5 Effective Flyer Ideas for Auto Repair Marketing

Auto Repair Marketing

Direct mail is one way that you can market to potential customers, which is why many smart business owners are searching for auto repair flyer ideas. It is important to stand out so you don’t end up in the forgotten stack of mail on the kitchen counter.

After all, effective, catchy color flyers create a connection with people in your community. This leads to both new business and new relationships.

ZoePrint is here to help you design the best flyer possible. While there is plenty to be said on the psychology of which colors to use, we want to take a different approach. Here are a few ideas for different campaign and templates to use as a framework for your own printed auto repair marketing.

1. Personalize flyers to connect with customers

Find ways to personalize each batch of flyers based on what you know of your target demographic. It could be something as simple as including a neighborhood reference or referencing a local landmark./p>

Any amount of customization will draw attention.

When it comes to auto repair marketing, attention is what will draw customers to you over the other auto repair options available. Set yourself apart from competitors in your messaging. Once an individual has taken the time to look at your flyer, you can go a bit deeper with your connection.

2. Use seasonal changes to make your campaign relevant.

Cars break down during a freezing winter or hot summer. Potential hail storms, freezes, floods or blizzards can also create car damage. Creating an awareness campaign to alert customers of your services during these stressful times can make you the go-to provider.

After all, when it comes to auto repair marketing, you need two things:

1. Get to prospects before the competition.

2. Touch base with them more often than your competition.

3. Include printed Google Reviews.

Did you know that 90% of customers say online reviews influence their buying decision?

Just because someone is reading your direct mail flyer doesn’t mean they stay off the Internet. So why not include familiar methods of community validation on your physical auto repair marketing material? Instill trust into the customer and save them some time. After all, chances are they will look at your reviews online before they visit anyway.

4. Get a testimonial from a local influencer.

About 92% of people trust referrals. Research to see if any local celebrities or personalities follow your business on Instagram, for example.

Find someone with a local following who supports the business. Then use their face, testimonial and credentials to create a compelling campaign. To increase effectiveness, see if there's a way to send the flyer specifically to those interested in the influencer. They may be likely to attend a certain event or live in a particular area.

5. Include a picture of you and your staff.

Real faces of real people make prospects stop and take a closer look. When it comes to local businesses, like auto repair shops, it’s important for the community to trust you. Your photo on your auto repair marketing flyers creates a big impact and helps grow your credibility with potential customers.

See if a local photographer would trade a few free oil changes for a session. Have them take some friendly candid and staged photos of you and your team.

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