Church Newsletter Printing Ties Your Faith Community Together

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Take the relationship between clergy and congregants to new heights by printing and distributing a weekly, bimonthly, or monthly church newsletter. Here’s a guide to everything you need to know about church newsletter printing, from what to include, to design tips, and more!

Benefits Of Church Newsletter Printing

Church newsletter printing is now more popular than ever, and you are sure to get more attention with a mailed newsletter than by sending one out electronically. It’s easy to delete an emailed newsletter without opening it, whereas printed church bulletins are much more likely to be opened and read.

Printed church bulletins are also longer-lasting, ensuring that congregants remember them longer. Do you want to ensure that your faith community remembers this week’s sermon or important upcoming dates? Including them in your newsletter is an easy solution.

Content For Church Bulletins

There are many directions you can take in creating your newsletter’s content. As you’re considering what to include in your church bulletins, keep these topics in mind.

Emphasize Important Sermons

First off, publishing the best sermons each month is a cornerstone of any regular church bulletin. This will not only reinforce the sermons’ messages, but it will also reach congregants who did not make it to church for the original sermon. When there is a particularly strong or controversial message, many congregants will reread the sermon when they receive it by mail.

Help Congregants Remember Important Dates

Dedicate a spot in your church newsletters for a weekly, biweekly, or monthly calendar. Including a church calendar in your bulletins will drastically increase attendance at services and special events.

Be Flexible

While it’s important to keep some aspects of your church bulletins constant from one issue to the next, it’s just as essential to provide for some flexibility so that you can include important additions as they arise. In addition to regular features, you should still have plenty of space for messages from lay leaders of the congregation and other special guests.

Church bulletin printing is an art. Including all of the requisite aspects might seem daunting at first, but you’ll get the hang of it in no time.

Church Newsletter Printing Design

Once you have written excellent content, do not forget that a high quality church newsletter design will encourage recipients to read it.

Keep Your Congregation In Mind

Every congregation is different, and each congregation has its own needs. Think carefully about who your church bulletin readers will be, and consider employing a professional designer to package your message in a way that appeals to them. ZoePrint offers a range of design services to ensure that your church newsletter is designed for your community.

Think About Shape, Color, And Size

Use interesting color combinations that attract attention, and be sure that your newsletter is designed to be highly readable. Print your newsletter in color so that it stands out in congregants’ mailboxes.

It is important to use a distinct and legible font and make the type large enough for everyone to read. Consider your oldest congregants’ eyesight when you’re choosing a font size.

When it comes to paper size, two of the most common church newsletter sizes are 5.5x8.5 and 8.5x11. An 8.5x11 newsletter will give you lots of space to include everything you need, whereas an 5.5x8.5 newsletter is more compact and can be cheaper.

Choose The Best Paper

When it comes to church bulletin printing, you have many paper options. 70# uncoated text, 80# and 100# gloss text, and 100# dull text are all great choices. You can make your newsletter stand out with sophisticated covers made of 80# uncoated cover, 100# gloss cover, or 100# dull paper.

Send Your Church Bulletins To The Correct Recipients

It is critical to make sure you have an accurate mailing list. After all, getting the mailing list details correct has a huge impact on whether printed pieces get read.

If you put compelling messages into people's hands with an attractive design, congregants will refer to your newsletter over and over again. Who knows...newsletters can even help spur charitable giving! (Some bulletins even include a remittance envelope to encourage donations.)

ZoePrint Prints Church Newsletters

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