Spread Joy With Coloring Book Printing

coloring book printing

Do you remember the wonderful feeling of losing yourself in a coloring book? Coloring is scientifically proven to improve cognitive and motor skills, so what better way to enjoy coloring than through your very own coloring book printing? Whether you’re creating a book for yourself, children, students, or customers, custom coloring book printing leads to self-expression, relaxation, and fun for all.

Coloring Book Printing Is Versatile

These days, coloring books aren’t only for kids–although children certainly enjoy using them to express their creativity. You can design your own coloring book for many different groups and situations, including the following:

  • In the classroom
  • In the classroom In free-time activity booklets
  • For hand-eye coordination training
  • For at-home child enrichment
  • To sell, both online and in person
  • For relaxation
  • For fine motor skills refinement
  • To distribute as gifts among friends
  • As memorable marketing materials
  • For fun!

Whether for education, relaxation, or enrichment, coloring book printing can fit your needs and provide a creative outlet for all who use them.

Coloring Book Printing Tips

If you’re delving into custom coloring book printing, you have a rewarding experience ahead of you! Here is some design and printing advice that will help you create coloring books that look their best.

Adapt Your Design For Your Users

Coloring is an art, but so is the process of creating designs for coloring books. Whether you’re drawing your own designs for your books or are tracing pre-existing images, consider your users’ needs and adjust your images accordingly.

Coloring books aimed at a younger audience frequently contain simpler images which provide more flexibility and assist artists with less-developed motor skills. For example, this coloring book image of a frog contains ample space for water and sky, where artists can color freely, as well as a few smaller elements, such as the flies, where they can add more details if desired.

Coloring books for adults, on the other hand, can be much more complex, with intricate design elements that allow artists to lose themselves in the meditative process of coloring. Notice how the nuanced designs on the fish provide hundreds of details for artists to explore.

Print In Color Where It Matters

Consider printing your coloring book’s covers in color, but feel free to print the inside pages in black and white. After all, your recipients will be providing the color inside the books! As such, when you place an order with your printing company, consider submitting a custom order to specify which pages you’d like to print in color. This will lower costs while still providing engaging cover art.

Consider Coloring Book Printing On Demand

Depending on how you plan to use your coloring books, you may want to print them on demand. On demand printing consists of placing smaller orders and simply reordering when you need more copies, rather than printing a large number of copies and then storing them all until you use them.

Coloring book printing on demand is a prime option for classroom coloring books; simply order enough books for one year’s classes, and then you can reorder the next year. This allows for decreased storage space and increased flexibility, as you can update your design before ordering more copies. As well, print on demand allows online vendors to maintain a small stock on-hand and subsequently print more copies when you receive the orders.

On demand coloring book printing also works well for businesses which work with kids or even older adults and use the books as marketing materials or fun handouts. With on demand printing, you can change your message or designs frequently and don’t have to sink money into unneeded inventory.

Bring Coloring Book Printing To Life With ZoePrint

When you’re ready to print coloring books, let the expert ZoePrint team help! We’re dedicated to designing and printing high-quality, affordable coloring books that meet your needs. We love discussing all things printing, so let us know if you have any questions.

To get started, order a black and white or full-color coloring book online, or submit a custom quote request to make your coloring book printing a reality!