Cheap Booklet Printing: 5 Tips for the Best Value

cheap booklet printing

Booklets are an excellent way to promote your business or social event. They help get the word out about what to expect without overwhelming recipients. With that said, you will generally be printing several copies, and the costs can add up. To save you some money we have compiled a list of tips for cheap booklet printing. Keep these in mind to save yourself some cash.

Black and White

The first factor that business owners should take into consideration is the cost of printing in color. Believe it or not, in many cases, color printing can cost twice as much as black and white printing! This is largely due to the blends needed to add color to your images. Consider delivering your message in black and white. For many, printing in black and white will not deter from the overall message of the booklet. Even more, black and white photography can leave an exceptional impression. Overall, printing in black and white is an easy first step to cutting back printing costs.


Booklet Size

Do you need a large booklet to communicate your message or can you cut down on size? The size of the booklet will greatly impact the end price of the booklet. Simply put, the bigger the booklet the more expensive it will be. In addition, smaller brochures are less expensive, especially when purchased in bulk. Small booklets are often classified as booklets that are 5.5 x 8.5 or 8.5 x 11. Save money with smaller booklets! Cut nonessential information and pictures so that you can make the best of your space.


There are a variety of paper options that you can print on and, as you may guess, some are pricier than others. For example, cover stocks are generally more expensive than text papers. In addition, glossy finishes are more expensive than a matte finish. Choose the paper and finish that will save you money and showcase the information in your booklet appropriately. Don't be shy to call and ask a printing company about the best options for the message that you are trying to relay.

Finishing Touches

Any finishing touches to the booklet should be kept basic. If you were planning to add a small band or sash to the brochure, consider if this is really necessary. By making your booklet as simple as possible, you can save yourself money and time. You may even find that your simple booklet has more appeal thanks to focusing on the message at hand.

Bulk Orders

You might think that ordering in large quantities defeats the idea of lowering costs, but it is quite the opposite. Bulk orders are cheaper to print because unit costs typically go down with volume. If you are looking at printing booklets, consider printing a bulk order. This will prevent repeat orders down the road and lower the cost of the printing project.


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