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Company Brochures

In today’s world, all of us engaged in marketing need to think carefully about the dollars we are spending and the return of investment of those marketing dollars. Printing company brochures is no longer the given it once was. The internet is a readily available alternative and is interactive.

So, why print brochures at all for your company or organization?

Although it involves some expense, printing a brochure for your organization will help enhance your marketing efforts and bring you more business. Here are some of the reasons that printing brochures makes good marketing sense:

  1. Printed brochures give your organization gravitas in a way that a web site does not. Although you will also need a website to be a credible business, creating a corporate brochure may create the idea in your prospect’s mind that you are a “real” company, one with a physical presence and a tangible organization. The anonymity of the internet gives some people the impression that online companies may be phony storefronts only, and that companies or organizations behind websites themselves may not always live up to the hype.
  1. Some ideas may be more easily communicated on paper than online. Recently, I have seen some companies marketing complex products like software try to accomplish the sale using only websites and online demonstrations. At times, a simple, well thought out brochure could have conveyed ideas fairly easily that were absent from online sales pitches. In other words, a brochure is a way to make sure that all of the basic concepts behind your product or service are understood quickly and easily.
  2. Printed brochures are still more portable and universally accepted than electronic media. Even though tablet computers have made great inroads in portability of electronic information, you cannot be sure that your prospect will have a tablet computer in hand at the point when you meet. Plus, handing over a printed brochure is much quicker than getting someone to a website.
  1. Most marketing advisers preach reaching prospects through multiple channels in order to have a higher success rate in landing business. In other words, the electronic media support the printed media and vice versa. One channel may be effective with certain clients, but two channels are almost certainly more effective.

In short, brochure printing is an essential part of marketing most businesses and organizations. If you make your source for printed brochures, we will do our part to help you both control costs and get a high quality printed product.

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