Creative Dentist Marketing Ideas | Advertising for Dentists

Running a dental practice is not easy – and far from it. You already exceed all expectation in providing exemplary patient care and focus entirely on patient satisfaction and health. But, when it comes to the business aspect of running a dental practice, well, that’s where the struggle comes in. Especially when it comes to advertising, finding creative dentist marketing ideas can seem impossible.

Whether you are an independent dental practitioner or a marketing director at a dental office, here are some of our favorite ways to stand out from the crowd.

1. Eye-Catching Posters

If you are looking to promote your dental practice locally, printing and dispersing posters around town is a natural first step. High-quality posters act as the vehicle to reach a new audience in a grass-roots way – but, not all posters are created equal.

For years, posters have been used for affordable marketing across all industries. As a result of this, printing a plain, run-of-the-mill poster will not make the cut. Instead, opt for high-quality, eye-catching, and vibrant designs.

2. Artistic Business Cards

Did you know? There are over 10,000,000,000 business cards printed annually. With that being said, similarly to posters, standing out from the stack is a critical part of any business card design.

One way that you can make a memorable first impression is by opting for gold foil, spot UV, or raised spot UV finishing. But, if bold, light-reflecting design doesn’t match your brand, you can always go for a more minimal design.

3. Custom Notepads

Putting ink to paper simply cannot be beaten. Especially, when it’s on a well made, custom notepad! A high-quality, yet affordable printed notepad that is customized to your company, branding, and message is the perfect way to reach potential customers.

4. Toothy Flyers

Printed flyers share the same, cost-effective benefits as posters but with added convenience and mobility. Flyers are able to go anywhere that you do and be passed out as easily as they are printed. Plus, you have the freedom to design them however you please!

Whether you opt for a simple and concise flyer design or a more detailed, informational format, flyers are versatile and can fit any need.

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