Print An Art Show Flyer That Colors Outside The Lines

art show flyer

Hosting an art show is an exciting opportunity to bring art to the public. Once you’ve curated the artwork and prepared the gallery space, it’s time to grab the public’s attention with an art show flyer that stands out.

In this article, we’ll explain the best art show poster and flyer ideas that bring visitors to your exhibition.

Art Show Flyer vs. Art Show Poster: The Basics

First off, let’s cover the differences between your typical art show poster and art show flyer.

The primary difference is in use. Typically, posters are affixed somewhere, such as to a wall or corkboard. People see and read them as they walk past. Flyers, on the other hand, are often distributed, either by hand or through the mail.

Posters can also be framed as a piece of art themselves. They can be sentimental objects, reminders of significant events, and mementos that artists or their families want to display in their homes.

These differences between flyers and posters have consequences for how you might choose to print your art show flyer or poster. In the next section, we’ll get into our top design tips.

Art Show Flyer and Poster Design Tips

Designing an art show flyer is an opportunity to enjoy the creative process, but there are still some basic guidelines that will make your flyers as effective as possible. Here are some of the most important ideas to keep in mind as you create your poster or flyer designs.

  1. Stick to the Basics
  2. People reading your poster or flyer might not have much time or be paying attention, so use your word count carefully. Include only the most important information on your flyers and posters, such as the following:

    • Name of the exhibit and the group of artists being shown
    • Name and address of the exhibition space
    • Date and time of the exhibition
    • A website, email address, or contact information to learn more about the event

    With this information on your poster, potential visitors will know where to go and can get all the knowledge they need to show up on your exhibition’s opening night.

  3. Make Your Exhibit’s Tone Clear
  4. Art exhibits can focus on a wide range of artists, from school art, to community artists, to a topical theme. Create a design for your flyer or poster that doesn’t leave any question as to your exhibit’s theme.

    For example, when creating an elementary art show flyer, try using a whimsical font or hand-drawn background art. Or, if some of the art addresses mature themes, consider adding a note that the exhibit is not suitable for children.

  5. Let Your Creativity Flow!
  6. Art is all about creativity and expressing yourself, so create poster and flyer designs that reflect that freedom of artistic expression. You can use one of the pieces of art from the exhibition as background art, or you can include a design inspired by the exhibition theme. Feel free to experiment; the sky’s the limit!

    If you’re using a piece of art for the background of your poster or flyer, use a photo with the highest resolution possible. Particularly for an event celebrating art, be sure that your promotional materials are of high artistic quality, not pixelated.

    If you’d like help with your design, the design crew at ZoePrint is always happy to help.

How to Print an Art Show Flyer or Poster

Printing your very own art show flyer or art show poster is easy. Follow these steps to create the perfect poster for your event!

  1. Pick a Size, Any Size
  2. Posters and flyers can be a wide range of sizes. Flyers are typically smaller than posters. Some common flyer sizes include:

    Some typical art show poster sizes include:

    When choosing a flyer or poster size, consider the information and art you want to display. Are you planning to include a lot of text? If so, opt for a larger size so readers don’t have to squint to read what you have to say. As well, if the art on your poster or flyer is intricate, a larger size provides ample space for viewers to notice details such as individual brushstrokes.

  3. Print in Color
  4. When printing your art show flyer or poster, choosing to print in color is the right way to go. As we discussed above, it’s a good idea to put your best foot forward from an artistic standpoint, since you’re spreading awareness for an artistic event, and printing in full color adds to your poster or flyer’s panache.

  5. Pick the Best Paper for Your Budget
  6. One of the biggest choices you can make about your art show poster or flyer is the paper you’d like to use. Posters and flyers are printed on a wide range of papers, so you have the flexibility to choose a paper that works for your needs, your design goals, and your budget.

    Some of the popular paper options include:

    • 70# uncoated text paper. This paper is inexpensive and slim, making for a great elementary art show flyer that is easy to slip into a student’s folder to take home to their parents, for example.
    • 80# gloss text paper. This paper is a great middle ground. As a text paper, it is on the lighter side, but the glossy coating still helps the colors and art on your poster or flyer stand out.
    • 100# gloss cover. This paper is sturdier, and the gloss makes bright colors pop. This is the perfect paper for an art show poster that makes an impression.

    Printing companies offer an extensive range of paper types, and a professional printing company such as ZoePrint is happy to advise you on the paper that works best for your project.

    Make A Splash (of Color) With The Print Experts

    Bringing your own art show flyer or poster into the world is an exciting process, and ZoePrint is here to accompany you every step of the way. From basic design ideas or inspiration, to printing and shipping, we’re experts in printing top-quality materials while keeping costs low.

    To get started, order your art show poster or flyer online, or as for a custom quote!