Organize A Successful Event With Program Printing

Planning an event is exciting. Help your attendees make the most of your carefully-planned event with professionally-printed event programs! Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about program printing that leads to successful events.

What Is Program Printing?

Event program printing is a broad concept, because event programs can come in many shapes and sizes. Some of the most common event programs include:

  • Booklets that provide in-depth information about many aspects of an event. These are fully-detailed and can be comprehensive guides to a program or event.
  • Flyers that provide key event details. They might simply list the sequence of events for a program along with the times when they take place.
  • Large-format signs that indicate when specific meetings or groups will take place.

This variety means that event programs vary in length and size, since different meeting organizers might have different needs for their programs. Simply put, program printing makes all of these products possible.

What To Include In Your Corporate Event Programs

Assembling a program for your event might seem overwhelming, but luckily, it’s not as complicated as it may seem. Here are some of the key pieces of information to include in your event program design that help participants take full advantage of the day:

  • Name, date, and location of the event
  • List of meetings and activities with their locations and times
  • Map of the conference center or location
  • Names of your corporate sponsors or donors
  • A welcome message from the organization’s leaders or sponsor
  • Information about the surrounding area, including where to eat, hotels, and the local train station or airport
  • Information about how to join the organizing group, such as their website and social media

A personal or social event program might not need all of these elements, so feel free to pick and choose the elements that are most relevant for your case.

5 Top Tips For Event Program Printing

Printing your own event programs gives you the freedom to choose the exact specifications that make the most sense for your event. Here are some of the decisions you can make.

  1. Choose A Size That Fits Your Needs

  2. Program sizes are highly flexible. Two of the most common sizes for booklet-style programs are 8.5x11 and 5.5x8.5. These provide the space and flexibility for ample information about your event. For an event program that only lists times and locations, you can hand out a one-page 4x9 program to participants as you welcome them in the door.

  3. Consider The Number Of Participants

  4. Deciding how many copies of your program to print is a balancing act. After all, you want to account for all of your participants, those who lose their programs and need replacements, and those who want an extra or a keepsake. However, try not to print too many copies because they are difficult to reuse. Reach out to your printing company if you’d like advice on how many programs to print.

  5. Add A Pop Of Color

  6. To print in color, or not to print in color? That is the question. Color printing adds pizzazz to your event programs, and it demonstrates your dedication to your event. On the other hand, black and white printing is cheaper, so it’s a great way to save money so that you can splurge on other aspects of your event.

    Luckily, we have a great compromise: consider printing your program’s covers in color and the interior pages in black and white. This is the best of both worlds; you can distribute a beautiful program that attracts eyes while also saving money.

  7. Think About Paper

  8. Another important aspect of program printing is paper choice, as your chosen paper will make an immediate impression on your attendees. You can choose a luxurious, thicker interior paper such as 100# gloss text or 100# dull text, or you can cut down on costs by going with a thinner paper such as 70# uncoated text or 80# gloss text.

    As well, an exciting aspect of booklet-style event programs is the possibility to include a thicker paper for the front and back covers. Some great options for cover papers include 80# uncoated cover, 100# gloss cover, and 100# dull cover. These will make your programs sturdier, ensuring that participants can use them over the course of the entire event.

  9. Keep The Number Of Pages In Mind

  10. A key feature of booklet-style programs is that the paper folding method used to create the booklets means that they have an even number of pages, typically increasing by 4 at a time. Therefore, feel free to print a program with 4, 8, 12, or 16 pages, all the way up to 40 pages. This will ensure that every page in your program is full of meaningful designs and information. Don’t leave any pages blank!

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