How to Find Cheap Printing for Invitations: Step-by-Step

cheap printing for invitations


Printed invitations are a creative and timeless way to make a positive first impression and set the tone for your event. However, the cost of printing can be exorbitant.


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Deliver a beautifully crafted and excellently printed invitation from a trustworthy printer for cheap. Keep your printing cost low read our step-by-step tips of how to find cheap printing for invitations.

Step #1: Go Online

Contrary to popular belief, it might actually be cheaper to purchase items through an online business rather than a local business. At a local business, the company may charge you additional prices like overhead for a physical storefront that will significantly increase the price of a printing project.

Shipping costs may be a tradeoff; however, depending on your destination, the cost of shipping can be kept fairly low. In addition, going online allows the customer to research several printing companies for the best price -- a luxury that you may not have walking into a local shop. Increase your chances of finding the best deals and research online printing companies with cheap printing for invitations!

Step #2: Black and White

Printing in black and white is oftentimes much more affordable than printing in color. In addition to lower printing cost, black and white printing will give your invitations a professional and classic appearance. An exceptional printing company can print beautiful grayscale images or have the option to print on color paper. So, without sacrificing the appearance of your invitation, you can significantly reduce the cost by printing in black and white.

Step #3: Order in Bulk

Get the most product for your money! It may sound counterintuitive, but in order to get the best deal consider buying your invitation in bulk. Oftentimes, ordering an item in bulk can reduce the price per unit. Before you confirm your order, compare the price per unit for a smaller order versus a bulk order. You are likely to find that there is a worthwhile return on your investment if you order in bulk.

Step #4: Free Instant Online Proofs

Cut down on the printing cost and use a printing company that offers free instant online proofs. A traditional printing company will provide physical copies before fulfilling the order. Physical proofs are to ensure that your get the desired end result. However, the original proof and subsequent edits do cost money and will increase the overall price of the printing project. Don’t pay for a physical proof when you can approve items online!

Step #5: Head to

The goal at is to provide cheap printing easy! The online printing company simplifies the process by providing online pricing and online proofing. The company offer cheap printing, but delivers nothing short of the highest-quality products available. Flyers, posters, invitations, and more can be printed on a selection of high-quality paper choices with modern, digital printing so that you get your prints sooner.

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