5 Tips for Printing Business Note Cards

While every business is guaranteed to use business cards, business note cards can set you apart from the crowd in this saturated marketing environment. After all, out of all the business cards you’ve printed in the past, how many result in follow-ups or leads? Chances are you’ve thrown most cards into giveaway bowls at your local lunch joint.

A note card’s larger surface area alone gives so many more ways to personalize a message—and that matters. Despite the expansion and evolution of technology, personally fostered relationships mean more in successful business networks than ever before.

It's important to know how to cultivate trust with potential clients and partners. Leveraging unique angles to solidify your brand through a note card makes you memorable and when done right, increases professionalism. Let’s dive deeper into a few tips for printing business note cards to help create professional, distinct designs.

1. Leave Blank Space to Personalize the Message

People of all backgrounds and cultures appreciate when you take the time to personalize something for them. For example, when you run into a potential client at a conference, fill out a business note card and include a small, personalized tidbit from the meeting. This ignites a deeper connection and solidifies the connection if you met the person for the first time.

The alternative is to hand out business cards that will get mixed in with a pile of similar cards. This method lacks a personal touch and makes it difficult for the other person to draw a connection as time passes.

2. Use Your Brand’s Color Scheme and Logo

People like to see consistency across your brand design, and business note cards are no different. It's important to use a similar or complementary color schemes when designing, because it helps evoke brand recognition. Nuanced details, like color or font, communicate what to expect when they encounter the brand. Match the branding with your business cards and other marketing material as well.

Unless you’re a skilled graphic designer yourself or inherited a brand, chances are you paid a pretty penny to create a logo. Pick a prominent spot for your logo and make sure to incorporate it somewhere on your business note card.

3. Know How You're Going to Note Cards in Business

How are you going to use these note cards? There are plenty of ways to incorporate this type of stationary into your marketing, sales, or business development strategies.

Here are a few ways you can use them to promote your business:

  • After you first meet a prospect
  • Following up after a networking event
  • After giving a presentation to thank your audience
  • As a “thank you” when closing a deal
  • To congratulate someone for a business or personal accomplishment

Which of these will you use to promote your business? Keep your audience and purpose in mind when designing the note card. For example, if you're only going to give out business note cards after a presentation, you can customize the design and message for that specific audience.

Alternatively, a general blank note card can fulfill multiple purposes if you’ve got the time to hand write each individual message.

4. Design for Your Industry

A burger restaurant and a nutrition health coach have two very different audiences. Likewise, a business note cards will look very different depending on the business. This is because the style and tone of the brands have two different missions.

What is your brand trying to communicate with the world? Use creative designs to answer the question. A pasty chef who owns a bakery may want to design a notecard shaped as a recipe, while a professional development coach would shoot towards a sleek, clean design used in business settings.

5. Get the Printing Done by a Professional

Printing business note cards isn’t something you want to leave up to the Black Friday clearance printer you bought last year. Instead, consider enlisting the help of a professional printing company. This way, you'll know you're getting a high-quality product and consistency in every print.

Here at ZoePrint, we provide cheap printing services for individuals and businesses of all industries. If you need to print business note cards, contact ZoePrint today for an instant quote!