What You Need to Know About Business Card Size


Business cards are some of the most popular and important printed business documents. They are a cost-effective form of marketing and are universally accepted as part of any corporate introduction.

While you might think that there’s only one business card size, we’re here to let you know that there are actually many, and we’ll explain them all. Here’s the scoop on business card size!

Standard Business Card Size

Without a doubt, in the United States, the most common business card size is 3.5x2. There are many reasons to stick with this size. It is traditional and established, and this is the size that most people you meet will expect to receive. Many people carry business card cases, and most cases are designed for this size.

This size is small enough to fit in a wallet but large enough to include all the information you need on your business card, including your and your company’s names, your address and contact information, your company’s logo, and any other important details that new contacts need to know. A standard business card size in pixels is 1050x600 pixels. This average business card size gets the job done perfectly well.

Exciting Business Card Sizes

However, did you know that other business card sizes exist? When you meet a new business contact, you want to make an impression, and uniquely sized business cards are more noticeable and help you stand out from the crowd.

Let’s talk about three of the most exciting business card sizes.

Vertical Business Cards

Try putting a literal spin on things with a vertical business card. Vertical business cards are the same size as standard business cards, 2x3.5, except they’re two inches wide and three and a half inches tall. This size still gives you space to include all the information you would include on a standard business card, but it showcases your unique perspective and gives you new opportunities to showcase your imagination and design skills.

Square Business Cards

Square business cards are artsy and unique. These cards are typically 2.5x2.5, so they provide slightly less space than a standard business card, but you still have enough space to include all of your necessary information. They’re an artistic alternative and help you show your creative side. These cards help you stand out and make sure new acquaintances remember you.

Mini Business Cards

Mini business cards, the pint-size members of the business card family, are an exciting twist on the business card. They are only 1x2.75, giving you just enough space for your logo and contact information. Of course, you can print on both the front and back, which gives you twice the amount of space.

You can also print mini business cards as art tags, bookmarks, and even tiny ads. These small but mighty cards can leave a big impression!

Even More Business Cards

There are also many other business card sizes, and you can create an effective design for any shape of business card. For instance, you can produce a fold over business card, which is typically 4x3.5 unfolded and 2x3.5 after folding.

If you want to opt for something even less conventional, you might consider a differently shaped card. These more uncommon sizes showcase your individuality, but consider their cost. For anything involving a die cut shape, the cost of the cards is almost certain to be higher than square-cut business cards, since there is an additional step in producing the cards. However, if this cost helps you showcase your personality and your unique frame of mind, it could be worth it to you.

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