Black and White Flyer Printing: Tips For Better Results

Black and white printing is timeless, and not just for the reference to classic film. We live in the Digital Age, where we are constantly bombarded by digital marketing in every aspect of life—from innocent websites to email inboxes. The number of ads surrounding us on every type of screen is overwhelming to the point that most of us unconsciously ignore them as noise.

Digital ads also have a time stamp that capture your attention for a few seconds, but can be nearly impossible to pull up again to reference. How do you stand out in such a crowded marketplace?

Print media lets customers hold your message in their hands and refer to it as many times as they would like. When done right, well-designed pieces are not just glanced at, but read by wide audiences. Additionally, they have the perk of traveling anywhere and everywhere, unlike a digital ad that relies on a device and electricity.

If you want your message to stand out from the crowd and to save some money, black and white flyer printing is the way to go. Here are a few black and white flyer printing tips to maximize your budget and effectively communicate to your customers!

Make an Impression on Your Customers

Black and white flyers and posters are versatile and can be distributed virtually anywhere. Designing a simple message to promote a single event, product, or service makes it easier for customers to remember what exactly you're selling. For example, a flyer makes a great handout at trade shows and community events, where people can learn about your product while there and have a reference to look at once they leave. The key is leaving people with media to revisit and information to easily recall.

Measure the Profitability

Tracking a promotion’s effectiveness is typically thought to only be possible with digital media. However, you can also optimize black and white flyers for tracking purposes.

If you distribute coupons or special offers as part of your flyer, you can see first-hand who responds through purchases. Include a unique coupon code for the campaign or make the entire ad a coupon that customers must bring in to a physical location. You can also get creative with “Where Did You Hear About Us?” surveys at point of purchase that reveal how many customers your print media brought to the door.

Get More Value for Every Dollar

Black and white flyer printing options already cost less than full color printing, but if budget is on your mind, there are some additional ways you can save even more.

  • Smaller sizes can be easier for customers to hold and retain, and usually cost less. You might try an unusual size to get noticed!
  • It is usually less costly to do black and white flyer printing on a colored stock than to print color on white stock. In short, black and white printing even on colored paper will make your marketing and printing dollars go farther.

Digital ads often charge any time someone clicks or views, but with print, countless customers can view the same message for days or weeks without any additional cost.

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