Printing for Medical Professionals

No matter your medical profession, from pediatrician to geriatrician to veterinarian, printed materials help you market your services and keep your practice running. You need many kinds of custom printed products, such as forms, flyers, medical pamphlets, signage, business cards, note cards, and more. 

To market your practice, design and print a custom business card which exemplifies your practice. For a veterinarian, consider a novelty business card in the shape of a dog bone. For a pediatrician, use bright, kid-friendly colors. If you’re wondering how to design these, we can help! Another great marketing idea is custom-printed refrigerator magnets with your name, contact information, and hours, so that patients can easily contact you in an emergency. 

When you’re creating printed materials for inside the office, remember to use a small number of easy-to-read fonts such as Arial or Helvetica, and make your font size large if you have patients such as seniors who might have trouble reading. If you live in an area with many speakers of other languages, consider translating important materials such as release forms and explanations of test results into those languages. If your practice uses forms that patients fill out before each appointment, such as HIPPA forms, HIPPA information brochures, and informed consent materials, custom print these so that your patients can receive important information and give you the information you need. Using professionally printed forms will make your office look great and increase patient compliance.

Make sure to print effective appointment reminder postcards and business card sized appointment cards. Your patients don’t want to forget their appointments, and you don’t want to have to reschedule them, so reminder cards and mailers are helpful for everyone! On the back of the postcard, include your practice’s address and a basic map of how to get there.

Once you’ve designed your materials, decide how many copies to print. It’s frequently cheaper to print many copies at once, but regularly printing fewer copies means that you don’t have to store as many in the office. That way, you’re less likely to print more copies than you need. However, using an online printing company that prints excellent forms, flyers and marketing materials for cheap, you don’t need to worry either way! Ordering on demand printing online makes printing easy because you can order exactly what you need, and we can print it and ship it to you. And, we’re able to help with any design questions you have as well. 

When it’s time to print your medical materials, is here to help! Our cheap printing can help you get exactly the products you need, and our quick service means that you can get everything you want in no time at all. 

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