that explains your community and the fellowship you offer.

    Church brochures help potential community members feel included. In this article, we’ll explain the most important tips to design and print your brochures and provide some church brochure examples to inspire you!

    Top Church Brochure Printing Ideas

    Here are a few useful tips for making a church brochure that will be visually engaging for both old and new church members.

    1. Be true to your congregation.
    2. Before you get started, do some research on the members of your congregation to understand their interests, and tailor your brochure to them. You first will have to know the audience you are speaking to, to make sure your message resonates with each person.

      Every congregation has their own unique personality, so make your congregation stand out in your church brochure. You are a community with your own quirks, so dig into them! Let readers know what you’re about and what your members stand for.

    3. Do something unique.
    4. Church brochures don’t have to be dull and serious. When it comes to attracting new members, marketing messages are absolutely everywhere today, so you need to stand out in some way.

      One idea is to make the size, shape, or design of your brochure different. You may want a lot of white space for a modern look, or you may choose to use a lot of colors and bleeds so that your piece feels homey and gets noticed.

      As for sizes, some of the best church brochure sizes are:

      If you’re not sure which size is best for your church brochure, feel free to ask the ZoePrint team for advice!

    5. Create consistent messages and images.
    6. The most important aspect here is to make sure your audience knows who the brochure is from. To ensure they know, put your church logo or name in a prominent place, on the front or back cover, or both.

      The way you address the audience should also change depending on who they are and what they expect to get from reading your content. Be brief and positive to hold people’s attention.

      Lastly, the information you choose to put inside should be presented in a simple comprehensive manner. This will ensure people of all ages can understand the information you are trying to present.

    7. Choose the highest quality images, photographs, and design.
    8. If you include a picture of your clergy and lay leadership team, use the best possible photograph. Images in printed brochures will only be as good as the original photographs. You might need to edit your images to improve the lighting and quality of the pictures.

      In order to appeal to the right audience, you need to know who will be receiving the brochure. If you are trying to attract a younger audience, use a colorful aesthetic full of playful illustrations to get a lot of attention. If you are trying to appeal to an older audience, use graphics that their generation will understand. Make sure to keep all images relevant and positive.

    9. Design a smart layout.
    10. The design aspect of your church brochure is as important as the images and text you use. When people look at a brochure, they focus on the front panels and those that follow. This is where you should place the most aesthetically pleasing content to keep people engaged.

      Create a logical flow throughout the entire brochure so readers understand what they are reading as they are reading it. In addition to being brief and positive with your message, make sure you split the copy into short paragraphs. This will make it easier for the audience to transition from one topic to another without getting bored.

      Lastly, use headers in bold to direct your readers throughout your brochure while using images appropriately. Make it easy for readers to find information about worship times, service and outreach opportunities, and community events.

    Church Brochure Examples

    If you want to see some examples of what your brochure could be, look no further! These church brochure examples will inspire you.

    Peaceful Church Brochure

    peaceful church brochure 1peaceful church brochure 2

    This church brochure’s use of relaxing colors and pastels demonstrates that it is a welcoming home for all. This trifold brochure provides key information without overwhelming the reader.

    Traditional Church Brochure

    traditional church brochure 1traditional church brochure 2

    This church brochure uses traditional iconography to help readers get a feeling for the congregation. The bold red color also makes a splash!

    Print A Church Brochure That Makes a Difference

    When you’re ready to tie your church community together and bring new members into the fold, order your new church brochure from ZoePrint! We offer cheap and easy printing for all the materials your congregation needs to thrive, including brochures, newsletters, flyers, and more.

    To get started, order online or get a custom quote today!

    Printed Plumbing Marketing Ideas That Boost Business

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    Printed Plumbing Marketing Ideas That Boost Business -

    Trying to figure out how low-cost printed materials can help your plumbing company? Look no further! Here are some tips on how to use printed plumbing marketing to attract new clients and build new relationships.

    Why Plumbing Marketing Matters

    Did you know that plumbers have seen an average industry growth of 2.5% over the last 5 years? Whether you’re thinking about starting your own plumbing company or giving your existing company a boost, updating your plumbing marketing strategy can help you take advantage of that growth.

    Top Plumbing Marketing Products

    Here are some of the best plumbing marketing ideas that can help you tap into the $124 billion plumbing market.


    In order to draw new clients, send targeted postcards. Including special deals on your postcards, such as 20% off the price of the customer’s first service, is a great way to make a great first impression and encourage recipients to contact you.

    An effective plumbing card design makes a great impression on recipients. If you want help creating the perfect plumbing card design, ask the design team at ZoePrint for advice. We can adjust your design or even create one for you!


    Place clear, effective brochures in restaurants, businesses, and other community gathering places to increase visibility in your community. Make sure you emphasize your most important points and make your fonts clear and legible so that customers can easily understand why they want to use your services!

    Specialty Products

    Market your plumbing company by using innovative specialty products. Professionally printed items such as refrigerator magnets, pens, and mugs that display your company’s name and contact information make your business stand out.

    Frequently, when individuals have a plumbing problem, they need to contact a plumbing company urgently, and they’re likely to call the first plumber they think of. Distributing memorable specialty products such as custom printed magnets are great plumbing marketing ideas that make it easy for your clients to remember to give you a call!

    NCR Forms

    As you’re working with your clients, use NCR forms which allow you to keep one copy of the form and give one copy to your customer. You can use NCR forms for your invoices, purchase orders, or other business forms.

    Ordering your own custom printed NCR forms is easy, which allows you to tailor the size and content to your company. Two of the most common sizes are 8.5x5.5 and 8.5x11, and you can choose between 2-part and 3-part forms to fit your needs.

    Business Cards

    Hand out a stellar business card. Along with specialty printed products, business cards provide a physical reminder of your business, so use a unique paper or shape to make your card even more memorable.

    Work with a professional designer to create the most effective business card. At, we provide design and print services that help you create and distribute the best business cards at a low price!

    Pocket Folders

    When you bid on a larger project, make your proposal look nicer by presenting a professionally prepared quote, and put the quote inside of a pocket folder. This will make you and your company stand out from the rest and will increase the chances of landing the work.

    Thank You Cards

    There is no better way to position yourself above the rest than by thanking first time or new customers with a handwritten thank you note. Your clients will remember you and you will feel great when you get a call for repeat business!

    Take Your Plumbing Marketing Up A Notch

    When it’s time to design and print the plumbing marketing materials you need, ZoePrint is ready to help. Our digital printing services allow you to print copies of all of your materials at a low cost, and we’re full of plumbing marketing ideas to help you get started.

    Get started today! Check out our cheap NCR forms and cheap business cards, or ask us for a custom quote.

    Print An Art Show Flyer That Colors Outside The Lines

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    art show flyer

    Hosting an art show is an exciting opportunity to bring art to the public. Once you’ve curated the artwork and prepared the gallery space, it’s time to grab the public’s attention with an art show flyer that stands out.

    In this article, we’ll explain the best art show poster and flyer ideas that bring visitors to your exhibition.

    Art Show Flyer vs. Art Show Poster: The Basics

    First off, let’s cover the differences between your typical art show poster and art show flyer.

    The primary difference is in use. Typically, posters are affixed somewhere, such as to a wall or corkboard. People see and read them as they walk past. Flyers, on the other hand, are often distributed, either by hand or through the mail.

    Posters can also be framed as a piece of art themselves. They can be sentimental objects, reminders of significant events, and mementos that artists or their families want to display in their homes.

    These differences between flyers and posters have consequences for how you might choose to print your art show flyer or poster. In the next section, we’ll get into our top design tips.

    Art Show Flyer and Poster Design Tips

    Designing an art show flyer is an opportunity to enjoy the creative process, but there are still some basic guidelines that will make your flyers as effective as possible. Here are some of the most important ideas to keep in mind as you create your poster or flyer designs.

    1. Stick to the Basics
    2. People reading your poster or flyer might not have much time or be paying attention, so use your word count carefully. Include only the most important information on your flyers and posters, such as the following:

      • Name of the exhibit and the group of artists being shown
      • Name and address of the exhibition space
      • Date and time of the exhibition
      • A website, email address, or contact information to learn more about the event

      With this information on your poster, potential visitors will know where to go and can get all the knowledge they need to show up on your exhibition’s opening night.

    3. Make Your Exhibit’s Tone Clear
    4. Art exhibits can focus on a wide range of artists, from school art, to community artists, to a topical theme. Create a design for your flyer or poster that doesn’t leave any question as to your exhibit’s theme.

      For example, when creating an elementary art show flyer, try using a whimsical font or hand-drawn background art. Or, if some of the art addresses mature themes, consider adding a note that the exhibit is not suitable for children.

    5. Let Your Creativity Flow!
    6. Art is all about creativity and expressing yourself, so create poster and flyer designs that reflect that freedom of artistic expression. You can use one of the pieces of art from the exhibition as background art, or you can include a design inspired by the exhibition theme. Feel free to experiment; the sky’s the limit!

      If you’re using a piece of art for the background of your poster or flyer, use a photo with the highest resolution possible. Particularly for an event celebrating art, be sure that your promotional materials are of high artistic quality, not pixelated.

      If you’d like help with your design, the design crew at ZoePrint is always happy to help.

    How to Print an Art Show Flyer or Poster

    Printing your very own art show flyer or art show poster is easy. Follow these steps to create the perfect poster for your event!

    1. Pick a Size, Any Size
    2. Posters and flyers can be a wide range of sizes. Flyers are typically smaller than posters. Some common flyer sizes include:

      Some typical art show poster sizes include:

      When choosing a flyer or poster size, consider the information and art you want to display. Are you planning to include a lot of text? If so, opt for a larger size so readers don’t have to squint to read what you have to say. As well, if the art on your poster or flyer is intricate, a larger size provides ample space for viewers to notice details such as individual brushstrokes.

    3. Print in Color
    4. When printing your art show flyer or poster, choosing to print in color is the right way to go. As we discussed above, it’s a good idea to put your best foot forward from an artistic standpoint, since you’re spreading awareness for an artistic event, and printing in full color adds to your poster or flyer’s panache.

    5. Pick the Best Paper for Your Budget
    6. One of the biggest choices you can make about your art show poster or flyer is the paper you’d like to use. Posters and flyers are printed on a wide range of papers, so you have the flexibility to choose a paper that works for your needs, your design goals, and your budget.

      Some of the popular paper options include:

      • 70# uncoated text paper. This paper is inexpensive and slim, making for a great elementary art show flyer that is easy to slip into a student’s folder to take home to their parents, for example.
      • 80# gloss text paper. This paper is a great middle ground. As a text paper, it is on the lighter side, but the glossy coating still helps the colors and art on your poster or flyer stand out.
      • 100# gloss cover. This paper is sturdier, and the gloss makes bright colors pop. This is the perfect paper for an art show poster that makes an impression.

      Printing companies offer an extensive range of paper types, and a professional printing company such as ZoePrint is happy to advise you on the paper that works best for your project.

      Make A Splash (of Color) With The Print Experts

      Bringing your own art show flyer or poster into the world is an exciting process, and ZoePrint is here to accompany you every step of the way. From basic design ideas or inspiration, to printing and shipping, we’re experts in printing top-quality materials while keeping costs low.

      To get started, order your art show poster or flyer online, or as for a custom quote!

    Wedding Program Printing: 5 Budget-Friendly Tips

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    Planning a wedding is exciting, but it can be an overwhelming experience, and some items are needlessly expensive. However, printing beautiful wedding programs doesn’t have to break your budget. In this article, we’ll explain the most important cheap wedding program printing tips that make your special day easy to afford.

    1. No Need to Be Fancy
    2. You don’t need to pay a lot of money to make your wedding program look great. One way to keep costs down is by limiting the number of colors you use to print. Color combinations such as off-white and powder blue or black and white are pristine and beautiful.

      Adding a lovely font in a complementary color, too, will help your program stand out. Sometimes, the little things are what counts. It’s all in the details.

    3. Believe in the Power of a Photograph
    4. A beautiful, high-resolution photograph of the spouses-to-be is an excellent choice for the front cover. A photo is a nice touch that everyone at the ceremony will remember, and it saves you time on design.

      Choose a high-resolution photo in order to avoid pixelation, and feel free to create test prints in gloss or matte to see which one you prefer. You might be surprised to see how many compliments a photo can receive during the ceremony.

    5. The Smaller, the Better
    6. A small program serves its purpose and is less expensive than a larger program. At the end of the day, you do not need to create a magazine style program for guests. Keeping things short and sweet will not only ensure that your message gets across but will also save you some money.

      If you print a simple 5.5x8.5 program, you will notice that the details stand out all the same; this size will also get your point across just fine without burdening guests with a large sheet to hold on to. Sometimes less is more.

    7. Choose a Budget-Friendly Paper
    8. At the moment, there are several inexpensive wedding program paper options on the market that you can choose to decrease expenses. After all, the most important thing is what is on the paper, not the paper itself.

      When you print programs, the costs add up, so choosing a less expensive wedding program paper is a great place to cut expenses. There are plenty of affordable options available in both gloss and matte finishes.

    9. Add a Little Detail
    10. Small, personal details are what will make your wedding program stand out. A small colored sash can make an eggshell colored program stand out, for example. These options make programs look timeless and classy while still saving money over more colorful options. Consider adding in colored initials or a family crest to make your program pop.

    Team Up with the Cheap Wedding Program Experts

    When you’re preparing for your special day, make the process easy by printing with ZoePrint. We offer all of the printed materials you need for the perfect wedding, and our prices can’t be beat.

    To get started with cheap wedding program printing, order online or ask ZoePrint for a custom quote!

    Make Life Simple With Custom To Do Notepads

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    When life gets confusing, notepads help you find order in the chaos. You can create notepads for any situation or set of tasks, making them versatile and easy for anyone to use.

    Whether you’re printing a checklist notepad for personal use, business marketing, or internal use, keep reading to learn everything you need to know about to do notepads!

    The Benefits of Printing Custom To Do Notepads

    • Notepads are great marketing tools. Everyone uses notepads, so custom branded notepads are a great way to get your name out there. They’re also tangible reminders of your business.
    • Notepads make life easier. When you print your own custom notepads, you can include any design you want, making it easy to tailor your notepads for your own personal use. If you often write the same tasks on your notepads, add them to your design to save yourself the trouble of writing them again later!
    • Notepads are great company swag. When assembling a welcome packet for new employees, include a checklist notepad that will help them get acclimated to the new work environment. With a branded custom checklist notepad on their desks, they’ll feel like members of the team.

    Checklist Notepad Design Ideas

    Designing your to do notepads is an opportunity to express yourself and decide on your priorities. No matter the type of notepad you’re designing, here are some tips that will help you create notepads that are both functional and look great.

    Specialized Checklist Notepad

    To do lists provide organization for completing tasks, so you can create your own custom to do list for any task you’d like. Feel free to target a specific type of activity in your notepad; for example, a cleaning checklist notepad helps people keep track of the activities that keep spaces tidy.

    Personal To Do Notepads

    When designing to do notepads for personal use, let your design instincts run free. Whether you plan to use the notepads or sell them to others, feel free to express yourself artistically. Notepads can include themes, artwork, and fonts that make them aesthetic items in addition to functional ones.

    All-Encompassing To Do Notepads

    Notepads aren’t limited to simple checklists. If you can think of it, you can include it on a notepad! Consider adding multiple columns and categories to your checklist in order to make it maximally useful. For example, you can include to do items, top priorities, and even reminders as you complete your tasks.

    If you’re designing a custom checklist notepad for personal use, you can include information that is quite specific to your needs, so have fun considering which categories you’d like to include.

    If you have any questions about designing your custom checklist notepad, ask the design experts at ZoePrint for help. They can touch up your design or even create a design for you.

    How to Print Your Own Custom Checklist Notepad

    Once you’ve created a design, printing your checklist notepad is easy. Let’s go through your various printing options as you make your to do notepads a reality.

    Pick Your Favorite Size

    To do notepads come in a wide range of sizes. Some of the most common sizes include:

    • 4.25x5.5. This size is best for smaller lists, such as simple checklists.
    • 5.5x8.5. This middle size is a great common ground between the smaller and larger checklist notepad sizes. This size includes room for a company name and logo, as well as a longer list of to do items.
    • 8.5x11. This size provides ample room to spread out, including areas to include multiple categories, notes, and details or instructions about tasks.

    If you’re looking for a different size, feel free to ask your printing company about which other size options they offer.

    Play With Color

    When printing your checklist notepad, one of the most important choices you can make is about color, including how many colors you’d like to use.

    Black and white printing is an affordable, no-frills option, making it best for to do lists for internal use. Printing in black and white is an easy way to save money on printing costs.

    1 or 2 spot color provides a pop of color on your notepads that helps them attract the eye. If your company logo is one or two colors, and if you want to include only one or two colors in your design, this choice makes the most sense. If you aren’t sure how to design for spot color offset printing, ask for help!

    Full color printing gives you the ability to fully express your creativity through your to do notepads. With full color printing, you can color code various sections of your notepads, include multi color illustrations or design elements, and add a colorful logo.

    Choose a Paper

    You have a few paper options when it comes to your to do notepads. Two of the most common paper options are 20# white bond and 60# white offset paper. These papers make text crisp and easy to read, and they’re easy to tear off, store on a desk, and put on a fridge or corkboard.

    Feel free to ask your printing company for more details which paper is best for your project.

    Print Your Custom Checklist with ZoePrint

    When you’re ready to get started printing your to do notepads, team up with the experts at ZoePrint! We have decades of experience designing, printing, and shipping custom checklist notepad products for individuals and companies of all sizes. We love seeing our customers succeed!

    To get started, order online or ask us for a custom quote!

    The Top 3 Apartment Marketing Ideas That Lead To Signed Leases

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    Helping clients find their dream apartments is a calling. Whether you focus on rental apartments or sales, you require a wide range of apartment marketing materials that help clients find their perfect new homes.

    In this article, we explain the top 3 apartment marketing materials that make an impression. Keep reading to learn how to create the perfect apartment brochure, apartment flyer, apartment newsletter, and more!

    1. Provide Details in Your Apartment Brochure
    2. apartment brochure

      Brochures make providing ample information easy. These handy tools give you the structure to include multiple photos and a wide range of details about your listings.

      Use Headers to Divide Sections

      Adding headers to your brochures helps readers find the information they need. Some sections you might want to add to your apartment brochure include:

      • Description of the neighborhood
      • Detailed floorplans
      • List of amenities
      • Application and leasing information
      • Price ranges for the various units
      • Your agency’s contact information

      By dividing your apartment brochure into easy-to-locate sections, you help apartment hunters quickly locate the information they’re looking for.

      Choose Your Preferred Folding Style

      Most printing companies offer a wide range of brochure layouts and folding options. Some of the most popular include:

      • Half fold: the piece of paper is folded once, creating four panels
      • Trifold: the piece of paper is folded twice, with the right flap folding underneath the left one, creating six panels
      • Z Fold: the piece of paper is folded twice, in a zig-zag shape, creating six panels
      • Double Parallel Fold: the piece of paper is folded three times, creating eight panels

      All of these folding styles allow you to arrange your layout differently, thereby producing a range of reading experiences. Choose a folding style that best helps you display the information you’d like your readers to understand.

      For help with choosing a brochure folding style, check out some of ZoePrint’s guide to real estate brochures or ask us for advice on your project.

    3. Emphasize Key Points On Your Apartment Flyer
    4. apartment flyer

      Flyers are eye-catching and make an impression on clients, so your apartment flyer is the perfect opportunity to make a statement.

      Focus On Images

      Flyers are highly visual items, so include exciting imagery such as an interior photo and an exterior photo. Make sure to use high-resolution images that make an impression on potential renters.

      Be Short and Concise

      Because flyers are apartment marketing items that focus on images, your next should be short and to the point. Keep the text for your apartment flyer simple; include a headline, a couple of sentences, and a few key points to get your main ideas across. Make sure to include your contact information so readers can follow up later!

      Flyers come in a range of sizes, so check out ZoePrint’s guide to flyer sizes to decide which size will work best for your project.

    5. Build Community With An Apartment Newsletter
    6. apartment newsletter

      In the real estate business, long-term connections are key, and direct mail has a 112% return on investment. Maintain contact with previous clients and reach out to possible new ones with a monthly or quarterly newsletter highlighting market trends, new apartments, and community updates.

      Pick Your Favorite Size

      Your apartment newsletter can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. At its simplest, it might consist of a single folded 8.5x11 paper. A more detailed apartment newsletter can take the form of a booklet consisting of multiple staple-bound pages.

      Include a Wide Variety of Sections

      Renters have a wide range of interests, so as you design your apartment newsletters, make sure to include something for everyone. This could include local restaurant reviews, neighborhood school updates, and even recipe recommendations. By including a mix of sections and varying your newsletter sections with each edition, you’ll remain relevant for as many clients as possible.

      ZoePrint is bursting with apartment newsletter ideas and design and printing tips, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

      Print With The Apartment Marketing Experts!

      Here at ZoePrint, we print the cheap apartment marketing materials you need to make an impression! With decades of print expertise under our belt, we print brochures, flyers, newsletters, and more, all at an affordable price. We can also help you with your designs, and we ship nationwide.

      Order online or request a custom quote to get started!

    5 Medical Spa Marketing Tips To Help You Relax

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    Competition is fierce among salons and day spas, which means every piece of medical spa marketing in your toolbox needs to be on point and transmit your business’ brand. Print marketing is a vital component to any beauty business, which relies heavily on local traffic and word-of-mouth. What better way to make your message heard than with quality cheap printing services online from ZoePrint?

    Here are a few salon and spa marketing ideas to put together a top-notch med spa marketing bundle that will do the talking for you!

    1. Create a brochure menu of your spa services and treatments
    2. If you don’t have them already, brochures that list all of your services and treatments with prices are a great piece to let clients take home or distribute to friends and family.

      Include a short blurb about the history of your business, contact information, and maybe even a staff list for clients to remember who gave them that unforgettable haircut.

      Remember that everything you put out with your logo reflects on the business’ brand and quality, so make sure your design has the right branding.

      ZoePrint can also create your design for you. When getting an instant quote for your medical spa marketing products with ZoePrint’s Pricing Calculator, simply select “Let Zoe design it for me.”

    3. Use business cards to promote or make loyalty cards
    4. Have a good number of regulars coming through the door? Consider printing loyalty cards using ZoePrint’s cheap business card option, which encourage customers to keep coming back to your locale, since there’s a nice reward waiting.

      Of course, you can also print traditional business cards with your contact information, location, and social media handles. A great spa business card design will help recipients relax at even a single glance.

    5. Send out invitations for open houses and special events
    6. Whether you’re hosting a private event or celebrating five years in business, special events are unique salon and spa marketing ideas that call for raised awareness.

      If you’re looking to get across a more formal message for an elegant event, personalized invitations are the way to go. Order matching envelopes that turn your med spa marketing items into a cohesive unit.

      Alternatively, postcards are a more efficient way to send out announcements to a guest list without the hassle of sealing dozens of envelopes.

    7. Announce limited time offers with flyers and postcards
    8. Mother’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays, and other holidays are typical occasions for special spa packages. Utilize your local network to distribute flyers and postcards in other small businesses. This could be on a bulletin board at a nearby yoga studio, among the PTA groups at schools, at a favorite café hangout, or anywhere where potential customers frequent.

    9. Bundle your print marketing with sample size products
    10. Salon and medical spa marketing ideas with a little gift encourage people to keep it around and remember your business every time they use a sample. Pick up some cute tape or ribbon to tie a product sample to your business cards or brochures. Who doesn’t like free, useful things?

    Take the leap with the medical spa marketing experts!

    ZoePrint is a one-stop-shop for all your cheap printing services. We offer all of the marketing materials your spa needs to bring new clients in the door. Our intuitive website and quick shipping times make receiving your print materials a breeze!

    Get a price quote on any product, or request a custom quote, and order your quality med spa marketing materials today!

    Custom Hotel Stationery Helps Guests Feel At Home

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    hotel notepads

    Hotel stationery is a must-have, and for good reason. Whether guests need to jot down ideas, create packing lists, or write messages, your stationery gives them space to express themselves.

    In this article, you’ll learn all about how to print your own cheap custom hotel notepads and hotel stationery!

    How Hotel Stationery Helps Your Business

    Providing a range of stationery in your hotel rooms makes a great impression. Notepads and other paper is a subtle sign that you care about your guests’ experience; when someone gets a call and needs to take notes, readily-available writing surfaces will be a huge relief.

    Stationery also helps guests remember your hotel. Whether they tear off a single piece of paper from a notepad or take the whole notepad with them, they leave your lodging with a tangible reminder of your brand. With your stationery’s help, they’re more likely to remember your name the next time they’re in town and recommend you to their friends.

    Design Ideas for Custom Hotel Notepads and Stationery

    Don’t underestimate your stationery’s marketing power; you can make a big impact with a great design. Here are some tips and tricks as you’re formulating your design ideas:

    • Include your hotel’s logo either on the top of notepad pages or as a watermark. On stationery, add your logo to the heading of letter paper, and it never hurts to include it on your envelopes as well.
    • Decide whether you want lines on your notepads. Lined notepads give writers a clear structure for their ideas, whereas unlined ones provide space for creative use.
    • Consider adding a one-line welcome message at the bottom of the notepad. This can be a simple statement welcoming guests to your lodging and wishing them a pleasant stay. They will appreciate the kindness!
    • Choose between folded and unfolded cards. Folded cards provide a feeling of luxury, and unfolded cards are versatile and can be used as bookmarks.

    Hotel Notepad Sizes

    Printing custom hotel notepads is easy and cheap, and one of the most important design choices is the size notepad you’d like to print. You can choose from a few main notepad sizes:

    • 4.25x5.5. This small size fits in a purse and is perfect for jotting down packing lists, to-do items, phone messages and other short reminders.
    • 5.5x8.5. This medium notepad size provides space for longer thoughts and a bit more detail, making it great for trip planning, brainstorming and memos.
    • 8.5x11. This size is the largest and gives guests ample space to write thoughts, letters, and detailed documents for either personal or business planning.

    No matter the size, your notepads provide space for guests to express themselves and take a memento of their trip with them when they leave.

    How to Print Hotel Stationery

    Professionally printed hotel stationery adds both luxury and functionality to your rooms. Here are some printing tips for the most common types of stationery.


    Pick your favorite paper. When printing both flat and folded notecards, you can choose from a range of papers, all of which provide unique effects. Gloss paper makes color designs and logos pop, whereas uncoated paper provides sophistication. Recycled paper demonstrates your care for the earth.


    Variation in sizes is key, so provide envelopes that match your other stationery items. Print your logo on a range of envelopes of varying sizes, including both business envelopes and invitation envelopes, so that guests are sure to find the envelope size they need.


    Who doesn’t love a postcard? These days, receiving a postcard is a special event. Some guests will take a postcard as a souvenir, and some will mail one to friends or family. Either way, providing postcards at reception and in rooms is a lovely touch that helps guests feel the excitement of travel.

    Partner With the Hotel Stationery Experts

    When you’re getting ready to print your own hotel stationery, do it right with ZoePrint! We print all of the stationery items that help guests feel at home, all at unbeatable prices. We also provide design services so you can receive the very best products.

    To get started, order online or request a custom quote!

    Cheap Nonprofit Printing Services

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    nonprofit printing

    On average, nonprofits distribute two print newsletters and three print donation appeals every year. Therefore, affordable nonprofit printing is a must.

    Because your nonprofit invests all of your profits back into the company, you no doubt want affordable nonprofit printing services. There are hundreds of printing companies out there, but sadly, only a few are cost effective. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of cheap nonprofit printing services that are sure to meet all your high-quality needs while keeping costs low.

    Keep reading to find the right products for you!

    Browse These Inexpensive Nonprofit Printing Services

    Nonprofits need a range of items to successfully carry out their missions. Here is a list of some of the most important items that will help your company make a difference.


    Cheap posters are a great way to advertise your business or an event you are hosting. You can rest assured that you can print exactly the size you’re looking for; at ZoePrint, we offer the following poster sizes:

    The largest-format, full-color posters start at $28.50 each. The smallest full-color posters, on the other hand, start at just $0.68 each, and go down with volume. Many other printing companies charge double the price, or even more.

    Brochures and Flyers

    If you want to spread the word about your business, organization, or idea, there is nothing better than printing brochures and flyers. ZoePrint's advanced digital and offset printing presses will make your brochures and flyers look professional without charging the high prices you’ll encounter at other printing companies.

    ZoePrint sells brochures for under $0.20 per brochure in large quantities. Likewise, the cheapest flyers can cost under a dime each.

    Business Cards

    In today’s world, people often turn to social media and online avenues for promoting their business. While that is a great, modern method, every company should still have business cards. A well-designed card creates a visual of your organization, what it stands for, and the services you offer.

    With ZoePrint, you can print business cards for as low as $0.04 per card! Your nonprofit can afford to spread your name far and wide.


    If you are planning a party, auction, or other event, you no doubt need invitations! ZoePrint specializes in printing classy, professional, and unique invitations that are both high-quality and cost-effective.

    You can order up to one hundred full-color invitations for only $30. You also have the option of adding matching envelopes that make a great impression on your recipients.

    Note Cards and Postcards

    Connecting with donors is one of many nonprofits’ most important marketing tasks. Personalized note cards at affordable prices deliver your message in style. Likewise, postcards are a great tool for marketing campaigns.

    Note card prices start as low as $0.51 per card, and postcard prices start as low as $0.40 per card. Combined with low nonprofit mail fees, sending personalized mail is a great deal!


    If you are looking for some personalized envelopes for your business or personal use, you can print a custom image or logo for cheap. Personalized envelopes make an impression, so feel free to include a message on your envelope that encourages potential donors to open your letter and keep reading.

    Fifty full-color envelopes are available on ZoePrint for as little as $55, which is only $1.10 per envelope.


    Newsletters are great for businesses because they connect you with members, donors, and community members. Many people think printing them is complicated and expensive, but in reality, with the right printing company, it’s easy and cheap! ZoePrint offers newsletter printing in a variety of sizes ranging from four pages to twenty. Therefore, pricing varies.

    The cheapest option values each newsletter at under $1.00 for full color newsletters; black and white newsletters cost even less!


    Similarly to other products, notepads are a great way to market your nonprofit company to customers. ZoePrint offers notepads in either high quality offset printing or brilliant, full-color digital printing. Additionally, various sizes and options are available.

    The smallest size notepad offered on can cost as low as $0.30 when ordered in a large quantity printed in black ink.

    Save Money With Your Nonprofit by Printing With ZoePrint!

    If you own or work for a nonprofit, you know that printing services can become expensive. If you want to keep costs low, ZoePrint offers the nonprofit printing services you need. We offer the designs you love at prices you can afford, and we’re dedicated to helping you make the world a better place.

    To get a custom quote for nonprofit printing, contact ZoePrint today!

    Instruction Manual Printing Increases Consumer Satisfaction

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    instruction manual printing

    You’ve designed a great product, and you’re excited to get it to consumers. Now what? It’s time to print an instruction manual!

    Professional instruction manual printing provides the information and guidance your customers need in order to use your product. Keep reading to learn all about the benefits and best strategies for instruction booklet printing!

    Benefits of Instruction Booklet Printing

    Instruction manuals provide a range of helpful functions that help customers successfully use and engage with your product. Here are some of their most important features.

    Prevent Usage Errors

    First, your instruction manual tells users how to use your product. This might involve setting up a machine, installing a computer program, constructing a piece of furniture, and more. When consumers have help right off the bat, they’re less likely to make technical or mechanical errors.

    Promote Safety

    Another of your instruction booklet’s top priorities is encouraging safe usage. By including safety warnings and guidelines, your booklet ensures that users protect themselves as they get started with your product.

    Answer Frequently Asked Questions

    Many customers will have the same common questions as they engage with your product or service. Including a FAQ section will help them answer these questions without needing to visit your website or contacting you to get the information they need.


    When customers encounter problems, they can turn to your instruction manual to fix their issues. Including a troubleshooting section in your instruction manual will alleviate many headaches!

    Demonstrate Your Company’s Dedication To Quality Service

    On a related note, when you include the helpful information described above, you demonstrate to your consumers that you care about their experience with your product. By including your contact information–website, phone number, and social media handles–so that they can contact you with questions, you further demonstrate that you care. Your customers will appreciate your dedication!

    The Instruction Manual Printing Process

    It’s easy to get started with professional instruction booklet printing. Follow these easy steps to print the manuals you’re looking for.

    Choose the Size You Need

    You have a few choices when it comes to your instruction manual size. Many businesses opt for 5.5x8.5 manuals, as they are small enough to fit in most boxes for shipping. If you need some more space, you can print 8.5x11 manuals. This size works well if you want to include detailed images or diagrams.

    A simple manual might only consist of one folded piece of paper, creating four pages. Longer, more detailed instructions can be eight, twelve, sixteen, or even more pages.

    Print Diagrams in Color

    The goal of instruction booklets is to provide useful information. Often, including images or diagrams in your manuals will help users best understand how to use your product. Therefore, printing in color will provide extra clarity that helps readers see these images and follow your guidelines to a T.

    Decide on the Best Paper

    are a range of paper options, and you can’t go wrong. If you’re printing in color, pick a paper such as 80# or 100# gloss text paper that makes the colors vibrant. If you’re printing in black and white, feel free to choose a glossy or uncoated text.

    Order Your Manuals From The Print Experts

    The most important step in the instruction manual printing process is ordering from an experienced printing company such as ZoePrint. At ZoePrint, our decades of experience with high-quality instruction booklet printing means that we have the expertise to get you the very best. We provide professional printing services for companies nationwide, including marketing, operations, and instruction manual printing. Our team loves helping businesses like yours succeed!

    Take the first step towards cheap instruction manuals by ordering online or requesting a custom quote today

    Share Your Creativity with Literary Magazine Printing

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    From budding authors to emerging artists, students are free to express themselves in their school literary magazines. This popular club gives creative students the opportunity to publish their writing and art in their community.

    Whether you’re a magazine staff member, editor, or faculty advisor, keep reading to learn the most important tips for literary magazine printing that will help you publish your school’s best literary magazine yet!

    What is a Literary Magazine?

    A literary magazine is a curated collection of writing and art. Many schools publish literary magazines, but they’re not limited to the academic setting; professional literary magazines such as Tin House and The Kenyon Review give creative writers and artists platforms for their work as well.

    Some literary magazines consist of works tied together by a common theme, while others focus on an aesthetic or representing a variety of literary styles. They commonly include both prose and poetry, and many include visual art as well.

    Literary Magazine Printing

    Printing a literary magazine is a rewarding experience. When you’re thinking about printing one, consider the following high school literary magazine ideas, which will help you make the best design choices while keeping costs low.

    Create a Budget and Stick to It

    If you’re a student editor of your school’s literary magazine, make sure you understand your magazine’s budget, and calculate an estimate of your printing costs early in the year. For your estimate, include the following:

    • Number of magazines printed
    • Number of pages per magazine
    • Black and white or color printing
    • Paper type
    • Shipping costs

    If you can’t find this information on your printing company’s website, feel free to ask for an estimate. Understanding your printing costs will allow you to decide how many pieces to include in your magazine, as well as whether you need to choose a different paper type or print in black and white.

    Pro tip: raise money to fund your magazine. If you realize that your budget won’t cover all of your printing costs, try some creative fundraising techniques to help you cover the gap. Bake sales are some of the highest-earning fundraising opportunities, so consider hosting a bake sale with a fun theme, and encourage artistic magazine staffers to create flyersadvertising your event.

    Think About Page Denominations

    Your production staff is likely bursting at the seams with ideas and inspiration. When you receive many submissions from talented writers, you might be inclined to include every piece in your magazine.

    However, even if your budget could accommodate this, remember that the number of pages in a traditional folded and stitched magazine needs to be divisible by four. This is due to the printing process: each piece of paper for your booklet is folded in half, creating four pages. Therefore, your page number can only increase or decrease by four pages at a time. On the other hand, if you’re planning for your literary magazine to be perfect bound, the number pages can be divisible by two.

    Keep this in mind when creating your magazine design. Blank pages might look strange, so adding more pieces of writing to fill those pages, removing pieces to eliminate pages, or incorporating those blank pages into your magazine design will solve this problem.

    Consider Your Software

    Editing and designing a literary magazine can be an intimidating project, but choosing the right design software can help.

    Many literary magazine editors use Adobe InDesign to create their layouts, as it includes many design tools that will help you make your dream magazine a reality. Save your finalized design as a PDF, which your printing company can easily work with.

    If you’d like help with your magazine’s design, feel free to ask ZoePrint’s helpful design team, who can clear up any questions.

    Print on Beautiful Paper

    Literary magazines are works of art, and they deserve to be printed on high-quality papers that add to the readers’ enjoyment.

    If you plan to include art in your literary magazine, print the magazine on a glossy paper such as 80# or 100# gloss text paper that lets color images pop. The artists have put their heart and soul into their work, so print your magazine on a paper that lets readers appreciate every detail.

    Partner With a Printing Company that Understands the Value of Literature

    When you’re bursting with high school literary magazine ideas and are ready to print, there’s nowhere better to get the job done than ZoePrint! We offer a range of magazine design options so that you can print the booklet that fits your needs–and your budget. We can even help you with your design and ship your literary magazine directly to your school! We also print all of the other printed materialsyour school needs.

    To get started with cheap literary magazine printing, order online or ask ZoePrint for a custom quote!

    What Is The Cheapest Way To Print: Online, Local, Or At Home?

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    While smartphones have made life more convenient and information more accessible, access to a printer is still a must. Whether you’re directing a school play and need playbills or you just opened a small business and need new business cards, ink and paper are still vital resources in this digital age.

    Contrary to popular belief, the cheapest way to print may not always be from your home or local print shop. Let’s discuss where to print your project to get the most bang for your buck.

    Online Printing

    Good for: Large orders


    Online printing takes the guesswork out of the printing process. It also takes care of many potential questions, including which paper and ink are best. A reputable online printing service’s efficiency and speed make it incredibly useful for many projects.

    Comparing printing prices online is as simple as a click of a button. Add the convenience of being able to order cheap business cards or inexpensive flyers for your upcoming school event, and going online may be the cheapest way to print your project. Plus, the speed at which you’ll receive your order makes it all worth it.

    Another aspect to consider is that when dealing with an online vendor, the price per item will decrease as the order volume increases. In other words, the more copies you order, the less each copy costs. You’ll also be able to preview your work before everything is finalized, and sometimes, you’ll receive a sample called a proof before committing to a full order.


    Unfortunately, when it comes to online printing, you don’t have much control over the quality or outcome. You can state what you need, but you can’t specify how you want the product to look and feel; you rely on the company and technology that received your order. If you have to pay steep shipping costs, online printing may not be the best option for your project.

    Printing at Home

    Good for: Small batches or single pages


    When you have to print a simple essay or article, you don’t require fancy pearl shaded stock paper with smear-resistant technology—a simple piece of paper with some black ink is all you really need.

    Having a printer–either one you bought or one at your job–can make life simple. Plus, you don’t need to pay for shipping, handling, and tax.


    Having a printer on hand may be useful, but just like with any machine, some upkeep will be needed. We’ve all heard the horror stories of printers jamming or breaking right when you need them most.

    You also have to factor in the cost of printer ink, which is one of the most expensive liquids in the world. Although you may not be buying a gallon of the stuff at a time, make no mistake: the price tag on a pack of ink can put a dent in your wallet for the week. To put it in perspective, a gallon of gas is less expensive than a single cartridge of ink!

    Local Printing at a Shop

    Good for: Specification and customer support


    One of the great things about conducting business with a local printer is that you’ll be able to discuss your project or plan with a professional, face-to-face. Instead of dealing with a portal, you’re talking with a person who can answer your questions throughout the process. When it comes to expertise and quality, nothing can match the professionalism of a local print shop.

    The cost of dealing with a local printer is also something to consider. Although it may seem cheaper to do your work online, you need to consider a few other factors as well. It’s important to look beyond the list price and focus on the people who are working with you to make sure your project is absolutely perfect.


    Speed is going to always be of the essence whenever you have something to print, and sometimes local print shops can’t keep up. One day, they may be focused on printing business cards while the next day they’re focusing on banners. Time is money, and if you need your printed materials as soon as possible, the local print shop may not be able to keep up with the demand.

    What’s the Cheapest Way to Print?

    Ultimately, printing costs will always depend on the project that you’re creating, and sometimes, the cheapest way to print one item may be the most expensive way to print another. An online printing service is an easier and cheaper option when you don’t have time to worry about paper and ink selection, but a local shop may be worth the price if your project needs absolute precision.

    When You Need Online Printing, You Need ZoePrint

    No matter what, whether you’re printing an article at your local library or using a reputable online printing service like ZoePrint for cheap and quick printing services, doing a bit of research will help you find the most economically wise solution.

    Contact us to learn more about how our online printing services could be the cheapest way to print your project!

    Increase Your Profit Margin With Wholesale Printing For Resellers

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    Selling paper products that you print yourself can take significant organization and energy. Thankfully, wholesale printing for resellers makes all the headaches go away. By outsourcing your printing to a professional printing company, you can sell the items you have in mind without worrying about print production.

    Keep reading to learn the most important ways that wholesale booklet printing can save your business time and money!

    Common Wholesale Printing Items

    Print reselling is the simple solution that provides the materials your customers want without the hassle of worrying about print production. Printed items are easy to market and sell, and partnering with a professional printing company gives you the range of printed materials you need. Some of the most successful products for wholesale printing for resellers include:

    All of these items are easy to design and are in high demand. Once you print the products you have in mind, you’ll be ready to go!

    The Benefits Of Wholesale Printing For Resellers

    If your company sells printed products, wholesale printing and reselling might be the right path for you. Let’s discuss some of the most significant benefits that wholesale booklet printing can offer your company.

    1. You Can Focus On Design
    2. Wholesale printing for resellers gives you the flexibility to focus on creating the best possible designs for your customers. Your printing partner takes care of the production; once you’ve decided on your design, paper, and number of copies, you can sit back and let the printing company handle the rest.

      If you’re looking for help with your design, feel free to reach out to the experts at ZoePrint, who can make your current design work and even create an original design for you.

    3. You Can Decide Your Own Profit Margins
    4. When you resell items from a print distributor, you choose the resale price, so you decide on your own profit margins. You have the freedom to make your margins as large as you’d like!

      Cost per click frequently decreases as order size increases, so when you find a product and design you like, printing a large order allows you to further increase your profit per item.

    5. You Can Ship To Distributors Without The Fuss
    6. If you operate multiple storefronts, wholesale printing eliminates the hassle of shipping products yourself. Your professional printing partner can send products directly to exactly where you need them, either to warehouses and storefronts or directly to customers’ homes.

    7. You Can Skip Paying For Printer Repairs
    8. Wholesale booklet printing saves your business money. In addition to deciding on your own profit margin, you are free from purchasing, maintaining, and repairing large and costly printing presses. These savings add up!

    9. You Can Depend On Professional Wholesale Booklet Printing
    10. Your customers rely on you. When you order products wholesale from a professional printing company, you’ll always be prepared with the products your customers need. A professional printing company is designed to provide speedy printing and shipping, so you won’t be bogged down by unexpected delays.

    Let The Wholesale Print Experts Help

    If you’re interested in combining reliable printing and larger profits, wholesale booklet printing is what you’re looking for! At ZoePrint, we provide affordable and sturdy printed materials that make wholesale printing for resellers easy. Decades of satisfied customers vouch for our top-notch service, and our friendly team loves helping clients like you increase your profits.

    To get started, order online or request a custom quote from ZoePrint!

    5 Tips for Custom Scratch Pads That Stand Out

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    Custom scratch pads are subtle but powerful marketing tools. Recipients use your tear pads for months or years, which helps them internalize your branding. Therefore, these seemingly-small items make a big difference in your marketing strategy over time.

    Keep reading to learn how to print your very own custom scratch pads that get your company the attention it needs!

    1. Pick A Strategic Size
    2. Tear pads come in many sizes, so feel free to choose your favorite. Some of the most common sizes for cheap custom scratch pads include:

      • 4.25x5.5 scratch pads. This size is perfect for quick notes, grocery lists, phone messages, and other short pieces of writing.
      • 5.5x8.5 scratch pads. This size is the middle ground, offering enough space for to-do lists, short memos, and reminders.
      • 8.5x11 scratch pads.This size provides ample space to express yourself, fitting for sketches, brainstorming, and detailed notes.

      These sizes for tear pads are the most typical, but if you have a different size in mind, ask your printing company. There’s a good chance that they can provide the custom size you need.

    3. Fine-Tune Your Branding
    4. Your business’s custom scratch pads are powerful marketing materials. Clients use the same notepads regularly for months or even years, and they will associate your notepads’ branding with your company. Therefore, your design and branding are enormously important.

      Before printing dozens or hundreds of branded notepads, make sure that your logo, slogan, color scheme, and other branding are all in tip-top shape. If you’d like help from the experts, the skilled design team at ZoePrint can adjust your design or even create a new design for you.

    5. Add a Splash of Color
    6. Your custom scratch pads have a large influence on clients’ understanding of your brand, so if you plan to distribute scratch pads to clients, print in color to make sure recipients remember you.

      You can choose from black and white, one color, two color, and full color printing. If you are only including your business’s name and logo, one or two color printing might be enough. However, if you plan to include multiple design elements, or if your logo is more than two colors, full-color printing allows you to express your creative side and include as many colors as you’d like.

    7. Make Copies Without the Hassle
    8. If you’ll need to make copies of your notes, skip the clunky copy machine and instead order carbonless forms that make copies as you write them. Carbonless forms, also known as NCR forms, are handy for operations where copies are needed, such as documenting transactions and recording orders.

      If you require more than two copies, don’t worry: you can order 2-part or 3-part NCR forms, ensuring that you have as many copies as you need.

    9. Get Help from the Print Experts
    10. Order the cheap custom scratch pads you need from the printing company that does it all! At ZoePrint, we provide the service and flexibility you need throughout the entire printing process.

      We print cheap custom scratch pads in multiple sizes and styles, and our helpful team is dedicated to surpassing your expectations every time. We can even create your design for you, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your custom scratch pads.

    To get started, order from our website or request a custom quote!

    What To Know About Business Envelope Size

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    Despite what you may think, there is not simply one business envelope size. Therefore, it’s important to choose the right size that fits the mail you’re sending and makes a good impression on your recipients. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about business envelope size!

    The Usual Business Envelope Size

    If you’re wondering about which of the following is the usual business envelope size, we’re happy to let you know that the #10 envelope is typically the most common business envelope size, although a few sizes are used frequently. Before thinking about specific types of envelopes, be aware that all envelope sizes are generally measured with the flap of the envelope folded down.

    The Most Common Business Envelope Sizes

    There is a small number of standard business envelope sizes. The most common sizes include:

    • #10 Envelope. The #10 envelope is 9.5x4.125. This envelope size is perfect for sending a tri-folded 8.5x11 size piece of paper, brochure, or letter.
    • #9 Envelope. The #9 envelope is 8.875x3.875. This is commonly known as a Business Reply Envelope (BRE), and it can be enclosed inside a #10 envelope and used to reply to the original letter. Customers can mail payments, order forms, or any other important correspondence using #9 envelopes.
    • 6x9 Envelope. The 6x9 envelope is the perfect size to mail an 8.5x11 piece of paper that has been folded in half.
    • 9x12 Envelope. The 9x12 envelope size is the perfect dimension to enclose an unfolded piece of 8.5x11 paper, so it will arrive without any creases.
    • 10x13 Envelope. When you need an even larger envelope, the 10x13 envelope size has you covered. This size works well for sending envelopes, certificates, and many other larger paper sizes. It is also great to enclose standard pocket folders, which are typically 9x12 and may contain additional marketing materials or forms.

    How To Choose A Business Envelope Size

    Now that you know a bit about the most common envelope sizes, let’s talk about how to choose the envelope that works best for you.

    Form Follows Function

    The first piece of information to think about is the envelope’s main purpose. To simplify business communications, consider choosing envelopes with a window, which is an open area in the front of the envelope where you can see the address printed on the paper inside. This eliminates the need to address every envelope, since the address on the letter acts as the address for the envelope as well.

    Leave Some Extra Space

    We all like to have our own space, and so do your business envelopes. When picking a business envelope size, remember to choose an envelope that is slightly larger than the dimensions of the paper you’ll be sending. That way, you can be assured that your paper will fit into the envelope without any problems.

    Alternatives to Business Envelopes

    It’s worth noting that business envelopes aren’t the only envelopes you can choose. If you are sending invitations or note cards, announcement envelopes, which typically have a square flap, are better suited for this purpose than the business sizes. As always, consider what size the printed enclosures will be and make sure you pick an envelope that is big enough.

    Typical announcement envelope sizes include:

    • A2 envelope, which is 5.75x4.735 and will hold A2 cards (5.5x4.25)
    • A6 envelope, which is 6.5x4.75 and will hold A6 cards (6.25x4.5)
    • A7 envelope, which is 7.25x5.25 and will hold A7 cards (7x5)
    • A8 envelope, which is 8.125x5.5 and will hold A8 cards (7.875x5.25)
    • A9 envelope, which is 8.75x5.75 and will hold A9 cards (8.5x5.5)
    • A10 envelope, which is 9.5x6 and will hold A10 cards (9.25x5.75)

    If you are ordering envelopes for folded note cards, consider the card size after folding. For example, the open size of an A6 Note card is 6.25x9, but after folding it is 6.25x4.5. Therefore, the A6 envelope size is the best fit for this card.

    If you’re looking for further variation, you can also order baronial envelopes, also known as BAR envelopes, which have pointed flaps.

    The typical sizes of baronial envelopes are:

    • 4 BAR envelope, which is 5.125x3.625 and will fit a 4 BAR card (4.875x3.375)
    • 5 BAR envelope, which is 5.75x4.375 and will fit a 5 BAR card (5.5x4.25)
    • 6 BAR envelope, which is 6.5x4.75 and will fit a 6 BAR card (6.25x4.5)
    • Lee Envelope, which is 7.25x5.25 and will fit a Lee card (7x5)

    Lastly, there are oversized envelopes:

    • Catalog Envelope (the flap is located on the short edge), which can be 6x9, 9x12, or 10x13
    • Booklet Envelope (the flap is located on the long edge), which can be 6x9, 9x12, or 10x13

    Once you have decided which envelope size is best for you, the next factor is deciding on the color. White is the most commonly used color for envelopes, but some companies choose a colored envelope instead. Colored envelopes may or may not be available in different sizes. Contact a representative to learn about your options for envelope colors.

    Order Your Custom Envelopes From ZoePrint!

    When you are ready to begin printing, upload your fantastic envelope design to or have one of our professional designers create an original design just for you! There is a large variety of business envelope size options, so you’ll be printing the perfect envelopes for your mail in no time.

    Click here to see pricing for our cheap envelopes, or request a custom quote to get started!

    5 Choir Concert Programs Printing Tips To Sing About

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    Music makes the world a better place. Whether it’s classical or electronica, performed by students, professionals, or DJs, everyone knows the joy of losing themselves in music. Whether you lead a school band, teach private music lessons, or conduct an orchestra, here are the top printing tips to keep in mind to make your performance a success!

    Spread The Word With A Great Concert Flyer

    Distributing a well-designed concert flyer is one of the best ways to let community members know about your event.

    • Tip #1: Go big. When it comes to your concert flyer, bigger is often better. Don’t go overboard, of course, but an 8.5x11 flyer is the smallest you should consider. Concert flyers often contain a lot of information, including composers’, soloists’, and orchestras’ names, so give yourself ample space to include all the details you need. Some great concert flyer sizes include 8.5x14, 11x17, and 12x18.
    • Tip #2: Go glossy. The best flyer is the one that gets seen. Therefore, print your flyer on a paper such as 80# or 100# gloss text paper. The glossy paper will make the colors on your flyer pop, which helps people notice it as they walk past.
    • Tip #3: Go wild. Let your imagination lead you! If your concert has a theme, decorate your concert flyer in a way that relates. Since the goal of your flyer is to be seen, incorporate design elements that draw attention.

    Local schools, libraries, and other community gathering places are often happy to help music groups advertise their upcoming events, so once you’ve printed your flyers, don’t hesitate to inquire.

    Help Your Students Feel Seen In Music Recital Programs

    Music students work hard to prepare for every recital. When your students see their names printed in the program, they’ll feel confident that their practice has paid off. When designing music recital programs, remember these tips:

    • Tip #1: Think about formality. If your recitals are sophisticated events, adjust your programs accordingly. Use a thicker, more luxurious paper such as a 100# cover paper, or opt for a finishing process such as rounded corners. If the recitals are on the casual side, a lighter-weight paper such as 20# or 60# text paper might do the trick.
    • Tip #2: Add a splash of color. To celebrate your students and keep readers engaged in your music recital programs, consider printing in color or on a colorful paper. Younger students in particular love to see their names in color!
    • Tip #3: Don’t forget a welcome message. You’ve witnessed your students’ growth as people and musicians over the course of your relationship. Recognize this growth with a short welcome message in your recital programs. Your students and their families will love that extra special touch!

    With these recommendations in mind, you’re ready to print music recital programs that the whole family will love!

    Go Into Detail In Your Concert Programs

    Concert programs are the ultimate guides to musical events. As the audience listens to the performance, the programs help them understand what they’re hearing. When printing your concert programs, think about the following ideas:

    • Tip #1: Keep your design consistent. If your group performs at regular intervals, such as every semester or every year, keep the basics of your program design the same from one concert to the next. Attendees will associate your design with your performances, and they’ll become attached to the tradition of attending your performances.
    • Tip #2: Give yourself space to spread out. Explaining an entire concert takes a lot of words! Give yourself space for details by printing booklet-style concert programs. With four, eight, or twelve pages, you’re able to provide a conductor’s note or welcome message, list the names of the performers, and explain the historical context behind the music. Bonus tip: when printing booklet-style programs, opting for sturdier cover papers will help your programs last longer!
    • Tip #3: Consider your font. Font has a huge effect on the feel of a document. There’s a reason why there are thousands of fonts to choose from! When designing your concert programs, choose a font that contributes to the mood you’re aiming for. If you’re performing contemporary music, consider a stylish font such as Moderna. For classical music, a classic font such as Enchanted Land is a great choice.

    Let The Professionals Help!

    One of the most important components of a great concert program is a great printing company. That’s where ZoePrint enters the equation! With decades of experience printing concert programs, we can print exactly what you’re looking for at an affordable price. We can even design your programs for you!

    To make your music recital programs a reality, order online or get a custom quote!

    5 Choir Concert Programs Printing Tips To Sing About

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    A choir concert is a special opportunity to share beauty with the world, and your choir concert programs lead the audience through the event. Keep reading to learn ZoePrint’s top five tips for printing choral concert programs that’ll inspire you to raise your voice and sing!

    Printing Custom Choral Concert Programs

    No two concerts are the same, so no two programs are alike. For example, each performance has a new repertoire, a unique group of singers, and takes place on a new date. Therefore, printed programs can’t be reused, and printing custom choir concert programs is simply a no-brainer.

    1. Include The Most Important Information

    2. While you have lots of design flexibility when it comes to your choir concert programs, some items are almost always present. Make sure to include the following:

      • The name, date, time, and location of the concert
      • The name of the choral group or groups performing
      • The names of the pieces being performed, their composers and/or arrangers, and the date they were published
      • The names of any soloists
      • A list of the choir members’ names
      • A list of the accompanists’ names
      • Any applicable set divisions or intermissions
      • A description of the choir

      In addition to the list above, you can add as many other aspects as you’d like. If your next performances are already on the calendar, let readers know about them in your program. You can include historical context for the songs, a welcome message to the audience, and even messages from your school or community sponsors. All in all, if you want audience members to know about it, add it to your program!

    3. Maintain A Consistent Visual Style

    4. Choir concerts are often long-standing traditions. While you might change your choir concert programs’ cover art every year or every semester, consider keeping the interior formatting the same.

      By using the same fonts and layout for each concert, you create a solid identity for your choral group. When returning audience members read your new programs, they will remember the previous performances they loved.

    5. Weigh Your Size Options

    6. Great choir concert programs can be many shapes and sizes, depending on your repertoire and the amount of information you’d like to include.

      For smaller concerts such as school choir concerts, you might not need a lot of space. In this instance, a flat 8.5x11 program or a 4-page 5.5x8.5 folded program might fit the bill.

      For more elaborate programs with accompanists, a longer set list, and an explanation of historical background, for example, you might consider a longer 5.5x8.5 booklet-style program, or an 8.5x11 booklet-style program. Be aware that these booklet styles print in page denominations of four, so you’ll most likely choose to print a four-page or an eight-page booklet.

    7. Choose Your Favorite Paper

    8. Every paper has a different effect on your choral concert programs. A paper such as 70# uncoated text works well for black and white pages. If you’re printing in color, 80# gloss text or 100# gloss text will maintain the colors’ vibrancy.

      If you want to make booklet-style programs sturdier, consider printing the program covers on a sturdier paper, such as 100# gloss cover. This paper can withstand more wear and tear, leading to programs that serve as souvenirs for the future.

    9. Make Sure Your Program Looks Perfect

    10. Once you’ve finalized your design and have found a printing company to produce your choir concert programs, consider asking for a proof before printing. There’s nothing worse than noticing a design issue after all the copies have been printed! Your printing company can provide a digital or physical proof to ensure that everything looks exactly like you have in mind.

    ZoePrint Makes Choral Concert Programs Printing Easy

    Once you’ve made sure the proof looks good, it’s time to order your programs! At ZoePrint, we understand the joy of sharing music, and we print choir concert programs that help you spread music to the world. Our easy online storefront makes submitting your order a breeze, and our design team can help you make your programs perfect!

    We love helping customers through the entire printing process, from design to delivery, so let us know if you have any questions. Order your cheap choir concert programs online or ask us for a custom quote to get started!

    Strike A Pose With Dance Recital Program Printing

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    You’ve led rehearsal and instructed your dancers, and now you’re about to put on a dance recital. What’s the last step of the puzzle? Your dance recital programs, of course! Printing custom dance recital programs is the special touch that turns a regular recital into one that dancers and their families will remember forever.

    Keep reading to get the scoop on how to print your very own dance recital programs, including dance recital program examples, design tips, and more!

    Custom Dance Recital Programs

    There are many reasons that make dance recital programs a great addition to your event. Your dancers have worked hard to prepare for the recital, so your programs acknowledge their efforts and tie the event together. A well-made program is a keepsake for participants and their proud parents, which they will look back on with fondness for decades.

    Programs also provide context for the audience about the dancers and the recital, so they understand the order of dances, who is dancing which pieces, and any important historical context for the art that they are seeing.

    The best dance recital programs thank and acknowledge everyone who contributed to the recital, including the technical team, musicians, community sponsors, parent helpers, school administrators, and more. Anyone who contributed to the recital in any way will feel a thrill when they see their name in your recital program.

    Dance recital programs can also raise revenue. By selling space for local businesses to place advertisements in your programs, you generate funds for your program or school. You can even raise awareness about your own future events and drum up excitement for upcoming recitals.

    How to Create A Dance Recital Program

    As we’ve seen, there are many clear arguments in favor of printing custom recital programs. Your next question might be, “well, how do I do this?” Never fear: this guide will lead you through the important decisions that you’ll make during the printing process.

    Dance Recital Program Design

    Design and printing go hand in hand, so we’ll start off with the key design decisions you’ll make in order to set yourself up for printing success.

    1. Decide on a size. The two most common booklet-style program sizes are 5.5x8.5 and 8.5x11. Both sizes provide plenty of space for you to include the information you need, including dancers’ names, the setlist, a welcome note from the director, and more. Larger programs allow more space for advertisements and headshots of the dancers.

    2. Strategize content. Once you’ve settled on a size, it’s time to take your content into consideration. Here are some of the elements that you might consider including in your recital program:
      • Welcome message from the director or teacher
      • Historical context for the piece
      • Setlist of dances, composers, performers, and choreographers
      • Biographies of the dancers
      • Headshots of the dancers
      • Photographs of the rehearsal process
      • Information about upcoming recitals or courses
      • Advertisements from local businesses
      • Messages of love and support from dancers’ families

      All of these elements contribute to a high-quality program that dancers and their families will treasure for years.

    3. Plan the number of pages. One feature of booklet-style programs is that they consist of folded pieces of paper, and they are therefore printed with page numbers in denominations of four. As you’re designing your program’s interior, remember to keep the page numbers in mind. If you find yourself with an odd number of pages, consider adding between one and three pages of photographs, in order to reach a page number that is divisible by four. Audiences will love getting a glimpse into the rehearsal process.

    Designing your own custom dance recital program is rewarding, but it can take significant effort. Luckily, there are lots of dance recital program examples online, and the ZoePrint design team is happy to assist with your design. We can even create a design for you!

    Dance Recital Program Printing

    Once you’ve finalized your design, it’s time to print your programs! Program printing involves making many choices. Here are the decisions you can make in order to receive the recital program you’re dreaming of.

    1. Express your style in color. Choosing to print in black and white or in color is one of the most visible choices you can make throughout the entire printing process. Color printing makes your covers and photographs pop, whereas black and white printing is a more subtle and affordable choice. If you’re planning to include photographs in your programs, we encourage printing in color so that readers can fully appreciate the photos’ details.

      If you’re trying to save money but still want attractive programs, one great compromise is printing the covers in color and the interior pages in black and white. This is the perfect option when you want bright, colorful covers that will attract attention and encourage readers to flip through the programs but aren’t including interior photos.

    2. Look your best on paper.One of the biggest advantages of professional printing is the multitude of paper options. Your printing company can offer you many paper options that provide different effects. Some of the most common papers for program interiors include:

      • 70# uncoated text
      • 80# gloss text
      • 100# gloss text
      • 100# dull text

      Gloss text papers are best when you’re printing in color and have photographs, as they will lead to increased clarity and brighter colors.

      You can use the same paper for both the interior and the covers, or you can choose a sturdier cover paper so that your programs hold up for years. Some of the best cover paper options include:

      • 80# uncoated cover
      • 100# gloss cover
      • 100# dull cover

      Understanding paper types and weights can be tricky, so ask your printing company if you have any questions.

    3. Estimate the number of attendees. Now we’re at the last step in the printing process: deciding how many copies of your dance recital programs you want to print. This means doing some simple math: multiply the number of performances by the highest number of possible attendees per performance.

    4. When it comes to estimating the number of programs to print, it’s usually better to print too many than too few. Therefore, add some extra copies as well, which allows for souvenirs for your dancers and additional copies for proud families, and voilà! You’ve found the right number of programs to print.

    Now that you’ve considered these six points, you’re an expert on dance recital program printing!

    Print Your Dance Recital Program With ZoePrint!

    When you’re ready to print your dance recital programs, ZoePrint is ready to work with you. Our decades of experience, affordable prices, and speedy shipping mean that we can provide the excellent programs you deserve at the best possible price.

    Whether you’re just starting to brainstorm ideas or are ready to print, the ZoePrint team is here to help and answer any questions you might have. We offer many paper and printing options, so ask us if you have specific requests.

    To print dance recital programs that will make your next performance one for the memory books, order online or request a custom quote today!

    Make A Difference With Non-Profit Printing

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    Nonprofits make the world a better place, and your printed materials are the items that make everything possible. Help your nonprofit organization make a larger impact with effective non profit business cards, flyers, and brochures that inspire people to make a difference. Keep reading to learn about the top non profit printed materials that will help you change the world!

    Which Print Items Does A Nonprofit Need?

    Nonprofits have many moving parts. Your printed materials are a significant aspect of your operations, including donor education, marketing, and internal organization. Here are some of the printed materials that help nonprofits succeed:

    All of these items help you stay organized and encourage donors to contribute to your cause.

    Custom Printing For Nonprofits

    Custom nonprofit printing ensures that you present the best possible image to donors and the public. By printing your own customized materials, you can make sure all of your products contain exactly the information you need and produce your intended effect.

    Forge Connections With Non Profit Business Cards

    Making connections is crucial for all successful nonprofit organizations. By networking and building links, you’re able to inspire donations, increase educational outreach, and amass increased resources. Therefore, print customized business cards that help you make a great first impression!

    When designing your non profit business cards, make yourself easy to remember. This means placing your name, position, and organization’s name prominently on your card. As well, if your organization has a tagline, consider including it in your business card. Include design elements that will help new contacts remember you and how your organization is making the world a better place.

    In short, never underestimate the power of your business card. A great business card will inspire new acquaintances to keep in touch, so make the most of this opportunity!

    Spread The Word With A Non Profit Flyer

    Flyers are handy and versatile items that help you widely disseminate information in your target community. If you’re looking for an easy way to spread exciting news, look no further than custom flyers!

    As a nonprofit, one of your top goals is inspiring action. Therefore, whether your goal is inspiring readers to donate money, become volunteers, or attend an event, make sure to include a concrete call to action on your non profit flyer. Some people might only see your flyer as they quickly walk past, so make your call to action noticeable enough to stand out when readers only glance at your flyer for a second.

    Educate The Public With A Non Profit Brochure

    Printing your own custom non profit brochures lets you educate readers on your core issues and inspire them to help your mission. Use a design and color scheme that complements your nonprofit’s goal.

    For example, if your organization benefits children, bright colors, light-hearted fonts and crayon drawings all help readers keep the children in mind when they read your materials.

    On the other hand, if your organization is fighting world hunger, for example, a more somber tone would be appropriate. For advice on non profit brochure design tailored to your organization’s goal, feel free to ask ZoePrint’s design team for ideas.

    Professional Printing Helps You Make The World A Better Place!

    When it’s time to bring your nonprofit’s printed materials to the next level, ZoePrint can help you make it happen! We provide custom printed materials for nonprofits that want to make connections and change the world. We can even design your non profit business cards, flyers, and brochures for you.

    To get started with your new non profit flyer, brochure, or business card, order online or request a custom quote!

    Design The Perfect Day With Wedding Program Printing!

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    Something old, something new, something borrowed, something…printed! When wedding bells are ringing, it’s crucial to organize your attendees and help them keep track of the festivities. This is where wedding program printing comes in.

    By providing structure for the wedding service, your programs keep everything running smoothly. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about wedding program printing!

    Wedding Program Printing: What To Keep In Mind

    If producing the perfect cheap wedding programs sounds like an overwhelming task, there is no need to worry! Here is ZoePrint’s list of the top tips that will help you print the best wedding programs, whether you’re on a budget or can spend as much money as you wish.

    Choose A Paper That Fits The Occasion

    A wedding is one of the most special days for a couple and their family’s lives. Therefore, celebrate the special day by printing on a beautiful paper that is appropriate for the occasion.

    Some top papers for cheap wedding programs that still look great include 80# and 100# gloss text paper. If you’re looking for a sturdier paper that will hold up for years, options such as 80# and 100# gloss cover paper are worth considering. These papers make for great keepsakes, so attendees will be able to look back at your programs for years to come.

    Collaborate On A Beautiful Design

    Many attendees will hold onto your wedding program for the rest of their lives. Therefore, make your design count! A wedding is an authentic expression of love, so be sure that your wedding programs are an authentic expression of the couple. Let their personalities show through!

    If the wedding has a color theme, incorporate those colors into your design, and coordinate your wedding font with your other materials including invitations and place settings.

    ZoePrint’s expert design team is always happy to help you create a design that adds the perfect touch to your special day.

    Provide Space For Stories

    Wedding programs are beautiful no matter their size. If you want to add a sentimental element to your program, include the story of how the couple met. Writing it in the pair’s own words makes the story even more beautiful. You can even add a short welcome message from the couple and their families.

    To provide space for these beautiful wedding narratives, you can either print on the front and back of a larger program, such as a 4x9 program, or print a small booklet. This will also provide ample space for details about the wedding party, images of the couple, and any other information you’d like to include that makes the special day even more heartwarming.

    Get Ready To Celebrate With ZoePrint

    No matter your wedding traditions, ZoePrint is ready to help you celebrate them! We offer affordable wedding program printing so that you can dedicate more money to other aspects of your event. We can also design your program for you!

    To order the wedding programs that make your wedding into a fairytale, order online or ask for a custom quote today.

    < h1>“Fly” Across The Finish Line With Race Flyer Printing

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    On your mark, get set, go! Organizing a race is a rewarding experience that helps community members stay fit and contributes to your cause. Printing a top-tier 5k race flyer is one of the most important steps to help participants learn about your race and sign up.

    If you’re looking to stay in front of the pack with a race flyer that encourages attendance, this is the article for you! Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about how to print a race flyer that brings participants running to your event.

    Race Flyer Design And Printing

    Printing a flyer is as easy as a walk–or run–in the park. Whether you’re printing a marathon, fun run, or 5k flyer, these design and printing tips will help you make a big impression.

    Let Runners Know Where Their Money Is Going

    Many races are exciting charitable events. If the proceeds from your race are going to a good cause, say so on your flyer. Explain what the runners’ money will be supporting, whether it’s your organization, a non-profit, or another cause. When they see the good that their money will do, they’ll be more inclined to register.

    Printing In Multiple Sizes Increases Flexibility

    The beauty of flyers is the sheer number of possible flyer paper sizes. To develop a multi-prong flyer approach, we recommend printing more than one size. For example, print in a larger size such as 8.5x11 or 11x17 to post on walls, as well as a smaller size such as 4.25x5.5 or 4x6 to hand out on the street, place on a counter, or include in a goody bag. You can even print 4x9 flyers, which fit perfectly in rack card stands and will get seen quickly!

    Spread The Word About Your Early Bird Price

    In 2021, 25% of racers signed up for the race during the week of the event. One great way to encourage attendance at your race is by providing a discount for those who sign up early. Lure in participants by adding a note on your flyer that pre-registration can qualify participants for an early bird discount.

    Create A Design That Draws Eyes

    On a wall full of flyers, the most successful flyer is the one that gets noticed. In order to appeal to your target audience and attract more pairs of eyes, include bright colors in your design and focus the design on a central image or focus point. Whether that’s a photo or a block of text, make sure that your central design feature is intriguing and attracts as many eyes as possible.

    Color Printing Makes A Difference

    On a related note, your exciting design will make a greater impact when you print in color. Your 5k race flyer’s vibrant hues will stand out and drum up enthusiasm about your event, helping readers take the plunge and sign up.

    Don’t Forget Vital Information

    Of course, don’t omit the most important information! It’s crucial to include the following information on your race flyer. This means adding the following:

    • Race date and time
    • Starting location
    • Race length(s)
    • Entry cost
    • Where to get more information: your website, social media, and phone number

    Some motivated runners will go to your website or Facebook page to learn more, but be sure to provide enough information on your flyer that anyone can read it and know everything they need to know.

    ZoePrint Bonus Tip: If you’re looking to reach a larger audience, ask local institutions such as gyms, schools, and libraries if you can distribute your flyer at their locations. These organizations typically want to encourage their patrons’ health and will be likely to say yes. They can help you spread your flyers far and wide!

    Printing Your Race Flyer With ZoePrint Is No Sweat

    When it’s time to lace up your shoes and get ready to print your 5k race flyer, be sure to partner with ZoePrint! We offer many flyer paper, size, and printing options so you can print exactly what you have in mind, and our expert design team can even create a design for you.

    To get started with your cheap race flyer, place an order online or request a custom print from ZoePrint today!

    Organize A Successful Event With Program Printing

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    Planning an event is exciting. Help your attendees make the most of your carefully-planned event with professionally-printed event programs! Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about program printing that leads to successful events.

    What Is Program Printing?

    Event program printing is a broad concept, because event programs can come in many shapes and sizes. Some of the most common event programs include:

    • Booklets that provide in-depth information about many aspects of an event. These are fully-detailed and can be comprehensive guides to a program or event.
    • Flyers that provide key event details. They might simply list the sequence of events for a program along with the times when they take place.
    • Large-format signs that indicate when specific meetings or groups will take place.

    This variety means that event programs vary in length and size, since different meeting organizers might have different needs for their programs. Simply put, program printing makes all of these products possible.

    What To Include In Your Corporate Event Programs

    Assembling a program for your event might seem overwhelming, but luckily, it’s not as complicated as it may seem. Here are some of the key pieces of information to include in your event program design that help participants take full advantage of the day:

    • Name, date, and location of the event
    • List of meetings and activities with their locations and times
    • Map of the conference center or location
    • Names of your corporate sponsors or donors
    • A welcome message from the organization’s leaders or sponsor
    • Information about the surrounding area, including where to eat, hotels, and the local train station or airport
    • Information about how to join the organizing group, such as their website and social media

    A personal or social event program might not need all of these elements, so feel free to pick and choose the elements that are most relevant for your case.

    5 Top Tips For Event Program Printing

    Printing your own event programs gives you the freedom to choose the exact specifications that make the most sense for your event. Here are some of the decisions you can make.

    1. Choose A Size That Fits Your Needs

    2. Program sizes are highly flexible. Two of the most common sizes for booklet-style programs are 8.5x11 and 5.5x8.5. These provide the space and flexibility for ample information about your event. For an event program that only lists times and locations, you can hand out a one-page 4x9 program to participants as you welcome them in the door.

    3. Consider The Number Of Participants

    4. Deciding how many copies of your program to print is a balancing act. After all, you want to account for all of your participants, those who lose their programs and need replacements, and those who want an extra or a keepsake. However, try not to print too many copies because they are difficult to reuse. Reach out to your printing company if you’d like advice on how many programs to print.

    5. Add A Pop Of Color

    6. To print in color, or not to print in color? That is the question. Color printing adds pizzazz to your event programs, and it demonstrates your dedication to your event. On the other hand, black and white printing is cheaper, so it’s a great way to save money so that you can splurge on other aspects of your event.

      Luckily, we have a great compromise: consider printing your program’s covers in color and the interior pages in black and white. This is the best of both worlds; you can distribute a beautiful program that attracts eyes while also saving money.

    7. Think About Paper

    8. Another important aspect of program printing is paper choice, as your chosen paper will make an immediate impression on your attendees. You can choose a luxurious, thicker interior paper such as 100# gloss text or 100# dull text, or you can cut down on costs by going with a thinner paper such as 70# uncoated text or 80# gloss text.

      As well, an exciting aspect of booklet-style event programs is the possibility to include a thicker paper for the front and back covers. Some great options for cover papers include 80# uncoated cover, 100# gloss cover, and 100# dull cover. These will make your programs sturdier, ensuring that participants can use them over the course of the entire event.

    9. Keep The Number Of Pages In Mind

    10. A key feature of booklet-style programs is that the paper folding method used to create the booklets means that they have an even number of pages, typically increasing by 4 at a time. Therefore, feel free to print a program with 4, 8, 12, or 16 pages, all the way up to 40 pages. This will ensure that every page in your program is full of meaningful designs and information. Don’t leave any pages blank!

    Get Started With The Program Printing Experts at ZoePrint!

    When you’re ready to plan a great event, let ZoePrint take care of all your printing needs! Our decades of experience with program printing mean that we have the skills to help individuals and organizations of all sizes print the event materials you need. ZoePrint’s expert design team can even create your event program design for you.

    Get started by ordering cheap event programs online, or request a custom quote!

    Make A Great Impression With Plumbing Business Cards

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    plumbing business cards

    Marketing your plumbing business is all about making connections, and excellent plumbing business cards help you cement new relationships in style. Keep reading to learn the best tips to design and print plumbing business cards!

    How To Print Plumbing Business Cards

    Printing your own custom plumbing business cards is an easy process. By following these simple steps, your business cards will arrive at your doorstep in no time.

    Decide On A Size

    When printing your plumbing business cards, you can choose from a few sizes. The classic horizontal 3.5x2 size is the standard for a reason; it’s large enough to fit all of your important information and small enough to store in a wallet. This size is a great choice for all plumbing businesses.

    If you want to spice up your card and make an impression, consider printing a unique size or shape. From square to vertical business cards, and even cards in unique shapes, you can stand out from the crowd with an exciting size that draws attention and helps contacts remember you.

    Choose Your Preferred Paper

    choices, so you’ll always be able to find one that meets both your needs and your budget.

    Some of the most common papers include 12 point coated, 14 point coated, and 16 point coated paper, as well as 100# satin cover and 100# uncoated cover. All of these are sturdy options that give you a business card that will hold up and make a statement.

    Add A UV Coating

    To make your plumbing business cards stand out, add a UV coating that makes them shine! UV coating is a glossy coating that is applied to one side of your business card and then cured using a heating process. This process is available for all business card papers other than uncoated cover paper. A UV coating will draw all eyes to your beautiful business card!

    5 Top Design Ideas For Plumbing Business Cards

    You’re ready to take the plunge and design your own business cards. Now what? Now it’s time for ZoePrint’s top tips for designing custom plumbing business cards that get remembered!

    1. Incorporate Your Company’s Branding

    2. It’s never too early to help clients associate your company with excellent plumbing services. Therefore, be sure to include your company’s branding on your business cards, as well as design elements that help recipients easily remember that you’re a plumbing company. If your logo doesn’t contain any hints, consider adding a helpful image such as a faucet or a plunger, which makes this idea clear.

    3. Make Yourself Memorable

    4. A creative business card works wonders for helping clients remember your company when they need a plumber. From shape to color choice, consider adding some bold design elements that push your company to the front of clients’ minds.

      One excellent way to make your plumbing business memorable is by printing a magnetic business card that clients can put on their fridges. When people need plumbers, they often need them urgently, so clients don’t have time to rifle through their drawers looking for your card. A magnetic card is right there on the fridge, making it maximally easy for them to remember you and call you instead of your competitor.

    5. Take Advantage Of Both Sides

    6. If you’re not printing a magnetic business card, be sure to print on both sides of the card. After all, twice the space lets you provide twice as much information. You can include your name and your business’s name on one side and your contact information on the other side. Or, for a minimalist look, you can print your logo on one side and the rest of your information on the other. Either way, double-sided printing lets you include more details and make more of an impression.

      ZoePrint Bonus Tip: Expand your marketing strategy with an informative plumbing flyer and plumbing brochure! A successful marketing strategy consists of more than simply distributing business cards, of course. Therefore, it is also vitally important to print a plumbing flyer and plumbing brochure that complement your business cards and provide clients with more information about your services.

    7. Consider Color Psychology

    8. First and foremost, make sure the colors on your business card complement your company branding. After that, think about color psychology and the effects it can have on new clients. The color blue is a frequent choice for plumbing business cards because of its associations with water, as well as its how it represents calmness and serenity, which are emotions that people often need more of when dealing with plumbing issues!

      Get Design Advice From The Experts at ZoePrint!

      Here at ZoePrint, we’ve perfected the art of designing and printing plumbing business cards that work. We love helping plumbers make new connections and find new clients, and our top passion is for seeing our customers succeed.

      To get started printing your own custom plumbing business cards, order online or request a custom quote today!

    7 Bake Sale Flyer Ideas That Make Fundraising Sweet

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    bake sale flyer

    Bake sales are a classic fundraising technique. From school clubs to community groups, all types of organizations offer freshly-baked goods to people to spend money for a good cause. To maximize your potential impact, raise awareness about your sale with these top bake sale flyer ideas.

    Why Print Your Own Bake Sale Flyer?

    Planning a bake sale involves more than simply choosing a recipe and baking it. Simply put, spreading the word matters. If people don’t know about the sale in advance, they won’t make a point to show up. Or, if they do happen to walk by, they might not have any money with them. Therefore, encourage attendance–and opened wallets–by spreading flyers far and wide.

    Luckily, printing your own bake sale flyer is easy, affordable, and flexible. You can design the flyers exactly as you’ve imagined them, include precisely the information you would like, and have them quickly shipped to your door. And when working with an affordable printing company like ZoePrint, you can rest assured that printing your flyers will cost less, thereby increasing your profit margin and leaving you more money to dedicate to your organization’s goals!

    Bake Sale Flyer Ideas

    All successful bake sale flyers contain a few key features. Here are our top recommendations for bake sale flyer ideas that will bring hungry customers flocking to your event.

    1. Include Mouth-Watering Images
      include mouth watering images
    2. Baked goods are popular products that sell easily, so one easy way to advertise on your flyers is by showing images of the items you’ll be selling. Whether they’re photos, drawings, or graphics, images of delicious cookies, scrumptious brownies, and other tasty treats will lure customers who can’t wait to devour your baked goods.

    3. Make Your Goal Known
      Make Your Goal Known
    4. Be sure to include both the name of the group hosting the bake sale and what the money will contribute to. When people know what their money is going towards, they’ll be further inspired to chip in.

    5. Print On Paper That Makes Your Bake Sale Flyer Shine
      print on paper that makes your bake sale flyer shine
    6. When printing a bake sale flyer, you can choose from many papers, all of which influence how your finished flyers will look. The most common paper choices for great bake sale flyers include:

      • 70# uncoated text
      • 80# gloss text
      • 100# gloss text
      • 80# uncoated cover
      • 80# gloss cover
      • 100# gloss cover

      If you have a specific paper in mind or would like help choosing the best paper for your project, feel free to ask your printing company for advice.

    7. Spread The Word With Take-Home Flyers
      Spread The Word With Take-Home Flyers
    8. Bake sale flyers don’t only belong on bulletin boards. Consider printing multiple flyer sizes; you can post larger flyers on walls and distribute smaller flyers throughout your community. This is a particularly helpful tactic for school bake sales, as students can bring home flyers that keep their parents up to date. This also inspires parents to help prepare goodies, and maybe even drop by the school to buy some baked goods!

    9. Print In Color To Make Your Bake Sale Flyer Pop
      Print In Color To Make Your Bake Sale Flyer Pop
    10. The goal of your bake sale flyer is to get noticed, so print it in color to stand out. A vibrant flyer gets seen and makes a bigger impression, so color printing is definitely the way to go for a successful flyer that inspires its readers. This is particularly true for all kinds of school printing, including school flyers and posters, because the bright design draws the attention of young eyes.

    11. Don’t Forget The Where And When
      Don’t Forget The Where And When
    12. This point is pretty simple: people can only stop by your bake sale if they know where and when it is! Include the date, time, and place where people can congregate to buy your treats.

    13. Add More Information With A QR Code
      Add More Information With A QR Code
    14. QR codes are handy tools that let people easily find your website from your bake sale flyer. If you want to provide more information than can fit on your flyer, consider adding a QR code to your organization’s website, where you can include as much information as you want. This might include:

      • Further details about your organization and how the money from the sale will be spent
      • Ingredient lists and allergy warnings for the bake sal items
      • Additional information about upcoming organization meetings
      • How to join your group
      • And any other information you’d like the public to know.

    Partner With A Professional Printing Company!

    When you’re planning a bake sale, ZoePrint is ready to help you produce a bake sale flyer that brings in customers. With decades of experience printing high-quality and affordable flyers, we can help you through the process, and our design team loves to cook up bake sale flyer ideas that work.

    To get started printing your bake sale flyer, order online or request a custom quote!

    Send Mail In Style With The Best Announcement Envelope Sizes

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    When you mail personal or business letters, the envelopes you choose will be the first items that your recipients see. Therefore, make a great first impression by choosing from the best announcement envelope sizes that start your communication on the right foot. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about announcement envelope sizes that make a statement!

    What Are Typical Announcement Envelope Sizes?

    Simply put, which envelope you should choose will depend on the size of the letter you’re sending. Therefore, choosing an envelope comes later in the process, after you’ve decided which letter size fits the occasion.

    Here’s a quick guide to announcement envelope sizes, which we’ll expand upon below.

    Here are some of the most common announcement envelope sizes and when they might be the right choice for you.

    A2 Envelope Size

    The A2 envelope size is on the smaller side and is perfectly made to accompany A2 note cards. These envelopes are 5.75x4.375 and are well-designed for thank you cards and social cards for friends. The A2 envelope size provides the space for you to express yourself and send a message in style.

    A6 Envelope Size

    The A6 envelope size is the perfect middle ground between the A2 and A7 envelope sizes. At 4.75x6.5, the A6 envelope size is highly versatile and contains ample space for customization and decorative elements, while still being small enough to feel personable.

    An A6 envelope size is a great fit for any A6 note card, including sympathy cards, greeting cards, and much more.

    A7 Envelope Size

    The A7 envelope size is the largest standard announcement envelope size. At 5.25x7.25, this envelope is perfect for larger communications on A7 note cards such as invitations and personal notes.

    When you’re looking for an envelope size that provides space for beautiful decorative elements, the A7 envelope size is a great match. You can feel free to include special touches such as decorations around the return address and even a small message on the back of the envelope.

    Printing Your Own Customized Envelopes Is Easy

    If you’re sending many letters, ordering your own envelopes is a simple solution that saves you time and money. And, of course, the best part of printing your own envelopes is getting to create your own custom envelope design!

    Designing your own envelopes gives you control over what your recipients see when they receive your messages. As well, printing your own envelopes saves time and energy and eliminates the need to fill out every envelope by hand. Your shipment of envelopes arrives directly at your door, so you can order from the comfort of your home or workplace.

    ZoePrint Prints And Ships All Announcement Envelope Sizes!

    If you’re considering printing your own envelopes, ZoePrint is ready to help! Our affordable custom print and delivery service makes ordering all announcement envelope sizes easy. If you’re looking for ideas, our team can even take care of the design for you.

    We can’t wait to answer your questions and help you figure out the envelope that fits your needs. Order online or request a custom quote to get started!

    Spread Joy With Coloring Book Printing

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    coloring book printing

    Do you remember the wonderful feeling of losing yourself in a coloring book? Coloring is scientifically proven to improve cognitive and motor skills, so what better way to enjoy coloring than through your very own coloring book printing? Whether you’re creating a book for yourself, children, students, or customers, custom coloring book printing leads to self-expression, relaxation, and fun for all.

    Coloring Book Printing Is Versatile

    These days, coloring books aren’t only for kids–although children certainly enjoy using them to express their creativity. You can design your own coloring book for many different groups and situations, including the following:

    • In the classroom
    • In the classroom In free-time activity booklets
    • For hand-eye coordination training
    • For at-home child enrichment
    • To sell, both online and in person
    • For relaxation
    • For fine motor skills refinement
    • To distribute as gifts among friends
    • As memorable marketing materials
    • For fun!

    Whether for education, relaxation, or enrichment, coloring book printing can fit your needs and provide a creative outlet for all who use them.

    Coloring Book Printing Tips

    If you’re delving into custom coloring book printing, you have a rewarding experience ahead of you! Here is some design and printing advice that will help you create coloring books that look their best.

    Adapt Your Design For Your Users

    Coloring is an art, but so is the process of creating designs for coloring books. Whether you’re drawing your own designs for your books or are tracing pre-existing images, consider your users’ needs and adjust your images accordingly.

    Coloring books aimed at a younger audience frequently contain simpler images which provide more flexibility and assist artists with less-developed motor skills. For example, this coloring book image of a frog contains ample space for water and sky, where artists can color freely, as well as a few smaller elements, such as the flies, where they can add more details if desired.

    Coloring books for adults, on the other hand, can be much more complex, with intricate design elements that allow artists to lose themselves in the meditative process of coloring. Notice how the nuanced designs on the fish provide hundreds of details for artists to explore.

    Print In Color Where It Matters

    Consider printing your coloring book’s covers in color, but feel free to print the inside pages in black and white. After all, your recipients will be providing the color inside the books! As such, when you place an order with your printing company, consider submitting a custom order to specify which pages you’d like to print in color. This will lower costs while still providing engaging cover art.

    Consider Coloring Book Printing On Demand

    Depending on how you plan to use your coloring books, you may want to print them on demand. On demand printing consists of placing smaller orders and simply reordering when you need more copies, rather than printing a large number of copies and then storing them all until you use them.

    Coloring book printing on demand is a prime option for classroom coloring books; simply order enough books for one year’s classes, and then you can reorder the next year. This allows for decreased storage space and increased flexibility, as you can update your design before ordering more copies. As well, print on demand allows online vendors to maintain a small stock on-hand and subsequently print more copies when you receive the orders.

    On demand coloring book printing also works well for businesses which work with kids or even older adults and use the books as marketing materials or fun handouts. With on demand printing, you can change your message or designs frequently and don’t have to sink money into unneeded inventory.

    Bring Coloring Book Printing To Life With ZoePrint

    When you’re ready to print coloring books, let the expert ZoePrint team help! We’re dedicated to designing and printing high-quality, affordable coloring books that meet your needs. We love discussing all things printing, so let us know if you have any questions.

    To get started, order a black and white or full-color coloring book online, or submit a custom quote request to make your coloring book printing a reality!

    Increase Your Client Base With Referral Cards

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    referral-card-front  referral-card-front

    Did you know that 92% of customers trust referrals from people they know? Clearly, word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool, and consumers trust their friends, family, and even coworkers to make recommendations. Make the most of this trust by distributing referral cards that spread the word about your business. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about referral cards that bring new clients to your door.

    What Are Referral Cards?

    Referral cards are handy marketing tools. They are typically small cards that thank customers for their business and offer a reward for referring others to your company. All referral cards contain a few key elements, which we’ll explain.

    Thank You Message And An Offer

    First, make sure your clients know that you appreciate their business. Thank them for choosing you, and let them know the purpose of the referral card.

    Typically, a persuasive offer on referral cards might take the form of a discount on a future service, both for the customer who referred you and the new client. This makes the referral beneficial for everyone involved; the knowledge of the discount brings new clients through your door, and they can rest assured that they’re getting a good deal as they test out your business.

    Depending on your business model, your referral reward might take a different form. Perhaps clients who make referrals receive a free product sample or gift bag upon their next visit, or they could receive a free consultation appointment. Feel free to choose the offer that makes the most sense for your business goals.

    Space To Write Two Names

    This is one of the key aspects of a referral card: it should provide spaces for the names of both the referrer and the person who is being referred to your business. This allows for you to keep track of who is who in your records and provide your customers with their discounts.

    Company Branding

    As when printing any material for your business, don’t forget your business’s name and branding! Clients take your referral cards home with them and might keep them in their wallets or on the fridge before they make their referral, so be sure to include all of your identifying information to help your brand make an impression.

    For referral cards that are business card-sized, this identifying information is perfect for the back side of the card. This leaves ample space on the front for the referral offer and clients’ names. If you’re creating larger referral cards, feel free to include all of the information on one side.

    Referral Cards Come In All Shapes And Sizes

    Referral cards are flexible products that you can design however you see fit. If you’re considering printing your own, rest assured that you can print them on practically any size paper. Some common referral card sizes include:

    Further, you can choose whether you’d prefer a vertical or horizontal design, which then doubles your size choices. If choosing a size feels overwhelming, don’t worry! The ZoePrint team can provide advice on the most effective size and design for your specific project.

    Referral Cards Aid Businesses In All Sectors

    If you’re wondering whether printing customized referral cards can help your business, we have one simple answer: yes, they can! Virtually every business benefits from distributing thoughtfully-designed referral cards.

    The key to an effective referral card comes down to your design choices and whether you include a thoughtful, inspiring offer on your card. Here are some examples of businesses that can benefit from distributing referral cards.

    Salon Referral Cards

    Stylish salon referral cards are one of the most classic referral cards. They typically provide an attractive offer, such as if a customer refers a friend to your salon, both of them will receive a discount at their next appointments. When an acquaintance gives your client a compliment on their new haircut, they can receive a referral card and come experience the same high-quality hair care.

    Dentist Referral Cards

    Dentist referral cards are another frequent type of referral card. It’s common to offer a discount on a patient’s next cleaning when they refer a friend to your practice, and the friend will also receive a discount, so it’s a win-win situation. These referral cards bring in new patients without a large risk on your part.

    Thank You Referral Cards

    Tactful thank you referral cards can serve two purposes. They can thank customers for their business and politely ask for a referral, or they can thank customers for the referrals that they’ve already provided. Either way, thank you referral cards are gracious and promote your company as a trusted source that appreciates its customers.

    ZoePrint Designs And Prints Personalized Referral Cards

    Referred customers can raise your profits by at least 16%, so don’t wait to add referral cards to your marketing strategy. To get started printing referral cards that help new clients find you, partner with ZoePrint! Our team has decades of experience designing and printing print marketing materials for businesses in all sectors, and our team loves seeing our clients thrive. Request a custom quote or order online today!

    Grow Your Practice With Medical Flyers

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    Medical flyers are powerful and versatile tools. These convincing handouts provide patients with key information about your practice and their health, and they can even help potential patients decide whether they choose to visit your practice or your competitor. In this article, learn how to design and print an effective medical flyer that promotes your practice and encourages patient health.

    Medical Flyer Design Ideas

    First things first, develop a design for your medical flyer that conveys your intended message. Regardless of the flyer topic, help patients understand that you put their health first every time. When developing a design, remember the following steps.

    Start With Your Goal In Mind

    Medical flyers serve many different purposes, and as with any printed material, form follows function throughout the flyer design process. Determine the goal of the flyer first, and then make a list of the essential design elements. Some examples include:

    • For a flyer explaining a medical diagnosis or course of treatment, add a section describing possible patient outcomes.
    • A flyer promoting patient health might include a list of actions or exercises patients should do to avoid disease or promote recovery.
    • If you’re printing a flyer describing a new procedure, promoting your practice’s specialty, or introducing a type of machine, include illustrative photos to help readers understand what to expect.
    • Flyers listing in-network insurance plans might also briefly explain what to do when patients have questions about their coverage.
    • Medical flyers aimed at encouraging referrals from other medical practices should include detailed information about your practice so that doctors can make informed decisions about their referrals.
    • A great informational or marketing flyer about a medical practice frequently includes a photograph of the medical staff and a map showing where the practice is located.

    Whatever your goals are in printing a flyer, choosing your design elements thoughtfully will help you make an impact.

    Write Clear Copy

    Once you’ve decided on a design, it’s time to embark on one of the most important steps: writing text that readers will understand.

    Medical information is an important topic for everyone, no matter their education level, so using accessible language is a must. Break complicated ideas down into bullet point lists and use photographs or diagrams, when possible, to provide useful information without cluttering flyers with excessive text.

    Set The Tone With Your Visual Choices

    Many patients are hesitant to visit the doctor or dentist, so be sure to use your medical flyer design to encourage positive emotions. Blue and green are calming colors, so many successful medical flyers use a blue or green background to reassure viewers and promote your practice as a safe, relaxing place.

    As well, include one or more photos which make your practice personable. An image of the medical team, a practitioner interacting with a patient, or another positive scene helps viewers feel familiar with your office. Seeing a glimpse of the positive experience they could have at your office will make them more likely to pick up the phone and make an appointment.

    Make The Next Steps Clear

    f course, as with any printed material, include information that will help readers take action. This might mean inviting readers to make an appointment, explaining the healing process of a surgical procedure, explaining how to make a referral, and more. Always include your contact information and website so that readers can ask questions.

    If you’re feeling overwhelmed or simply want some advice from the experts, let ZoePrint’s design team take care of your medical flyer design for you.

    How To Print Medical Flyers

    So, you’ve finished your medical flyer design. Now what? Now it’s time to print your flyer so that you can start distributing it. Here are some of the important choices you’ll make when printing a medical flyer.

    Choose Your Preferred Medical Flyer Size

    The most common medical flyer size is 8.5x11, but don’t feel limited. If you have another size in mind, such as 5.5x8.5, 4x9, or even 8.5x14, feel free to pick whichever size you’d like.

    This step is important to consider while designing your flyer, to ensure that you’re creating a design that fits with your intended paper dimensions. However, if you’ve already developed a flyer and then realize you’d like to change your paper size, you can certainly do so. Consider reaching out to the ZoePrint team, who can optimize your design for any flyer dimension.

    Make An Impression With Paper

    When printing your medical flyer, one of the most important decisions you can make is which paper you’d prefer. After all, your paper choice says a lot about your practice’s values and professionalism. A paper such as 80# or 100# gloss text lets your colors and photographs shine through while still being lightweight and flexible.

    If you’re looking for a sturdier paper, consider choosing 80# or 100# gloss cover. These papers fold less easily, so your flyers will hold up for a long time. If you’d prefer to print your medical flyers on a different paper, ask your printing company about their options. They’re always excited to work with you to find a paper that meets your goals.

    Choose How Many Copies You’d Prefer

    Finally, it’s time to decide how many copies of your medical flyer you’d like to receive. This is simply a matter of preference. ZoePrint’s easy online ordering system makes it simple to order a small number of flyers and reorder when you need more. This process increases your flexibility and reduces waste, as a small change doesn't render huge stacks of flyers obsolete. If your office moves locations, a new doctor joins the practice, or you start performing a new procedure, it’s easy to change your flyers and print more.

    On the other hand, if you don’t plan on making any changes to your medical flyer, placing one large order is simple and means that you don’t need to think about ordering more for a long time. This option is easy and also decreases the cost of printing per page.

    Print Your Medical Flyers With A Professional Printing Company

    At ZoePrint, we have decades of expertise printing medical flyers that help practices flourish. We appreciate the power of good health and want to help you find new patients. Our affordable pricing, easy online ordering system, and passionate team is ready to get the job done! Order online or request out a custom quote for more information.

    Professional Sell Sheet Printing That Increases Sales: Why And How

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    When you’re making an effective sale, which marketing tools do you use? How do you quickly convince your audience that your product is the best option? A high-quality sell sheet is a sure-fire product that demonstrates your company’s superiority and makes an impression.

    In this article, we’ll explain how professional sell sheet printing helps your business, and we’ll break down the process of printing sell sheets that lead to increased sales.

    Top Benefits of Professional Sell Sheet Printing

    Your business deserves the best printed marketing products, so when creating items as important as your sell sheets, opting for a professional printing company is the way to go. Here are some of the reasons why a professional printing company is the best choice for your sell sheets.

    • Increased options. Simply put, a professional printing company can offer printing options that in-house printing can’t. From increased paper choices, to special finishing processes and more, a professional printer can create sell sheets that look exactly as you imagined them.
    • Top reliability. A professional printing company does every job with uniformly excellent quality, holding each sell sheet to the same high standard.
    • Speedy printing and delivery. When meeting with prospects and making sales, you don’t have time to wait. Professional printing companies such as ZoePrint produce your sell sheet order quickly and ship directly to you, so you have them when you need them.

    While you might consider printing your sell sheets yourself on a standard office printer, take into consideration the potential delays and mishaps that can take place when printing in the office, as well as office printers’ lower print quality. Professional printers typically use higher quality, well-maintained digital presses to produce your job. Outsourcing to a professional printing company is an easy way to avoid pitfalls while ensuring the highest quality sell sheets.

    Sell Sheet Printing Tips And Tricks

    Partnering with a professional printing company to bring your sell sheet ideas into the world is an easy process that lets you incorporate creativity. When printing your sell sheets, here are some of the steps you get to take and decisions you can make.

    Design A Sell Sheet That Puts Your Product First

    This first step is crucial. After all, the content of your sell sheet is what makes or breaks your sales pitch, so nailing down an effective design is the first step in printing sales sheets that make a difference.

    Remember to include your logo and company name, a short introduction paragraph, visuals and key statistics, product specifications, and an inspiring call to action. Recipients will hold onto your sale sheet after your meeting is finished, so be sure that the sheet can stand on its own and convince buyers without you in the room. Distill your product down to its most essential qualities and benefits, and include them in an aesthetically-pleasing design.

    If you’re feeling stuck on your sell sheet design, feel free to ask the professional design team at ZoePrint for help or check out some online design ideas.

    Choose A Sell Sheet Size

    When designing your sell sheet, keep your intended paper size in mind. Almost all sell sheets are an 8.5x11 size, so this isn’t typically a difficult decision. An 8.5x11 sell sheet provides the space you need to provide informative details about your product while still fitting into standard notebooks and portfolios.

    However, you could also choose to think outside the box and print on an alternate size paper, such as 4x9 or 8.5x14. There are no wrong choices, so simply consider which size would be most effective for your specific product and marketing goals.

    Make A Statement With Your Paper

    Your paper choice makes a statement, so be sure that you print your sell sheets on a paper that sends the message you intend.

    If you’re looking to make an impression, consider a paper such as 80# or 100# gloss text paper. Gloss papers usually lead to brighter and more vibrant colors, so they’re a great choice for items such as sell sheets, where stand-out visuals are a vital aspect of your marketing strategy.

    If you want to pull out all the stops, opt for a 80# or 100# gloss cover paper. These papers are stronger and sturdier, while still providing the bright ink tones that draw attention to your visuals. Printing on these papers demonstrates your dedication to your product and shows recipients that you’re willing to invest in marketing materials for a product you believe in.

    Team Up With A Professional Sell Sheet Printing Company

    As we’ve discussed, teaming up with a professional printing company is the best way to ensure that your sell sheet strategy leads to sales. At ZoePrint, our expertise with sell sheet design and printing makes us the perfect partner for all of your print marketing needs. Our team is dedicated to helping companies meet their goals.

    To get the ball rolling on the best sell sheet printing, order online or request a custom quote from ZoePrint today!

    Landscaping Business Cards Help Your Business Bloom

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    landscaping business cards

    Landscaping business cards are the foundations of any successful landscaping company. They’re easy and affordable to print, and they help clients remember your name. Simply put, well-designed, modern landscaping business cards keep new customers calling. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about landscaping business card ideas that help your company grow!

    The Importance Of Landscaping Business Cards

    When starting or growing your business, a tried and true marketing approach maximizes your potential to find new clients. Think of your landscaping business cards as the seeds of your company. By spreading them far and wide, you increase the chances that some leads will take root and blossom into new clients.

    When you complement a range of successful marketing techniques with excellent business cards, you further elevate your business profile and make it possible for clients to find you. After all, beautiful flowers can only bloom if you’ve planted enough seeds and nurtured them through the growing process. Soon, you will have a flourishing garden of clients!

    Landscaping Business Card Ideas

    Hopefully we’ve helped you understand the importance of distributing top-tier modern landscaping business cards. Now, let’s dig into the design process. Here are some ideas to keep in mind as you make your business cards a reality.

    Demonstrate Your Design Style

    Landscaping is both a skill and an art. Show clients that you have an eye for design via stylish business cards that provide a glimpse into your unique sense of agricultural aesthetics. After all, customers want their properties to look beautiful, and your business cards are the first piece of evidence that they can use to judge how you understand landscaping.

    Green Is (Almost Always) The Way To Go

    When in doubt about your color scheme, go with green. Bright green is a typical color for landscaping business cards because it makes clients think of beautiful, healthy grass and flourishing outdoor spaces. In fact, consumers in all fields associate the color green with growth, nature, and life. It’s therefore a safe bet for any landscaping business.

    On the other hand, if you’d like to subvert expectations and make a splash, try switching up your background color and including a different design element that invokes landscaping, such as flowers.

    Differentiate Yourself From The Crowd

    Landscaping companies are numerous, so it’s important to show that you stand out from the competition. If you have a specialty, such as low-water landscaping or flowerbed design, be sure to reference it on your card so that clients can get a feel for what makes you special.

    Even if your company doesn’t have a specific focus, be sure to emphasize some top selling points or services that you provide on your business cards. Clients can choose from many landscaping companies, so use your business cards to help them choose you.

    Use Both Sides Of The Card To Your Advantage

    When considering your landscaping business cards ideas, you can choose to print one-sided or two-sided cards. Here at ZoePrint, we recommend printing on both sides when possible. Printing one-sided business cards saves money in the short term, but you are only able to impart half as much information to your recipients. If this reduced amount of information and examples of your design prowess leads clients to choose other landscaping businesses instead of yours, then you’ve lost even more money. So, consider printing on both sides of the card to make as strong an impression as possible.

    Print Your Landscaping Business Cards With ZoePrint

    When you’re ready to spread the seeds of your landscaping business, let ZoePrint take care of everything. With decades of experience printing and distributing excellent and affordable products, we can make your business cards a reality. Our stellar graphic design team can even design them for you! To get started, order online or ask for a custom quote.

    Custom Flashcards Help Students Succeed

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    custom flashcards

    Flash cards are vital in any teacher or learner’s toolkit. By printing your own custom flashcards, you can create a top-tier education that helps students understand new ideas. Keep reading to learn the essentials of flash card printing that helps classrooms succeed!

    Flash Card Printing Provides Flexible Classroom Solutions

    Teachers and students benefit from custom flash cards printing. They’re helpful tools for schools, tutors, teachers, parents, and learners of all ages. Whether you’re printing custom flashcards for your students, your children, or yourself, they’re the perfect educational supplements that facilitate easy learning.

    Some top uses for custom flashcards include:

    • Foreign language study
    • Phonics and reading
    • Math (multiplication and division tables, addition and subtraction)
    • Historical events
    • Periodic table and scientific terms
    • Medical school studying
    • SAT, ACT, GRE, MCAT, and LSAT studying
    • Religious topics for churches and synagogues
    • Driver training, dance instruction, and sports training
    • Weight loss, nutrition, yoga, barre, and exercise
    • Rock, fossil, plant and flower identification, along with other hobbies
    • Playing cards for games
    • And more! The sky’s the limit.

    It’s easy to print flashcard templates that you then write yourself or print individual customized flashcards, each printed with their own term and definition. You can even create learning or exploration games using flashcards; they aren’t simply for rote memorization. Flashcards are versatile tools that can adapt to your and your students’ needs.

    How To Print Custom Flash Cards

    Flash card printing is easy. Here are ZoePrint’s top tips and tricks for printing custom flashcards that make a difference in the classroom.

    Choose A Size With Your Intended Use In Mind

    As the saying goes, form follows function, and flash card printing is no exception. The flashcard size you choose depends on how you intend for your students to use the cards. For example, terms such as single vocabulary words or equations can be printed on small cards such as 5.5x4.25.

    If you’re printing flashcards for memory games or other in-class activities, you can go even smaller, such as 3.5x2, 2.5x2.5, or even 1x2.75. These sizes are small, affordable, and easy to store in the classroom or at home without taking up too much space.

    On the other hand, if you’re printing custom flash cards that contain larger amounts of information or that students will fill out themselves, it would be a good idea to opt for larger sizes such as 6.25x4.5 or even 7x5, which give students plenty of space to write.

    Decide On Your Favorite Paper

    You can choose from many paper options when printing custom flash cards. Some of the most common papers for custom flash cards printing include 80# uncoated premium cover, 80# gloss cover, and 100# cover uncoated 100% post consumer waste recycled paper. However, if you prefer a different paper, feel free to ask! Your printing company can accommodate nearly any request.

    Add A Splash Of Color

    Depending on your flashcards’ intended uses and users, consider printing in color. Color printing is a great choice for younger students, as it increases interest and engagement, as well as for any flashcards that contain pictures or images. Flashcards printed in color are engaging and clear.

    As well, color printing is great for students of any age who are using flashcards that make use of categories. This could include printing words with various parts of speech each in its own color, separating academic subjects by color, or using any other type of organizational strategy. You can also print on many different color papers. Let your creativity run free!

    Consider Finishing Processes

    Once your flashcards have been printed, your printer can add finishing processes that make them even better adapted for the classroom or for home use.

    Laminating your cards makes them reusable; students can write ideas and answers on them with dry erase markers and easily wipe them clear. Lamination also protects the cards from spills and other accidents.

    If you’re working with young children, consider rounding the corners on your flashcards. Papercuts are no fun, and flash cards with smooth corners make learning more enjoyable for everyone.

    Print Your Custom Flashcards With ZoePrint!

    When you’re ready to jump into flash card printing, ZoePrint is by your side. With decades of experience, we’re experts at designing and printing all types of flashcards, and we ship directly to you or your school, all at an affordable price. We love working with schools of all sizes and want to help you help your students succeed. To get started with ZoePrint’s custom flash card printing services, order online or request a custom quote!

    Set The Table With Delicious Placemat Printing

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    placemat printing

    Curating an excellent dining experience involves every aspect of your restaurant. The moment guests sit down at the table, impress them with stylish placemats that elevate their visit and whet their appetites. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about placemat printing that brings diners back for more!

    Paper Placemat Printing Saves Time And Energy

    Restaurants are hives of activity, and your front of house staff is constantly on the move. Placemat printing makes your employees’ jobs easier, giving them more time and energy to focus on serving your customers. Here are some of placemat printing’s top benefits.

    • Easier cleanup. Collecting the placemats after a meal dramatically reduces the amount of cleanup needed to prepare a table for the next seating. By catching food particles, drips, and other stains, the tablecloth or table underneath stays cleaner.
    • Expedited ordering. Including your menu on your placemats helps diners choose their dishes quickly, saving everyone time. They can inspect the menu from the moment they sit down, and seeing your mouth watering menu will increase their appetites.
    • Speedier service. Clearing placemats only takes a second, whereas wiping a table clear is a lengthier process. Using paper placemats saves your hard-working employees valuable time.
    • Increased hygiene. Hygiene and food safety are paramount, and disposable placemats provide protection for both guests and staff. By replacing the placemats, you provide a fresh eating surface for each guest.
    • Guest entertainment. Who says placemats need to be boring? Family-friendly restaurants can include fun activities on their placemats, such as word search puzzles, tic tac toe games, and conversation starter questions that make mealtimes fun for all.

    Paper placemats are extremely versatile. In addition to restaurants, they are perfect for events such as weddings and dinner gatherings. Placemats are helpful whenever food is being served!

    Placemat Printing Design Tips

    The paper placemat printing process is full of choices that help you create the perfect dining experience. Here are some of ZoePrint’s top pieces of advice as you’re making your placemats a reality.

    Pick A Size, Any Size

    When it comes to placemat sizes, the sky’s the limit. Some common sizes include 14x11, 17x11, and 18x12. However, feel free to discuss sizing with your printing company, who can work with you to create a custom size that fits your tables.

    Decide On Your Preferred Paper

    Your printing company offers myriad papers, letting you choose the paper option that best fits your style and budget.

    70# uncoated text paper is a great option for placemat printing. It’s slightly thicker than copy paper, and it sets the table for a great meal. This paper is particularly popular in casual dining and family-friendly restaurants, but its versatility makes it a great choice for any table.

    If you’re looking to elevate your guests’ dining experiences, a fancier option such as a silk or gloss paper adds luxury. The smooth texture or shine of these papers turn every meal into fine dining.

    If you want to make a difference in the world, print on recycled paper that puts your environmentally-friendly spirit into action. Choosing a recycled paper lets guests know that you’re a responsible steward of the earth. This is a particularly fitting choice for organic or vegetarian restaurants, restaurants focusing on healthy eating, and any establishment that wants to take care of the planet.

    Choose Between Color Or Black And White Placemats

    One foundational decision during the design process is whether you’d rather print full-color or black and white placemats. Luckily, each option has benefits, so there’s no wrong answer.

    Black and white placemats are an economical choice. By only using one color, you save money that you can spend elsewhere. Black and white placemats are also subtle and classy, letting diners focus on their food and conversations. As well, black and white placemats can easily provide games for kids…coloring with crayons and word search puzzles work great in black and white.

    Color placemat printing provides excitement, drawing attention and helping diners engage with their meals. If you plan to include activities for children on your placemats, color printing helps them pay attention, making the dining experience more fun for the children and adults alike.

    Another great advantage of color placemat printing is the ability to include your name or logo in color, as well as color photographs of your food that whet diners’ appetites. Never miss an opportunity to help customers interact with your brand!

    Don’t Gloss Over Finishing Processes

    Finishing processes add panache to your paper placemat printing. Some common finishing options for placemats include lamination and rounded corners.

    Laminating your placemats protects them from all manner of accidents and spills. This is a great option if you want to reuse placemats, as laminated placemats are easy to clean and disinfect between seatings.

    Including rounded corners on your placemats provides an element of luxury. This is a simple process that impresses guests and lets them know that you care about all aspects of their dining experience.

    Printing companies offer many finishing processes that add flair to your placemats, so be sure to ask if you’re looking for specific options. Your printing company can work with you to create exactly what you have in mind!

    Make Meals A Success With ZoePrint’s Placemat Printing Services

    When you’re ready to get started with affordable paper placemat printing, ZoePrint is here to help! We offer both full-color and black and white placemats in all sizes, as well as speedy service and nationwide shipping. If you’re looking for specific papers, dimensions, or processes, feel free to ask: chances are, we can print the exact placemats you’re looking for! Order online or request a custom quote to get started.

    Cheer For Your Team With Sports Program Printing

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    sports programs

    Sports program printing is one of the best ways to communicate with fans and commemorate games. What would a football match or other sports event be without a great program? Make sure you’re at the top of your game with sports program printing that keeps your team and your fans on the same page.

    What To Include In Your Sports Program

    Your program elevates your team spirit, so include all of the following elements that help both your team and supporters follow their favorite players.

    Include High-Quality Photos

    To create an outstanding program, professional photos are a great place to start. The better the quality of the photography, the better the printed images will look, so use the best camera possible and include high-quality image files.

    Highlight Your Players

    Excellent programs will inspire your fans, so let them know who all of the players are and include statistics for each player and the team as a whole. Be sure to include mini biographies of the team members and coaching staff, the team schedule, and feature stories about the team’s escapades.

    Boost Your Team Sponsors

    If your team has local sponsors, thank them in your program. They’ve supported you, and your program is the perfect place for you to support them in turn.

    You can also sell advertising space in your sports programs to businesses in your community. This is a great way to make some extra money. If you plan it well, your programs’ advertising income can substantially offset the cost of printing, allowing you to budget for more copies, fancier papers, and other deluxe elements.

    Sports Program Printing Ideas

    When it comes to the printing process, get the highest quality digital or offset printing you can afford. Here are some of the decisions you get to make throughout the printing process.

    Design With The End Product In Mind

    Make sure you have a talented designer creating the program. Feature your team colors and mascot, and provide a cogent layout that’s easy to read. If you’re looking for help on your program, feel free to consult with the expert design team at ZoePrint and check out some sports program template ideas online.

    Pick A Size

    An important step in the design process is deciding on a paper size. Two typical sizes for sports programs are 5.5x8.5 and 8.5x11.

    5.5x8.5 sports programs are cost-efficient, so you can print more copies for the same price. Their smaller size also makes them easy to slip into a purse or a locker.

    8.5x11 sports programs give you more space to spread out and include details. You can even incorporate full-page ads from community partners, team player biographies, and supportive messages from family members.

    Cover Your Bases With A Stylish Cover Paper

    If you’re looking to step your sports program up a notch, consider upgrading your cover paper. Some great cover paper options include 80# uncoated cover, 100# gloss cover, and 100# dull cover paper.

    Each of these papers will make your sports program both more durable and more eye-catching, turning a simple program into a keepsake that team members, family members, and community members will treasure.

    Choose Your Preferred Binding

    One of the last steps is to decide what type of binding to use. Although most programs are folded and stitched magazine style, you can also use stapled binding, coil binding, or perfect (soft cover) binding for a different look. If you’re printing a four-page program, you can even request a program with folded pages and no binding, which saves money.

    Print Affordable Sports Programs With ZoePrint

    When it comes to outstanding cheap sports program printing, ZoePrint is your best source. Our two standard booklet sizes, 8.5x5.5 and 8.5x11, are perfect for sports programs! And with our digital printing, you can print as few or as many copies as you need and get your printed programs fast. Click here to see our cheap sports program printing pricing, or request a custom quote today.

    School Flyers Keep Students And Families On The Same Page

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    School Flyers Keep Students and Families on the same page

    Schools are community gathering places full of life and activity. Due to the many events that take place in every school, all sorts of school flyers are posted in the hallways and sent home with students. In this handy guide, we’ll explain what you need to know about every kind of school flyer, including design tips, examples, and more.

    How To Design And Print A School Flyer

    Creating school flyers is a creative and fun process. Whether you’re creating a 100th day of school flyer or a summer school flyer, here are some ideas to keep in mind.

    Design With Your Students In Mind

    As you’re designing your flyers, consider who will be reading them. If students are reading the flyers, what are their reading levels? Consider adding engaging images so that students of all ages can appreciate them. If your flyers are targeted towards older students or adults, feel free to include more text.

    Choose Your Preferred Flyer Size

    Flyers are extremely versatile and exist in all sizes, from miniature flyers perfect for bringing home to families, to large flyers for posting on bulletin boards in the hallway or library. Some of the most common school flyer sizes include:

    If you’re raising awareness for an important on-campus event, one great idea is to print two versions of your flyer: one on a smaller paper, which you send home with students, and one on a larger paper, which is perfect for plastering around the school. (Don’t forget to distribute flyers for larger-scale events throughout your community, as well! Many local libraries, restaurants, and businesses love to display flyers to support school fundraisers and events.)

    Decide On Your Document’s Borders

    Would you like your printed flyer to include color all the way to the edges of the paper? If so, make sure to include bleed in your document, which consists of extending your design an extra 0.125” beyond the edges of the document. That way, when it’s printed and cut to size, the color will fill the whole page.

    Choose Your Paper

    When printing your school flyers, you can choose from many papers. There’s no right or wrong paper; they all provide different thicknesses and glosses. Some of the most common papers for school flyers include:

    • 70# uncoated text
    • 80# gloss text
    • 100# gloss text
    • 80# uncoated cover
    • 80# gloss cover
    • 100# gloss cover

    All of these papers are excellent options for school flyers. Feel free to contact your printing company with any questions about which paper would work best for your flyers.

    School Flyer Examples

    If you’re looking for inspiration, look no further! Let these school flyer template examples give you ideas as you create your own.

    Back To School Flyer

    Back to school flyer

    Start the year on the right foot with an encouraging back to school flyer. Students might be nervous about the new year, new teacher, and new friends, so posting welcoming flyers is a great way to motivate students to try their best and approach the new year with a positive mindset.

    Summer School Flyer

    Summer School Flyer

    Over summer break, don’t let students forget what they’ve learned during the year! Help them learn year-round with an exciting summer school flyer. This is a great flyer to distribute to families to provide ideas of what their children can do to keep their brains active between May and September.

    Extracurricular Opportunity Flyer

    extracurricular opportunity flyer

    When your school offers special events, performances, or enrichment courses, be sure to raise awareness around campus with well-designed flyers. Include all relevant information on your flyer so that interested students know where and when to show up, as well as how to find more information if needed.

    Motivational School Flyer

    Motivational Flyer

    Students deserve lots of encouragement and guidance during the school day. Distribute flyers throughout your school that provide the structure and support that students need.

    Print Your School Flyers With ZoePrint!

    Here at ZoePrint, we have decades of experience printing school flyers that increase excitement for students of all ages and keep schools running smoothly. We’re dedicated to education, and our team is excited to help you design and print flyers that help students reach their goals. To get started, order online or ask us for a custom quote!

    Custom Product Tags Make Sales Easy

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    Custom Product Tags

    As a small business owner, you’re responsible for your company’s success. If you work in retail, you know that some of your most-important and most-used printed items are your product tags.

    In this article, we’ll explain the ins and outs of merchandise tags, including why they’re important and some key design tips.

    Merchandise Tags Explained

    Product tags are vital for both online and in-person retailers. These small but mighty items are attached to every product in your store, and they let customers know what they’re looking at and how much each product costs. They are therefore indispensable for any retail business.

    Merchandise tags contribute to your store’s brand. After all, these tags are placed on every product you offer, so they’re highly visible and should therefore encourage interaction with your products.

    Design Tips For Product Tags

    Creating merchandise tags is a fun process that gives you the chance to reflect on your business. Here are some of ZoePrint’s top tips for designing custom hang tags that make operations easier.

    Let Form Follow Function

    Consider the products you sell. If you carry a consistent stock of merchandise, go ahead and print custom tags for each item you sell. This is a great plan for businesses that offer a smaller number of items and are confident that their products will remain similar over time.

    If the products you offer change frequently, then it might be a good idea to print hang tags that leave spaces for you to hand-write each product’s name and price. This is a good strategy for businesses such as vintage boutiques with a constantly-evolving stock.

    If you have any design questions, feel free to contact the helpful experts at ZoePrint for advice.

    Don’t Forget Marketing

    While hang tags might seem to be mere sales tools, don’t forget their marketing power as well. Once customers make a purchase, they bring the product tag home with them along with the merchandise, so they will be looking at the product tag long after they’ve left your store.

    Consider including your website URL or contact information on one side of your hang tags so that customers can keep in touch. After all, it’s worth capitalizing on every opportunity to maintain connections with customers!

    Above all, when you’re designing your merchandise tags, stay true to your store’s branding, but don’t be afraid to make a splash. Customers will enjoy well-designed product tags that showcase your originality!

    Consider Your Size

    Product tags are typically on the smaller side. However, you still have some flexibility and choice when it comes to deciding on your preferred size. Four of the most common sizes for merchandise tags include horizontal 3.5x2 cards, vertical 2x3.5 cards, square 2.5x2.5 cards, and mini 1x2.75 cards. All of these sizes provide enough space for the product name and price, as well as your business’s name and logo.

    Finishing Processes Make Your Job Easier

    Many printers offer helpful finishing services so that you don’t have to do them yourself. For example, talk to your printing company about providing hang tags with a hole punched in the corner for easy hanging on your merchandise.

    Your printing company can also provide other handy finishing services including beautiful UV coating, which adds a shiny layer to your product tags to help them get noticed.

    Take Care Of Your Product Tag Printing With ZoePrint!

    You have your hands full with every other aspect of running a business, so let ZoePrint handle your product tag printing. With decades of experience, we’re experts at printing product tags that help businesses thrive, and our enthusiastic team can’t wait to work with you. We can even design your custom hang tags for you, giving you time to focus on your business. Order online or request a custom quote today!

    Social Media Cards Increase Positive Reviews

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    Social media cards increase positive reviews

    As a small business owner, you know that social media is an ever-growing market for finding new clients and increasing your influence in your community. Distributing well-crafted social media cards is one top strategy that gets your brand out there and encourages people to connect with you online.

    In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about social media cards, including why they’re important, how to print social media business cards that impress, and more!

    Why Are Social Media Cards Important?

    Social media cards are useful tools that encourage and inspire clients to reach out to you on social media. They’re typically simple and to the point, and they provide your social media handles so that people can reach out to you online.

    Distributing these cards is a savvy business move because it leads to two important increases: reach and reviews. Social media algorithms make followers and interactions increasingly important. In other words, the more people interact with your social media posts, the easier other users can find your posts. So, when you use social media cards to help current clients find your social media, you’re therefore helping future clients find you as well.

    In addition, many social networking sites such as Facebook and Yelp allow users to leave reviews. The more online reviews you have and the better those reviews are, the more likely prospective clients are to try out your services. Distributing social media cards helps encourage these reviews.

    All in all, social media cards are well worth purchasing. The cost of printing is easily recuperated in the new business you gain from your increased online presence.

    Many Sectors Benefit From Social Media Cards

    In today’s increasingly digital marketplace, it’s nearly impossible to run a successful business without a strong online presence. That’s why distributing social media business cards is a great idea for organizations in nearly every sector. Some businesses that are particularly well-suited for distributing social media cards include:

    In sum, if social media is part of your marketing plan, distributing social media cards is a top-notch way to bring attention to your online presence.

    How To Design Effective Social Media Business Cards

    As you’re designing social media cards, keep the following tips in mind.

    Size For Success

    Social media cards are typically the size of business cards. Typically, social media business cards are vertical 2x3.5, horizontal 3.5x2, square 2.5x2.5, or mini 1x2.75. All of these sizes provide ample space for your logo and all of your social media handles.

    Double-Sided Cards Provide Twice The Message

    Typically, one side of your cards provides enough space for a list of your social media handles. Therefore, consider using the other side of the card to make an even bigger impression. This might consist of thanking a customer for their purchase, reminding them to visit your office again, or simply including your logo.

    If you provide a few different services or types of products, you can even print multiple versions of your social media business cards that are personalized for these niches.

    UV Coating Adds A Layer of Excitement

    UV coating is a shiny layer that can be added to printed materials as part of the finishing process, and it creates a beautiful sheen that glints in the light. Including a UV coating on your social media cards is a great way to help them get noticed.

    Print Your Social Media Cards With ZoePrint!

    Here at ZoePrint, we’re experts at designing, printing, and distributing social media cards that help your business get more attention online. We love working with small businesses, and our team is always here to help create innovative and affordable products and deliver them to you quickly. When you’re ready to get going with social media cards, order online or ask for a custom quote!

    Printing For Small Businesses Online: What, Why, and How

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    printing for small businesses


    Every small business has unique printing needs. Therefore, working with a printer who specializes in printing for small businesses is a savvy move to ensure that your printed materials will help your company flourish. In this article, we’ll give an overview of what you need to know about printing for small businesses online.

    Which Items Are Important In Printing For Small Businesses?

    As a small business, you’re in charge of producing all of your printed items. This is no small feat! Whether you’re developing a business idea or are looking for your business’s next step, keep the following items in mind as you’re planning for your printed materials.

    Marketing Materials

    Marketing is the key to your business’s success. Your printed marketing materials help you get your name out there and help your clients find you. Some of the most important marketing materials for small businesses include:

    These items help you raise awareness for your company and bring in new clients that will help your business thrive.

    Printed Operations Materials

    Once you’ve attracted new clients, it’s time to get to the meat of your company: providing excellent service. Printing for small businesses online helps you create exactly the materials you need to surpass your clients’ expectations.

    Some top printed operations materials include:

    These materials can be general or specific to your field. The beauty of online printing is that it allows you to customize your printed materials so that they fill your exact niche and work exactly as you need them to.

    Best Online Printing For Small Businesses

    As you’re narrowing down your options when you’re looking for a dependable online printing source, think about this list of criteria. These are the key features of a top-tier online printer for small businesses.

    Easy To Use Ordering System

    You have lots on your mind, from creating a marketing plan, to daily operations and more. You don’t have time to spend trying to decode a complicated printing website. Be sure to find an online printing company that is easy to navigate, because you know that such a company has put a lot of thought into your experience as a consumer.

    A company with an easy to use ordering system is a company that you can depend on. Here at ZoePrint, our simple website helps you order print materials in the blink of an eye.

    Absolute Transparency About Prices

    As with any business, your printing company should be perfectly clear with you about costs. You have a budget to keep, and a great printing company will help you meet that budget. Be sure to work with a printing company that provides the clarity you need.

    Offers A Full Range Of Services

    As your company grows, the products you print might change, so it's best to establish a relationship with a printer who can help you as you evolve. Choose a printing company that offers a range of services, items, papers, and processes, so that you can be confident that whatever you need, your printing company can provide it for you.

    A Long-Term Relationship

    When you’re looking to partner with a printing company, try to find a team that wants to have a relationship with you. A great printing company wants to partner with you over time to help you achieve your goals, not simply print one time.

    An Enthusiastic Team

    Be on the lookout for an enthusiastic, experienced printing team who wants to help you get your materials out there and who has the experience to do so. The companies that provide the best online printing for small businesses are dedicated to service and are ready to help you through the unique situation of being a small business owner.

    A Stellar Record

    You’re busy running your business, so let your printing company take care of all your printing, giving you time to focus on more important endeavors. It’s worth finding an experienced team with a proven record of helping companies grow through printing.

    ZoePrint Is An Expert In Printing For Small Businesses

    At ZoePrint, our team is dedicated to your service, ready to go above and beyond to help your small business succeed. With decades of experience, we’ve perfected the online printing process for small businesses, and we’re excited to work with you and answer your questions. If you’re looking for printing for small businesses online, request a quote or contact us today!

    Salon Flyers That Attract New Clients: Tips, Design, and Examples

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    salon flyers attract new clients

    Skillful marketing is the key to a successful salon business. If you’re searching for tips and tricks as you create your next nail salon flyer or hair salon flyer, look no further! This article contains everything you need to know about designing and printing beauty salon flyers that bring customers to your door.

    A Great Salon Flyer Makes A Difference

    Don’t underestimate the power of your salon flyer. Remember that every chance to reach a potential customer is a chance to show your skills, so don’t squander this opportunity.

    As well, remember that your design skills are representative of the care and beauty you create in your salon. Viewers will see your flyer as representative of your sense of style, so this is your chance to showcase your aesthetic sensibilities for the public. If people like what they see on your flyer, they’ll be inspired to come into your salon and see how you can make them their most beautiful selves.

    How To Design Beauty Salon Flyers

    It’s not difficult to design a salon flyer, and a great flyer will bring in lots of business. Your design matters, so take some time on the front end to consider your goals and which choices you want to make during the design process. Here are some of ZoePrint’s tips for designing successful nail salon flyers and hair salon flyers that will bring readers to your door.

    Focus On Images

    Readers want to see examples of your talent, so make sure to include photographs that give a glimpse of what customers can expect from your services. Once they see your beautiful results, they’ll be inspired to make an appointment.

    Include images that are as high a resolution as possible so that the photographs are crystal clear when the flyers are printed.

    Use Color Schemes To Your Advantage

    Choose colors for your flyer that relate to your desired effect. Many beauty salon flyers use red and pink background colors that emphasize liveliness and vitality.

    On the other hand, for a hair salon flyer, consider using a purple or another such color that invokes the feeling of being relaxed and pampered. Give the viewer a sample of what their experience in your chair could feel like.

    Include A Promotion That Inspires Action

    Adding a can't-miss deal to your flyer is a great way to convert readers to customers. Depending on the services you provide and your budget, consider offering a discount for first-time customers, a discount on product purchases, or a refer-a-friend bonus.

    Keep Words To A Minimum

    Because your salon flyer is advertising a finished visual result, keep the words on your flyer to a minimum. Here is the information you should be sure to include:

    • Salon name
    • Services you provide
    • Address
    • Contact information
    • How to book an appointment
    • A special offer or discount, if applicable

    In addition, you can include a sentence or two, or even simply a few key words, about your business or services. If you focus on curly hair, or if you offer acrylic nails, for example, that would be relevant information for your flyer. However, include as few words as possible so that readers stay focused on the photographs and your amazing results.

    Salon Flyer Examples

    If you’re looking for some examples of great beauty salon flyers, here are some examples that ZoePrint recommends.

    Nail Salon Flyer Examples

    These nail salon flyer examples attract new clients through their stylish design choices.

    This flyer is perfect for handing out on the street, as it inspires recipients to head into the salon to take advantage of the deal. As well, the composition balances the main text and the dynamic image of the nails.

    This colorful flyer draws attention to the beautiful nails in the photograph while also emphasizing the exciting mood of spring. The pink text in the bottom half of the flyer matches the pink glasses, which helps tie the image together. It also advertises a special offer, which inspires people to come into the salon.

    Hair Salon Flyer Examples

    Take a look at these hair salon flyer examples that inspire action.

    This flyer contains as many words as is necessary without becoming clunky. It also uses contrasting fonts to increase dynamism.

    This hair salon flyer offers an exciting deal of 30% off all services and products on opening day. This type of offer inspires readers to take initiative and try out your business.

    Bring Your Salon Flyers To Life With ZoePrint!

    Here at ZoePrint, we can help you design, print, and distribute the nail salon flyer and hair salon flyer of your dreams! Our expert team loves to work with small businesses to increase your community impact, and we offer services that help you bring in businesses at an affordable cost. Order online or request a custom quote to get started!

    Art Note Cards Bring Your Designs To The World

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    Do you have an artistic soul? If so, you know that you are destined to share your art with the world, and nothing can stop you. Printing and distributing fine art note cards is one top way to put your art out there. Whether you’re printing your own art or someone else’s, this guide will give you the insider knowledge you need to print your very own custom art note cards.

    Art Note Card Design Tips

    Keep the following ideas in mind as you design your note cards.

    Create A PDF File Of Your Art

    Your first step is to create a PDF file of the art that you’d like to include on your art note cards. This might mean taking a picture of a painting, scanning a drawing, or saving an image made in Photoshop. Either way, your final product will be a PDF image, which is easy for your printing company to use. If you need to convert your digital file to a PDF, you can do so using an online file converter.

    Consider Borders

    In order to make your PDF file the right size, consider your card’s borders. Do you want the art to continue all the way to the edge of the card? Or would you rather leave a white border around the edge?

    If you’d like your art to continue to the edge of the card, be sure to include bleed, which occurs when you create a digital file that extends slightly beyond the edge of the paper. Then, the design will extend all the way to the edge of the paper when it is cut to size. Your printing company can answer any questions you have about bleed or and help you include it in your document.

    Consider Your Desired Card Size

    If you’re creating art specifically for art note cards, keep your preferred card dimensions in mind as you create your art. That way, you will already know the width-to-height ratio of the finished card, so you can plan your composition accordingly. Doing this advanced planning might seem unimportant at first, but it will make your finished cards that much better.

    Some of the most common art note card sizes include the following:

    On the other hand, if you’re turning pre-existing art into note cards, don’t worry. Your cards will still look great, no matter the dimensions of the original work. If you have questions about card dimensions or how to adapt your art to fit a card size, feel free to ask your printing company for their expert advice.

    How To Print Art Note Cards

    Once you have a PDF file of your finished artwork, it’s time to order your cards. Here are the decisions you’ll need to make and some ideas to keep in mind as you’re completing the printing process.

    Flat Or Folded

    First, you can choose whether you’d prefer flat or folded cards. Folded cards provide more space for writing notes, whereas flat cards are slimmer and sleeker. Many art note cards are printed on folded cards in order to be sent as greeting cards. However, they are also well-adapted for flat note cards which can be framed and put on the wall.

    Consider Both Sides

    Next, decide whether you’d prefer to print on one or both sides of your card. One great option is printing in full color on one side and including a short message in black ink on the backside. Or, go all out and print in color on both sides, creating a beautiful, multifaceted work of art!

    Choose Your Paper

    As you’re printing your fine art note cards, one of your biggest choices is the paper you’d like to use. You have many options, all of which contribute differently to the finished product. Some of ZoePrint’s top paper recommendations include:

    • 80# Uncoated Premium Cover.This is a matte (non-gloss) card stock containing 10% post consumer recycled content and is classified as 98 brightness. It is made in the USA and is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and the Rainforest Alliance.
    • 80# Gloss Cover.This paper is a coated card stock containing 10% post consumer recycled content. It is made in the USA and is certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. Please keep in mind that gloss stock is usually harder to write on than uncoated stock.
    • 12 Point Coated 1 Side Cover.This is a heavier weight card stock. It has a glossy finish on one side to showcase your graphics and is uncoated on the other side to make it easier for writing and postal machines. This paper is certified by The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).
    • 14 Point Coated 1 Side Cover.This heavier weight stock has a glossy finish on both sides. It is certified by The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).
    • 100# Cover Uncoated 100% Recycled Post Consumer Waste.This card stock is the best option for the environment, as it is made of 100% post consumer waste material. It is uncoated, giving it a sturdy look.

    If you have questions about paper or would like to use a different paper, your printer would be happy to accommodate your request.

    Contact Your Printer And Place Your Order

    Now that you’ve made all the necessary decisions, it’s time to order your fine art note cards! Depending on the printing company you’re working with, you might email your PDF, upload it to a portal, or bring it in person on a USB drive. At ZoePrint, we offer a convenient online portal that makes online ordering easy.

    Once your art note cards have been printed, they’ll show up at your door. Voila!

    Print Your Art Note Cards With ZoePrint

    Here at ZoePrint, we are experts at printing custom art note cards. With decades of experience working with artists in all media across the country, we know how to help you bring your art to the world. Let us know if you have any questions; we’re happy to help! Order your art note cards online or request a custom quote today.

    Strike A Chord With Rockin’ Band Poster Printing

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    If you are into music, there is no better way to tell the world about your excellent music taste than exciting full-color band poster printing. Custom band posters decorate your space and express your style to your roommates, friends, or that special someone, all at the same time. Here’s everything you need to know about band posters printing, from design tips to example posters and more!

    Why Print Custom Band Posters?

    Whether you’re an artist, a fan, or a businessperson, band poster printing offers what you need.

    Band Poster Printing For Musicians And Groups

    As a band, your poster is your most important piece of merchandise. Fans will love the opportunity to hang your poster on their wall to express their enthusiasm and great taste in music. It’s also a great way to boost your income.

    Consider printing multiple designs that use different artistic styles or highlight different members of the band so that fans can choose the poster they like best. If you put on a special performance, such as a set at a festival or go on tour, print custom posters that celebrate this event. These posters will function as both keepsakes and bragging rights for the fans who buy them!

    You can also print excellent advertising posters that raise awareness about your upcoming gig. Post them around town to spread the word. The more people who see your posters, the more people will show up.

    Band Poster Printing For Individuals

    Are you a fan of a band? Are you looking for a band poster but can’t find one that you like enough to hang on your wall? If so, design and print your own! Printing your own custom band poster with ZoePrint is easy and cheap, and you’ll have the freedom to create any band poster you like.

    Band Poster Printing For Etsy Sellers

    If you’re looking to bring in some extra money in your Etsy store, offering custom band posters is a great way to increase sales. Online shoppers are looking for everything from Dave Matthews Band posters and metal band posters to 80s band posters, so offer a range of posters in a range of styles. Once people see your exciting designs, they won’t be able to resist making a purchase.

    How Band Poster Printing Works

    Printing your own band posters is a fun way to express your creativity. Luckily, the band poster design process is easy and fun. Before getting started, check out ZoePrint’s detailed guide to poster printing. Then, keep reading this article for some tips and tricks specifically for band posters.

    Design Is Everything

    First and foremost, a poster is created to be looked at. Therefore, make sure you pay close attention to artistic design. Make your poster unique and colorful. If you’re printing posters for your own band, use a creative color scheme that fits with your genre, and make sure your design is original. Fans will appreciate and remember your unique style.

    Poster design can encompass many different media. You can draw or paint your poster by hand and then scan it into a digital file, or you can design it on the computer. If you are including photos on your poster, hire a professional photographer if you can afford it. High quality photos will make a great poster design even better.

    Design is the key to great band posters, and you have to find someone who can convert your band's image into one-of-a-kind artwork. If you need help with your band poster design, the design professionals at ZoePrint are happy to help.

    Design Follows Function

    If your band poster is advertising an upcoming performance, be sure to include crucial information such as the date, time, and place of the performance, as well as the entrance fee. If you’re playing at an 18+ club, be sure to let people know on your poster.

    As well, if you have an opening act or are performing with other artists or groups, let people know! The more exciting information you provide, the more people will want to attend.

    Plan Ahead

    Before you print your poster, think about its function and how you’ll be distributing it, as that will determine how you choose to print it. If you’ll be hanging your posters, then you only need one-sided printing. On the other hand, if you’re going to hand out your posters to fans, consider printing on both sides so that they can have even more poster to love.

    One exciting strategy for double-sided band poster printing is including designs from two different artists. Fans will get to see different interpretations of your music and decide which they like best.

    Band Poster Design Examples

    If you’re looking for inspiration, here are some example band posters that can help you get your creative juices flowing.

    Rock Band Poster

    This poster perfectly captures the intensity of a rock band. The black background sets the tone, and the fire coming out of the panther’s eyes adds an element of excitement and danger.

    Grunge Fest Poster

    grunge poster

    This poster uses negative space to bring attention to important design elements including the shoes, the microphone, and the name of the concert. It also uses bright colors that keep viewers’ eyes on it.

    Acoustic Festival Poster

    acoustic festival poster

    This festival poster uses a simple design of guitar strings to evoke a calm, acoustic mood. This poster would be perfect for hanging around town to advertise a performance.

    ZoePrint Is The Top Band Poster Printing Company

    At ZoePrint, we provide outstanding quality band posters printing that fits your budget. We have decades of design experience, and we provide high quality, cheap posters so you can afford to spread the word! We offer a variety of poster sizes, both large and small, to suit you and your budget. When you’re ready to get started, order online or ask us for a custom quote!

    Graphic Design Printing Brings Your Art To Life

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    As an artist, you understand the vital importance of excellent graphic design printing. But do you know the steps between creating your design and receiving your art in its printed form? In this article, we’ll explain the most important decisions you can make about online printing for graphic designers.

    1. Choose Your Printed Product And (Re-)Size Your Design Accordingly

    2. This first step sounds silly, but it’s worth mentioning because it’s vital for the graphic design printing process. Once you’ve chosen which products to print, from notecards to business cards and more, make sure to scale or resize your design accordingly.

      For example, 11x17 and 30x40 posters have different width-to-height ratios, so if you’re planning to print your art on both sizes, adjust your design to fit both of them. When you’re scaling your work for graphic design printing, remember that there are three possible outcomes: the design is too small, leaving uneven negative space or margins; the design is too large, causing pixelation or a stretched image; or the design is just right, with uniform margins and faithful image reproduction.

      If you’re planning to fill your paper with your design, without leaving a white margin around the paper’s edges, remember to include bleed in your digital files. Extending your design this extra eighth of an inch beyond the edges of your paper will ensure that your design fills the entire page once it’s been cut down to size.

      Save your design in as high a resolution file as possible to avoid any pixelation in your final printed product. Be sure to save it as a PDF so that your printing company can access it easily.

    3. Choose Your Paper

    Your paper is the bedrock that supports the rest of your art. Viewers’ impressions of your designs will depend on the mood that your paper establishes. Choosing a paper means considering three factors: color, weight, and coating.


    Paper color sets the mood for your design. A bright white paper lends an air of modernity to your piece, whereas an ivory color invokes a classic, sophisticated mood. A paper made of recycled post-consumer waste demonstrates your commitment to the environment. There’s no wrong paper choice; simply consider your options and choose the paper color and material that best fits your design’s intended effect.


    Paper weight refers to the paper’s thickness. Text weight is lighter and is a perfect match for posters and booklets. Cover weight is thicker and is therefore a great choice for sturdier items such as cards. Ask your printing company if you have any questions about the intricacies of paper weight, including which papers are best for which products and how paper weight can influence how your designs are perceived.


    Paper stocks are either coated or uncoated, which affects how the paper catches and reflects light. Coated papers such as gloss, high gloss, dull, and silk will all result in a brighter-looking ink, so these papers are often better choices for the vibrant artwork involved in graphic design printing. However, there’s no correct or incorrect gloss choice. It’s simply a matter of preference and what you think will look best with your design.

    Don’t fret over your paper options. If you have questions, your printing company will be more than happy to help you make these decisions.

    Decide How Many Copies You’d Like

    Now it’s time for another decision: how many copies of your graphic design would you like to receive? Here are a few questions to consider:

    • If you’re selling your designs, how quickly do they typically sell?
    • How much storage space do you have?
    • How long do you want to be able to wait before ordering more copies?

    Your answers to all of these questions will influence how many copies you decide to order. If you have enough storage space and don’t want to bother ordering more anytime soon, then go ahead and stock up on a large supply. If you’d rather order a few at a time, that works too!

    ZoePrint Provides Easy Online Printing For Graphic Designers

    At ZoePrint, we’re been leaders in graphic design printing. We understand that graphic design is an artistic means to send a message, and we want to help you broadcast your message to the world. We offer full-service printing for graphic designers at affordable prices, and we’re ready to help you share your creativity. To get started, order online or request a custom quote!

    Custom NCR Forms Make Business Easy

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    ncr forms


    Flawless record keeping is the foundation of any successful business. Help your company flourish with custom NCR forms that perfectly fit your business’s needs. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about NCR forms and how to make carbonless forms. Let’s get started!

    What Are NCR Forms?

    NCR forms are handy forms that automatically create multiple copies of what you write, as you write. They consist of multiple layers of paper, each with small capsules of a chemical or dye on the underside. When you write on the top piece of paper, the pressure from your pen or pencil breaks the capsules underneath, which transfers your writing to the pieces of paper below.

    The term “NCR forms” might sound complicated, but it’s pretty simple. These types of forms used to be made with carbon paper, so they were called carbon copies. NCR forms, on the other hand, contain no carbon, so the initialism NCR stands for “no carbon required.”

    NCR forms are useful in virtually all sectors, including medical practices, cleaning services, automotive repair, plumbing, construction, and more. If your business requires multiple copies of any document that employees fill out by hand, NCR forms are a sure bet to improve organization and efficiency.

    Why Are Custom NCR Forms Helpful?

    Every business is unique, so printing your own custom NCR forms ensures that your forms are tailor-made for your company’s needs. If you offer specific products or services, you can include these items on your NCR forms to make services and sales easier for your employees.

    Printing custom NCR forms is a smart marketing move. Typically, the customer keeps one of the copies, so including your company branding on your forms will help customers remember you. You should take every possible advantage to help customers remember your name so that next time they need your services, they’ll think of you before thinking of your competitor.

    How To Make Carbonless Forms

    If you’re wondering how to make carbonless forms, we’re here to help. Here are some of our recommendations for making NCR forms that get the job done.

    Choose A Practical Size

    When it comes to how to make carbonless forms, one of your first decisions is size. Remember, form follows function; consider how much text and information you’d like to include on your forms, and choose an appropriate size from there. Two of the most common NCR form sizes are 5.5x8.5 and 8.5x11, but your printing company is happy to work with you if you’d prefer a custom size.

    Decide Between 2 Part NCR Forms And 3 Part NCR Forms

    One of the advantages of designing and ordering your own NCR forms is that you can choose how many copy pages you’d prefer.

    If you’re happy making only two copies, then ordering 2 part NCR forms is the best choice for you. This is perfect if your company keeps one copy of a customer’s order and the customer receives a copy for their records. Please be aware that standard sequence 2 part NCR forms have a white colored sheet as the first part and a yellow colored sheet as the second part. (The pricing on is based on forms in this standard sequence.) It is possible to have non-standard sequence 2 part forms, but it is a custom job and costs more.

    If you need three copies, then 3 part NCR forms will do the trick. 3 part NCR forms work best in situations where your customer needs one copy and your company needs two, for example if one copy is for the business office and another is for a service technician. Please know that standard sequence 3 part NCR forms have a white colored sheet for the first part, a yellow colored sheet for the second part, and a pink colored sheet for the third part. ( NCR pricing is based on forms in this standard sequence.) It is possible to have non-standard sequence 3 part forms, but it is a custom job and costs more.

    Let Your Inner Artist Choose Ink Colors

    One of the fun parts of printing carbonless forms is choosing your ink. Many printing companies such as ZoePrint offer printing with multiple ink choices, including only black ink, one spot color, black ink and one spot color, and two spot colors.

    In many ways, making a decision about inks depends on who is going to see your NCR forms. If they’re for purely internal use, then plain black is typically sufficient and saves money. If you’d like to impress clients, consider using the colors in your logo, so that the forms match the rest of your branding.

    If you need to highlight a specific area of your form, such as an invoice or a sum total location, use a different color ink to bring attention to this place. Be sure to use this second color sparingly so as not to dilute its attention-grabbing effect.

    NCR Forms Examples

    NCR forms are a handy option for all kinds of documents, from restaurant guest checks to invoices and more. If you’re looking for inspiration for your carbonless forms, check out these examples.

    Auto Repair Form

    This example provides ample space to note all necessary information, including services provided, parts ordered or installed, and a description of the work done. It uses color to its advantage, drawing attention to the invoice number and sum total fields.

    Plain Order Form

    This simple order form is clear and easy to understand. Given its lack of decorative elements or business contact information, it would work well as an internal document. It is highly versatile and can be used in many different sectors.

    Sophisticated Order Form

    This order form is perfect to provide to customers as a receipt. It is well-organized and contains the business’s name and logo, and the colors used in the form reflect the company branding.

    Packing Slip

    A packing slip is a perfect use for an NCR form. Since the NCR form creates multiple copies, the vendor can keep a copy for their records while also sending the buyer a receipt that lists all the items in the order.

    Hopefully these examples have given you some inspiration for how to design your forms. If you’d like additional help or advice, the experts at ZoePrint can assist you with your design or create a design for you.

    Let ZoePrint Take Care Of Your NCR Forms

    Here at ZoePrint, we want to help your business succeed. We provide easy and affordable custom NCR forms printing, and we offer both 3 and 2 part NCR forms. We ship to locations throughout the country, and our prices can’t be beat. Our team is excited to work with you! Order online or request a custom quote to get started.

    Best 15 Wedding Invitation Fonts for DIY Invites

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    Getting married on a budget? Creating and printing your very own DIY wedding invitations is one of the easiest ways to save. One of the most exciting choices you can make are your wedding invitation fonts. Keep reading to discover the best wedding invitation design ideas, including some of the most popular wedding invitation fonts that will make your special day one to remember.

    How To Create Your Own Wedding Invitations

    Designing your wedding invitations doesn’t take a magical fairy. In fact, even if you’re not a world-class artist yourself, you can use several tools to create the perfect invitation design for your big day.

    Try starting with a template on Microsoft Word, Canva, or other free graphic design software like Easil or Stencil. If you’re not too confident in your artistic abilities, you can leave the hard work to ZoePrint’s professional graphic design team. After you have the design you want, you can easily upload it to print as a flat invitation or folded invitation without breaking the bank.

    15 Free Wedding Invitation Fonts To DIY

    Stuck on how to bring your design to life? Start by picking your main focal point, the font! Here are 15 beautifully decorative wedding invitation fonts to embellish your very own invites.

    1. Nickainley

    2. The calligraphy font, Nickainley, keeps everything clean and on a straight line. This smooth font makes it easy to align other elements on the invitation and cleanly fit text directly underneath too.

      Where to find it: Canva

    3. Midnight Bangkok

    4. This font is classy with a touch of nighttime glam, perfect for any late night wedding affair or city reception.

      Where to find it: 1001 Free Fonts

    5. Mervale Script

    6. For a slightly more theatrical wedding theme, the Mervale Script font is a perfect pick. This is one of the wedding invitation fonts that gives a touch of playful whimsy, while still keeping things elegant.

      Where to find it: Canva

    7. Redemption

    8. Redemption

      Where to find it: Cufon Fonts

    9. Great Vibes

    10. Great Vibes is a true classic among modern wedding invitation fonts. You won’t want to miss this one if you’re hoping to nail the timeless invitation look.

      Where to find it: Canva

    11. Dancing Script

    12. Younger couples with a more whimsical wedding theme can opt for a slightly more playful font like Dancing Script.

      Where to find it: Canva

    13. Aileron Thin

    14. For a modern wedding, you can skip the fancy curves and choose a simpler sans serif font, such as Aileron Thin. This sleek font will impress your recipients.

      Where to find it: Canva

    15. Art Brewery

    16. Like Redemption, Art Brewery gives off artsy vibes that pair well with an artistic invitation featuring paint splatters or abstract designs.

      Where to find it: DaFont

    17. Magnolia

    18. Another of the classic popular wedding invitation fonts, Magnolia is a sure bet to include in any wedding invitation. If you like to play on the safe side, this one’s not going to raise any eyebrows and will impress all of your invitees.

      Where to find it: DaFont

    19. My Autumn

    20. My Autumn is a good pick for a DIY-bride look, while still being professional and decorative enough to top a well put-together invite.

      Where to find it: DaFont

    21. Windsong

    22. For the nature lovers or couples tying the knot in the great outdoors, Windsong will certainly fit the bill!

      Where to find it: Font Squirrel

    23. Amelya

    24. You’ve probably seen lots of trending modern wedding invitation fonts recently made by independent artists with a similar style. Amelya gives off a charming handmade invite vibe, but maintains an air of quality.

      Where to find it: DaFont

    25. Znikomit

    26. Elegant and refined, this is one of the modern wedding invitation fonts that is unmistakably for the trendy couple that wants to deviate a bit away from tradition.

      Where to find it: Font Squirrel

    27. Libertinage

    28. If you’re looking for flair and drama, Libertinage is a great font to include throughout your wedding invitation suite!

      Where to find it: Urban Fonts

    29. Calypsoka

    30. Leaning towards the casual, playful side is Calypsoka, which is sure to bring a smile to your guests’ faces as they crack open the envelope.

      Where to find it: Urban Fonts

    ZoePrint Brings Your Wedding Invitation Design Ideas To Life!

    While the most budget-friendly option to print your wedding invitations may be printing at home, ink and quality paper can get pricier when you’re producing dozens of copies. Online printing is a cheaper alternative that also guarantees consistent quality.

    ZoePrint specializes in cheap printing and can bring your wedding invitations to life. With decades of experience, we have the expertise to help you through all stages of the design and printing process, from choosing wedding invitation fonts to delivery options, and our quality can’t be beat. Upload your design or request a custom quote today!

    Church Newsletter Printing Ties Your Faith Community Together

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    church newsletters

    Take the relationship between clergy and congregants to new heights by printing and distributing a weekly, bimonthly, or monthly church newsletter. Here’s a guide to everything you need to know about church newsletter printing, from what to include, to design tips, and more!

    Benefits Of Church Newsletter Printing

    Church newsletter printing is now more popular than ever, and you are sure to get more attention with a mailed newsletter than by sending one out electronically. It’s easy to delete an emailed newsletter without opening it, whereas printed church bulletins are much more likely to be opened and read.

    Printed church bulletins are also longer-lasting, ensuring that congregants remember them longer. Do you want to ensure that your faith community remembers this week’s sermon or important upcoming dates? Including them in your newsletter is an easy solution.

    Content For Church Bulletins

    There are many directions you can take in creating your newsletter’s content. As you’re considering what to include in your church bulletins, keep these topics in mind.

    Emphasize Important Sermons

    First off, publishing the best sermons each month is a cornerstone of any regular church bulletin. This will not only reinforce the sermons’ messages, but it will also reach congregants who did not make it to church for the original sermon. When there is a particularly strong or controversial message, many congregants will reread the sermon when they receive it by mail.

    Help Congregants Remember Important Dates

    Dedicate a spot in your church newsletters for a weekly, biweekly, or monthly calendar. Including a church calendar in your bulletins will drastically increase attendance at services and special events.

    Be Flexible

    While it’s important to keep some aspects of your church bulletins constant from one issue to the next, it’s just as essential to provide for some flexibility so that you can include important additions as they arise. In addition to regular features, you should still have plenty of space for messages from lay leaders of the congregation and other special guests.

    Church bulletin printing is an art. Including all of the requisite aspects might seem daunting at first, but you’ll get the hang of it in no time.

    Church Newsletter Printing Design

    Once you have written excellent content, do not forget that a high quality church newsletter design will encourage recipients to read it.

    Keep Your Congregation In Mind

    Every congregation is different, and each congregation has its own needs. Think carefully about who your church bulletin readers will be, and consider employing a professional designer to package your message in a way that appeals to them. ZoePrint offers a range of design services to ensure that your church newsletter is designed for your community.

    Think About Shape, Color, And Size

    Use interesting color combinations that attract attention, and be sure that your newsletter is designed to be highly readable. Print your newsletter in color so that it stands out in congregants’ mailboxes.

    It is important to use a distinct and legible font and make the type large enough for everyone to read. Consider your oldest congregants’ eyesight when you’re choosing a font size.

    When it comes to paper size, two of the most common church newsletter sizes are 5.5x8.5 and 8.5x11. An 8.5x11 newsletter will give you lots of space to include everything you need, whereas an 5.5x8.5 newsletter is more compact and can be cheaper.

    Choose The Best Paper

    When it comes to church bulletin printing, you have many paper options. 70# uncoated text, 80# and 100# gloss text, and 100# dull text are all great choices. You can make your newsletter stand out with sophisticated covers made of 80# uncoated cover, 100# gloss cover, or 100# dull paper.

    Send Your Church Bulletins To The Correct Recipients

    It is critical to make sure you have an accurate mailing list. After all, getting the mailing list details correct has a huge impact on whether printed pieces get read.

    If you put compelling messages into people's hands with an attractive design, congregants will refer to your newsletter over and over again. Who knows...newsletters can even help spur charitable giving! (Some bulletins even include a remittance envelope to encourage donations.)

    ZoePrint Prints Church Newsletters

    The next time you’re looking for cheap church newsletter printing or cheap church bulletin printing, give the professionals at ZoePrint a try! Our quality is outstanding and our service can't be beat. We love designing, printing, and distributing church newsletters that bring communities together, and we have decades of experience and a passion to make your church bulletin great. Order online or request a custom quote today!

    Review Cards Bring Your Business To New Heights

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    Review Cards

    Once you’ve completed a customer’s transaction, you’re finished with that customer and ready to move onto the next one, right? Wrong! One of the most crucial parts of building a thriving business is following up with customers and asking for reviews. One of the most successful strategies to generate reviews is by distributing review cards.

    If you want to learn more about review cards for businesses, keep reading! We’ll explain everything you need to know.

    Review Cards For Business Generate The Feedback You Need

    Review cards serve three key uses: they provide feedback that you can use to improve your operations, they inspire positive online reviews which help new customers find your business, and they reinforce repeated customer engagement. Each of these is key to help your business grow and adapt to your customers’ needs.

    Key Features of Review Cards

    Most review cards, also called leave a review cards, typically have a few elements in common. Many review cards include the following:

    • Your business’ name and logo. These are vital! Your branding makes your company more memorable and keeps customers from confusing your card with another company’s card.
    • A thank you message. Include a short sentence thanking the customer for using your services, which demonstrates that you are appreciative of their patronage.
    • A request to leave a review. Let the customer know your intention, and encourage them to share their good experience online.
    • A QR code or a URL to the review page. This is the most important part of the card; the clearer your instructions are, the less work the customer has to do to leave you a review, and the more likely they are to follow through. Including a QR code that links directly to your review page is a simple strategy that helps people leave you a review.</li>
    • Space on the card to leave a review. If you’re purely using your review cards to gain feedback from customers, they can write the review directly on the card and return it to you. In this case, be sure to offer extensive space for customers to express all of their thoughts and suggestions for improvement.
    • A special offer. Consider including an incentive for the customer to leave a review. You could give them a discount on their next service, or they could get a free item the next time they make a purchase. Including such an offer not only encourages customers to leave a review, but it also inspires them to keep using your services in order to take advantage of the special offer.

    If you’re looking for additional design inspiration, the internet is full of examples. Printing Google review cards that include these elements can in turn lead to excellent reviews that will inspire new customers!

    How to Create Review Cards

    Review cards are easy to make and even easier to print with ZoePrint. Here are some of the choices that you get to make when you’re exploring the design and printing process.

    Size Is Everything

    One of your first decisions is your review cards’ size. You can choose from a wide range of sizes, including cards as small as 2.5x2.5 or as large as 4x6 and everything in between. Some additional common sizes include 2x3.5 and 4.25x5.5.

    When you’re choosing a size for your leave a review cards, make a decision based on how much information you’re planning to include. If you’re adding a special offer that takes a sentence or two of text to explain, consider opting for a larger size. If you’re designing cards that customers will write reviews on and return to you, make sure you use a large size to provide space for ample feedback. If you’re simply asking customers to leave a review on Google, you will probably be able to opt for a smaller card size.

    There Are Two Sides To Every Story–And To Most Review Cards

    Once you’ve chosen your shape and size, you get to consider sides. You can print on either one or both sides of your card. Again, this is a question of how much information you’d like to express on your card. If you only need a small amount of space, then feel free to save some money and only print on one side. If you’d like a little more space to include a QR code, an illustration, or a written review, double-sided printing will do the trick.

    Paper Thickness Matters

    As you’re considering which paper stock you’d prefer for your review cards for business, remember that thicker stocks are often perceived as more professional. Consider a stock such as 80# or 100# uncoated cover, which imbues your card with a sophisticated element.

    Make Your Card Look Snazzy With UV Coating

    Some card sizes provide the option of UV coating, which is a glossy coating that is added after printing to make your card pop. UV coating is possible for sizes such as 3.5x2, depending on the paper stock you choose. It is important to note that UV coating only works on coated stocks like gloss, and be sure not to use UV on any surface you want to write on.

    Let Your Printer Help You

    If the printing process seems confusing or if you’d like some assistance with your project, ZoePrint can provide the guidance you’re looking for. If you want to make sure that your project will look the way you intend it to, we can send you a proof of your design. We can also do everything from making your graphic work to fully designing your card for you. Simply let us know what you need, and we’ll be happy to take care of it.

    Print Your Review Cards With ZoePrint

    Here at ZoePrint, we’re experts in printing review cards for businesses. We offer full design and print services for all sizes of review cards, and our cheap prices and quick delivery will leave you satisfied. We can’t wait to work with you! Order online or request a custom quote to get started.

    Cheap Theater Program and Playbill Printing

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    Theatre program printing

    Even in today's digital age, printed theater programs inspire, commemorate, and inform all at the same time. From school plays to cabarets, the perfect playbill is the special touch that elevates your show from typical to magical. In this article, we’ll give you the scoop on playbill printing, from playbill dimensions to design tips and more.

    Custom Playbill Printing

    Whether your show is a middle school musical or high school production, community theater or a professional performance, there is no better way to connect with the audience than with a theater program. Every theatergoer looks forward to opening the playbill when they arrive at a play, scanning who the actors are and reading about the story’s details.

    At ZoePrint, we offer cheap and convenient playbill printing services that help you make your show a success. Our easy online portal helps you get your custom playbills quickly, and our prices can’t be beat.

    Playbill Dimensions Explained

    Although there are no hard and fast rules, most theater programs are either full sized booklets (11x17 sheets which fold to 8.5x11) or half sized booklets (8.5x11 sheets which fold to 8.5x5.5).

    Folded 8.5x11 playbills give you space to spread out. You can include full biographies of your actors and stage crew, as well as encouraging messages from performers’ families. There’s even space for community businesses to place advertisements in the theater program, which can raise some extra money.

    Many Broadway theater programs are 5.375x8.5, so if you’re looking to emulate the Broadway playbill dimensions, a folded 8.5x5.5 size is the perfect match. This smaller size costs less to print than the folded 8.5x11 size, leaving you more money to spend on other production costs.

    If you’re looking for a custom size, contact your printing company. A professional printing company can accommodate most sizing requests.

    How To Create A Playbill

    Creating a theater program is a fun process from beginning to end. Here are the steps to keep in mind as you go.

    Gather Quality Images And Designs

    Before designing your theater program, collect top-notch photos from rehearsals, individual headshots for bios, and a front-page feature (an illustration or photo). Grainy, unprofessional photos can make even the greatest Broadway playbill look amateurish, so include photos that will give your theater program a professional air. Even a crisp cellphone shot can do the trick!

    Once you’ve assembled your images, it’s time to work on the design. Designing your theater program can be exciting but also overwhelming. If you have questions, ZoePrint is here to help. We can do anything from adjusting your design so that it fits your playbill to designing the entire playbill for you.

    To Color Or Not To Color?

    Full color prints are ideal to showcase a vibrant, colorful production in detail. Theater programs will look outstanding in full color since well-designed playbills include many photos and even snazzy advertising. ZoePrint’s full-color printing services will make your photographs and images pop off the page!

    However, if your budget doesn’t allow for full color, ZoePrint can help you keep printing costs lower with our black and white printing option. A black and white program can still carry the same information across more economically. For black and white programs, optimize your design to work well with grayscale by creating a high contrast illustration for the cover and bio photos that are still recognizable without color.

    Don’t Gloss Over Gloss and Binding Options

    When you think of a traditional playbill, you probably think of a glossy booklet. This is because theater programs are typically printed on glossy paper such as 80# or 100# gloss paper that makes them shine. However, 70# uncoated text and 100# dull text papers are also great choices that help you showcase a more subtle playbill.

    Playbills can be bound in many ways. Some are folded and stitched together like magazines, and some are simply stapled together. Stapling is an easy and affordable process that lowers the production cost and time. At ZoePrint, we offer stapled binding for your convenience.

    What Information Should You Include?

    Clear photos make a theater program pop, but the content inside is what truly tells the story. At the very least, playbills should include a brief summary of the production’s plot, a schedule broken down into acts and intermissions, cast member information, and any planned future performances. This information gives the audience a snapshot of the what, who, where, and when to follow as they’re wowed by the performance in front of them.

    Most programs tell stories about both the challenges of putting on a particular production and some of the unique attributes of the story. Theatergoers are drawn to the biographies of the performers, both to read about people they know and to learn more about the backgrounds of actors who are new to them. Many programs also include inspirational anecdotes about the actors and actresses. Having all of this knowledge at your fingertips enhances the experience of watching any play!

    Consider Your Audience Size

    As you’re deciding how many copies of your playbill you want to print, consider the number of spectators per show and the total number of performances for the specific work. This will allow you to roughly calculate how many copies of your playbill you’ll need to order. Remember, while it’s best to estimate as best you can, it’s better to slightly overestimate than underestimate. You don’t want to run out of playbills! Cast members will gladly take any extras as souvenirs of their theatrical experience.

    Combined, all of the elements we’ve discussed here will make your theater program look flawless and ready for any stage, from the middle school gymnasium to Broadway.

    Playbill Examples

    As you’re designing and printing your custom playbill, here are some theater program examples that can inspire you.

    Quintessential Broadway Playbills

    Hamilton is one of the biggest musicals of the 21st Century. This now instantly-recognizable playbill is a master of design; the image has a clear focal point, and the icon of Hamilton standing on a star is unlikely to be confused with any other playbill. Consider adding unique imagery to your theater program, which will make it recognizable for years to come.

    School Theater Programs

    Professionally printing your school’s theater programs elevates the entire operation’s production quality. Include student-created art on the cover to personalize the playbill for your school community.

    Community Theater Playbills

    Community theater programs let local artists shine. In addition to vital information such as the show’s name and performance dates, consider adding your sponsors’ logos to let community members know who made the performance possible.

    If you’re looking for additional ideas, the internet is full of helpful theater program examples.

    Create and Print Custom Playbills with ZoePrint

    If you are looking to print theater programs that stand out, consult the design professionals at We have decades of design experience, and we have designed and printed numerous theater programs. We can use either traditional or contemporary elements to give your program flair which will be remembered for years to come.

    When you’re ready to partner with ZoePrint for cheap playbill printing, order online or request a custom quote today!

    Complete Guide to #10 Envelope Size

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    complete guide to #10 envelope size


    Have you ever taken a moment to look at the envelopes you receive in the mail every day? Chances are, the #10 envelope size is the one you receive the most. This size is the most common business envelope size, making it perfect for all kinds of business and personal communication. In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about the # 10 envelope size.

    What Is #10 Envelope Size?

    Simply put, the standard #10 envelope size is an envelope with sides that measure 4.125x9.5. This size is perfect for mailing one or more pieces of 8.5x11 size paper, folded into thirds.

    The United States Postal Service calls the #10 envelope size a letter size, meaning that it typically can be sent with postage stamps for letters.

    #10 Envelope Size Uses

    #10 envelopes are extremely versatile and are helpful tools in many fields. They can be useful in the following scenarios:

    • Client and company updates
    • Invoices and account statements
    • Letters from management
    • Marketing materials
    • And more!

    Whatever your communication needs, there’s a good chance that a #10 envelope will fit the job perfectly.

    #10 Envelope Design

    Envelope design might seem simple on the surface, but it contains hidden depths. After all, when you send out a mailing, your envelope is the first item that the recipient sees. Based solely on your envelope, they choose to either open the envelope and see what you’ve sent, or throw your envelope away unopened, your message unread. Therefore, an excellent printed envelope is the key to successful communication.

    Include Eye-Catching Colors

    Did you know that color improves brand recognition by 80%? Take advantage of this statistic by including full color printing on your envelopes. In addition to making your envelopes look professional and attractive, color printing will increase the likelihood that recipients will recognize your company and decide to open your envelope.

    Consider Adding A Window

    If you’re primarily sending business letters or invoices which include the recipients’ names and addresses at the top, adding a window to your envelopes can save time and money. Let the name and address on the letter also serve as the envelope’s mailing address, thereby saving time and printing costs.

    Add An Additional Message

    Envelope design isn’t limited to return addresses and logos. Your envelope is the perfect opportunity to include your company’s contact information, and maybe even a message that explains what’s inside the envelope and encourages recipients to open it.

    In particular, if you’re targeting potential customers and trying to expand your reach in your community, be sure to take advantage of every strategy that encourages recipients to open your envelope.

    Work With The Envelope Printing Experts

    The #10 envelope size is one of the staples of business printing, and here at ZoePrint, we are business printing specialists. We can help you print all of your envelopes and other business materials, and we love helping our client succeed! We print both full color and one or two color envelopes, so you can get just what you need. When you’re ready to print using the #10 envelope size, fill out an order form or request a custom quote.

    7 Brochure Ideas That Lead To Sales

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    Brochure Ideas that lead to sales

    Your brochure is a vital tool in your marketing toolkit, and perfect brochure ideas are worth their weight in gold. The ideal brochure is informative, engaging, and convinces the reader of your goals.

    There are so many stellar brochure ideas that it can be hard to know where to begin. That’s why we’ve narrowed it down to the basics; here are our top marketing brochure ideas that will help your brochures make a difference.

    1. Use high quality images or photographs.
    2. Photographs and other visual elements attract viewers and lend a personal touch to your brochure, so including one or more is a good idea. If you include a picture of your product, service or staff, use the best possible photographs. Images in printed brochures will only be as good as the original photographs, so if you can afford a professional photographer, by all means use one. If not, take a close look at the photos you have for composition, lighting, and general quality. You may also be able to crop or touch up photos to make them better..

    3. Use high quality paper.
    4. Although it may be tempting to cut corners by using inexpensive copy paper, crisp, higher quality stock will make a difference. Use cover stock if you can, as it will make your brochure and your product, service, or company look more substantial. Although this is a personal choice, coated papers (glossy or silk) tend to make colors pop, so they are a good choice for brochures, flyers, and leaflets.

    5. Plan your size and content in tandem.
    6. Brochures come in many sizes, all of which have their own advantages. As you’re designing your brochure and planning the content you’d like to include, be sure to keep your brochure’s size in mind, as the size will influence how much space you have for your content.

      Some of the most common brochure sizes include:

      • 9x8 brochures
      • 11x8.5 brochures
      • 14x8.5 brochures
      • 17x11 brochures

      For each of these brochure sizes, you can choose which folding style you would prefer.

    7. Write and edit your brochure’s text carefully.
    8. It is important that all intended readers can understand everything you are saying, so make sure not to use too much jargon in your writing. Be equally sure that there are no slang words, profanity or other meanings that could be misinterpreted. You will waste your printing budget if your readers are offended by the content.

      Edit your text carefully; read it aloud to make sure it makes sense and is cohesive. If possible, ask a professional copy editor or a few colleagues to read it and provide feedback. Any typos or grammatical errors will reflect poorly on you and your business, so it’s best to make sure your writing is in tip-top shape.

    9. Use a professional designer if you can afford one.
    10. Although modern software makes it easier than ever to do your own design, you may want to consider getting professional graphic design help. Even with great software, design professionals have a keen eye for composition, color, and balance, which may be hard to duplicate by yourself.

      Design Tip:  If you are doing the design yourself and have challenges visualizing the final brochure, make a paper mockup. Creating a hard copy can help you finalize the design and make sure you like the look of what you are creating.

    11. Define your brand.
    12. Create a consistent message and image for all of your printed materials, including brochures, rack cards and other handouts. It is critical that all readers know who the printed brochure is from, so put your logo in a prominent place, including on the front or back cover, or both!

      As well, create a theme for all of your printing which coordinates with your website. Using your company’s colors throughout your printed materials is a good way to promote brand awareness.

    13. Do something different!
    14. Marketing messages are absolutely everywhere today, so you need to stand out in some way. One idea is to make the size, shape, or design of your brochure different.  You may want lots of white space for a clean or professional look, or you may want to use a lot of color and bleeds so that your piece gets noticed. Die cutting, unusual colors, unique fonts or distinctive folds should all be considered to set your printed piece apart.

    Get Your Brochure Started With ZoePrint

    If you have a great design and are ready to print, or if you need design help, be sure to give ZoePrint a try. We’re full of brochure ideas and advice, and we’re excited to talk with you about your specific product. We specialize in cheap brochures, and our quality and service can't be beat! Order online or request a custom quote today.

    Postcard Size Guide: What You Need To Know

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    Postcard Size Guide

    Postcards are useful and versatile tools. They can serve many purposes, from marketing campaigns to personal communication and more. However, did you know that there’s not only one postcard size? There are in fact many postcard sizes, all of which are appropriate for different situations. In this article, we’ll explain each postcard size and provide tips for choosing the perfect postcard for your project.

    Postcard Size Explanations

    There are in fact three common postcard sizes: 5.5x4.25, 6x4, and 7x5. Each size can be printed in portrait or landscape orientation.

    Small Postcard Size

    Small Postcard sampleSmall Postcard sample 2

    Small postcards are typically 5.5x4.25 or 4.25x5.5, and they are perfect for all kinds of notes and communication. They’re a great choice for advertising events, as they are large enough to include the name, time, and location of the event.

    You can add additional information on the back of the postcard, giving you ample space on the front for an eye-catching design.

    Standard Postcard Size

    Standard Postcard sampleStandard Postcard sample 2

    The standard postcard size is 6x4 or 4x6. This size is versatile and is well-suited for business, advertising, and social postcards. A 6x4 postcard provides enough space on the front for a detailed photo or piece of art, as well as enough space on the back for a personal message or handwritten letter.

    This size is also cost-effective, as it is the largest USPS postcard size that can be mailed as a first-class postcard; larger postcards are classified as letters. Mailing a postcard of this size is cheaper than mailing a letter, so the standard postcard size provides the most space for information at the lowest price.

    Large Postcard Size

    Large Postcard sampleLarge Postcard sample 2

    The most common large postcard size is 7x5 or 5x7. This size gives you enough space to spread out and include lots of information. Do you want to include a coupon on your postcard or explain details of a product giveaway? Or do you want to explain a political candidate’s opinion about important issues? If so, a large postcard is the perfect size for you.

    Large postcards work well as mailers, since they provide enough space to include detailed information.

    Oversized Postcard

    There are certainly other oversized postcard sizes beyond 5x7. Some people create 5.5x8.5, 6x9 and even 6x11 postcards. While these cards will incur more postage cost than small postcards like 4x6, they also stand out in your recipient’s mailbox and garner attention. These sizes give you space for beautiful larger photos and images, and provide more room for text. If you are trying to attract attention or new customers, consider these sizes and weigh the size of the card against production cost and postage.

    Postcard Size Tips

    As you’re deciding between postcard sizes, keep both your postcard’s size and mailing cost in mind.

    Your postcard’s size is vitally important because it influences how much information you can include and therefore transmit to your recipients. Naturally, a smaller postcard can contain a smaller amount of information than a larger postcard.

    However, you must as well keep postage costs in mind. As mentioned earlier, large postcards must be sent with letter-sized postage instead of postcard postage. This costs a little more per postcard, but if you’re sending many postcards, the cost can add up.

    Always check with the post office as to the current postage rate for any postcard you produce. If you’re having trouble deciding on a postcard size, ask your printing company for advice. They will be able to point you in the right direction.

    Print Your Postcards With The Experts At ZoePrint!

    Here at, we’re leaders in postcard printing, and we specialize in printing postcards for business and individuals in every postcard size. If you don't see the size you are looking for, be sure to ask! We also print custom sizes of postcards Order online or or fill out a custom quote request form today.

    School Printing Makes Education Accessible

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    Schools are communication superhighways. In addition to class lectures, all sorts of information is disseminated every day; announcements, reminders, advertisements, requests, and more are essential for schools’ daily functions. Therefore, excellent school printing is a must.

    In this article, we’ll dive deep into why school printing is important, as well as some of the most useful education printing materials. Let’s get started!

    Educational Posters for Events

    Is your school hosting a cheer competition, spelling bee, or promoting the upcoming 6th grade field trip? Posters are the perfect tool to spread the word of any coming events. You can easily distribute them, hang them on hallways walls, and include them in every classroom. Colored posters are great for images to add a pop and attract more eyes.

    Printing Is A Vital School Communication Method

    When it comes to schools, printing will always be in style. Here are some of the top reasons why school printing is vital.

    • Printing is powerful. Despite recent advances in technology, traditional school printing remains the most effective channel to connect with students. Students can hold paper in their hands, making it more concrete than digital communications. This makes a difference, particularly with younger students.
    • Printing is secure. Because school communications tend to exclude anyone outside the local community, printing and distributing messages to the student community makes sense.
    • Printing is school-friendly. Many schools attempt to limit their students’ use of electronics on campus. Therefore, printed materials are the most useful communication method. Printed school flyers, newsletters and posters get students away from their devices and back into the real world.
    • Printing is noticeable. No matter how much time goes by, catching students’ attention with media posted on walls and distributed by teachers will never go away.
    • Printing is versatile. Printed materials are salient in all realms of school life.

    Top School Printing Items

    Administration, teachers, and student organizations have tons of uses for print material. What kinds of materials should you incorporate into your school printing? Here are some of the most important education printing materials you need.

    Posters for Events

    Is your school hosting a cheer competition, spelling bee, or promoting the upcoming 6th grade field trip? Posters are the perfect tool to spread the word about any and all upcoming events. You can easily design and distribute them, hang them on hallways and walls, and include them in every classroom. Colored posters are perfect because they make images pop and attract more eyes.

    Branded School Folders

    Branded folders present a sophisticated image and draw top talent to any type of school. Place your promotional material in a folder for parents and students to take back home with them.

    Not only do folders give your school a professional look, but they serve as a reminder long after visitors have left your school. Private schools, language institutes, ballet schools, and adult training centers can improve student acquisition with customized folders.

    What should you put inside? Continue to build your school’s image by filling folders with notepads, postcards, brochures, and professional business cards.


    Does your school already have newsletters in its school printing toolkit? Newsletters quickly and efficiently spread current updates through an entire school community. Even designing and printing off a few copies per classroom transmits the same information for a lesser cost. Advertise fundraisers, upcoming events, competition results, and student spotlights for an entire grade or for the whole school to read.

    Promotional Flyers

    Leaflets or promotional flyers are an excellent take-home equivalent to posters. Including captivating graphics with text conveying event details will ensure that recipients read your flyers. Schools can also use flyers to invite local community members to school events open to the public. Selling carnival tickets to fundraise for the football team? Students can distribute flyers to neighbors and family to spread the word.

    Theater, Sports, and Graduation Programs

    Play attendees need programs to outline the performance and highlight the actors and stage crew. Musical performances, sport tournaments, and graduations are other events that typically come with a printed program to take home. While students may not give these a second thought, parents and relatives love having simple mementos to fondly pass around decades later.

    School Brochures

    If your school is trying to attract new students (or new customers in the case of for profit school ventures), school brochures are an important tool. Printed brochures are available in a wide variety of formats and sizes. Prospective parents and students will study brochures when they get home, and printed materials will give your school an edge. Get design help if you need it to make your school look its best!

    ZoePrint Makes School Printing Easy

    If you're looking for a cheap school printing service that promotes a tight-knit school community, check out We love working with schools of all sizes, and we offer products for all your school printing needs! Place an order or request a custom quote today.

    Real Estate Newsletters Bring Listings to Life

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    Real Estate Newsletters

    Printed real estate newsletters are a tried and true method to find new clients and generate top of mind awareness in your community. Designing a real estate newsletter is easy and fun, and it can result in increased visibility for your properties. Let’s talk about how to create the best real estate newsletters!

    Benefits of Printed Real Estate Newsletters

    Although there are many ways to promote yourself online, it is much easier to target a geographic area in a city or town using printed and mailed newsletters.

    In addition, recipients will retain a printed piece and refer to it over and over again, whereas they’re likely to discard and quickly forget an emailed newsletter.

    Finally, people are more likely to pay attention to printed materials than they are to emails. People receive dozens of emails every day but typically fewer than ten pieces of physical mail, so it’s more likely that your mailed newsletter will be seen and stand out from the crowd.

    Best Real Estate Newsletter Ideas to Include

    The key to creating successful newsletters is to produce something the recipient wants to read and retain. Here are some of our top suggestions that will help you create real estate newsletters that readers won’t stop reading.

    • Write superior and interesting content. This is paramount. A well-written newsletter that provides helpful information will work wonders for increasing your readership.
    • Appeal to multiple groups of people. Obviously, since readers have many different tastes and interests, it makes sense to add features which will appeal to as many constituents as possible. Include a mixture of articles about current topics and evergreen ideas, such as how to finance a home purchase, how to build credit, and how to narrow down the search for the perfect home. This way, all readers will find articles that are relevant to them.
    • Promote local events and ideas. Real estate is all about location, and readers want to know about aspects of the local community which they may not have experienced themselves. Many realtors promote local activities, theatre groups, gatherings or hiking trails in their monthly publications. Others publish excellent local recipes which they have tried making themselves.

    5 Tips For Designing and Printing Real Estate Newsletters

    Two of the most important factors that determine whether recipients read your newsletter are its design quality and its printed quality. A high-quality real estate newsletter printed by a professional printing company will attract eyes and make it easy for people to keep reading.

    Here are our best tips for printing real estate newsletters

    1. Find Inspiration
    2. When you’re in the beginning stages of design, look at your competitors’ newsletters to get a feel for what’s out there. Then check out some real estate newsletter templates and real estate newsletter examples.

    3. Push Your Design Up A Notch
    4. Using a professional designer gives you an edge. Employ someone who has an appealing style and has samples to show you of what they have done before. In addition, have your designer create a "look" or brand so that people will recognize your newsletter when they receive it each month.

    5. Stand Out From The Crowd
    6. Although it costs more than black and white, full color printing allows you to use the entire color palette to appeal to the reader. Color printing distinguishes your real estate newsletter from other mail and makes recipients more likely to pay attention to it.

    7. Use High Quality Paper
    8. The quality of your newsletter sends a message about the quality of your services. Therefore, use a high-quality paper that instills confidence in you and your properties. Consider a gloss paper such as 80# or 100# gloss that gives your newsletter a luxurious feel. Another option is to print on silk or dull stock of the same weight to give your newsletter a different look or feel. Silk paper should be very similar in price to gloss.

      Next, choose whether you’d prefer a thicker paper for your newsletter’s covers. This is completely up to you and your preferences; some newsletters use the same paper for all pages, and some use stocks such as 80# uncoated cover or 100# gloss cover to make their newsletters feel more professional.

    9. Assemble The Best Team
    10. Your newsletter is only as good as the printing company who prints it, so work with a printing company which produces excellent quality printing and has an eye for detail. Ask prospective printing companies all of your questions; their answers will help you understand if they’re a good match.

      Using this recipe for success, you’re on your way to creating one of the best real estate newsletters!

    ZoePrint Can Bring Your Real Estate Newsletter To Life

    If you need help with newsletter design or printing, don't hesitate to give ZoePrint a try. We offer 5.5x8.5 and 8.5x11 newsletters in both full color and black and white, and our newsletters are highly customizable. We can help with your design or design your newsletter for you, and we will make it look fantastic! To get started, use our easy online ordering system or request a custom quote today.

    Guide to Envelope Design: Sizing, Printing, and More

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    Envelopes are printed communication’s unsung heroes. While the letter or card inside might have the crucial details and information, the envelope sets the stage and establishes an image. A stellar envelope is the key to a recipient opening an envelope in the first place.

    Therefore, it’s important to ensure that your envelope design helps your letter or enclosure be read. In this article, we’ll address everything you need to consider as you’re developing and printing your envelope design ideas.

    Business and Invitation Envelope Design Sizes

    Envelopes typically come in two styles: for business use and for invitations (or other social announcements). Typically, you send pieces of printed paper such as business letters, flyers, and reminders in business envelopes. You can choose an envelope size based on the size of the paper inside. Common sizes include #9 envelopes, #10 envelopes, 6x9 envelopes, 9x12 envelopes, and 10x13 envelopes, which will fit all of the standard letter size papers.

    Invitation envelopes, on the other hand, are perfect for standard card sizes. Some of the most popular invitation envelope sizes include A2 envelopes, A6 envelopes, and A7 envelopes.

    Envelope Design Questions to Consider

    While envelope design may seem simple on the surface, there are in fact many design choices that you need to make. When pondering your creative envelope design, ask yourself the following questions:

    • Should I include the company logo?
    • What size envelope should I use?
    • Should I use a window envelope?
    • Should the printing be in color or black and white?
    • Which typeface should I use?
    • Do I need to include a postal indicia on the envelope?
    • Do I want the envelope to print only on the face, on the back, or both?
    • Do I want an envelope with a pointed or square flap?
    • Will my design have bleed?

    Some of these questions only apply for business envelopes. For example, invitation envelopes typically do not contain windows, so there’s no need to consider this question in that case.

    Postal Indicia Can Save Businesses Time and Money

    A postal indicia is an image containing information about a company's postal permit in place of a stamp. The indicia informs the postal office that you have already paid for postage.  Postal indicia are used for larger mailings, such as newsletters, mailers, postcards, and more.  The indicia MUST be in the correct format and have all necessary components in the proper order to meet postal regulations. For questions on formatting, visit the USPS website. Also, be sure to consult with your printing company before finalizing the indicia to make sure you are using the correct indicia and the correct postage class for mailing.

    Remember These Key Envelope Design Ideas

    As you’re designing your envelope, keep these important tips in mind.

    Follow Standard Address Formatting

    When designing business envelopes, the company name or logo and address are most often located in the left upper corner on the face of the envelope, and they are usually around 1-2 inches wide. Remember that the mailing address will be in the middle of the envelope, so don't make the logo and return address information so large as to make the mailing address illegible or impossible to fit.

    Don’t Make It Too Complicated

    Simple designs are effective for printed envelopes; don’t try to convey a complex message or large body of text on an envelope. The point of printing on an envelope is to make sure recipients can identify who sent the letter (and possibly the purpose of the correspondence) in just a few seconds.

    Include Your Logo

    When sending mail, your goal is for the mail to get opened. Therefore, include elegant design features on your envelopes, such as your logo in color, that help recipients know who or which company sent them mail. If you’re printing envelopes to personal correspondence, consider including your monogrammed initials next to your return address. The more personal touches your envelope has, the more likely it is to be read.

    Consider Including Designs On The Back

    Some organizations put designs on the back side of the envelope rather than the front. Notecard envelopes generally have a square flap, so including an address and possibly a small version of the logo can make for a successful design.

    Let Your Creativity Flow

    While envelopes aren’t the place to reinvent the wheel, you can still express your creativity in smaller ways. Even touches as simple as printing in color will put your envelopes ahead of the rest. For company envelopes, you might also include your company slogan somewhere on the front of the envelope to give recipients an idea of what your business does. As well, special mailings can have a few words printed on the envelope about the purpose of the mailing to increase their effectiveness.

    Print Your Envelope With The Experts at ZoePrint

    Here at ZoePrint, we love printing both business and invitation envelopes. We digitally print or offset print envelopes using your envelope design, or one of our professional graphic designers can create a design just for you.  If you need an envelope printed which you don’t see on our site, please ask...we can accommodate many different types of envelope printing. Upload artwork today or fill out a custom quote to get your envelopes printed quickly and inexpensively!

    Effective Poster Design Makes A Difference

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    Viewers remember a great poster. There is no magic formula, no prescribed method; when designing a poster, you get to let your creativity run free. 

    If this idea feels intimidating, don’t worry: in this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about poster design and printing!

    Why Poster Design is Important

    Whether you’re designing an advertising poster or an art poster, your poster’s design is paramount. Your poster captivates an audience with an image. Therefore, this image must be powerful. Here are some tips as you’re designing your poster.

    • Maintain a simple layout. Keep your poster uncluttered so that viewers can easily find the most important information or artistic element.

    • Use large letters. Many posters are seen from far away, so if your poster contains text, make it easy to read.

    • Emphasize your main point. If your poster is informative, be sure that the most important information is the largest so that readers can quickly understand your main message.

    • Include a bold design. History’s most memorable posters all contain bold design elements that impress the viewer. Use bright colors and other poster design features that make your poster stick in the viewer’s mind.

    • Add all important information. This might seem simple, but it bears saying: for an informational or event poster design, don’t forget any crucial information. This includes the time, date, and location of an event, or a URL for further details.

    • Balance positive and negative space. To help viewers notice the important parts of your poster, don’t cram the whole page full of information. Leave some empty space so that people can focus on what’s important.

    With the tips and tricks above, you’ll be on your way to designing effective posters in no time!

    Printing Your Poster Design Ideas

    As you’re printing your poster, you have many technical aspects to consider. Here are four key printing options to keep in mind. 

    One-Sided or Two-Sided Printing

    When you’re deciding that you’d like to create a poster, you probably already know whether you’re planning to hang it on a wall or distribute it by hand. That makes this first step in the printing process easy! If you’re going to be hanging your poster or posting it on a wall, then printing it on one side in color is probably the best choice.

    If you’re going to be distributing your poster, for example as an informational poster, then you might want to print on both sides in color. That will allow for twice the information, twice the art, and twice the impact!

    Any Size To Fit Your Need

    You can choose from many poster sizes. Some of the most common sizes include 11x17, 12x18, 18x24, 24x36, and 30x40. Of course, each size can be printed in portrait or landscape orientation; for example, a poster could be either 24x36 or 36x24.

    Your poster size choice is purely up to you. Consider where you might be posting it. A small poster might be better for a bulletin board, whereas a piece of artwork for your wall might be significantly bigger.

    As well, consider how much information you plan to include on your poster. If you’re including lots of information about an event, for example, opt for a larger size that lets you include all necessary details.

    Paper Options Galore

    Because posters as an art and design form are so versatile, you have many paper options for printing your poster. Some papers work better for some types of posters. Papers such as 70# Uncoated Text are perfect to hand out on the street and post in community gathering areas. Papers such as 100# Gloss Cover are thick and deluxe, great for displaying a work of art. Of course, you can also choose from everything in between.

    Number of Copies

    Before you print, consider how many copies you’d like. This is also a question of intended use: are you planning to post five hundred event posters around town, or thirty copies of a theater poster? Frequently, the more copies you order, the smaller the cost per click.

    At ZoePrint, We’re The Poster Experts

    Whether you have a great poster design already or you need design help, is an excellent source for quality design and digital printing! We can help your next poster be a smashing success. Order online or request a custom quote today!

    Print Real Estate Brochures That Lead To Offers

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    Real Estate Brochure

    Real estate brochures are the powerhouses of the real estate world. They’re informative and inspiring marketing tools, and they have the power to sway potential buyers and renters towards making an offer. If you’re looking for some more information about how to create a great real estate brochure, keep reading!

    Why Your Real Estate Brochure Is Important

    Your brochure plays a key role in the buying or renting process. It explains all of the most important information about your listing and highlights its special features.

    The brochure is the most illustrative, informative document that potentials keep after they leave your property, and it is a physical reminder of your property. It’s how potentials will remember you once they’ve left the building. If they’re visiting multiple properties, their visits might start to blend together in their minds, so your brochure influences what they’ll remember from their visit and helps them distinguish your property from all the others they’ve seen.

    When potentials tour multiple properties, they will also keep each property’s brochure and use them later to compare their options. Think of your brochure as a runner in a race, competing against all the other brochures from all the other properties that potentials visit. You want your brochure to help you make it to the finish line: an offer on your property.

    In sum, your real estate brochure helps sell or rent your property. When prospects are considering which property to bid on, your brochure helps them think of you!

    How To Design A Real Estate Brochure

    Now that you understand the importance of a stellar real estate brochure, let’s get to the fun part: designing! Here are some tips and tricks for making a real estate brochure that converts tours into offers.

    Pick Your Best Size And Folding Style

    One of the first decisions you must make about your real estate brochure is which size and folding style you prefer, as this will influence all aspects of your brochure’s content. You can choose from many sizes; some of the most common include 9x8, 11x8.5, 14x8.5, and 17x11.

    Once you’ve chosen your size, it’s time to decide on a folding style. Popular options include half fold, trifold, z fold, and double parallel fold. Brochure folds help you organize your material into clearly-defined areas, so consider what information you’d like to include in your brochure as you’re choosing a folding style. If you’re feeling stuck, check out these real estate brochure examples.

    Once you’ve chosen your size and folding style, it’s time to dive into creating your brochure’s content.

    Present Your Property In Its Best Light

    This idea is evident, but it’s worth mentioning. Your brochure is one of your top marketing materials, so it should highlight your property’s best features. Of course, you need to include some basic factual information such as number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage, and realtor contact information. In the rest of the brochure, provide information about the most exciting amenities and features. Your excitement about the property will be contagious!

    Use Space Effectively

    NBrochures are effective tools for imparting information quickly. A booklet, for example, contains enough space to spread out and include many photos and paragraphs, but a brochure is typically one folded page. Therefore, once you’ve decided on your paper size and folding style, choose your text and images carefully so that they fit the amount of space you have.

    To make your real estate brochure easy to read, use simple, clear language. Include your property’s amenities in a bullet point list instead of burying them in a flowery paragraph. Use bolded headings throughout your brochure so that readers can quickly find the information they’re looking for.

    Include Inspiring Images

    Your real estate brochure’s images serve two purposes: they’re informational and inspirational. Include an image of the floor plan so that prospects can easily refer to it later. As well, include professionally-taken photos of the listing that highlight its best features. Use the highest-quality photos possible so that they’re not pixelated on your brochure. Make it easy for house-hunters to imagine themselves in your property’s beautiful, sunlit kitchen or your luxurious in-home theater!

    Choose A Paper That Serves A Purpose

    Select a paper that exemplifies your commitment to your listing. Consider a silk or gloss stock that gives your brochure a luxurious feel, symbolizing the wonderful life that residents at your property would have. Coated stocks tend to accentuate colors and make images pop!

    If your property’s environmentally-friendly design is one of its selling points, use a similarly environmentally friendly paper, such as one that contains recycled post consumer waste. Prospects will appreciate your dedication to being green!

    Print Your Real Estate Brochures Today

    Once you’ve finished designing your brochure, it’s time to print it and get it out into the world! ZoePrint is ready to help you with all aspects of the printing process. We offer many sizes, stocks, and folding styles, and our high quality can’t be beat. Our speedy printing and shipping times mean that you can start distributing your brochures in no time at all. We can even design your brochure for you! Fill out an order form or send us a custom quote request today.

    What You Need to Know About Flyer Size

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    What to know about flyer size


    Flyers are handy tools that spread information to potential customers and community members. They’re used for marketing, increasing awareness about sales, invitations, and much more. When you’ve decided that you want to make a flyer, your first choice is a big one with some far-reaching consequences: which flyer size should you use?

    If you’re pondering this question, you’re in luck! In this article, we’ll explain the ins and outs of flyer size.

    Why Flyer Size Matters

    On the surface, flyer size seems inconsequential. However, because there are so many different flyer sizes, it’s a more complicated choice than it might seem. It’s important to choose a size that fits your intended use.

    Flyer size is a small element with a big influence. Simply put, it is one of the factors that determines whether or not your flyer is successful. Too big, and readers will feel overwhelmed. Too little, and they won’t have enough information to understand your goal. Hitting the sweet spot of the perfect flyer size can be difficult, but it’s worth it! You will be rewarded with the perfect marketing item that spreads your message far and wide.

    Flyer Size Chart

    While some people consider 8.5x11 the standard flyer size, there are many possible shapes and sizes. This chart explains some of the most common flyer size dimensions.

    Size in inches

    Size in cm

    Size in mm

























    Remember, flyers can have either a vertical or horizontal orientation. So for example, you can create a 5.5x8.5 flyer or a 8.5x5.5 flyer. While both have the same surface area, their dimensions are different, so they can be used in different situations.

    How To Choose A Flyer Size

    Many factors influence which flyer size is best for your specific situation. As you’re considering a flyer size, take the following 5 ideas into account.

    Amount of Information

    How much information are you planning to include in your flyer? If you’re adding details about event locations or product technical specs, consider a larger flyer that will give you space to spread out. On the other hand, if you’re advertising a club DJ for example, you might need less space.


    Are you planning to include photos, graphics, or other images on your flyer? If so, use a larger size so that readers can notice all the details. Opt for more space, rather than less--and be sure that the images you include are a high enough resolution that they don’t become pixelated when you print your flyer!


    Naturally, cost is an important factor to consider when making any investment in your business. As can be expected, larger flyers frequently cost more to print than smaller flyers, although cost also depends on the paper you use, how many copies you print, and whether you print in color or black and white. Larger flyers might also cost more to ship or store. However, they often pay for themselves with the increased business they bring to your company!

    Distribution Method

    Consider how you’ll be putting your flyer out into the world. If you’re going to place them in rack card holders, be sure to order rack card-sized flyers. Small flyers are easy to hand out on the street, whereas larger ones are perfect for tacking onto a posterboard. If you’re going to mail them, make sure they’re a standard size for mail in your country.

    Final Destination

    Where do you plan for your flyer to end up? If you’re hoping your flyer will end up on someone’s fridge, consider a smaller size. If your flyers blur the lines between information and art, maybe they’ll end up hanging on the wall! In that case, choose a larger size that lets everyone see your artistic ability and appreciate what you’ve designed.

    At ZoePrint, We’re Flyer Experts!

    When you’re ready to print your flyer, ZoePrint is ready to help! We offer the full range of flyer sizes and many paper options. Feel free to upload your design, or we’d be happy to create one for you. Use our great website to place your order online, fill out our custom quote form or call us at 877-216-9155 today!

    How To Choose A Flyer Size

    Many factors influence which flyer size is best for your specific situation. As you’re considering a flyer size, take the following 5 ideas into account.

    Amount of Information

    How much information are you planning to include in your flyer? If you’re adding details about event locations or product technical specs, consider a larger flyer that will give you space to spread out. On the other hand, if you’re advertising a club DJ for example, you might need less space.


    Are you planning to include photos, graphics, or other images on your flyer? If so, use a larger size so that readers can notice all the details. Opt for more space, rather than less--and be sure that the images you include are a high enough resolution that they don’t become pixelated when you print your flyer!


    Naturally, cost is an important factor to consider when making any investment in your business. As can be expected, larger flyers frequently cost more to print than smaller flyers, although cost also depends on the paper you use, how many copies you print, and whether you print in color or black and white. Larger flyers might also cost more to ship or store. However, they often pay for themselves with the increased business they bring to your company!

    Distribution Method

    Consider how you’ll be putting your flyer out into the world. If you’re going to place them in rack card holders, be sure to order rack card-sized flyers. Small flyers are easy to hand out on the street, whereas larger ones are perfect for tacking onto a posterboard. If you’re going to mail them, make sure they’re a standard size for mail in your country.

    Final Destination

    Where do you plan for your flyer to end up? If you’re hoping your flyer will end up on someone’s fridge, consider a smaller size. If your flyers blur the lines between information and art, maybe they’ll end up hanging on the wall! In that case, choose a larger size that lets everyone see your artistic ability and appreciate what you’ve designed.

    At ZoePrint, We’re Flyer Experts!

    When you’re ready to print your flyer, ZoePrint is ready to help! We offer the full range of flyer sizes and many paper options. Feel free to upload your design, or we’d be happy to create one for you. Use our great website to place your order online, fill out our custom quote form or call us at 877-216-9155 today!

    What You Need to Know About Business Card Size

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    What you need to know about business card size

    Business cards are some of the most popular and important printed business documents. They are a cost-effective form of marketing and are universally accepted as part of any corporate introduction.

    While you might think that there’s only one business card size, we’re here to let you know that there are actually many, and we’ll explain them all. Here’s the scoop on business card size!

    Standard Business Card Size

    Without a doubt, in the United States, the most common business card size is 2x3.5. There are many reasons to stick with this size. It is traditional and established, and this is the size that most people you meet will expect to receive. Many people carry business card cases, and most cases are designed for this size.

    This size is small enough to fit in a wallet but large enough to include all the information you need on your business card, including your and your company’s names, your address and contact information, your company’s logo, and any other important details that new contacts need to know. A standard business card size in pixels is 1050x600 pixels. This average business card size gets the job done perfectly well.

    Exciting Business Card Sizes

    However, did you know that other business card sizes exist? When you meet a new business contact, you want to make an impression, and uniquely sized business cards are more noticeable and help you stand out from the crowd.

    Let’s talk about three of the most exciting business card sizes.

    Vertical Business Cards

    Try putting a literal spin on things with a vertical business card. Vertical business cards are the same size as standard business cards, 2x3.5, except they’re two inches wide and three and a half inches tall. This size still gives you space to include all the information you would include on a standard business card, but it showcases your unique perspective and gives you new opportunities to showcase your imagination and design skills.

    Square Business Cards

    Square business cards are artsy and unique. These cards are typically 2.5x2.5, so they provide slightly less space than a standard business card, but you still have enough space to include all of your necessary information. They’re an artistic alternative and help you show your creative side. These cards help you stand out and make sure new acquaintances remember you.

    Mini Business Cards

    Mini business cards, the pint-size members of the business card family, are an exciting twist on the business card. They are only 1x2.75, giving you just enough space for your logo and contact information. Of course, you can print on both the front and back, which gives you twice the amount of space.

    You can also print mini business cards as art tags, bookmarks, and even tiny ads. These small but mighty cards can leave a big impression!

    Even More Business Cards

    There are also many other business card sizes, and you can create an effective design for any shape of business card. For instance, you can produce a fold over business card, which is typically 4x3.5 unfolded and 2x3.5 after folding.

    If you want to opt for something even less conventional, you might consider a differently shaped card. These more uncommon sizes showcase your individuality, but consider their cost. For anything involving a die cut shape, the cost of the cards is almost certain to be higher than square-cut business cards, since there is an additional step in producing the cards. However, if this cost helps you showcase your personality and your unique frame of mind, it could be worth it to you.

    ZoePrint Specializes in Business Cards!

    When you are ready to print your business cards, let help. We offer 2x3.5 horizontal and vertical business cards, as well as square business cards and mini business cards. If you want a custom business card, please let us know. We are experts at business card printing, and our service and quality are always first rate. Order online or ask for a custom quote today!

    Note Card Size Guide

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    Note cards are the foundation of polite communication. From thank you cards, to client outreach, to event invitations, and more, note cards reinforce personal and professional connections.

    When designing and printing your own note cards, you should first choose your preferred note card size. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the size options and terms such as A2, A6, and A7, vertical versus horizontal orientation, or flat versus folded cards, this is the article for you! Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about notecard size.

    5 Types of Note Card Size

    While there is no one standard note card size, there are a few popular sizes that printers can easily produce for you. Let’s get into it!

    3x5 Note Card

    A 3x5 note card is small but mighty. This is the size of a typical index card, so consider printing your own custom-made index cards for studying!

    To make effective notecards for studying, print the back side of your 3x5 note card in a different color. This will help you differentiate and remember the contents of each side of the card.

    A2 Note Card

    A2 note cards are small enough to feel artisanal but large enough to be useful. A horizontal A2 note card is 5.5x4.25 inches, and a vertical one is 4.25x5.5 inches. This size is perfect for greeting cards and thank you cards.

    4x6 Note Card

    A 4 x 6 note card gives you some extra space to spread out. This size is perfect for recipe cards and event invitations. Printing on both sides of an unfolded card gives you even more space to add ingredient specifications, dress code explanations, or other important details.

    A6 Note Card

    A6 note cards give you space to include ample information without being overwhelming. A horizontal A6 card is 6.25x4.5 inches, and a vertical card is 4.5x6.25 inches.

    This size is quite flexible, with the feel of a smaller card but with the ability to contain lots of information and design elements. An A6 note card works well for event invitations and holiday cards.

    A7 Note Card

    A7 note cards are the largest of the bunch. At 5x7 inches for a vertical card and 7x5 inches for a horizontal card, this note card size gives you the ability to say everything you want to say.

    In addition to personal cards, this size is perfect for save the date cards. You can include lots of text and images, letting you go into detail about an event or client opportunity.

    Flat and Folded Note Cards

    In addition to all the information above, you can also choose between flat and folded note cards. Flat note cards can be printed in color on the front and back, the back side can be printed in black ink, or the back side can be blank.

    If you want to include a lot of information in your card, or if you tend to write long notes, consider printing on a folded card, which will give you twice the amount of writing space.

    Horizontal and Vertical Note Cards

    All note cards have either a horizontal or a vertical orientation.

    Horizontal note cards, also called landscape note cards, are wider than they are tall. These types of cards are perfect for horizontal designs, which can include a business logo, artwork, or—you guessed it!—a landscape. A folded horizontal note card opens from the bottom.

    Vertical note cards, or portrait note cards, are taller than they are wide. They are appropriate for vertical designs, such as event invitations or photographs. A folded vertical note card opens from the right, just like a book.

    ZoePrint Can Print Your Note Cards!

    Hopefully now you have a better understanding of note card size. When you’re ready to print your own note cards, ZoePrint is here to help! We’re happy to advise you about note card sizes, and we can print and ship your cards typically within two days of your order. We can even design your card for you! Order your own note cards or receive a custom quote today.

    Appointment Cards Increase Patient Health

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    Appointment cards are handy tools that help patients stay on top of their health. In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about patient appointment cards. Let’s get started!

    What Are Appointment Cards, And Why Are They Important? 

    An appointment card is a small card that a client receives at the end of their appointment that contains the date and time of their following appointment. The card is typically the size of a business card, making it easy to store in a wallet or on a fridge and refer to later. 

    These tangible reminders help patients remember their follow-up appointments, resulting in fewer missed appointments and making scheduling easier for healthcare practices and businesses. They lead to better health and less hassle. They’re a win-win!

    What Information Should You Include On An Appointment Card?

    Appointment cards are easy to design. They’re small, so only include the most important information. Here are the can’t-miss elements of appointment reminder cards. 

    The Patient or Customer’s Name

    Be sure to include a field for the customer’s name. This is particularly important for practices which might see multiple members of the same family. No one wants to accidentally show up to their spouse’s tooth cleaning!

    The Next Appointment Date and Time

    Provide a place for the date and time of the next appointment. This is the most important part of the card! You can include checkboxes for each day of the week if you’d like, or you can leave space in the date field to write the name of the day of their next appointment. 

    Your Company’s Name and Logo

    Every interaction a customer or client has with your brand influences their impression of you. Include your company’s name and official logo, and adhere to all company branding guidelines, including color choices and fonts. 

    Your Company’s Address and Contact Information

    Help your client easily arrive at their next appointment by including your address on your card. As well, provide your contact information so that customers can contact you if they have questions or need to reschedule. 

    Space for Notes or Information Specific to Your Business

    Include space for notes, in case the customer needs any other specific information about their next appointment. This might include space for stylists to write their names on salon appointment cards so that clients can request the same stylist, or a technician might write the name of the service needed at the next appointment. 

    A Special Discount

    Encourage return appointments by also making your appointment card a coupon or by including a discount code. This is a popular option for companies such as salons and massage parlors which want to encourage return visits. 

    Who Uses Appointment Cards? 

    Appointment cards are useful for a variety of businesses and medical practices. The following businesses are particularly well-suited for appointment cards.

    Medical Practices

    Appointment cards help all types of medical practices, from dentists to therapists and more. Simply fill out a card for each patient that includes their next appointment date and time, and send them on their way. They’ll be able to easily remember when to come back for their next cleaning, treatment, or visit. 

    Use a traditional horizontal appointment card or a dynamic vertical appointment card that provides space for details about the follow-up appointment. 


    Salons often schedule the next appointment at the end of the current appointment, making an appointment card a helpful and easy part of the check-out process. Make sure that customers leave both with a great haircut and with an appointment card in-hand.

    Include a field for stylists to write their names on the appointment cards so that clients can be sure to see the same professional every time they visit. Consider using a unique square reminder card that exemplifies your salon’s creative outlook on life. 

    Massage Parlors

    Massage parlors, as well, use appointment reminder cards to make sure that clients know when they’re coming back. Use a peaceful theme and light colors on your card to mirror your business’s relaxing atmosphere. 

    Canva provides many useful appointment cards templates that you can customize for your specific practice or business. 

    Veterinary Practices

    Whether Spot needs a checkup or Rex needs a followup test, appointment cards help pet owners take care of their animals’ health. Consider adding playful, pet-themed design elements such as paw prints or dog bones to your card, as well as including fields for both the pet and owner names. 

    ZoePrint Can Help You Print Appointment Cards!

    You want to help your patients, and ZoePrint wants to help you! We are experts in printing appointment cards of all shapes and sizes, and we can design and print the card that’s perfect for your business or practice. When you’re ready to get started, place an order on our easy-to-use website or contact us for a custom quote

    4 Types of Poster Size

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    4 Types of Poster Size

    When you’re making your own poster, the first decision you need to make as you design it is what size you want it to be. If this seems overwhelming, keep reading! In this article, we’ll discuss the top four types of standard poster size and when to use each one.  

    Small Poster Size

    The most common small poster size is typically 11x17 or 17x11. Small posters are extremely versatile. Typically, they are placed indoors where people can get up close and see them clearly.  

    Since small posters are best seen from a few feet away, they work well for workplace reminders such as health and safety precautions, as well as decorative posters with slogans or small illustrations. If you want people looking at it from up close, it’ll be perfect on a small poster!  

    Medium Poster Size

    A typical medium poster size is 18x24 or 24x18. However, there is a lot of variation in the medium size. If you want your poster to be a specific size that isn’t 18x24, go for it! Printers can easily accommodate many medium poster sizes.  

    A medium poster works well in almost every circumstance. Just be sure when you’re designing your poster that you know how it’s going to be used, because this will affect your design. If you’re planning to hand out these posters, the fonts and images can be smaller since people will hold them and look at them closely. If you’re planning to hang them on a wall or outside, be sure to include fewer elements and make them larger so that they’re clearly visible from the other side of the room or across the street.  

    Large Poster Size

    Most large posters are 20x24 or 24x36. These posters are visible from far away, so they’re a great way to attract attention, whether on the street or in a business office. You can use larger design elements here, such as a photo and a heading, or a business name and logo, with additional information in a smaller type that brings people closer to read more. Many advertising posters are in a large poster size.  

    Movie Poster Size

    Did you know that in the US there is a standard movie poster size? Movie posters in the US are 27x40. This makes them large enough to include a photo of the main characters, the film’s title, the names of the lead actors, and the release date, all large enough to be read from many feet away.  


    If you want to print your own movie posters, the movie poster size is perfect. This size is also great for printing any large image containing lots of detail, as well as a poster that is going to be seen from many feet away. This size gives you space to be larger-than-life!  

    Poster Size is Flexible

    Luckily, there are many poster sizes other than the ones described above. There is no one standard poster size. Poster size can be as small as 4.25x5.5 to as large as 30x40, or even bigger. (At our posters begin at 11x17 size; you can find smaller sizes under flyer printing.) A great printer will have many options to choose from and can help you choose the best poster size.  

    Print Your Posters With A Professional Printer

    When you’re ready to print your posters, is here for you. Our extensive range of poster sizes means that you will be able to print the perfect color poster, whether it’s a standard poster size, larger, or smaller. Our design team can help you pick a size that fits both your project and your budget. Contact us today to learn more! 

    The Ultimate Guide To Club Flyers

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    club flyers

    Flyers are effective tools for all kinds of clubs, from book clubs to nightclubs. In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about club flyers. Let’s get started!

    Why Are Club Flyers Important?

    Club flyers help you project your club’s information out into the world. Whether you’re holding a fundraiser or organizing a dance party, your club flyer helps the general public learn about the event you’re planning and become interested in your activity. Anyone walking past your flyer can notice it and learn about your club. Therefore, your flyer is vitally important for your club’s success!

    What Information Should You Include In A Club Flyer?

    Flyers are small advertisements for events, so include all of the information that people would need to know in order to attend. Make sure your flyer has the following information about your event:

    • Name
    • Date and time
    • Location
    • Name of the club hosting the event
    • Cost of attending 
    • Any special features that can attract attendees
    Adding this information will ensure that attendees know what your event is and how to attend.

    What Are The Best Club Flyer Paper Sizes?

    No matter the club you’re advertising or the event you’re promoting, you can find a club flyer paper size that works for you.

    Some common flyer paper sizes include:

    As you can see, flyers come in all sorts of sizes! Smaller ones are perfect for handing out on the street, and larger ones are just right for posting in community centers. There’s always a size that fits your needs.

    What Are The Best Club Flyer Paper Weights And Coatings?

    You can choose from many possible paper weights. Some of the most popular include:

    • 70# Uncoated Text
    • 80# Gloss Text
    • 100# Gloss Text
    • 80# Uncoated Cover
    • 80# Gloss Cover
    • 100# Gloss Cover

    All of these paper weights and coatings will make your flyers feel different. Choose a lighter weight paper for a flyer that’s easy to tack on a message board. A heavier weight paper is a durable option that can even be a keepsake of an event. Consider using a gloss paper, which gives your flyer that extra shine and helps it stand out!

    3 Excellent Club Flyer Examples

    If you’re wondering how to design a club flyer, you’re in luck! Here are some examples of excellent club flyers and explanations of what makes them great.

    College Club Flyers

    bake sale flyer

    Clubs are an integral part of the college experience. From volunteer clubs to activity clubs and religious clubs, all clubs organize events that they advertise to their school community.

    You can use a flyer to spread the word about events such as game nights and fundraisers. Include an image, graphic, or other design element that illustrates the purpose of the event. In this club bake sale poster, the designs of delicious baked goods remind future attendees of the treats that await them at the event.

    Nite Club Flyers

    niteclub flyers

    Nightclub flyers spread the word about events at local nightclubs. Hand them out on the street and around town to let people know where to find the perfect party.

    These example nightclub flyers take advantage of exciting colors that give a feel for the club’s ambiance. Use colors and shapes in your nite club flyers that will make viewers excited to attend. If there is a special DJ, theme, or party at your club, include that information as well. Check out some club flyer templates that can help you get started.

    Halloween Club Flyers

    halloween flyers

    When the spookiest season rolls around, it’s time for Halloween club nights, and that means Halloween club flyers! Halloween club flyers usually advertise parties with a Halloween theme. 

    These flyers are fun and full of Halloween spirit. Many Halloween Flyers such as the example above incorporate the traditional colors of orange and black, as well as Halloween imagery such as jack-o-lanterns and bats. Do the same in your flyer to remind future attendees of the tricks and treats that await them.

    ZoePrint Loves Club Flyers!

    At ZoePrint, we are club flyer experts! With years of experience printing flyers of all shapes and sizes, we’re passionate about printing and distributing the flyer that makes your event perfect. If you’re looking to have club flyers printed, upload your own design or ask us to create one for you. Order online or contact us for a custom quote. We look forward to hearing from you!

    Designing an Effective Church Flyer

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    Church flyers contain important information about church events in an attractive format that is easy to distribute. They spread the word about youth group events, weekly services, visiting pastors or other speakers, bible study meetings, prayer meetings, holiday services, and more. In this article, we’ll discuss the elements of a great church flyer!

    What to Include in a Church Flyer

    Let’s cover the most important information first: what to include in a church flyer. Here’s what you can’t forget.

    The Name, Date, Time, and Location of the Event

    To put it simply, congregants can’t attend your event if they don’t know what, when, and where it is! GIve your event a descriptive and exciting name, and state the date and time clearly. To provide as much detailed information as possible, include both the name and street address of the venue. 

    If you’re planning to live-stream your event, list the URL that viewers should use to tune in. The same is true if you’re planning to post a link to a video of the event after the fact. 

    High-Quality Photos

    Include a photo of the event leader, which will help participants feel an emotional connection to the event. All the better if you’re inviting a special speaker or religious leader; including a high-quality photo of your guest in your church flyer will drive up the excitement! 

    Where to Get More Information

    Your church flyer will increase anticipation about your event and give attendees the basic event information. But where should they look for more details? Your church’s website or Facebook page, of course! Provide a link to your church’s website on your flyer so that attendees can learn more about the speaker, the topic, and your church. 

    Consider using a URL shortener such as Bitly so that your church URL doesn’t take up too much space. If you’re distributing your flyer virtually, remember to make the link on your flyer live, so that participants can simply click on it to learn more. 

    Church Flyer Design Ideas

    There are many examples online to help you design a church flyer. As you’re creating a design, here are the top three goals to keep in mind. 

    Make It Clear

    As we discussed above, if people don’t know the details about your event, they can’t come. This means that it’s your job to make your church flyer easy to read and easy to understand. 

    Make the name of the event the largest item on the page, followed by the date. Use fonts that are easy to read and a different color from the background. 

    Make It Memorable

    Your flyer is an advertising tool, so include bold design items that people can’t stop thinking about. Many church flyers use bright colors like purple, gold, and white, which are exciting and invigorating. 

    If you’re looking for the perfect font, consider a bold one such as Brittanic or Phosphate. For your church flyer background, pick either a solid color that matches your text color or a subtle pattern.

    Make It Shiny

    Church flyers are all about building excitement about an event. It may sound subtle, but one effective way to increase excitement is by printing your flyer on a gloss paper. Gloss text and cover paper give your flyer that extra sparkle that elevates your event above the rest.

    Print Your Church Flyer With ZoePrint

    ZoePrint can print your church flyer! Offering multiple flyer sizes such as 5.5x8.5, 4x6, and more, we print exactly the flyer you’re looking for. We can take care of all your church printing needs, including design, printing, and shipping for items including booklets, offering envelopes, and more! When you’re ready to get started printing your church flyer, visit our website or ask for a custom quote today.

    How to Write a Newsletter

    By ZoePrint.comPermalink

    Writing a newsletter is both a skill and an art. Whether you’re writing a community newsletter or a business newsletter, it’s important to include both stellar written content and a functional design. If this sounds overwhelming, don’t worry: in this article, we’ll explain exactly how to write a newsletter.

    How to Create a Print Newsletter Design

    Writing a newsletter is easy as long as you have a process. Here are the steps to creating a great printed newsletter.

    1. Decide on a topic.

    First and foremost, decide on the topic of your newsletter. Is it a real estate newsletter? Church newsletter? School newsletter? Your focus will influence your design and the content of the articles you include.

    2. Choose your design.

    As you’re deciding on your print newsletter design, keep readability in mind. If it’s being folded to be mailed, decide what you want above the fold. Consider structuring your articles so they aren’t bisected by the fold. As well, try not to cram too much type onto the pages of your newsletter; extra white space can make your newsletter both more attractive and easier to read.

    Many print newsletter design ideas are worth a look. You can be as traditional or as creative and artistic as you want with your printed newsletter designs. The sky’s the limit!

    3. Create excellent written content.

    Once you have your design, it’s time to fill it in with content! Whether you’re writing all of the copy yourself or soliciting submissions from friends, family, or community members, now is your opportunity to make sure you have the written material you need.

    This is the perfect time to learn and practice how to write a newsletter article. It will take practice and lots of editing and revising, but you’ll be churning out stellar articles in no time.

    4. Create a digital copy.

    After you’ve created your design and your written copy, it’s time to put them together in a digital file. You can either create the newsletter digitally in software programs such as Adobe InDesign or Canva, or you can create it on paper and then scan it into the computer. Either way, save your digital file as a PDF so that your printer can easily use it.

    5. Choose your preferred printing specifications.

    Now it’s time to check out your printing options. Printers offer many paper size and weight options, so choose the paper that works best for you. Some common paper options are 70# uncoated text, 80# gloss text, 100# gloss text, and 100# dull text paper.

    Next, decide whether you’d like to print your newsletter in black and white or in color. Black and white is classic and affordable, and full color is an exciting option that shows art and photos in all their detail and makes your newsletter more vibrant.

    Then, calculate how many copies you’d like to print. Do you need ten copies for family members? Fifty for your coworkers? Three hundred for your school community? A thousand for your religious congregation? It’s always worth printing a few extra as well, in case recipients (or people you haven’t thought of) want extras.

    6. Send your newsletter to your printer, and enjoy!

    Once you’ve chosen your print specifications, it’s time to send your newsletter to the printer. Some printers offer a printed or digital proof, so you can make sure that your newsletter looks exactly how you want it.

    Once everything looks perfect, your printer will print and assemble your newsletter. And there you have it! Those are all the steps for how to write a newsletter.

    Newsletter Writing Tips

    Now that you know the basics of how to write a newsletter, it’s time to talk about some newsletter writing tips and tricks. Here’s what to remember as you’re writing content for your newsletter.

    Stick With What You Know

    Obviously, there are many different types of newsletters. The person writing the newsletter is presumably either an expert in the field or a participant in the organization. So, if you are the writer, you should be able to write with some authority.

    Know Your Audience

    Make sure the articles are relevant to your audience. Luckily, if you are a good writer and you know the topic well, you will engage your readers and keep their interest.

    Edit Thoroughly

    The most important step in the writing process isn’t actually writing--it’s editing. Any mistakes will affect the credibility of your newsletter or organization, so reread your copy multiple times, read it out loud, and have others look over your newsletter before printing it.

    Include a Variety of Articles

    It is also a good idea to include a variety of short articles which will interest your readers, such as local recipes, special interest topics, or other items that would interest your target readership. Keep these types of stories short, and use eye-catching graphics. You may also want to include a puzzle or brain teaser that keeps people thinking about your newsletter after they read the articles. Can Bring Your Newsletter to Life

    Now that you know how to write a newsletter and know some tips and tricks of the trade, it’s time to get started! At, we have experienced and talented designers who can help you with newsletter design and printing and bindery experts to make the printing look fantastic. Call us for your next printed newsletter or for other special projects. provides state of the art printing quality at amazingly low prices. Click here to learn more.