5 Tips for Custom Scratch Pads That Stand Out

Custom scratch pads are subtle but powerful marketing tools. Recipients use your tear pads for months or years, which helps them internalize your branding. Therefore, these seemingly-small items make a big difference in your marketing strategy over time.

Keep reading to learn how to print your very own custom scratch pads that get your company the attention it needs!

  1. Pick A Strategic Size
  2. Tear pads come in many sizes, so feel free to choose your favorite. Some of the most common sizes for cheap custom scratch pads include:

    • 4.25x5.5 scratch pads. This size is perfect for quick notes, grocery lists, phone messages, and other short pieces of writing.
    • 5.5x8.5 scratch pads. This size is the middle ground, offering enough space for to-do lists, short memos, and reminders.
    • 8.5x11 scratch pads. This size provides ample space to express yourself, fitting for sketches, brainstorming, and detailed notes.

    These sizes for tear pads are the most typical, but if you have a different size in mind, ask your printing company. There’s a good chance that they can provide the custom size you need.

  3. Fine-Tune Your Branding
  4. Your business’s custom scratch pads are powerful marketing materials. Clients use the same notepads regularly for months or even years, and they will associate your notepads’ branding with your company. Therefore, your design and branding are enormously important.

    Before printing dozens or hundreds of branded notepads, make sure that your logo, slogan, color scheme, and other branding are all in tip-top shape. If you’d like help from the experts, the skilled design team at ZoePrint can adjust your design or even create a new design for you.

  5. Add a Splash of Color
  6. Your custom scratch pads have a large influence on clients’ understanding of your brand, so if you plan to distribute scratch pads to clients, print in color to make sure recipients remember you.

    You can choose from black and white, one color, two color, and full color printing. If you are only including your business’s name and logo, one or two color printing might be enough. However, if you plan to include multiple design elements, or if your logo is more than two colors, full-color printing allows you to express your creative side and include as many colors as you’d like.

  7. Make Copies Without the Hassle
  8. If you’ll need to make copies of your notes, skip the clunky copy machine and instead order carbonless forms that make copies as you write them. Carbonless forms, also known as NCR forms, are handy for operations where copies are needed, such as documenting transactions and recording orders.

    If you require more than two copies, don’t worry: you can order 2-part or 3-part NCR forms, ensuring that you have as many copies as you need.

  9. Get Help from the Print Experts
  10. Order the cheap custom scratch pads you need from the printing company that does it all! At ZoePrint, we provide the service and flexibility you need throughout the entire printing process.

    We print cheap custom scratch pads in multiple sizes and styles, and our helpful team is dedicated to surpassing your expectations every time. We can even create your design for you, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your custom scratch pads.

To get started, order from our website or request a custom quote!