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Effective Marketing Campaign

With tight marketing budgets today, the key to an effective marketing campaign is not how much you spend, but spending marketing dollars effectively. You have many choices when you try to drum up business. In order to make the right choice, your marketing needs to find the right target market.

Although electronic and online options abound for marketing, few if any of these can geographically target your audience in the way that printing can. Geographical targeting is important because this is one way to find great prospects for your product or service.

You may be wondering how you can geographically target your customers? One way is to purchase a highly specific mailing list which is customized for your company. You can draw a radius around your location and send postcards, newsletters or brochures to households or businesses a specific number of miles around you. You can also filter your list by gender, profession, or income to more accurately find your correct audience. In addition, you can print something which is specific to the people you are trying to reach.

Another type of geographical targeting is even more basic and specific. For instance, handing out flyers near your place of business can result in sales for an ice cream store on a hot day. Similarly, leaving brochures or flyers at a hotel for business travelers near a pizza parlor or other restaurant can help drive sales. Lastly, handing out business cards at a conference can also be a type of targeting if the attendees are all good prospects. All of these are inexpensive ways of driving sales. None of these involve extensive planning or time.

So, target your market and print away…just be sure to hit your targets in 2012!!!