How to Build a Fundraising Marketing Plan

While many fundraising initiatives have moved from the local community center to your social media news feeds, the power of word of mouth and person-to-person marketing is still critical in mobilizing a community. Convincing people to buy a product or service is challenging enough, so how do you create a well-rounded fundraising marketing plan to spread your message and inspire action?

These tips will help you form a marketing strategy and decide which printing solutions can best compliment your outreach goals!

Gather all the necessary information you want others to know

Before spreading the word on your fundraising event, be sure to have it fully organized with all necessary details established. While digital channels are helpful for raising initial awareness before things are completely settled, it’s best to wait for it all to come together before investing in print marketing. Otherwise, the information will be incomplete and the flyers or other medium you’re distributing won’t be as helpful.

First, consider the type of fundraising event. Are you organizing an auction, raffle, fun run, or car wash? If it’s something like a bake sale or yard sale that you need participants to bring something in for, include that information! For other events for which visitors should purchase a ticket in advance, make contact info clear and instructions as simple as possible to encourage people to participate.

Build a marketing material toolkit with cheap printing options

For goodwill and philanthropy events, the goal is to raise money for a good cause. With that said, it makes sense that a fundraising marketing plan should be done on a budget. ZoePrint’s cheap printing services means your message can stand out for less.

Here are some print options to amp up your fundraising event’s awareness:

  • Brochures and Flyers

    Hand-outs, such as brochures and flyers, are a simple option to give out in places with high foot traffic. School, church, social meetups, and shopping areas are all great locations to get the attention of a large amount of people at once.

  • Postcards

    If you can squeeze stamps into the marketing budget, consider sending out postcards to normally hard-to-reach people. For fundraisers aiming to attract a large, diverse crowd, the best place to get someone’s attention is at their own home. Just be sure you have a nicely targeted mailing list so that those most likely to attend are the ones receiving the information.

  • Posters

    An even lower cost option is to hang up several posters in places where your attendees spend lots of time. For school or university events, the obvious place would be hallway walls or dining areas. Because people are likely to pass the same area multiple times in their routine, catching a glimpse of a colorful, uniquely designed poster will surely make an impression.

  • Invitations

    More formal events can benefit from personalized marketing strategies, such as printed invitations. Invitations can also help set the tone for the event so that attendees will know to expect a more exclusive, fancier occasion like a gala. You can choose to either hand-write invitations or have a standard message printed for everyone.

ZoePrint offers instant custom quotes, so that you can save time and choose the options that best fit with the fundraiser’s goals and budget. Upload your customized design and receive your high quality, low cost order within days!