Review Cards Bring Your Business To New Heights

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Once you’ve completed a customer’s transaction, you’re finished with that customer and ready to move onto the next one, right? Wrong! One of the most crucial parts of building a thriving business is following up with customers and asking for reviews. One of the most successful strategies to generate reviews is by distributing review cards.

If you want to learn more about review cards for businesses, keep reading! We’ll explain everything you need to know.

Review Cards For Business Generate The Feedback You Need

Review cards serve three key uses: they provide feedback that you can use to improve your operations, they inspire positive online reviews which help new customers find your business, and they reinforce repeated customer engagement. Each of these is key to help your business grow and adapt to your customers’ needs.

Key Features of Review Cards

Most review cards, also called leave a review cards, typically have a few elements in common. Many review cards include the following:

  • Your business’ name and logo. These are vital! Your branding makes your company more memorable and keeps customers from confusing your card with another company’s card.
  • A thank you message. Include a short sentence thanking the customer for using your services, which demonstrates that you are appreciative of their patronage.
  • A request to leave a review. Let the customer know your intention, and encourage them to share their good experience online.
  • A QR code or a URL to the review page. This is the most important part of the card; the clearer your instructions are, the less work the customer has to do to leave you a review, and the more likely they are to follow through. Including a QR code that links directly to your review page is a simple strategy that helps people leave you a review.</li>
  • Space on the card to leave a review. If you’re purely using your review cards to gain feedback from customers, they can write the review directly on the card and return it to you. In this case, be sure to offer extensive space for customers to express all of their thoughts and suggestions for improvement.
  • A special offer. Consider including an incentive for the customer to leave a review. You could give them a discount on their next service, or they could get a free item the next time they make a purchase. Including such an offer not only encourages customers to leave a review, but it also inspires them to keep using your services in order to take advantage of the special offer.

If you’re looking for additional design inspiration, the internet is full of examples. Printing Google review cards that include these elements can in turn lead to excellent reviews that will inspire new customers!

How to Create Review Cards

Review cards are easy to make and even easier to print with ZoePrint. Here are some of the choices that you get to make when you’re exploring the design and printing process.

Size Is Everything

One of your first decisions is your review cards’ size. You can choose from a wide range of sizes, including cards as small as 2.5x2.5 or as large as 4x6 and everything in between. Some additional common sizes include 2x3.5 and 4.25x5.5.

When you’re choosing a size for your leave a review cards, make a decision based on how much information you’re planning to include. If you’re adding a special offer that takes a sentence or two of text to explain, consider opting for a larger size. If you’re designing cards that customers will write reviews on and return to you, make sure you use a large size to provide space for ample feedback. If you’re simply asking customers to leave a review on Google, you will probably be able to opt for a smaller card size.

There Are Two Sides To Every Story–And To Most Review Cards

Once you’ve chosen your shape and size, you get to consider sides. You can print on either one or both sides of your card. Again, this is a question of how much information you’d like to express on your card. If you only need a small amount of space, then feel free to save some money and only print on one side. If you’d like a little more space to include a QR code, an illustration, or a written review, double-sided printing will do the trick.

Paper Thickness Matters

As you’re considering which paper stock you’d prefer for your review cards for business, remember that thicker stocks are often perceived as more professional. Consider a stock such as 80# or 100# uncoated cover, which imbues your card with a sophisticated element.

Make Your Card Look Snazzy With UV Coating

Some card sizes provide the option of UV coating, which is a glossy coating that is added after printing to make your card pop. UV coating is possible for sizes such as 3.5x2, depending on the paper stock you choose. It is important to note that UV coating only works on coated stocks like gloss, and be sure not to use UV on any surface you want to write on.

Let Your Printer Help You

If the printing process seems confusing or if you’d like some assistance with your project, ZoePrint can provide the guidance you’re looking for. If you want to make sure that your project will look the way you intend it to, we can send you a proof of your design. We can also do everything from making your graphic work to fully designing your card for you. Simply let us know what you need, and we’ll be happy to take care of it.

Print Your Review Cards With ZoePrint

Here at ZoePrint, we’re experts in printing review cards for businesses. We offer full design and print services for all sizes of review cards, and our cheap prices and quick delivery will leave you satisfied. We can’t wait to work with you! Order online or request a custom quote to get started.

Cheap Theater Program and Playbill Printing

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Theatre program printing

Even in today's digital age, printed theater programs inspire, commemorate, and inform all at the same time. From school plays to cabarets, the perfect playbill is the special touch that elevates your show from typical to magical. In this article, we’ll give you the scoop on playbill printing, from playbill dimensions to design tips and more.

Custom Playbill Printing

Whether your show is a middle school musical or high school production, community theater or a professional performance, there is no better way to connect with the audience than with a theater program. Every theatergoer looks forward to opening the playbill when they arrive at a play, scanning who the actors are and reading about the story’s details.

At ZoePrint, we offer cheap and convenient playbill printing services that help you make your show a success. Our easy online portal helps you get your custom playbills quickly, and our prices can’t be beat.

Playbill Dimensions Explained

Although there are no hard and fast rules, most theater programs are either full sized booklets (11x17 sheets which fold to 8.5x11) or half sized booklets (8.5x11 sheets which fold to 8.5x5.5).

Folded 8.5x11 playbills give you space to spread out. You can include full biographies of your actors and stage crew, as well as encouraging messages from performers’ families. There’s even space for community businesses to place advertisements in the theater program, which can raise some extra money.

Many Broadway theater programs are 5.375x8.5, so if you’re looking to emulate the Broadway playbill dimensions, a folded 8.5x5.5 size is the perfect match. This smaller size costs less to print than the folded 8.5x11 size, leaving you more money to spend on other production costs.

If you’re looking for a custom size, contact your printing company. A professional printing company can accommodate most sizing requests.

How To Create A Playbill

Creating a theater program is a fun process from beginning to end. Here are the steps to keep in mind as you go.

Gather Quality Images And Designs

Before designing your theater program, collect top-notch photos from rehearsals, individual headshots for bios, and a front-page feature (an illustration or photo). Grainy, unprofessional photos can make even the greatest Broadway playbill look amateurish, so include photos that will give your theater program a professional air. Even a crisp cellphone shot can do the trick!

Once you’ve assembled your images, it’s time to work on the design. Designing your theater program can be exciting but also overwhelming. If you have questions, ZoePrint is here to help. We can do anything from adjusting your design so that it fits your playbill to designing the entire playbill for you.

To Color Or Not To Color?

Full color prints are ideal to showcase a vibrant, colorful production in detail. Theater programs will look outstanding in full color since well-designed playbills include many photos and even snazzy advertising. ZoePrint’s full-color printing services will make your photographs and images pop off the page!

However, if your budget doesn’t allow for full color, ZoePrint can help you keep printing costs lower with our black and white printing option. A black and white program can still carry the same information across more economically. For black and white programs, optimize your design to work well with grayscale by creating a high contrast illustration for the cover and bio photos that are still recognizable without color.

Don’t Gloss Over Gloss and Binding Options

When you think of a traditional playbill, you probably think of a glossy booklet. This is because theater programs are typically printed on glossy paper such as 80# or 100# gloss paper that makes them shine. However, 70# uncoated text and 100# dull text papers are also great choices that help you showcase a more subtle playbill.

Playbills can be bound in many ways. Some are folded and stitched together like magazines, and some are simply stapled together. Stapling is an easy and affordable process that lowers the production cost and time. At ZoePrint, we offer stapled binding for your convenience.

What Information Should You Include?

Clear photos make a theater program pop, but the content inside is what truly tells the story. At the very least, playbills should include a brief summary of the production’s plot, a schedule broken down into acts and intermissions, cast member information, and any planned future performances. This information gives the audience a snapshot of the what, who, where, and when to follow as they’re wowed by the performance in front of them.

Most programs tell stories about both the challenges of putting on a particular production and some of the unique attributes of the story. Theatergoers are drawn to the biographies of the performers, both to read about people they know and to learn more about the backgrounds of actors who are new to them. Many programs also include inspirational anecdotes about the actors and actresses. Having all of this knowledge at your fingertips enhances the experience of watching any play!

Consider Your Audience Size

As you’re deciding how many copies of your playbill you want to print, consider the number of spectators per show and the total number of performances for the specific work. This will allow you to roughly calculate how many copies of your playbill you’ll need to order. Remember, while it’s best to estimate as best you can, it’s better to slightly overestimate than underestimate. You don’t want to run out of playbills! Cast members will gladly take any extras as souvenirs of their theatrical experience.

Combined, all of the elements we’ve discussed here will make your theater program look flawless and ready for any stage, from the middle school gymnasium to Broadway.

Playbill Examples

As you’re designing and printing your custom playbill, here are some theater program examples that can inspire you.

Quintessential Broadway Playbills

Hamilton is one of the biggest musicals of the 21st Century. This now instantly-recognizable playbill is a master of design; the image has a clear focal point, and the icon of Hamilton standing on a star is unlikely to be confused with any other playbill. Consider adding unique imagery to your theater program, which will make it recognizable for years to come.

School Theater Programs

Professionally printing your school’s theater programs elevates the entire operation’s production quality. Include student-created art on the cover to personalize the playbill for your school community.

Community Theater Playbills

Community theater programs let local artists shine. In addition to vital information such as the show’s name and performance dates, consider adding your sponsors’ logos to let community members know who made the performance possible.

If you’re looking for additional ideas, the internet is full of helpful theater program examples.

Create and Print Custom Playbills with ZoePrint

If you are looking to print theater programs that stand out, consult the design professionals at We have decades of design experience, and we have designed and printed numerous theater programs. We can use either traditional or contemporary elements to give your program flair which will be remembered for years to come.

When you’re ready to partner with ZoePrint for cheap playbill printing, order online or request a custom quote today!

Complete Guide to #10 Envelope Size

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complete guide to #10 envelope size


Have you ever taken a moment to look at the envelopes you receive in the mail every day? Chances are, the #10 envelope size is the one you receive the most. This size is the most common business envelope size, making it perfect for all kinds of business and personal communication. In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about the # 10 envelope size.

What Is #10 Envelope Size?

Simply put, the standard #10 envelope size is an envelope with sides that measure 4.125x9.5. This size is perfect for mailing one or more pieces of 8.5x11 size paper, folded into thirds.

The United States Postal Service calls the #10 envelope size a letter size, meaning that it typically can be sent with postage stamps for letters.

#10 Envelope Size Uses

#10 envelopes are extremely versatile and are helpful tools in many fields. They can be useful in the following scenarios:

  • Client and company updates
  • Invoices and account statements
  • Letters from management
  • Marketing materials
  • And more!

Whatever your communication needs, there’s a good chance that a #10 envelope will fit the job perfectly.

#10 Envelope Design

Envelope design might seem simple on the surface, but it contains hidden depths. After all, when you send out a mailing, your envelope is the first item that the recipient sees. Based solely on your envelope, they choose to either open the envelope and see what you’ve sent, or throw your envelope away unopened, your message unread. Therefore, an excellent printed envelope is the key to successful communication.

Include Eye-Catching Colors

Did you know that color improves brand recognition by 80%? Take advantage of this statistic by including full color printing on your envelopes. In addition to making your envelopes look professional and attractive, color printing will increase the likelihood that recipients will recognize your company and decide to open your envelope.

Consider Adding A Window

If you’re primarily sending business letters or invoices which include the recipients’ names and addresses at the top, adding a window to your envelopes can save time and money. Let the name and address on the letter also serve as the envelope’s mailing address, thereby saving time and printing costs.

Add An Additional Message

Envelope design isn’t limited to return addresses and logos. Your envelope is the perfect opportunity to include your company’s contact information, and maybe even a message that explains what’s inside the envelope and encourages recipients to open it.

In particular, if you’re targeting potential customers and trying to expand your reach in your community, be sure to take advantage of every strategy that encourages recipients to open your envelope.

Work With The Envelope Printing Experts

The #10 envelope size is one of the staples of business printing, and here at ZoePrint, we are business printing specialists. We can help you print all of your envelopes and other business materials, and we love helping our client succeed! We print both full color and one or two color envelopes, so you can get just what you need. When you’re ready to print using the #10 envelope size, fill out an order form or request a custom quote.

7 Brochure Ideas That Lead To Sales

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Brochure Ideas that lead to sales

Your brochure is a vital tool in your marketing toolkit, and perfect brochure ideas are worth their weight in gold. The ideal brochure is informative, engaging, and convinces the reader of your goals.

There are so many stellar brochure ideas that it can be hard to know where to begin. That’s why we’ve narrowed it down to the basics; here are our top marketing brochure ideas that will help your brochures make a difference.

  1. Use high quality images or photographs.
  2. Photographs and other visual elements attract viewers and lend a personal touch to your brochure, so including one or more is a good idea. If you include a picture of your product, service or staff, use the best possible photographs. Images in printed brochures will only be as good as the original photographs, so if you can afford a professional photographer, by all means use one. If not, take a close look at the photos you have for composition, lighting, and general quality. You may also be able to crop or touch up photos to make them better..

  3. Use high quality paper.
  4. Although it may be tempting to cut corners by using inexpensive copy paper, crisp, higher quality stock will make a difference. Use cover stock if you can, as it will make your brochure and your product, service, or company look more substantial. Although this is a personal choice, coated papers (glossy or silk) tend to make colors pop, so they are a good choice for brochures, flyers, and leaflets.

  5. Plan your size and content in tandem.
  6. Brochures come in many sizes, all of which have their own advantages. As you’re designing your brochure and planning the content you’d like to include, be sure to keep your brochure’s size in mind, as the size will influence how much space you have for your content.

    Some of the most common brochure sizes include:

    • 9x8 brochures
    • 11x8.5 brochures
    • 14x8.5 brochures
    • 17x11 brochures

    For each of these brochure sizes, you can choose which folding style you would prefer.

  7. Write and edit your brochure’s text carefully.
  8. It is important that all intended readers can understand everything you are saying, so make sure not to use too much jargon in your writing. Be equally sure that there are no slang words, profanity or other meanings that could be misinterpreted. You will waste your printing budget if your readers are offended by the content.

    Edit your text carefully; read it aloud to make sure it makes sense and is cohesive. If possible, ask a professional copy editor or a few colleagues to read it and provide feedback. Any typos or grammatical errors will reflect poorly on you and your business, so it’s best to make sure your writing is in tip-top shape.

  9. Use a professional designer if you can afford one.
  10. Although modern software makes it easier than ever to do your own design, you may want to consider getting professional graphic design help. Even with great software, design professionals have a keen eye for composition, color, and balance, which may be hard to duplicate by yourself.

    Design Tip:  If you are doing the design yourself and have challenges visualizing the final brochure, make a paper mockup. Creating a hard copy can help you finalize the design and make sure you like the look of what you are creating.

  11. Define your brand.
  12. Create a consistent message and image for all of your printed materials, including brochures, rack cards and other handouts. It is critical that all readers know who the printed brochure is from, so put your logo in a prominent place, including on the front or back cover, or both!

    As well, create a theme for all of your printing which coordinates with your website. Using your company’s colors throughout your printed materials is a good way to promote brand awareness.

  13. Do something different!
  14. Marketing messages are absolutely everywhere today, so you need to stand out in some way. One idea is to make the size, shape, or design of your brochure different.  You may want lots of white space for a clean or professional look, or you may want to use a lot of color and bleeds so that your piece gets noticed. Die cutting, unusual colors, unique fonts or distinctive folds should all be considered to set your printed piece apart.

Get Your Brochure Started With ZoePrint

If you have a great design and are ready to print, or if you need design help, be sure to give ZoePrint a try. We’re full of brochure ideas and advice, and we’re excited to talk with you about your specific product. We specialize in cheap brochures, and our quality and service can't be beat! Order online or request a custom quote today.

Postcard Size Guide: What You Need To Know

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Postcard Size Guide

Postcards are useful and versatile tools. They can serve many purposes, from marketing campaigns to personal communication and more. However, did you know that there’s not only one postcard size? There are in fact many postcard sizes, all of which are appropriate for different situations. In this article, we’ll explain each postcard size and provide tips for choosing the perfect postcard for your project.

Postcard Size Explanations

There are in fact three common postcard sizes: 5.5x4.25, 6x4, and 7x5. Each size can be printed in portrait or landscape orientation.

Small Postcard Size

Small Postcard sampleSmall Postcard sample 2

Small postcards are typically 5.5x4.25 or 4.25x5.5, and they are perfect for all kinds of notes and communication. They’re a great choice for advertising events, as they are large enough to include the name, time, and location of the event.

You can add additional information on the back of the postcard, giving you ample space on the front for an eye-catching design.

Standard Postcard Size

Standard Postcard sampleStandard Postcard sample 2

The standard postcard size is 6x4 or 4x6. This size is versatile and is well-suited for business, advertising, and social postcards. A 6x4 postcard provides enough space on the front for a detailed photo or piece of art, as well as enough space on the back for a personal message or handwritten letter.

This size is also cost-effective, as it is the largest USPS postcard size that can be mailed as a first-class postcard; larger postcards are classified as letters. Mailing a postcard of this size is cheaper than mailing a letter, so the standard postcard size provides the most space for information at the lowest price.

Large Postcard Size

Large Postcard sampleLarge Postcard sample 2

The most common large postcard size is 7x5 or 5x7. This size gives you enough space to spread out and include lots of information. Do you want to include a coupon on your postcard or explain details of a product giveaway? Or do you want to explain a political candidate’s opinion about important issues? If so, a large postcard is the perfect size for you.

Large postcards work well as mailers, since they provide enough space to include detailed information.

Oversized Postcard

There are certainly other oversized postcard sizes beyond 5x7. Some people create 5.5x8.5, 6x9 and even 6x11 postcards. While these cards will incur more postage cost than small postcards like 4x6, they also stand out in your recipient’s mailbox and garner attention. These sizes give you space for beautiful larger photos and images, and provide more room for text. If you are trying to attract attention or new customers, consider these sizes and weigh the size of the card against production cost and postage.

Postcard Size Tips

As you’re deciding between postcard sizes, keep both your postcard’s size and mailing cost in mind.

Your postcard’s size is vitally important because it influences how much information you can include and therefore transmit to your recipients. Naturally, a smaller postcard can contain a smaller amount of information than a larger postcard.

However, you must as well keep postage costs in mind. As mentioned earlier, large postcards must be sent with letter-sized postage instead of postcard postage. This costs a little more per postcard, but if you’re sending many postcards, the cost can add up.

Always check with the post office as to the current postage rate for any postcard you produce. If you’re having trouble deciding on a postcard size, ask your printing company for advice. They will be able to point you in the right direction.

Print Your Postcards With The Experts At ZoePrint!

Here at, we’re leaders in postcard printing, and we specialize in printing postcards for business and individuals in every postcard size. If you don't see the size you are looking for, be sure to ask! We also print custom sizes of postcards Order online or or fill out a custom quote request form today.

School Printing Makes Education Accessible

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Schools are communication superhighways. In addition to class lectures, all sorts of information is disseminated every day; announcements, reminders, advertisements, requests, and more are essential for schools’ daily functions. Therefore, excellent school printing is a must.

In this article, we’ll dive deep into why school printing is important, as well as some of the most useful education printing materials. Let’s get started!

Educational Posters for Events

Is your school hosting a cheer competition, spelling bee, or promoting the upcoming 6th grade field trip? Posters are the perfect tool to spread the word of any coming events. You can easily distribute them, hang them on hallways walls, and include them in every classroom. Colored posters are great for images to add a pop and attract more eyes.

Printing Is A Vital School Communication Method

When it comes to schools, printing will always be in style. Here are some of the top reasons why school printing is vital.

  • Printing is powerful. Despite recent advances in technology, traditional school printing remains the most effective channel to connect with students. Students can hold paper in their hands, making it more concrete than digital communications. This makes a difference, particularly with younger students.
  • Printing is secure. Because school communications tend to exclude anyone outside the local community, printing and distributing messages to the student community makes sense.
  • Printing is school-friendly. Many schools attempt to limit their students’ use of electronics on campus. Therefore, printed materials are the most useful communication method. Printed school flyers, newsletters and posters get students away from their devices and back into the real world.
  • Printing is noticeable. No matter how much time goes by, catching students’ attention with media posted on walls and distributed by teachers will never go away.
  • Printing is versatile. Printed materials are salient in all realms of school life.

Top School Printing Items

Administration, teachers, and student organizations have tons of uses for print material. What kinds of materials should you incorporate into your school printing? Here are some of the most important education printing materials you need.

Posters for Events

Is your school hosting a cheer competition, spelling bee, or promoting the upcoming 6th grade field trip? Posters are the perfect tool to spread the word about any and all upcoming events. You can easily design and distribute them, hang them on hallways and walls, and include them in every classroom. Colored posters are perfect because they make images pop and attract more eyes.

Branded School Folders

Branded folders present a sophisticated image and draw top talent to any type of school. Place your promotional material in a folder for parents and students to take back home with them.

Not only do folders give your school a professional look, but they serve as a reminder long after visitors have left your school. Private schools, language institutes, ballet schools, and adult training centers can improve student acquisition with customized folders.

What should you put inside? Continue to build your school’s image by filling folders with notepads, postcards, brochures, and professional business cards.


Does your school already have newsletters in its school printing toolkit? Newsletters quickly and efficiently spread current updates through an entire school community. Even designing and printing off a few copies per classroom transmits the same information for a lesser cost. Advertise fundraisers, upcoming events, competition results, and student spotlights for an entire grade or for the whole school to read.

Promotional Flyers

Leaflets or promotional flyers are an excellent take-home equivalent to posters. Including captivating graphics with text conveying event details will ensure that recipients read your flyers. Schools can also use flyers to invite local community members to school events open to the public. Selling carnival tickets to fundraise for the football team? Students can distribute flyers to neighbors and family to spread the word.

Theater, Sports, and Graduation Programs

Play attendees need programs to outline the performance and highlight the actors and stage crew. Musical performances, sport tournaments, and graduations are other events that typically come with a printed program to take home. While students may not give these a second thought, parents and relatives love having simple mementos to fondly pass around decades later.

School Brochures

If your school is trying to attract new students (or new customers in the case of for profit school ventures), school brochures are an important tool. Printed brochures are available in a wide variety of formats and sizes. Prospective parents and students will study brochures when they get home, and printed materials will give your school an edge. Get design help if you need it to make your school look its best!

ZoePrint Makes School Printing Easy

If you're looking for a cheap school printing service that promotes a tight-knit school community, check out We love working with schools of all sizes, and we offer products for all your school printing needs! Place an order or request a custom quote today.

Real Estate Newsletters Bring Listings to Life

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Real Estate Newsletters

Printed real estate newsletters are a tried and true method to find new clients and generate top of mind awareness in your community. Designing a real estate newsletter is easy and fun, and it can result in increased visibility for your properties. Let’s talk about how to create the best real estate newsletters!

Benefits of Printed Real Estate Newsletters

Although there are many ways to promote yourself online, it is much easier to target a geographic area in a city or town using printed and mailed newsletters.

In addition, recipients will retain a printed piece and refer to it over and over again, whereas they’re likely to discard and quickly forget an emailed newsletter.

Finally, people are more likely to pay attention to printed materials than they are to emails. People receive dozens of emails every day but typically fewer than ten pieces of physical mail, so it’s more likely that your mailed newsletter will be seen and stand out from the crowd.

Best Real Estate Newsletter Ideas to Include

The key to creating successful newsletters is to produce something the recipient wants to read and retain. Here are some of our top suggestions that will help you create real estate newsletters that readers won’t stop reading.

  • Write superior and interesting content. This is paramount. A well-written newsletter that provides helpful information will work wonders for increasing your readership.
  • Appeal to multiple groups of people. Obviously, since readers have many different tastes and interests, it makes sense to add features which will appeal to as many constituents as possible. Include a mixture of articles about current topics and evergreen ideas, such as how to finance a home purchase, how to build credit, and how to narrow down the search for the perfect home. This way, all readers will find articles that are relevant to them.
  • Promote local events and ideas. Real estate is all about location, and readers want to know about aspects of the local community which they may not have experienced themselves. Many realtors promote local activities, theatre groups, gatherings or hiking trails in their monthly publications. Others publish excellent local recipes which they have tried making themselves.

5 Tips For Designing and Printing Real Estate Newsletters

Two of the most important factors that determine whether recipients read your newsletter are its design quality and its printed quality. A high-quality real estate newsletter printed by a professional printing company will attract eyes and make it easy for people to keep reading.

Here are our best tips for printing real estate newsletters

  1. Find Inspiration
  2. When you’re in the beginning stages of design, look at your competitors’ newsletters to get a feel for what’s out there. Then check out some real estate newsletter templates and real estate newsletter examples.

  3. Push Your Design Up A Notch
  4. Using a professional designer gives you an edge. Employ someone who has an appealing style and has samples to show you of what they have done before. In addition, have your designer create a "look" or brand so that people will recognize your newsletter when they receive it each month.

  5. Stand Out From The Crowd
  6. Although it costs more than black and white, full color printing allows you to use the entire color palette to appeal to the reader. Color printing distinguishes your real estate newsletter from other mail and makes recipients more likely to pay attention to it.

  7. Use High Quality Paper
  8. The quality of your newsletter sends a message about the quality of your services. Therefore, use a high-quality paper that instills confidence in you and your properties. Consider a gloss paper such as 80# or 100# gloss that gives your newsletter a luxurious feel. Another option is to print on silk or dull stock of the same weight to give your newsletter a different look or feel. Silk paper should be very similar in price to gloss.

    Next, choose whether you’d prefer a thicker paper for your newsletter’s covers. This is completely up to you and your preferences; some newsletters use the same paper for all pages, and some use stocks such as 80# uncoated cover or 100# gloss cover to make their newsletters feel more professional.

  9. Assemble The Best Team
  10. Your newsletter is only as good as the printing company who prints it, so work with a printing company which produces excellent quality printing and has an eye for detail. Ask prospective printing companies all of your questions; their answers will help you understand if they’re a good match.

    Using this recipe for success, you’re on your way to creating one of the best real estate newsletters!

ZoePrint Can Bring Your Real Estate Newsletter To Life

If you need help with newsletter design or printing, don't hesitate to give ZoePrint a try. We offer 5.5x8.5 and 8.5x11 newsletters in both full color and black and white, and our newsletters are highly customizable. We can help with your design or design your newsletter for you, and we will make it look fantastic! To get started, use our easy online ordering system or request a custom quote today.

Guide to Envelope Design: Sizing, Printing, and More

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Envelopes are printed communication’s unsung heroes. While the letter or card inside might have the crucial details and information, the envelope sets the stage and establishes an image. A stellar envelope is the key to a recipient opening an envelope in the first place.

Therefore, it’s important to ensure that your envelope design helps your letter or enclosure be read. In this article, we’ll address everything you need to consider as you’re developing and printing your envelope design ideas.

Business and Invitation Envelope Design Sizes

Envelopes typically come in two styles: for business use and for invitations (or other social announcements). Typically, you send pieces of printed paper such as business letters, flyers, and reminders in business envelopes. You can choose an envelope size based on the size of the paper inside. Common sizes include #9 envelopes, #10 envelopes, 6x9 envelopes, 9x12 envelopes, and 10x13 envelopes, which will fit all of the standard letter size papers.

Invitation envelopes, on the other hand, are perfect for standard card sizes. Some of the most popular invitation envelope sizes include A2 envelopes, A6 envelopes, and A7 envelopes.

Envelope Design Questions to Consider

While envelope design may seem simple on the surface, there are in fact many design choices that you need to make. When pondering your creative envelope design, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Should I include the company logo?
  • What size envelope should I use?
  • Should I use a window envelope?
  • Should the printing be in color or black and white?
  • Which typeface should I use?
  • Do I need to include a postal indicia on the envelope?
  • Do I want the envelope to print only on the face, on the back, or both?
  • Do I want an envelope with a pointed or square flap?
  • Will my design have bleed?

Some of these questions only apply for business envelopes. For example, invitation envelopes typically do not contain windows, so there’s no need to consider this question in that case.

Postal Indicia Can Save Businesses Time and Money

A postal indicia is an image containing information about a company's postal permit in place of a stamp. The indicia informs the postal office that you have already paid for postage.  Postal indicia are used for larger mailings, such as newsletters, mailers, postcards, and more.  The indicia MUST be in the correct format and have all necessary components in the proper order to meet postal regulations. For questions on formatting, visit the USPS website. Also, be sure to consult with your printing company before finalizing the indicia to make sure you are using the correct indicia and the correct postage class for mailing.

Remember These Key Envelope Design Ideas

As you’re designing your envelope, keep these important tips in mind.

Follow Standard Address Formatting

When designing business envelopes, the company name or logo and address are most often located in the left upper corner on the face of the envelope, and they are usually around 1-2 inches wide. Remember that the mailing address will be in the middle of the envelope, so don't make the logo and return address information so large as to make the mailing address illegible or impossible to fit.

Don’t Make It Too Complicated

Simple designs are effective for printed envelopes; don’t try to convey a complex message or large body of text on an envelope. The point of printing on an envelope is to make sure recipients can identify who sent the letter (and possibly the purpose of the correspondence) in just a few seconds.

Include Your Logo

When sending mail, your goal is for the mail to get opened. Therefore, include elegant design features on your envelopes, such as your logo in color, that help recipients know who or which company sent them mail. If you’re printing envelopes to personal correspondence, consider including your monogrammed initials next to your return address. The more personal touches your envelope has, the more likely it is to be read.

Consider Including Designs On The Back

Some organizations put designs on the back side of the envelope rather than the front. Notecard envelopes generally have a square flap, so including an address and possibly a small version of the logo can make for a successful design.

Let Your Creativity Flow

While envelopes aren’t the place to reinvent the wheel, you can still express your creativity in smaller ways. Even touches as simple as printing in color will put your envelopes ahead of the rest. For company envelopes, you might also include your company slogan somewhere on the front of the envelope to give recipients an idea of what your business does. As well, special mailings can have a few words printed on the envelope about the purpose of the mailing to increase their effectiveness.

Print Your Envelope With The Experts at ZoePrint

Here at ZoePrint, we love printing both business and invitation envelopes. We digitally print or offset print envelopes using your envelope design, or one of our professional graphic designers can create a design just for you.  If you need an envelope printed which you don’t see on our site, please ask...we can accommodate many different types of envelope printing. Upload artwork today or fill out a custom quote to get your envelopes printed quickly and inexpensively!

Effective Poster Design Makes A Difference

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Viewers remember a great poster. There is no magic formula, no prescribed method; when designing a poster, you get to let your creativity run free. 

If this idea feels intimidating, don’t worry: in this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about poster design and printing!

Why Poster Design is Important

Whether you’re designing an advertising poster or an art poster, your poster’s design is paramount. Your poster captivates an audience with an image. Therefore, this image must be powerful. Here are some tips as you’re designing your poster.

  • Maintain a simple layout. Keep your poster uncluttered so that viewers can easily find the most important information or artistic element.

  • Use large letters. Many posters are seen from far away, so if your poster contains text, make it easy to read.

  • Emphasize your main point. If your poster is informative, be sure that the most important information is the largest so that readers can quickly understand your main message.

  • Include a bold design. History’s most memorable posters all contain bold design elements that impress the viewer. Use bright colors and other poster design features that make your poster stick in the viewer’s mind.

  • Add all important information. This might seem simple, but it bears saying: for an informational or event poster design, don’t forget any crucial information. This includes the time, date, and location of an event, or a URL for further details.

  • Balance positive and negative space. To help viewers notice the important parts of your poster, don’t cram the whole page full of information. Leave some empty space so that people can focus on what’s important.

With the tips and tricks above, you’ll be on your way to designing effective posters in no time!

Printing Your Poster Design Ideas

As you’re printing your poster, you have many technical aspects to consider. Here are four key printing options to keep in mind. 

One-Sided or Two-Sided Printing

When you’re deciding that you’d like to create a poster, you probably already know whether you’re planning to hang it on a wall or distribute it by hand. That makes this first step in the printing process easy! If you’re going to be hanging your poster or posting it on a wall, then printing it on one side in color is probably the best choice.

If you’re going to be distributing your poster, for example as an informational poster, then you might want to print on both sides in color. That will allow for twice the information, twice the art, and twice the impact!

Any Size To Fit Your Need

You can choose from many poster sizes. Some of the most common sizes include 11x17, 12x18, 18x24, 24x36, and 30x40. Of course, each size can be printed in portrait or landscape orientation; for example, a poster could be either 24x36 or 36x24.

Your poster size choice is purely up to you. Consider where you might be posting it. A small poster might be better for a bulletin board, whereas a piece of artwork for your wall might be significantly bigger.

As well, consider how much information you plan to include on your poster. If you’re including lots of information about an event, for example, opt for a larger size that lets you include all necessary details.

Paper Options Galore

Because posters as an art and design form are so versatile, you have many paper options for printing your poster. Some papers work better for some types of posters. Papers such as 70# Uncoated Text are perfect to hand out on the street and post in community gathering areas. Papers such as 100# Gloss Cover are thick and deluxe, great for displaying a work of art. Of course, you can also choose from everything in between.

Number of Copies

Before you print, consider how many copies you’d like. This is also a question of intended use: are you planning to post five hundred event posters around town, or thirty copies of a theater poster? Frequently, the more copies you order, the smaller the cost per click.

At ZoePrint, We’re The Poster Experts

Whether you have a great poster design already or you need design help, is an excellent source for quality design and digital printing! We can help your next poster be a smashing success. Order online or request a custom quote today!

Print Real Estate Brochures That Lead To Offers

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Real Estate Brochure

Real estate brochures are the powerhouses of the real estate world. They’re informative and inspiring marketing tools, and they have the power to sway potential buyers and renters towards making an offer. If you’re looking for some more information about how to create a great real estate brochure, keep reading!

Why Your Real Estate Brochure Is Important

Your brochure plays a key role in the buying or renting process. It explains all of the most important information about your listing and highlights its special features.

The brochure is the most illustrative, informative document that potentials keep after they leave your property, and it is a physical reminder of your property. It’s how potentials will remember you once they’ve left the building. If they’re visiting multiple properties, their visits might start to blend together in their minds, so your brochure influences what they’ll remember from their visit and helps them distinguish your property from all the others they’ve seen.

When potentials tour multiple properties, they will also keep each property’s brochure and use them later to compare their options. Think of your brochure as a runner in a race, competing against all the other brochures from all the other properties that potentials visit. You want your brochure to help you make it to the finish line: an offer on your property.

In sum, your real estate brochure helps sell or rent your property. When prospects are considering which property to bid on, your brochure helps them think of you!

How To Design A Real Estate Brochure

Now that you understand the importance of a stellar real estate brochure, let’s get to the fun part: designing! Here are some tips and tricks for making a real estate brochure that converts tours into offers.

Pick Your Best Size And Folding Style

One of the first decisions you must make about your real estate brochure is which size and folding style you prefer, as this will influence all aspects of your brochure’s content. You can choose from many sizes; some of the most common include 9x8, 11x8.5, 14x8.5, and 17x11.

Once you’ve chosen your size, it’s time to decide on a folding style. Popular options include half fold, trifold, z fold, and double parallel fold. Brochure folds help you organize your material into clearly-defined areas, so consider what information you’d like to include in your brochure as you’re choosing a folding style. If you’re feeling stuck, check out these real estate brochure examples.

Once you’ve chosen your size and folding style, it’s time to dive into creating your brochure’s content.

Present Your Property In Its Best Light

This idea is evident, but it’s worth mentioning. Your brochure is one of your top marketing materials, so it should highlight your property’s best features. Of course, you need to include some basic factual information such as number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage, and realtor contact information. In the rest of the brochure, provide information about the most exciting amenities and features. Your excitement about the property will be contagious!

Use Space Effectively

NBrochures are effective tools for imparting information quickly. A booklet, for example, contains enough space to spread out and include many photos and paragraphs, but a brochure is typically one folded page. Therefore, once you’ve decided on your paper size and folding style, choose your text and images carefully so that they fit the amount of space you have.

To make your real estate brochure easy to read, use simple, clear language. Include your property’s amenities in a bullet point list instead of burying them in a flowery paragraph. Use bolded headings throughout your brochure so that readers can quickly find the information they’re looking for.

Include Inspiring Images

Your real estate brochure’s images serve two purposes: they’re informational and inspirational. Include an image of the floor plan so that prospects can easily refer to it later. As well, include professionally-taken photos of the listing that highlight its best features. Use the highest-quality photos possible so that they’re not pixelated on your brochure. Make it easy for house-hunters to imagine themselves in your property’s beautiful, sunlit kitchen or your luxurious in-home theater!

Choose A Paper That Serves A Purpose

Select a paper that exemplifies your commitment to your listing. Consider a silk or gloss stock that gives your brochure a luxurious feel, symbolizing the wonderful life that residents at your property would have. Coated stocks tend to accentuate colors and make images pop!

If your property’s environmentally-friendly design is one of its selling points, use a similarly environmentally friendly paper, such as one that contains recycled post consumer waste. Prospects will appreciate your dedication to being green!

Print Your Real Estate Brochures Todaye

Once you’ve finished designing your brochure, it’s time to print it and get it out into the world! ZoePrint is ready to help you with all aspects of the printing process. We offer many sizes, stocks, and folding styles, and our high quality can’t be beat. Our speedy printing and shipping times mean that you can start distributing your brochures in no time at all. We can even design your brochure for you! Fill out an order form or send us a custom quote request today.

What You to Know About Flyer Size

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Flyers are handy tools that spread information to potential customers and community members. They’re used for marketing, increasing awareness about sales, invitations, and much more. When you’ve decided that you want to make a flyer, your first choice is a big one with some far-reaching consequences: which flyer size should you use?

If you’re pondering this question, you’re in luck! In this article, we’ll explain the ins and outs of flyer size.

Why Flyer Size Matters

On the surface, flyer size seems inconsequential. However, because there are so many different flyer sizes, it’s a more complicated choice than it might seem. It’s important to choose a size that fits your intended use.

Flyer size is a small element with a big influence. Simply put, it is one of the factors that determines whether or not your flyer is successful. Too big, and readers will feel overwhelmed. Too little, and they won’t have enough information to understand your goal. Hitting the sweet spot of the perfect flyer size can be difficult, but it’s worth it! You will be rewarded with the perfect marketing item that spreads your message far and wide.

Flyer Size Chart

While some people consider 8.5x11 the standard flyer size, there are many possible shapes and sizes. This chart explains some of the most common flyer size dimensions.

Size in inches

Size in cm

Size in mm

























Remember, flyers can have either a vertical or horizontal orientation. So for example, you can create a 5.5x8.5 flyer or a 8.5x5.5 flyer. While both have the same surface area, their dimensions are different, so they can be used in different situations.

How To Choose A Flyer Size

Many factors influence which flyer size is best for your specific situation. As you’re considering a flyer size, take the following 5 ideas into account.

Amount of Information

How much information are you planning to include in your flyer? If you’re adding details about event locations or product technical specs, consider a larger flyer that will give you space to spread out. On the other hand, if you’re advertising a club DJ for example, you might need less space.


Are you planning to include photos, graphics, or other images on your flyer? If so, use a larger size so that readers can notice all the details. Opt for more space, rather than less--and be sure that the images you include are a high enough resolution that they don’t become pixelated when you print your flyer!


Naturally, cost is an important factor to consider when making any investment in your business. As can be expected, larger flyers frequently cost more to print than smaller flyers, although cost also depends on the paper you use, how many copies you print, and whether you print in color or black and white. Larger flyers might also cost more to ship or store. However, they often pay for themselves with the increased business they bring to your company!

Distribution Method

Consider how you’ll be putting your flyer out into the world. If you’re going to place them in rack card holders, be sure to order rack card-sized flyers. Small flyers are easy to hand out on the street, whereas larger ones are perfect for tacking onto a posterboard. If you’re going to mail them, make sure they’re a standard size for mail in your country.

Final Destination

Where do you plan for your flyer to end up? If you’re hoping your flyer will end up on someone’s fridge, consider a smaller size. If your flyers blur the lines between information and art, maybe they’ll end up hanging on the wall! In that case, choose a larger size that lets everyone see your artistic ability and appreciate what you’ve designed.

At ZoePrint, We’re Flyer Experts!

When you’re ready to print your flyer, ZoePrint is ready to help! We offer the full range of flyer sizes and many paper options. Feel free to upload your design, or we’d be happy to create one for you. Use our great website to place your order online, fill out our custom quote form or call us at 877-216-9155 today!

How To Choose A Flyer Size

Many factors influence which flyer size is best for your specific situation. As you’re considering a flyer size, take the following 5 ideas into account.

Amount of Information

How much information are you planning to include in your flyer? If you’re adding details about event locations or product technical specs, consider a larger flyer that will give you space to spread out. On the other hand, if you’re advertising a club DJ for example, you might need less space.


Are you planning to include photos, graphics, or other images on your flyer? If so, use a larger size so that readers can notice all the details. Opt for more space, rather than less--and be sure that the images you include are a high enough resolution that they don’t become pixelated when you print your flyer!


Naturally, cost is an important factor to consider when making any investment in your business. As can be expected, larger flyers frequently cost more to print than smaller flyers, although cost also depends on the paper you use, how many copies you print, and whether you print in color or black and white. Larger flyers might also cost more to ship or store. However, they often pay for themselves with the increased business they bring to your company!

Distribution Method

Consider how you’ll be putting your flyer out into the world. If you’re going to place them in rack card holders, be sure to order rack card-sized flyers. Small flyers are easy to hand out on the street, whereas larger ones are perfect for tacking onto a posterboard. If you’re going to mail them, make sure they’re a standard size for mail in your country.

Final Destination

Where do you plan for your flyer to end up? If you’re hoping your flyer will end up on someone’s fridge, consider a smaller size. If your flyers blur the lines between information and art, maybe they’ll end up hanging on the wall! In that case, choose a larger size that lets everyone see your artistic ability and appreciate what you’ve designed.

At ZoePrint, We’re Flyer Experts!

When you’re ready to print your flyer, ZoePrint is ready to help! We offer the full range of flyer sizes and many paper options. Feel free to upload your design, or we’d be happy to create one for you. Use our great website to place your order online, fill out our custom quote form or call us at 877-216-9155 today!

What You Need to Know About Business Card Size

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What you need to know about business card size

Business cards are some of the most popular and important printed business documents. They are a cost-effective form of marketing and are universally accepted as part of any corporate introduction.

While you might think that there’s only one business card size, we’re here to let you know that there are actually many, and we’ll explain them all. Here’s the scoop on business card size!

Standard Business Card Size

Without a doubt, in the United States, the most common business card size is 2x3.5. There are many reasons to stick with this size. It is traditional and established, and this is the size that most people you meet will expect to receive. Many people carry business card cases, and most cases are designed for this size.

This size is small enough to fit in a wallet but large enough to include all the information you need on your business card, including your and your company’s names, your address and contact information, your company’s logo, and any other important details that new contacts need to know. A standard business card size in pixels is 1050x600 pixels. This average business card size gets the job done perfectly well.

Exciting Business Card Sizes

However, did you know that other business card sizes exist? When you meet a new business contact, you want to make an impression, and uniquely sized business cards are more noticeable and help you stand out from the crowd.

Let’s talk about three of the most exciting business card sizes.

Vertical Business Cards

Try putting a literal spin on things with a vertical business card. Vertical business cards are the same size as standard business cards, 2x3.5, except they’re two inches wide and three and a half inches tall. This size still gives you space to include all the information you would include on a standard business card, but it showcases your unique perspective and gives you new opportunities to showcase your imagination and design skills.

Square Business Cards

Square business cards are artsy and unique. These cards are typically 2.5x2.5, so they provide slightly less space than a standard business card, but you still have enough space to include all of your necessary information. They’re an artistic alternative and help you show your creative side. These cards help you stand out and make sure new acquaintances remember you.

Mini Business Cards

Mini business cards, the pint-size members of the business card family, are an exciting twist on the business card. They are only 1x2.75, giving you just enough space for your logo and contact information. Of course, you can print on both the front and back, which gives you twice the amount of space.

You can also print mini business cards as art tags, bookmarks, and even tiny ads. These small but mighty cards can leave a big impression!

Even More Business Cards

There are also many other business card sizes, and you can create an effective design for any shape of business card. For instance, you can produce a fold over business card, which is typically 4x3.5 unfolded and 2x3.5 after folding.

If you want to opt for something even less conventional, you might consider a differently shaped card. These more uncommon sizes showcase your individuality, but consider their cost. For anything involving a die cut shape, the cost of the cards is almost certain to be higher than square-cut business cards, since there is an additional step in producing the cards. However, if this cost helps you showcase your personality and your unique frame of mind, it could be worth it to you.

ZoePrint Specializes in Business Cards!

When you are ready to print your business cards, let help. We offer 2x3.5 horizontal and vertical business cards, as well as square business cards and mini business cards. If you want a custom business card, please let us know. We are experts at business card printing, and our service and quality are always first rate. Order online or ask for a custom quote today!

Note Card Size Guide

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Note cards are the foundation of polite communication. From thank you cards, to client outreach, to event invitations, and more, note cards reinforce personal and professional connections.

When designing and printing your own note cards, you should first choose your preferred note card size. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the size options and terms such as A2, A6, and A7, vertical versus horizontal orientation, or flat versus folded cards, this is the article for you! Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about notecard size.

5 Types of Note Card Size

While there is no one standard note card size, there are a few popular sizes that printers can easily produce for you. Let’s get into it!

3x5 Note Card

A 3x5 note card is small but mighty. This is the size of a typical index card, so consider printing your own custom-made index cards for studying!

To make effective notecards for studying, print the back side of your 3x5 note card in a different color. This will help you differentiate and remember the contents of each side of the card.

A2 Note Card

A2 note cards are small enough to feel artisanal but large enough to be useful. A horizontal A2 note card is 5.5x4.25 inches, and a vertical one is 4.25x5.5 inches. This size is perfect for greeting cards and thank you cards.

4x6 Note Card

A 4 x 6 note card gives you some extra space to spread out. This size is perfect for recipe cards and event invitations. Printing on both sides of an unfolded card gives you even more space to add ingredient specifications, dress code explanations, or other important details.

A6 Note Card

A6 note cards give you space to include ample information without being overwhelming. A horizontal A6 card is 6.25x4.5 inches, and a vertical card is 4.5x6.25 inches.

This size is quite flexible, with the feel of a smaller card but with the ability to contain lots of information and design elements. An A6 note card works well for event invitations and holiday cards.

A7 Note Card

A7 note cards are the largest of the bunch. At 5x7 inches for a vertical card and 7x5 inches for a horizontal card, this note card size gives you the ability to say everything you want to say.

In addition to personal cards, this size is perfect for save the date cards. You can include lots of text and images, letting you go into detail about an event or client opportunity.

Flat and Folded Note Cards

In addition to all the information above, you can also choose between flat and folded note cards. Flat note cards can be printed in color on the front and back, the back side can be printed in black ink, or the back side can be blank.

If you want to include a lot of information in your card, or if you tend to write long notes, consider printing on a folded card, which will give you twice the amount of writing space.

Horizontal and Vertical Note Cards

All note cards have either a horizontal or a vertical orientation.

Horizontal note cards, also called landscape note cards, are wider than they are tall. These types of cards are perfect for horizontal designs, which can include a business logo, artwork, or—you guessed it!—a landscape. A folded horizontal note card opens from the bottom.

Vertical note cards, or portrait note cards, are taller than they are wide. They are appropriate for vertical designs, such as event invitations or photographs. A folded vertical note card opens from the right, just like a book.

ZoePrint Can Print Your Note Cards!

Hopefully now you have a better understanding of note card size. When you’re ready to print your own note cards, ZoePrint is here to help! We’re happy to advise you about note card sizes, and we can print and ship your cards typically within two days of your order. We can even design your card for you! Order your own note cards or receive a custom quote today.

Appointment Cards Increase Patient Health

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Appointment cards are handy tools that help patients stay on top of their health. In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about patient appointment cards. Let’s get started!

What Are Appointment Cards, And Why Are They Important? 

An appointment card is a small card that a client receives at the end of their appointment that contains the date and time of their following appointment. The card is typically the size of a business card, making it easy to store in a wallet or on a fridge and refer to later. 

These tangible reminders help patients remember their follow-up appointments, resulting in fewer missed appointments and making scheduling easier for healthcare practices and businesses. They lead to better health and less hassle. They’re a win-win!

What Information Should You Include On An Appointment Card?

Appointment cards are easy to design. They’re small, so only include the most important information. Here are the can’t-miss elements of appointment reminder cards. 

The Patient or Customer’s Name

Be sure to include a field for the customer’s name. This is particularly important for practices which might see multiple members of the same family. No one wants to accidentally show up to their spouse’s tooth cleaning!

The Next Appointment Date and Time

Provide a place for the date and time of the next appointment. This is the most important part of the card! You can include checkboxes for each day of the week if you’d like, or you can leave space in the date field to write the name of the day of their next appointment. 

Your Company’s Name and Logo

Every interaction a customer or client has with your brand influences their impression of you. Include your company’s name and official logo, and adhere to all company branding guidelines, including color choices and fonts. 

Your Company’s Address and Contact Information

Help your client easily arrive at their next appointment by including your address on your card. As well, provide your contact information so that customers can contact you if they have questions or need to reschedule. 

Space for Notes or Information Specific to Your Business

Include space for notes, in case the customer needs any other specific information about their next appointment. This might include space for stylists to write their names on salon appointment cards so that clients can request the same stylist, or a technician might write the name of the service needed at the next appointment. 

A Special Discount

Encourage return appointments by also making your appointment card a coupon or by including a discount code. This is a popular option for companies such as salons and massage parlors which want to encourage return visits. 

Who Uses Appointment Cards? 

Appointment cards are useful for a variety of businesses and medical practices. The following businesses are particularly well-suited for appointment cards.

Medical Practices

Appointment cards help all types of medical practices, from dentists to therapists and more. Simply fill out a card for each patient that includes their next appointment date and time, and send them on their way. They’ll be able to easily remember when to come back for their next cleaning, treatment, or visit. 

Use a traditional horizontal appointment card or a dynamic vertical appointment card that provides space for details about the follow-up appointment. 


Salons often schedule the next appointment at the end of the current appointment, making an appointment card a helpful and easy part of the check-out process. Make sure that customers leave both with a great haircut and with an appointment card in-hand.

Include a field for stylists to write their names on the appointment cards so that clients can be sure to see the same professional every time they visit. Consider using a unique square reminder card that exemplifies your salon’s creative outlook on life. 

Massage Parlors

Massage parlors, as well, use appointment reminder cards to make sure that clients know when they’re coming back. Use a peaceful theme and light colors on your card to mirror your business’s relaxing atmosphere. 

Canva provides many useful appointment cards templates that you can customize for your specific practice or business. 

Veterinary Practices

Whether Spot needs a checkup or Rex needs a followup test, appointment cards help pet owners take care of their animals’ health. Consider adding playful, pet-themed design elements such as paw prints or dog bones to your card, as well as including fields for both the pet and owner names. 

ZoePrint Can Help You Print Appointment Cards!

You want to help your patients, and ZoePrint wants to help you! We are experts in printing appointment cards of all shapes and sizes, and we can design and print the card that’s perfect for your business or practice. When you’re ready to get started, place an order on our easy-to-use website or contact us for a custom quote

4 Types of Poster Size

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4 Types of Poster Size

When you’re making your own poster, the first decision you need to make as you design it is what size you want it to be. If this seems overwhelming, keep reading! In this article, we’ll discuss the top four types of standard poster size and when to use each one.  

Small Poster Size

The most common small poster size is typically 11x17 or 17x11. Small posters are extremely versatile. Typically, they are placed indoors where people can get up close and see them clearly.  

Since small posters are best seen from a few feet away, they work well for workplace reminders such as health and safety precautions, as well as decorative posters with slogans or small illustrations. If you want people looking at it from up close, it’ll be perfect on a small poster!  

Medium Poster Size

A typical medium poster size is 18x24 or 24x18. However, there is a lot of variation in the medium size. If you want your poster to be a specific size that isn’t 18x24, go for it! Printers can easily accommodate many medium poster sizes.  

A medium poster works well in almost every circumstance. Just be sure when you’re designing your poster that you know how it’s going to be used, because this will affect your design. If you’re planning to hand out these posters, the fonts and images can be smaller since people will hold them and look at them closely. If you’re planning to hang them on a wall or outside, be sure to include fewer elements and make them larger so that they’re clearly visible from the other side of the room or across the street.  

Large Poster Size

Most large posters are 20x24 or 24x36. These posters are visible from far away, so they’re a great way to attract attention, whether on the street or in a business office. You can use larger design elements here, such as a photo and a heading, or a business name and logo, with additional information in a smaller type that brings people closer to read more. Many advertising posters are in a large poster size.  

Movie Poster Size

Did you know that in the US there is a standard movie poster size? Movie posters in the US are 27x40. This makes them large enough to include a photo of the main characters, the film’s title, the names of the lead actors, and the release date, all large enough to be read from many feet away.  


If you want to print your own movie posters, the movie poster size is perfect. This size is also great for printing any large image containing lots of detail, as well as a poster that is going to be seen from many feet away. This size gives you space to be larger-than-life!  

Poster Size is Flexible

Luckily, there are many poster sizes other than the ones described above. There is no one standard poster size. Poster size can be as small as 4.25x5.5 to as large as 30x40, or even bigger. (At our posters begin at 11x17 size; you can find smaller sizes under flyer printing.) A great printer will have many options to choose from and can help you choose the best poster size.  

Print Your Posters With A Professional Printer

When you’re ready to print your posters, is here for you. Our extensive range of poster sizes means that you will be able to print the perfect color poster, whether it’s a standard poster size, larger, or smaller. Our design team can help you pick a size that fits both your project and your budget. Contact us today to learn more! 

The Ultimate Guide To Club Flyers

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club flyers

Flyers are effective tools for all kinds of clubs, from book clubs to nightclubs. In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about club flyers. Let’s get started!

Why Are Club Flyers Important?

Club flyers help you project your club’s information out into the world. Whether you’re holding a fundraiser or organizing a dance party, your club flyer helps the general public learn about the event you’re planning and become interested in your activity. Anyone walking past your flyer can notice it and learn about your club. Therefore, your flyer is vitally important for your club’s success!

What Information Should You Include In A Club Flyer?

Flyers are small advertisements for events, so include all of the information that people would need to know in order to attend. Make sure your flyer has the following information about your event:

  • Name
  • Date and time
  • Location
  • Name of the club hosting the event
  • Cost of attending 
  • Any special features that can attract attendees
Adding this information will ensure that attendees know what your event is and how to attend.

What Are The Best Club Flyer Paper Sizes?

No matter the club you’re advertising or the event you’re promoting, you can find a club flyer paper size that works for you.

Some common flyer paper sizes include:

As you can see, flyers come in all sorts of sizes! Smaller ones are perfect for handing out on the street, and larger ones are just right for posting in community centers. There’s always a size that fits your needs.

What Are The Best Club Flyer Paper Weights And Coatings?

You can choose from many possible paper weights. Some of the most popular include:

  • 70# Uncoated Text
  • 80# Gloss Text
  • 100# Gloss Text
  • 80# Uncoated Cover
  • 80# Gloss Cover
  • 100# Gloss Cover

All of these paper weights and coatings will make your flyers feel different. Choose a lighter weight paper for a flyer that’s easy to tack on a message board. A heavier weight paper is a durable option that can even be a keepsake of an event. Consider using a gloss paper, which gives your flyer that extra shine and helps it stand out!

3 Excellent Club Flyer Examples

If you’re wondering how to design a club flyer, you’re in luck! Here are some examples of excellent club flyers and explanations of what makes them great.

College Club Flyers

bake sale flyer

Clubs are an integral part of the college experience. From volunteer clubs to activity clubs and religious clubs, all clubs organize events that they advertise to their school community.

You can use a flyer to spread the word about events such as game nights and fundraisers. Include an image, graphic, or other design element that illustrates the purpose of the event. In this club bake sale poster, the designs of delicious baked goods remind future attendees of the treats that await them at the event.

Nite Club Flyers


Nightclub flyers spread the word about events at local nightclubs. Hand them out on the street and around town to let people know where to find the perfect party.

These example nightclub flyers take advantage of exciting colors that give a feel for the club’s ambiance. Use colors and shapes in your nite club flyers that will make viewers excited to attend. If there is a special DJ, theme, or party at your club, include that information as well. Check out some club flyer templates that can help you get started.

Halloween Club Flyers


When the spookiest season rolls around, it’s time for Halloween club nights, and that means Halloween club flyers! Halloween club flyers usually advertise parties with a Halloween theme. 

These flyers are fun and full of Halloween spirit. Many Halloween Flyers such as the example above incorporate the traditional colors of orange and black, as well as Halloween imagery such as jack-o-lanterns and bats. Do the same in your flyer to remind future attendees of the tricks and treats that await them.

ZoePrint Loves Club Flyers!

At ZoePrint, we are club flyer experts! With years of experience printing flyers of all shapes and sizes, we’re passionate about printing and distributing the flyer that makes your event perfect. If you’re looking to have club flyers printed, upload your own design or ask us to create one for you. Order online or contact us for a custom quote. We look forward to hearing from you!

Designing an Effective Church Flyer

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Church flyers contain important information about church events in an attractive format that is easy to distribute. They spread the word about youth group events, weekly services, visiting pastors or other speakers, bible study meetings, prayer meetings, holiday services, and more. In this article, we’ll discuss the elements of a great church flyer!

What to Include in a Church Flyer

Let’s cover the most important information first: what to include in a church flyer. Here’s what you can’t forget.

The Name, Date, Time, and Location of the Event

To put it simply, congregants can’t attend your event if they don’t know what, when, and where it is! GIve your event a descriptive and exciting name, and state the date and time clearly. To provide as much detailed information as possible, include both the name and street address of the venue. 

If you’re planning to live-stream your event, list the URL that viewers should use to tune in. The same is true if you’re planning to post a link to a video of the event after the fact. 

High-Quality Photos

Include a photo of the event leader, which will help participants feel an emotional connection to the event. All the better if you’re inviting a special speaker or religious leader; including a high-quality photo of your guest in your church flyer will drive up the excitement! 

Where to Get More Information

Your church flyer will increase anticipation about your event and give attendees the basic event information. But where should they look for more details? Your church’s website or Facebook page, of course! Provide a link to your church’s website on your flyer so that attendees can learn more about the speaker, the topic, and your church. 

Consider using a URL shortener such as Bitly so that your church URL doesn’t take up too much space. If you’re distributing your flyer virtually, remember to make the link on your flyer live, so that participants can simply click on it to learn more. 

Church Flyer Design Ideas

There are many examples online to help you design a church flyer. As you’re creating a design, here are the top three goals to keep in mind. 

Make It Clear

As we discussed above, if people don’t know the details about your event, they can’t come. This means that it’s your job to make your church flyer easy to read and easy to understand. 

Make the name of the event the largest item on the page, followed by the date. Use fonts that are easy to read and a different color from the background. 

Make It Memorable

Your flyer is an advertising tool, so include bold design items that people can’t stop thinking about. Many church flyers use bright colors like purple, gold, and white, which are exciting and invigorating. 

If you’re looking for the perfect font, consider a bold one such as Brittanic or Phosphate. For your church flyer background, pick either a solid color that matches your text color or a subtle pattern.

Make It Shiny

Church flyers are all about building excitement about an event. It may sound subtle, but one effective way to increase excitement is by printing your flyer on a gloss paper. Gloss text and cover paper give your flyer that extra sparkle that elevates your event above the rest.

Print Your Church Flyer With ZoePrint

ZoePrint can print your church flyer! Offering multiple flyer sizes such as 5.5x8.5, 4x6, and more, we print exactly the flyer you’re looking for. We can take care of all your church printing needs, including design, printing, and shipping for items including booklets, offering envelopes, and more! When you’re ready to get started printing your church flyer, visit our website or ask for a custom quote today.

How to Write a Newsletter

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Writing a newsletter is both a skill and an art. Whether you’re writing a community newsletter or a business newsletter, it’s important to include both stellar written content and a functional design. If this sounds overwhelming, don’t worry: in this article, we’ll explain exactly how to write a newsletter.

How to Create a Print Newsletter Design

Writing a newsletter is easy as long as you have a process. Here are the steps to creating a great printed newsletter.

1. Decide on a topic.

First and foremost, decide on the topic of your newsletter. Is it a real estate newsletter? Church newsletter? School newsletter? Your focus will influence your design and the content of the articles you include.

2. Choose your design.

As you’re deciding on your print newsletter design, keep readability in mind. If it’s being folded to be mailed, decide what you want above the fold. Consider structuring your articles so they aren’t bisected by the fold. As well, try not to cram too much type onto the pages of your newsletter; extra white space can make your newsletter both more attractive and easier to read.

Many print newsletter design ideas are worth a look. You can be as traditional or as creative and artistic as you want with your printed newsletter designs. The sky’s the limit!

3. Create excellent written content.

Once you have your design, it’s time to fill it in with content! Whether you’re writing all of the copy yourself or soliciting submissions from friends, family, or community members, now is your opportunity to make sure you have the written material you need.

This is the perfect time to learn and practice how to write a newsletter article. It will take practice and lots of editing and revising, but you’ll be churning out stellar articles in no time.

4. Create a digital copy.

After you’ve created your design and your written copy, it’s time to put them together in a digital file. You can either create the newsletter digitally in software programs such as Adobe InDesign or Canva, or you can create it on paper and then scan it into the computer. Either way, save your digital file as a PDF so that your printer can easily use it.

5. Choose your preferred printing specifications.

Now it’s time to check out your printing options. Printers offer many paper size and weight options, so choose the paper that works best for you. Some common paper options are 70# uncoated text, 80# gloss text, 100# gloss text, and 100# dull text paper.

Next, decide whether you’d like to print your newsletter in black and white or in color. Black and white is classic and affordable, and full color is an exciting option that shows art and photos in all their detail and makes your newsletter more vibrant.

Then, calculate how many copies you’d like to print. Do you need ten copies for family members? Fifty for your coworkers? Three hundred for your school community? A thousand for your religious congregation? It’s always worth printing a few extra as well, in case recipients (or people you haven’t thought of) want extras.

6. Send your newsletter to your printer, and enjoy!

Once you’ve chosen your print specifications, it’s time to send your newsletter to the printer. Some printers offer a printed or digital proof, so you can make sure that your newsletter looks exactly how you want it.

Once everything looks perfect, your printer will print and assemble your newsletter. And there you have it! Those are all the steps for how to write a newsletter.

Newsletter Writing Tips

Now that you know the basics of how to write a newsletter, it’s time to talk about some newsletter writing tips and tricks. Here’s what to remember as you’re writing content for your newsletter.

Stick With What You Know

Obviously, there are many different types of newsletters. The person writing the newsletter is presumably either an expert in the field or a participant in the organization. So, if you are the writer, you should be able to write with some authority.

Know Your Audience

Make sure the articles are relevant to your audience. Luckily, if you are a good writer and you know the topic well, you will engage your readers and keep their interest.

Edit Thoroughly

The most important step in the writing process isn’t actually writing--it’s editing. Any mistakes will affect the credibility of your newsletter or organization, so reread your copy multiple times, read it out loud, and have others look over your newsletter before printing it.

Include a Variety of Articles

It is also a good idea to include a variety of short articles which will interest your readers, such as local recipes, special interest topics, or other items that would interest your target readership. Keep these types of stories short, and use eye-catching graphics. You may also want to include a puzzle or brain teaser that keeps people thinking about your newsletter after they read the articles. Can Bring Your Newsletter to Life

Now that you know how to write a newsletter and know some tips and tricks of the trade, it’s time to get started! At, we have experienced and talented designers who can help you with newsletter design and printing and bindery experts to make the printing look fantastic. Call us for your next printed newsletter or for other special projects. provides state of the art printing quality at amazingly low prices. Click here to learn more.

Marketing Ideas for Nursing Homes

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marketing ideas for nursing homes

Marketing is how you show the world exactly who you are and what you do. For nursing homes, you want to be sure that you are evoking the type of comfort and care that you wish to provide to the elderly. A single print can truly encapsulate your entire nursing home’s beliefs, so you want to put thought into it.

Print marketing is all about the message that is being sent out. For a nursing home, there is no more desired message to be sent than one of trust. Choosing a nursing home for a loved one is a significant decision for a family that requires time and patience. You want prospective residents and their families to trust you because you’re looking out for their interests. Images that convey trust are a good idea.

Here are five marketing ideas for nursing homes.

1. Small Postcards

Small postcards are an excellent way to reach out to families in the community; they are cost-effective, have your message on them and can easily be placed in people’s mailboxes. A striking image in a beautiful glossy or matte postcard can get your message out there and will help build that coveted trust between you and the families.

2. Brochures

Brochures are an absolute must. You need to convey as much information as possible about your nursing home in the smallest package possible, and this is where a neat brochure comes in. The multiple side panels in a booklet allow you to have not only exciting graphics but also valuable text that lets families know what you stand for. A brochure is something that no nursing home should be without.

3. Business Cards

Business cards are an absolute necessity for any professional setting. You want people to be able to remember you and be able to contact you quickly if necessary. For the lead staff inside your nursing home, business cards are something that needs to be at their disposal. You can have your nursing home’s name or logo on the cards and necessary contact information too.

4. Invitations

Of all the marketing ideas for nursing homes, this one is the most personal. A direct invitation is a great way to reach out to families who may be already exploring nursing home options for a loved one. The heartfelt message and information about the home can help them make the decision. Finding the right nursing home for a loved comes down to feeling like the home cares about the family as a whole.

5. Flyers

Last, but not least, the most dynamic of all the marketing ideas for nursing homes is the flyer. These deliver your message quickly and in mass numbers. Flyers can be posted in places such as churches where families gather. Finding a nursing home for a loved one can be a stressful time for a family, so you want to convey a message of peace and stability for both the loved one and the family.


The Right Options

Once you have crafted your message contact ZoePrint for all your printing inquiries. We believe in the power of print to deliver strong messages and are happy to help you design the perfect way for yours to reach its destination.


5 Effective Flyer Ideas for Auto Repair Marketing

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Auto Repair Marketing

Direct mail is one way that you can market to potential customers, which is why many smart business owners are searching for auto repair flyer ideas. It is important to stand out so you don’t end up in the forgotten stack of mail on the kitchen counter.

After all, effective, catchy color flyers create a connection with people in your community. This leads to both new business and new relationships.

ZoePrint is here to help you design the best flyer possible. While there is plenty to be said on the psychology of which colors to use, we want to take a different approach. Here are a few ideas for different campaign and templates to use as a framework for your own printed auto repair marketing.

1. Personalize flyers to connect with customers

Find ways to personalize each batch of flyers based on what you know of your target demographic. It could be something as simple as including a neighborhood reference or referencing a local landmark./p>

Any amount of customization will draw attention.

When it comes to auto repair marketing, attention is what will draw customers to you over the other auto repair options available. Set yourself apart from competitors in your messaging. Once an individual has taken the time to look at your flyer, you can go a bit deeper with your connection.

2. Use seasonal changes to make your campaign relevant.

Cars break down during a freezing winter or hot summer. Potential hail storms, freezes, floods or blizzards can also create car damage. Creating an awareness campaign to alert customers of your services during these stressful times can make you the go-to provider.

After all, when it comes to auto repair marketing, you need two things:

1. Get to prospects before the competition.

2. Touch base with them more often than your competition.

3. Include printed Google Reviews.

Did you know that 90% of customers say online reviews influence their buying decision?

Just because someone is reading your direct mail flyer doesn’t mean they stay off the Internet. So why not include familiar methods of community validation on your physical auto repair marketing material? Instill trust into the customer and save them some time. After all, chances are they will look at your reviews online before they visit anyway.

4. Get a testimonial from a local influencer.

About 92% of people trust referrals. Research to see if any local celebrities or personalities follow your business on Instagram, for example.

Find someone with a local following who supports the business. Then use their face, testimonial and credentials to create a compelling campaign. To increase effectiveness, see if there's a way to send the flyer specifically to those interested in the influencer. They may be likely to attend a certain event or live in a particular area.

5. Include a picture of you and your staff.

Real faces of real people make prospects stop and take a closer look. When it comes to local businesses, like auto repair shops, it’s important for the community to trust you. Your photo on your auto repair marketing flyers creates a big impact and helps grow your credibility with potential customers.

See if a local photographer would trade a few free oil changes for a session. Have them take some friendly candid and staged photos of you and your team. provides cheap black and white flyers and color flyers for your small business print marketing needs. Upload your customized design online, get an instant quote, and receive your order within days!

6 Inexpensive Print Marketing Ideas for Apartments

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Managing the marketing efforts for an apartment complex is not for the faint of heart. You need to keep operations running smoothly by serving your current tenants while also attracting new tenants. It's a balancing act that requires a strong marketing plan and dedicated staff! However, when it comes to advertising, finding inspiration for creative print marketing ideas for apartments is everywhere. Whether you're representing a property management company or a single apartment complex, we’ve got you covered. Here is a brief list of our favorite print marketing ideas for apartments!

1. Professional Posters

Ask yourself: When a prospect visits your property, what is the first thing they see? Hanging high-quality posters outside will create a great first impression. Make them work for you! Before having your posters professionally printed, considering the following questions:

  • What message do you want to convey?
  • Who you are hoping to target?
  • What are the top reasons why your current tenants are drawn to your location?

When you consider these factors during the design phase, you are sure to stand apart from the competition by touting your best selling points and attracting the right audience!

2. Branded Brochures

These days, brochures come in all shapes and sizes. The versatility of brochures allows for easy distribution and complete customization at a cost-effective price. They can be conveniently placed around the apartments main office, given to prospective tenants upon arrival, or even handed out at trade shows or conventions. You may also want to consider placing brochures in racks at your Chamber of Commerce or visitors center.

Regardless, when it comes to personalizing your apartment’s marketing materials and communicating large amounts of information, you can’t go wrong with a high-quality

3. Custom Notepads

The benefits of custom printed notepads are limitless. This cost-effective marketing tool is the perfect way to stay in front of current and prospective tenants as a frequently-used household and professional item. The repeat exposure gained from this product makes for a great return on investment!

4. Special Offer Flyers

It seems flyers have been around as a marketing tool since the beginning of time - and for good reason. Flyers work! And on top of that, they are proven to be a convenient, cost-effective, and easily customizable option for marketers. Let's say you are offering a move-in special or waiving the application fee for a limited time. High-quality, printed flyers are the perfect short-term marketing strategy due to the fact that they are easy to design, print, and distribute.

5. Referral Cards

According to a recent Nielsen survey, apartment complexes that use a referral system have a 70% higher conversion rate and they report a 69% faster close-time on sales. This is because people trust their friends over all of the hype. This is especially true with younger prospects, including Millennials. By printing referral cards and giving them to your tenants (and former tenants), you can create an incentive for them to help you do your job. Your best cheerleaders and promoters are your satisfied tenants! Consider rewarding them for spreading the good news about your apartments.

6. Printed Newsletters

For many apartment complexes, much of the communication is done online. However, this isn’t always that most effective tool to use! If you manage a community with tenants who are 55+, you may want to consider distributing printed newsletters. Additionally, regardless of age, placing printed newsletters in your reception area, you're giving prospects a real look at what's happening in your apartment community!

Fulfill Your Printing Needs at ZoePrint

When it comes to print marketing ideas for apartments, ZoePrint is the perfect option to fulfill your marketing strategy. If you are looking for cheap digital printing, the experts at ZoePrint can help you with any and all of your printing needs. Your marketing materials are your signature. Make sure they stand out as a step above!

5 Tips for Printing Business Note Cards

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While every business is guaranteed to use business cards, business note cards can set you apart from the crowd in this saturated marketing environment. After all, out of all the business cards you’ve printed in the past, how many result in follow-ups or leads? Chances are you’ve thrown most cards into giveaway bowls at your local lunch joint.

A note card’s larger surface area alone gives so many more ways to personalize a message—and that matters. Despite the expansion and evolution of technology, personally fostered relationships mean more in successful business networks than ever before.

It's important to know how to cultivate trust with potential clients and partners. Leveraging unique angles to solidify your brand through a note card makes you memorable and when done right, increases professionalism. Let’s dive deeper into a few tips for printing business note cards to help create professional, distinct designs.

1. Leave Blank Space to Personalize the Message

People of all backgrounds and cultures appreciate when you take the time to personalize something for them. For example, when you run into a potential client at a conference, fill out a business note card and include a small, personalized tidbit from the meeting. This ignites a deeper connection and solidifies the connection if you met the person for the first time.

The alternative is to hand out business cards that will get mixed in with a pile of similar cards. This method lacks a personal touch and makes it difficult for the other person to draw a connection as time passes.

2. Use Your Brand’s Color Scheme and Logo

People like to see consistency across your brand design, and business note cards are no different. It's important to use a similar or complementary color schemes when designing, because it helps evoke brand recognition. Nuanced details, like color or font, communicate what to expect when they encounter the brand. Match the branding with your business cards and other marketing material as well.

Unless you’re a skilled graphic designer yourself or inherited a brand, chances are you paid a pretty penny to create a logo. Pick a prominent spot for your logo and make sure to incorporate it somewhere on your business note card.

3. Know How You're Going to Note Cards in Business

How are you going to use these note cards? There are plenty of ways to incorporate this type of stationary into your marketing, sales, or business development strategies.

Here are a few ways you can use them to promote your business:

  • After you first meet a prospect
  • Following up after a networking event
  • After giving a presentation to thank your audience
  • As a “thank you” when closing a deal
  • To congratulate someone for a business or personal accomplishment

Which of these will you use to promote your business? Keep your audience and purpose in mind when designing the note card. For example, if you're only going to give out business note cards after a presentation, you can customize the design and message for that specific audience.

Alternatively, a general blank note card can fulfill multiple purposes if you’ve got the time to hand write each individual message.

4. Design for Your Industry

A burger restaurant and a nutrition health coach have two very different audiences. Likewise, a business note cards will look very different depending on the business. This is because the style and tone of the brands have two different missions.

What is your brand trying to communicate with the world? Use creative designs to answer the question. A pasty chef who owns a bakery may want to design a notecard shaped as a recipe, while a professional development coach would shoot towards a sleek, clean design used in business settings.

5. Get the Printing Done by a Professional

Printing business note cards isn’t something you want to leave up to the Black Friday clearance printer you bought last year. Instead, consider enlisting the help of a professional printing company. This way, you'll know you're getting a high-quality product and consistency in every print.

Here at ZoePrint, we provide cheap printing services for individuals and businesses of all industries. If you need to print business note cards, contact ZoePrint today for an instant quote!

Band Posters

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Band posters are a great way to express yourself.

If you are into music, there is no better way to tell the world about the music you like than to put up great looking, full color posters. Use printed posters to show your roommates, friends or special someone the music you like to listen to and decorate your space at the same time. Many band posters have a special place in history as uniquely popular and attractive items. Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Johnny Cash, Jimi Hendrix and The Rolling Stones all have produced outrageous and popular posters. So, whether you are looking for Classic Rock Posters, Country Music Posters, Reggae Posters, Motown Posters, Classical Music Posters or something else entirely, it is likely you can find music posters to suit your taste.

If your are part of a band, you should promote the band by creating a unique and colorful poster. The first step is to come up with a great original design. If you are using photos, hire a professional photographer if you can afford it. High quality photos will make a great poster design even better. Next, make sure to get outstanding quality printing. Once you have great flyers or posters in hand, you need to find appropriate locations for posting, handing out or selling your posters to promote your music!

Design is a big part of the key to great band posters, and you have to find someone who can convert your band's image into one of a kind artwork. If you need help designing a poster, flyer or other printed piece, contact one of the design professionals at We have decades of design experience and we also provide high quality, cheap posters so you can afford to spread the word! We also offer a variety of poster sizes, both large and small, to suit you and your budget.

7 Creative Ways to Use a Restaurant Business Card


restaurant business cards


Restaurant business cards are an important means of connecting with prospective customers. Business cards are often seen by customers as a visual representation of your company’s brand and identity, and should thus be informative and eye-catching.

However, many restaurant business cards are not striking enough to catch the eye of a prospective customer. We will explore seven creative ways to use a restaurant business card in a way that will make it stand out!

Attract New Customers With These Restaurant Business Card Ideas.

1. Loyalty Punch Card

Loyalty punch cards can be printed on the back of business cards. Whether they get a discount, a free meal, or a free drink, they are a great way to get customers excited about your restaurant. Not only will the customer keep the card for a long time, but they are also more likely to come back to your restaurant for more.

2. Mini Menu

A small menu on the back of your card is a great way to showcase what kind of food you offer, especially if it isn’t clear what kind of food you serve based on the name of your restaurant. People are more likely to eat at your restaurant if they know what you serve. It’s a simple, but nice way of advertising your menu options, while also sharing your business card - killing two birds with one stone!

3. Map

Maps can be a fun, eye-catching way of attracting people to your restaurant’s business card. Because of the small stature of a business card, the map doesn’t have to be detailed. However, cross streets and landmarks can give the customer a general idea of your restaurant’s location. On the other hand, if your restaurant has multiple locations, you can show where those locations are on a less detailed map of the state or country.

4. QR Code

QR codes are a fun, simple way to advertise your business. If a customer scans a QR code on the back of your restaurant business card, a website is automatically pulled up on their mobile device. It is a quick and easy way for customers to see your restaurant’s website, where they automatically have access to your menu, locations, and any additional information found on your website.

5. Coupon Certificate

Similar to loyalty punch cards, if coupons are placed on the back of your business card, customers are more likely to carry your card for a long time. They are also more likely to come back to your restaurant to use the coupon. Simply put, people love discounts and will want to take your business card if it includes something that benefits them.

6. Magnet

Making your business card a magnet gives the card a multifunctional use that will make it more likely for customers to not only take your card but to keep it for a long time. Most people put magnets on their refrigerators along with pictures, grocery lists, and other things they need. Staring at your company’s card on their refrigerator will remind people of your restaurant, and encourage them to come back again.

7. Augmented Reality

Augmented realityis a relatively new technology that creates a 3D image in a digital camera by scanning the business card, allowing people to see a fun version of your business card. You can create a 3D image of your restaurant, food items, or simply a fun 3D version of your business card.

Create Your Restaurant’s Business Card!

There are many ways to create double-uses for your restaurant’s business cards. However, there are other important factors to consider when making an effective card, such as size, color, and other details that might be dependent on where the restaurant is located.

No matter what unique spin you decide to put on your restaurant’s business card, here at ZoePrint, we provide cheap printing services. If you are interested in printing business cards for your restaurant, contact ZoePrint today for an instant quote!

Church Newsletters

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church newsletters

Take the relationship between clergy and congregants to new heights by printing and distributing a weekly or monthly church newsletter.  Printed newsletters are now more popular than ever, and you are sure to get more attention with a mailed newsletter than by sending one out electronically.

There are many directions you can take in creating the content of the newsletter.  First off, publishing the best sermons each month must be a cornerstone of any regular church bulletin.  This will not only reinforce the message, but it will also reach congregants who did not make it to church for the original sermon.  When there is a particularly strong or controversial message, many congregants will reread the sermon when they receive it by mail.   Second, printing a monthly church calendar will increase attendance at services and special events.  In addition to these regular features, you should still have plenty of space for messages from lay leaders of the congregation and other special guests. 

Once you have written excellent content, do not forget that a high quality newsletter design will encourage recipients to read it.  You must think through carefully who your readers will be, and employ a professional designer to package your message in a way that appeals to them.  Use interesting color combinations to attract attention and make sure the newsletter is designed to be highly readable.  It is important to use a distinct and legible font and make the type large enough for everyone to read.  It is also critical to make sure you have an accurate mailing list.  Experts say that getting the mailing list details correct has a huge impact on whether printed pieces get read.

If you put compelling messages into people's hands with an attractive design, congregants will refer to the newsletter over and over again.  Who knows...newsletters can even help spur charitable giving!  (Some bulletins even include a remittance envelope to encourage donations.)  The next time you need a printed church newsletter or religious bulletin, give the professionals at a try!  Our quality is outstanding and our service can't be beat.  We are also leaders in cheap newsletter printing.

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Creative Dentist Marketing Ideas | Advertising for Dentists

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Running a dental practice is not easy – and far from it. You already exceed all expectation in providing exemplary patient care and focus entirely on patient satisfaction and health. But, when it comes to the business aspect of running a dental practice, well, that’s where the struggle comes in. Especially when it comes to advertising, finding creative dentist marketing ideas can seem impossible.

Whether you are an independent dental practitioner or a marketing director at a dental office, here are some of our favorite ways to stand out from the crowd.

1. Eye-Catching Posters

If you are looking to promote your dental practice locally, printing and dispersing posters around town is a natural first step. High-quality posters act as the vehicle to reach a new audience in a grass-roots way – but, not all posters are created equal.

For years, posters have been used for affordable marketing across all industries. As a result of this, printing a plain, run-of-the-mill poster will not make the cut. Instead, opt for high-quality, eye-catching, and vibrant designs.

2. Artistic Business Cards

Did you know? There are over 10,000,000,000 business cards printed annually. With that being said, similarly to posters, standing out from the stack is a critical part of any business card design.

One way that you can make a memorable first impression is by opting for gold foil, spot UV, or raised spot UV finishing. But, if bold, light-reflecting design doesn’t match your brand, you can always go for a more minimal design.

3. Custom Notepads

Putting ink to paper simply cannot be beaten. Especially, when it’s on a well made, custom notepad! A high-quality, yet affordable printed notepad that is customized to your company, branding, and message is the perfect way to reach potential customers.

4. Toothy Flyers

Printed flyers share the same, cost-effective benefits as posters but with added convenience and mobility. Flyers are able to go anywhere that you do and be passed out as easily as they are printed. Plus, you have the freedom to design them however you please!

Whether you opt for a simple and concise flyer design or a more detailed, informational format, flyers are versatile and can fit any need.

Fulfill Your Printing Needs at ZoePrint

If you are looking for cheap digital printing, the experts at ZoePrint will prioritize high-quality products and cost-effective prices. Not only will your marketing materials look great, they will also be printed and delivered in a convenient time frame and truly stand out against other printed marketing materials.

When it comes to implementing creative dentist marketing ideas on flyers, posters, business cards, notepads, and more, let ZoePrint be your first stop! Call us today at 877-216-9155 to get started.

Custom Notepad Printing for Business

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Notepads are an essential tool, both for marketing and for your business’ operations. Here are some of the best reasons to custom print your company’s notepads! 

Notepads are both functional and stylish and anyone can use them, which makes them the perfect marketing tool. Even in this electronic age, people need notepads to jot down ideas, create reminders, make grocery lists, and more. Recipients will think about your company every time they use your notepad, so make sure you include a professionally-designed logo and your contact information to help raise brand awareness. Consider making the design elements into a lightly-printed watermark so that customers see your logo but can still write over the entire page. 

In the office, notepads are versatile. Every employee needs notepads to make lists, take notes during meetings, and jot down ideas to remember later. Employees should be able to easily access notepads that they can use for their day-to-day activities. Create custom notepads for your office which display your company’s name or logo to help create a united company identity among employees. Notepads are also particularly useful for taking notes during calls, and you can customize these for your business. For example, if you have typical customer orders, include check boxes for common requests. A well-designed notepad can help everyone get the information they need. 

Customize your notepad by choosing the right size, colors, and thickness. Some of the most popular notepad sizes are 4.25”x5.5” and 5.5”x8.5”, both of which are perfect for taking telephone notes and writing small reminders, and 8.5”x11”, which works well for more in-depth note-taking. As well, you can choose between black and white printing, two color printing, and full color printing. Black and white printing is the cheaper option, whereas full color printing is still affordable but lets you use any colors you want in your design, making your notepads more exciting. Two of the most common thicknesses for notepads are 25 or 50 pages. All of these possibilities mean that you can easily print the notepad that works best for you, for cheap! 

When you’re ready to print the perfect notepads for your company, work with Our web-to-print portal makes it easy to custom print cheap notepads so that you can write all the notes you want! 

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Envelope Sizes

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The first piece of information to think about is what is the main purpose of the envelope. If it is used mainly to fit 8.5 x 11 sized folded sheets, then the #10 Business Envelope is a great option. The dimensions of a #10 Envelope are 9.5 x 4.125. If you prefer something a little smaller,then the #9 envelope is also a good choice (8.875 x 3.875). Business envelope's can have a window, which is an open area in the front of the envelope where you can see the address printed on a document inside.

Standard Business envelope sizes include:
#10Envelope – 9.5 x 4.125
#9 Envelope– 8.875 x 3.875
#6 ¾Envelope – 6.5 x 3.625
Monarch Envelope – 7.5 x 3.875

If you are sending invitations or note cards, announcement envelopes (which typically have a square flap) are better suited for this purpose than the business sizes. You need to consider what size the printed enclosures will be and make sure you pick an envelope that is big enough. 

Typical Announcement envelope sizes include:
A2 Envelope– 5.75 x 4.735 – Will hold A2 Cards, 5.5 x 4.25
A6 Envelope– 6.5 x 4.75 – Will hold A6 Cards, 6.25 x 4.5
A7 Envelope– 7.25 x 5.25 – Will hold A7 Cards, 7 x 5
A8 Envelope– 8.125 x 5.5 – Will hold A8 Cards, 7.875 x 5.25
A9 Envelope– 8.75 x 5.75, Will hold A9 Cards, 8.5 x 5.5
A10Envelope – 9.5 x 6, Will hold A10 Cards, 9.25 x 5.75

If you are using the envelopes for folded note cards, then consider the size after folding (for example, the open size of an A6 Note card is 6.25 x 9, but after folding it is 6.25 x 4.5). The "A" size envelopes listed above have square shaped envelope flaps.

There are also baronial envelopes, which have pointed flaps. Some of these are the same size as announcement envelopes listed above, and some are different.

The typical sizes of baronial envelopes are:
4-BarEnvelope – 5.125 x 3.625 – Will fit a 4-Bar card, 4.875 x 3.375
5-BarEnvelope – 5.75 x 4.375 – Will fit a 5-Bar card, 5.5 x 4.25
6-BarEnvelope – 6.5 x 4.75 – Will fit a 6-Bar card, 6.25 x 4.5
Lee Envelope – 7.25 x 5.25 – Will fit a Lee card, 7 x 5

Lastly, there are over sized envelopes:
Catalog Envelope (The flap is located on the short edge) – 6 x 9, 9 x 12, or 10 x13
Booklet Envelope (The flap is located on the long edge) – 6 x 9, 9 x 12, or 10 x 13

Once you have decided which envelope size is best for you,the next factor is deciding on the color. White is the most commonly used color for envelopes, but some companies choose a colored envelope instead. Colored envelopes may or may not be available in different sizes. Contact a representative for more options on envelope colors.

When you are ready to begin printing, upload your fantastic envelope design to or have one of our professional designers create an original design just for you!

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There are many different factors to consider when deciding between different envelope sizes. Before thinking about specific types of envelopes, be aware that all envelope sizes are generally measured with the flap of the envelope folded down.

Holiday Postcards

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holiday postcards christmas  holiday postcards halloweeen

There are as many types of holiday postcards as there are holidays.  Of course, there have been Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving postcards for almost as long as postcards have existed.  In addition, different religious traditions have also produced holiday postcards. Jews send Hanukah and New Year's (Rosh Hashanah) postcards and Muslims send Eid and Ramadan postcards. Printed postcards have been produced honoring Valentine's Day, Memorial Day, Halloween, Earth Day and even Administrative Professional's Day. One recent trend in modern America has been to send New Year's cards to friends and family with recent pictures of your entire family.

Come up with your own holiday postcard design at! We offer different sizes and paper stocks so you can express yourself creatively. If you need design help, just ask one of our professionals.

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How to Create a Funeral Program

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how to create a funeral program

Remembering the life of a loved one should be a joyous, albeit difficult occasion. The way that you present the event has a lot to do with how people perceive it. You want to be sure that the life of the deceased is shown in a way that would make them proud. A beautiful program detailing their achievements is a great way to do that. With so many template options and ways to go about it, however, you may be wondering where to start. Don’t worry. Let’s look at how to create a funeral program, step-by-step.

Choose the Fold

Depending on how long you want the program to be, you will need to choose the fold. That might be a magazine style long program or a simple six-panel brochure. The length of the program can be whatever makes the most sense to you – there are no restrictions. We do advise that sometimes less is more as you want the focus to be on healing and celebration.

Choose the Style

Floral etching? Art Deco? The style you choose should be a reflection of the deceased. Try to have more than one person give input. Consider consulting with a group of those individuals who knew the person best. Remember that you want to celebrate the life of the deceased in the most authentic way possible.

Words and Fonts

In a situation such as this, it may be hard to find the words to summarize a lifetime in a few words. Many families will select a poem or passage about the deceased, along with a few words to express the emotions of the day. In addition to the message, fonts are important to consider because the font can influence the overall message being portrayed. In this instance, it’s important to either research appropriate fonts or consults with a professional to find the best font that represents the person and overall theme.


Lastly, many families opt to feature a photograph of the deceased in the program. This photo serves a visual representation of who the person was, their hobbies, and interests. Often times, the colors or themes of this photo can influence the overall design of the funeral program. Choosing the photograph can be a stressful ordeal; however, with the collective effort of many minds, the program can be a meaningful memento for friends and family.


ZoePrint is equipped with the appropriate resources to print meaningful, affordable, and high-quality funeral programs. In addition to printing, ZoePrint experts are available to address questions and concerns and offer advice on the crafting of the funeral program. During such a difficult time, ZoePrint is here to help and to make this process as easy as possible.

How to Find Cheap Printing Near Me: 5 Tips

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printing near me

When it comes to creating visuals, there are few tasks more overwhelming than finding the perfect printing service. With so many options, it can be tough to find the right product at the right price. If you have found yourself searching, “How to find cheap printing near me,” then you are in the right place! This article will explain 5 key tips in choosing the best printing service for you.

Tip #1: Local Doesn't Matter!

Contrary to popular belief, it might actually be cheaper to choose an online business rather than a local business. Especially in the world of online retail, shipping costs might not actually be very high. More so, the extra that you will spend on shipping will be made up for in the overall savings. Plus, this saves you at least one extra stop on your errand run!

Tip #2: Compare Prices

Just like any financial decision, comparing prices is always a key step in finding cheap printing options. Comparing prices online is easy and intuitive since most websites will give you an immediate quote based on your needs. Pro Tip: Once you have your search limited to a few options, try to negotiate prices, especially on large bulk orders.

Tip #3: Convenience

Nothing is easier or more convenient than ordering printing from your computer and having it delivered to your door. Unless you are in an extreme rush, ordering printing online can be as fast as using a local printing company, and you can get other things done instead of commuting.

Tip #4: Free Instant Online Proofs

The convenience of free instant online proofs can be a game changer in the fast-moving business world of today. For instance, if you are a business owner looking for flyers for a sale, instant proofs are the quickest way to assure the quality of your products. With online proofs, there is no need to wait for your mail to arrive to make a decision. Just select your product and see the results right away!

Tip #5: Consider ZoePrint for Your Next Online Print Job

From brochures to business cards, ZoePrint is an entirely online business that can meet your printing needs -- and do it for cheaper! Furthermore, ZoePrint only includes the most popular selection so you are always getting the best quality. Other than ease of use, the online business model gives ZoePrint greater control over pricing than traditional, stand-alone stores.

Check Out ZoePrint!

Are you a local business owner looking for affordable, high-quality flyers or brochures for your next sale or event? Check out ZoePrint for your next printing project! Our dedicated and experienced printing professionals can assist you with every step and deliver a quality product, quickly.

How to Make a Postcard

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Postcards are an inexpensive, quick way to reach a large group of people. Learning how to make a postcard can greatly benefit your company or brand because they serve many purposes. Postcards can be used as reminders, invitations, notices, informative pieces, advertisements, and more.  Many postcards are 4 x 6 in size and printed on a high-quality thick paper.

If you are sending the postcard by First-Class Mail, the United States Postal Service currently requires* that the postcard must be:

  • Rectangular
  • At least 3-1/2 inches high x 5 inches long x 0.007 inch thick (about the thickness of an index card)
  • No more than 4-1/4 inches high x 6 inches long x 0.016 inches thick

If you are sending it standard mail, size is more lenient, since you will be paying letter prices for postage, but the postcard must be no larger than 6-1/8" x 11-1/2" x 1/4" thick.

Glossy and uncoated papers are very successful for use as postcards, but when choosing a paper make sure you think about writing the addresses on the card.  Glossy paper isn't going to hold ink or marker as well, but if you prefer the glossy look you can use sticker labels for the addresses. Also, if you want to use a glossy paper but still need to be able to write on it, using a C1S (Coated one side stock) is a great option. offers Carolina 12 point C1S which is perfect for postcards.

You can design the front side of a postcard to be viewed horizontally or vertically, but the back side (the side with the mailing) must read horizontally.  Typically the back of the card has the address on the right half of the postcard with space for the stamp in the upper right corner. If you have a postal indicia you can use, make sure it is designed correctly when creating the design.

Postcards should be relatively simple; putting an eye-catching image on the front and a few short paragraphs on the back can be very successful when trying to reach clients or customers.

You want to make sure to use high-quality images and graphics on the postcard because they entice the reader to spend more time looking at the card. Colored paper or high quality printing can also help a postcard design pop!

Once you have created your postcard, upload it to and we can cheaply print your design!

*Postal Requirements are subject to change. Verify current requirements with your local Post Office before designing or printing anything.

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Personalized Thank You Cards

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Whether you’ve hosted an event or received a gift, sending a custom-made
thank you card lets your recipient know that you care.

note card in envelope

Did you know that the ancient Egyptians were some of the first people to write thank you notes? Sending thank you cards has been a common practice for thousands of years. In this day and age as well, sending a personalized thank you card is one of the easiest and most effective ways to cement friendships, solidify business partnerships, and establish community bonds. Whether you’ve hosted an event or received a gift, sending a custom-made thank you card lets your recipient know you care about them.

No matter the situation, thank you cards nurture your business and personal relationships. Personalized cards increase your professionalism, and showing your gratitude impresses donors and potential clients and makes current clients and employees feel valued. After hosting an event, a great thank you card lets your attendees know that you value their attendance. Of course, a thank you note is also the perfect way to acknowledge a gift. When in doubt, it’s always a good idea to send one!

As you’re designing your card, consider your event and your audience. A business thank you card might include a logo or picture of the business. For a wedding thank you card, you might want to use the same colors as your wedding theme and include a picture of the married couple to turn it into the perfect keepsake. Make sure to print a matching custom envelope which complements your card. It’s a great idea to enlist the help of a professional designer who can make your card effective and stylish.

These days, it’s easier than ever to affordably create a personalized thank you card. At, our simple online ordering process lets you make your cards in a snap, and our cheap prices mean that you can spend your money where it matters: making your event the best it can be.

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Poster Ideas

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poster ideas

When decorating a room, whether at home, in an office, at college or elsewhere, there are many poster ideas which will help create the look of the space. Posters make ideal decorations both because they cover a lot of space and because the variety of images on posters is almost endless.

Here are just a few of the types of posters which you can buy or make. Sports posters, posters about space discovery and exploration, movie posters, celebrity posters, vintage posters, religious posters, art posters, art deco posters and political posters are just a few of the myriad of posters you will find. Many of these posters are popular because they express our culture, and at the same time, posters can be a reflection of your personality. Typically, posters are a relatively inexpensive way to decorate a space, and you won't need that many to make your room look great. You can find reasonably priced posters at bookstores, specialty stores, poster sales and online.

When you can't find what you are looking for or if you are a truly creative soul, consider creating your own poster. The sky's the limit when it comes to your own creativity, and so long as you do not use copyrighted or inappropriate material, you can design something which speaks to you. With modern digital technology, printing out high quality, short run posters is easier and less expensive than ever, even if the quantity is only one. So, when you are inspired by original poster ideas, contact the professionals at and make your cheap posters a reality!

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Real Estate Newsletter Content Ideas: Tips For More Home Sales

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Real estate newsletter content ideasReal estate is a competitive enough field, which means that if you’re not investing in marketing, you’re losing out on exposure that dozens of other agents in your area have. Not only is marketing important to build your visibility, it’s necessary to build your authority to stand out from the crowd.

Digital marketing can be beneficial, but combining your marketing efforts with physical print can increase your local reach and give readers something to look at in their kitchens for days at a time. If you haven’t incorporated newsletters into your marketing strategy, then there’s good reason why you should be. Trendy real estate websites put you up against thousands of other agents and don’t give much of a chance to show potential clients what makes you unique.

Newsletters provide a personalized touch and helpful information. While the goal is to sell your services, the approach is subtler, and readers have more to engage with than with simple flyers or business cards.

Here are a few real estate newsletter content ideas to grow your client base and boost your home sales!

Pick a Consistent Newsletter Schedule

Sending out the newsletter on a consistent schedule conveys a level of professionalism and dependability. Recipients expect to receive content on a regular basis, so make sure what you promise readers is both realistic and cost-effective. Evaluate your existing time commitments to see how creating real estate newsletter content will fit in. If you’re making it yourself, then a quarterly or monthly newsletter is doable.

Include Real Estate Newsletter Content That People Care About

Are you excited to open a magazine and find that advertisements make up 80% of the content? Most people don’t enjoy being advertised to. Instead, give them something that they want to read. Make your content informative and engaging!

What should you include in your newsletter?

  1. State of the Market

    How are homes in your area selling? Include recent trends, statistics, surprising developments, and any information on new construction. Keep this section fresh and relevant to those who are receiving it.

  2. Spotlight on Recently Sold Homes

    This is a great place to highlight your recent achievements as an agent. What are some recent homes you’ve sold in the area? What does your selling process look like? Make a point to describe your unique selling process and perhaps even the stories behind each sale.

  3. Past or Upcoming Community Events

    A newsletter is a news source for the community, so list any upcoming school functions (carnivals, fundraisers, sports games, etc.) and local events. Not only does this add value, it shows your awareness of the area and that you care about neighborhood affairs.

  4. Seasonal Fun Facts, Recipes, or DIY Home Improvement Ideas

    Add in a fun section that draws readers in and provides a place of reference, so people will keep your newsletter for longer. A featured recipe, for example, provides a break from real estate newsletter content, and gives readers a reason to open the newsletter again. You can even include the option for readers to submit their own content for future editions.

  5. Tips to Sell Your Home

    This is your chance to make yourself known as an expert in the field. What valuable information have you learned in the housing industry that others may want to hear? This can be tips on staging a home before an open house, simple upgrades, and remodel suggestions.

  6. How to Contact You

Of course, the ultimate goal of a newsletter is to encourage readers to contact you for all their real estate needs. Include a clear call to action, memorable bio, and easy options to reach you via phone, email, or social media.

Who is Your Audience?

Once you’ve created a print-ready newsletter, you’re ready to distribute…well, almost! The next step is deciding who will receive your newsletter and how. Will you hand them out at community events, open houses, or at local meetups? Alternatively, you can compile a mailing list to physically mail them out, given a larger budget for postage.’s online cheap printing services lets you do small runs of newsletters at a low cost. Contact ZoePrint today for a free quote on full color or black and white options to print your real estate newsletter content!

Read more about real estate newsletter content and cheap printing:

Standard Postcard Size

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Standard postcard size

Although there is probably no commonly accepted standard postcard size, we offer the following sizes at


We offer these postcard sizes in both landscape and portrait.

If you don't see the size you are looking for, be sure to ask! We also print custom sizes of postcards every day.  It is also important to mention that you should always check with the post office as to the current postage rate for any postcard you produce. Although you may think your postcard size looks great, the postal service has regulations governing postage costs, and some postcard sizes will not quality for "postcard rates" from the government.

Click here to see the pricing of our cheap postcards.

Vintage Postcards

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vintage postcards

Vintage postcards have a style all their own. When some people think of vintage postcards, they may be thinking of the Golden Age of postcards which ran from about 1898 to about 1920. During this time period, postcards were one of the most popular means of communicating quickly a brief message over long distances. Other people will recall art deco postcards printed during the following 20 years. These cards employed large, stylized fonts, angular imagery and showed off the fashion and architecture of the day . Although these postcards displayed a unique and recognizable style, there are many other types of vintage and collectible postcards. Some postcards highlight particular buildings or towns, while others showcase historical events, artwork or just act as greeting cards.

Although most postcards are printed on paper, there are also other specialty vintage postcards including those printed on silk, wood, aluminum, copper or cork. While some postcards use hand drawn artwork, others show real photographs of people or scenery. Some postcards have a commercial purpose, advertising a product with a distinctive message. There are many antique versions of Coca Cola postcards, for example, and that is just one company and product. Don't forget that America did not have a monopoly on antique cards; some collectors may specialize in cards from France, Germany, Britain or elsewhere. Others may collect cards from a specific time period, place or event, like cards which visually represent dancers at the Moulin Rouge or cards which picture New York City.

When you create your own postcards, you can create any style you wish, and you may even want to make cards that look like antique postcards. If you need design assistance, you can always get help from the professionals at We have decades of experience and talent to make your ideas shine!

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Travel Brochures

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travel brochures

Although many people research vacations online these days, travel brochures and catalogs are a unique way to pique the interest of frequent travelers. Many purveyors of overseas travel or specialty travel packages have known for years that sending hard copies of travel itineraries along with maps, photos and interesting information in an attractive format helps to market these trips.

For one thing, printed brochures can be referred to over and over again, and are easy to show to friends. It is also easier to convey a large amount of information about a long trip in a readable format in a brochure than on a website or in an email. Further, in a high end vacation booklet, you can use special textured papers, metallic inks and printed coatings to give a brochure a special look and feel that cannot be duplicated on a computer.

Printed booklets give you the opportunity to use high quality photographs and images, and the space to present interesting facts, anecdotes and information about the culture of the travel location. You will also have room to detail suggestions of what to pack and essential travel tips. For example, travelers will appreciate knowing that they need to bring cash to some locations where credit cards are not yet widely used, while there are other places where it may not be a good idea to bring currency due to safety concerns. In addition, providing professional travel brochures or booklets can help communicate to the reader the importance which a tour company places on providing a high quality travel experience.

Whether you are describing an African safari, a Hawaiian diving trip or a tour of ancient temples in Southeast Asia, you can create a persuasive leaflet which serves both as a promotional tool and a keepsake travelers will keep for a lifetime.

If you are ready for high quality, cheap brochure printing relating to travel or other topics, please give the professionals at a call today. We can also help you with a creative design if you need it!

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Top 5 Printers in Atlanta, Georgia

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Theatre program printing

Looking to add some pizzazz to your drama program? Theater program printing makes sure your school, community, or professional performance is consistently remembered by your audience for years to come. They serve as a memento for a drama production and include useful information to recall actors, stage crews, and the play’s plot.

Thinking of designing your first playbill? Here are a few theater program printing tips to get you started!

How to design for theater program printing 

Gather quality images and designs

Grainy, unprofessional photos can make even the greatest playbill look amateurish. Before designing a theater program, collect top-notch photos from rehearsals, individual head shots for bios, and a front-page feature (an illustration or photo). Even a crisp cellphone shot can do the trick!

To color or not color?

Full color prints are ideal to showcase a vibrant, colorful production in detail. However, if budget doesn’t allow for full color, a black and white program can still carry the same information across more economically. For black and white programs, optimize your design to work well with grayscale by creating a high contrast illustration for the cover and bio photos that are still recognizable without color.

What information should you include?

Clear photos make a theater program pop, but the content inside is what truly gives the story. At the very least, playbills should include a brief summary of the production’s plot, a schedule broken down by acts and intermissions, cast member information, and any planned future performances. This information gives the audience a snapshot of the what, who, where, and when to follow as they’re wowed by the performance playing out in front of them.

Once you have all pages fully planned out, you can decide on whether it would look best printed in a larger (8.5x11 folded) or smaller (5.5x8.5 folded) format.

Get your theater program printing for less

Although ZoePrint already provides cheap theater program printing, theater expenses can slowly add up. To help minimize costs and make the most of your budget, there are a few secrets of trade to get stellar theater programs for even less or no cost at all.

  1. School and community drama productions can include ad space within playbills to connect local businesses with those who are attending the show. The cost of adding a few more pages to the program will be offset completely by the ad revenue raised. Be sure to leave a short blurb at the end of the program with contact information for ad inquiries in future playbills!
  2. Additionally, be sure to have several eyes carefully edit and revise the playbill before printing. Otherwise, any mistakes down the road can be costly and embarrassing.
  3. Bigger isn’t always better—or necessary. Try printing smaller-sized theater programs to decrease costs. You can still fit the same content by using smaller font and pictures.

Professional design yields show-stopping results, so take your time in creating your program or ask a ZoePrint design expert to help! To have ZoePrint design, opt for “Let Zoe design it for me” at the order page, then simply include your instructions and photos. Cheap theater program printing has never been so easy!

Theater Program Printing: Design Tips with Playbill Pizzazz

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Theatre program printing

Looking to add some pizzazz to your drama program? Theater program printing makes sure your school, community, or professional performance is consistently remembered by your audience for years to come. They serve as a memento for a drama production and include useful information to recall actors, stage crews, and the play’s plot.

Thinking of designing your first playbill? Here are a few theater program printing tips to get you started!

How to design for theater program printing 

Gather quality images and designs

Grainy, unprofessional photos can make even the greatest playbill look amateurish. Before designing a theater program, collect top-notch photos from rehearsals, individual head shots for bios, and a front-page feature (an illustration or photo). Even a crisp cellphone shot can do the trick!

To color or not color?

Full color prints are ideal to showcase a vibrant, colorful production in detail. However, if budget doesn’t allow for full color, a black and white program can still carry the same information across more economically. For black and white programs, optimize your design to work well with grayscale by creating a high contrast illustration for the cover and bio photos that are still recognizable without color.

What information should you include?

Clear photos make a theater program pop, but the content inside is what truly gives the story. At the very least, playbills should include a brief summary of the production’s plot, a schedule broken down by acts and intermissions, cast member information, and any planned future performances. This information gives the audience a snapshot of the what, who, where, and when to follow as they’re wowed by the performance playing out in front of them.

Once you have all pages fully planned out, you can decide on whether it would look best printed in a larger (8.5x11 folded) or smaller (5.5x8.5 folded) format.

Get your theater program printing for less

Although ZoePrint already provides cheap theater program printing, theater expenses can slowly add up. To help minimize costs and make the most of your budget, there are a few secrets of trade to get stellar theater programs for even less or no cost at all.

  1. School and community drama productions can include ad space within playbills to connect local businesses with those who are attending the show. The cost of adding a few more pages to the program will be offset completely by the ad revenue raised. Be sure to leave a short blurb at the end of the program with contact information for ad inquiries in future playbills!
  2. Additionally, be sure to have several eyes carefully edit and revise the playbill before printing. Otherwise, any mistakes down the road can be costly and embarrassing.
  3. Bigger isn’t always better—or necessary. Try printing smaller-sized theater programs to decrease costs. You can still fit the same content by using smaller font and pictures.

Professional design yields show-stopping results, so take your time in creating your program or ask a ZoePrint design expert to help! To have ZoePrint design, opt for “Let Zoe design it for me” at the order page, then simply include your instructions and photos. Cheap theater program printing has never been so easy!

Sports Programs

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sports programsPrinted sports programs are one of the best ways of communicating with fans, and commemorating any game. What would a football or basketball game or other sports event be without a great program? 

High quality programs will inspire your fans, let them know who all of the players are and layout statistics for each player and the team. Be sure to include mini biographies of the team members and coaching staff, the team schedule, and feature stories or advertising from any team sponsors. To create an outstanding program, professional photos are a great place to start. The better the quality of the photography, the better the printed images will look. Next, make sure you have a talented designer creating the program which should feature your team colors. 

When it comes to printing, get the highest quality digital or offset printing you can afford for the program. In addition, you will have to decide what type of binding to use. Although most programs are folded and stitched magazine style, you can also use coil binding or perfect (soft cover) binding for a different look. When it comes to outstanding cheap program printing, is your best source. Our two standard newsletter sizes, 8.5x5.5 and 8.5x11, are perfect for sports programs! And with our digital printing, you can print as few or as many as you need and get your printed programs fast.

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