7 Cheap Advertisement Ideas for Local Businesses

cheap advertisement ideas

Every business needs to market their products and services in some way. However, advertising can be extremely expensive, making it hard for local businesses to market their company. That being said, we’ve compiled a list of cheap advertisement ideas that are sure to fit in your budget! Some are even free

Keep reading to learn how your local business can advertise without overspending!

Try Implementing These Cheap Advertisement Ideas!

1. Print Promotional Business Cards

Business cards are a classic way of advertising your business. After making cards, don’t limit yourself to handing them out to friends and family. Put them on local bulletins in your area and hand them out to everyone you can. Business cards a great way to market in a personalized way. 

Moreover, you can print business cards for cheap! With ZoePrint, you can print 250 cards for only $25, which is only $0.10 per card. If you decide to print a few thousand cards, however, they only cost $0.04 per card!

2. Google My Business Local Listing 

Adding or claiming your business listing on Google My Business is free. By creating a listing, you add your business information to Google Search, Google Maps, and other Google Properties. Moreover, you can manage how your business appears across Google. To create your listing, just follow the easy steps outlined here

3. Update and Optimize Your Website

When you have an updated website that is easy to navigate, you are actually more likely to be ranked higher in Google search engines. That makes it easier for people to see your business and gives your site more user traffic. Additionally, a website that is unattractive or difficult to use will no doubt turn people away. 

4. Create Cool Content

Creating content on your website can also increase traffic. Write blogs, create infographics, or make informative videos about content relevant to your business. Moreover, incorporating SEO into your content creation will also make your site rank higher in Google searches. You can do this by researching popular keywords people search regularly and creating content based around that. 

While creating content itself is free, it may cost you to hire a new employee that creates content for you. In the end, costs simply depend on who you delegate to create good content for your website. If you or an existing employee make it, it won’t cost you anything. 

5. Print Eye-Catching Posters

Another classic advertising strategy is printing posters. You can hang posters virtually anywhere, but stick to locations with high traffic. Ask other local businesses to allow you to hang posters outside their doors or even in their bathroom stalls. Get creative and hang posters where people are apt to stop and look.

Moreover, you can print posters with pocket money with ZoePrint. Their largest full-color posters start at only $28.50 for one poster. The smallest full-color poster, on the other hand, is just under $.50 each. Many other printing companies charge double the price, or even more. 

6. Send Email Newsletters

Email newsletters are a great way to personally reach out to the public. They help you engage with new visitors as well as keep in touch with old customers. However, these newsletters vary in cost. You may have to pay a design fee, pay for content creation, and whoever sends the newsletters out. In the end, this can be a very cheap advertising method or an expensive one, depending on who you hire and how much work you personally put in. 

7. Create a Strong Social Media Presence

Last on our list of cheap advertisement ideas is creating a strong social media presence and is probably the strongest advertising tool you have at your disposal. And the best part is it’s free. If you have a strong presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and/or Pinterest, you are sure to gain traction in the marketing world, gaining recognition for your business. Moreover, social media allows you to easily connect with people in your local area.

Start Advertising Without Spending!

Whether you choose to print cheaply with ZoePrint, advertise electronically, or a mixture of both, you can market your local business even with a small budget. So don’t delay and start advertising your business today!