Cheap Nonprofit Printing Services

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On average, nonprofits distribute two print newsletters and three print donation appeals every year. Therefore, affordable nonprofit printing is a must.

Because your nonprofit invests all of your profits back into the company, you no doubt want affordable nonprofit printing services. There are hundreds of printing companies out there, but sadly, only a few are cost effective. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of cheap nonprofit printing services that are sure to meet all your high-quality needs while keeping costs low.

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Browse These Inexpensive Nonprofit Printing Services

Nonprofits need a range of items to successfully carry out their missions. Here is a list of some of the most important items that will help your company make a difference.


Cheap posters are a great way to advertise your business or an event you are hosting. You can rest assured that you can print exactly the size you’re looking for; at ZoePrint, we offer the following poster sizes:

The largest-format, full-color posters start at $28.50 each. The smallest full-color posters, on the other hand, start at just $0.68 each, and go down with volume. Many other printing companies charge double the price, or even more.

Brochures and Flyers

If you want to spread the word about your business, organization, or idea, there is nothing better than printing brochures and flyers. ZoePrint's advanced digital and offset printing presses will make your brochures and flyers look professional without charging the high prices you’ll encounter at other printing companies.

ZoePrint sells brochures for under $0.20 per brochure in large quantities. Likewise, the cheapest flyers can cost under a dime each.

Business Cards

In today’s world, people often turn to social media and online avenues for promoting their business. While that is a great, modern method, every company should still have business cards. A well-designed card creates a visual of your organization, what it stands for, and the services you offer.

With ZoePrint, you can print business cards for as low as $0.04 per card! Your nonprofit can afford to spread your name far and wide.


If you are planning a party, auction, or other event, you no doubt need invitations! ZoePrint specializes in printing classy, professional, and unique invitations that are both high-quality and cost-effective.

You can order up to one hundred full-color invitations for only $30. You also have the option of adding matching envelopes that make a great impression on your recipients.

Note Cards and Postcards

Connecting with donors is one of many nonprofits’ most important marketing tasks. Personalized note cards at affordable prices deliver your message in style. Likewise, postcards are a great tool for marketing campaigns.

Note card prices start as low as $0.51 per card, and postcard prices start as low as $0.40 per card. Combined with low nonprofit mail fees, sending personalized mail is a great deal!


If you are looking for some personalized envelopes for your business or personal use, you can print a custom image or logo for cheap. Personalized envelopes make an impression, so feel free to include a message on your envelope that encourages potential donors to open your letter and keep reading.

Fifty full-color envelopes are available on ZoePrint for as little as $55, which is only $1.10 per envelope.


Newsletters are great for businesses because they connect you with members, donors, and community members. Many people think printing them is complicated and expensive, but in reality, with the right printing company, it’s easy and cheap! ZoePrint offers newsletter printing in a variety of sizes ranging from four pages to twenty. Therefore, pricing varies.

The cheapest option values each newsletter at under $1.00 for full color newsletters; black and white newsletters cost even less!


Similarly to other products, notepads are a great way to market your nonprofit company to customers. ZoePrint offers notepads in either high quality offset printing or brilliant, full-color digital printing. Additionally, various sizes and options are available.

The smallest size notepad offered on can cost as low as $0.30 when ordered in a large quantity printed in black ink.

Save Money With Your Nonprofit by Printing With ZoePrint!

If you own or work for a nonprofit, you know that printing services can become expensive. If you want to keep costs low, ZoePrint offers the nonprofit printing services you need. We offer the designs you love at prices you can afford, and we’re dedicated to helping you make the world a better place.

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