Club Flyers

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club flyers

There is no better way to attract a crowd or promote an event or band than printed club flyers.  Although many advertised events are not actually at a "club", club flyers or party flyers are a printed sheet that advertises a party.  Usually, these leaflets will give the time and date of the party, the band or DJ or title of the event, and often have a hip graphic to get people to come. The graphics on these flyers are as cool as can be....

Be sure to know your audience when creating this type of flyer. Use modern fonts, cutting edge graphics and lots of imagery to get the point across.  Many club flyers are small—4x6, 5x7, or 5.5x8.5 printed sheets, but there are no hard and fast rules on what size is appropriate. Most handouts are printed in full color to make a bigger impact, but you can also create a striking image using black and white.  There are many paper options when printing flyers including gloss, silk and uncoated papers of either text or cover weight.  All of these options are available to you at and our professional team can help you with flyer design and cheap flyer printing.

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