Custom Flashcards Help Students Succeed

custom flashcards

Flash cards are vital in any teacher or learner’s toolkit. By printing your own custom flashcards, you can create a top-tier education that helps students understand new ideas. Keep reading to learn the essentials of flash card printing that helps classrooms succeed!

Flash Card Printing Provides Flexible Classroom Solutions

Teachers and students benefit from custom flash cards printing. They’re helpful tools for schools, tutors, teachers, parents, and learners of all ages. Whether you’re printing custom flashcards for your students, your children, or yourself, they’re the perfect educational supplements that facilitate easy learning.

Some top uses for custom flashcards include:

  • Foreign language study
  • Phonics and reading
  • Math (multiplication and division tables, addition and subtraction)
  • Historical events
  • Periodic table and scientific terms
  • Medical school studying
  • SAT, ACT, GRE, MCAT, and LSAT studying
  • Religious topics for churches and synagogues
  • Driver training, dance instruction, and sports training
  • Weight loss, nutrition, yoga, barre, and exercise
  • Rock, fossil, plant and flower identification, along with other hobbies
  • Playing cards for games
  • And more! The sky’s the limit.

It’s easy to print flashcard templates that you then write yourself or print individual customized flashcards, each printed with their own term and definition. You can even create learning or exploration games using flashcards; they aren’t simply for rote memorization. Flashcards are versatile tools that can adapt to your and your students’ needs.

How To Print Custom Flash Cards

Flash card printing is easy. Here are ZoePrint’s top tips and tricks for printing custom flashcards that make a difference in the classroom.

Choose A Size With Your Intended Use In Mind

As the saying goes, form follows function, and flash card printing is no exception. The flashcard size you choose depends on how you intend for your students to use the cards. For example, terms such as single vocabulary words or equations can be printed on small cards such as 5.5x4.25.

If you’re printing flashcards for memory games or other in-class activities, you can go even smaller, such as 3.5x2, 2.5x2.5, or even 1x2.75. These sizes are small, affordable, and easy to store in the classroom or at home without taking up too much space.

On the other hand, if you’re printing custom flash cards that contain larger amounts of information or that students will fill out themselves, it would be a good idea to opt for larger sizes such as 6.25x4.5 or even 7x5, which give students plenty of space to write.

Decide On Your Favorite Paper

You can choose from many paper options when printing custom flash cards. Some of the most common papers for custom flash cards printing include 80# uncoated premium cover, 80# gloss cover, and 100# cover uncoated 100% post consumer waste recycled paper. However, if you prefer a different paper, feel free to ask! Your printing company can accommodate nearly any request.

Add A Splash Of Color

Depending on your flashcards’ intended uses and users, consider printing in color. Color printing is a great choice for younger students, as it increases interest and engagement, as well as for any flashcards that contain pictures or images. Flashcards printed in color are engaging and clear.

As well, color printing is great for students of any age who are using flashcards that make use of categories. This could include printing words with various parts of speech each in its own color, separating academic subjects by color, or using any other type of organizational strategy. You can also print on many different color papers. Let your creativity run free!

Consider Finishing Processes

Once your flashcards have been printed, your printer can add finishing processes that make them even better adapted for the classroom or for home use.

Laminating your cards makes them reusable; students can write ideas and answers on them with dry erase markers and easily wipe them clear. Lamination also protects the cards from spills and other accidents.

If you’re working with young children, consider rounding the corners on your flashcards. Papercuts are no fun, and flash cards with smooth corners make learning more enjoyable for everyone.

Print Your Custom Flashcards With ZoePrint!

When you’re ready to jump into flash card printing, ZoePrint is by your side. With decades of experience, we’re experts at designing and printing all types of flashcards, and we ship directly to you or your school, all at an affordable price. We love working with schools of all sizes and want to help you help your students succeed. To get started with ZoePrint’s custom flash card printing services, order online or request a custom quote!