Great Graphic Design

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Great Graphic Design

When creating marketing for your company or organization, you are faced with a choice: do the design yourself or let a professional do it. With easily available and easy to use graphic design software many people opt to create the design themselves. This is certainly a way to save money. Or is it?

Many types of services have transitioned over the last two decades to do-it-yourself enterprises. Take, for example, planning a trip. Obviously, if you are just booking a flight and a car, it is probably just as easy or easier to do it yourself. What about a more complex trip to somewhere exotic which you know nothing about? Well, you can research it yourself…you need to find flights, perhaps on carriers you have never heard of. You have to book hotels, bed and breakfasts, apartments or something. You need to plan your activities, book tours and eat out each meal. Just the thought of all of this is exhausting. Plus, you have to evaluate the quality and reliability of all of the information you read online. Sure, it can all be done if you have days and days of time with no commitments…also a rarity in today’s world for most people.

Do you remember who travel agents are? A friend of mine recently suggested that travel agents have gone the way of the buggy whip. However, I can tell you from personal experience that sometimes, in the transition to the internet crazy world today, some things have gotten lost. Twenty years ago, complex travel was certainly easier, although there may not have been so many options to consider. Back then, you called a travel agent, and he or she presented you with two or three practical options, hopefully backed by either personal knowledge or recommendations. You booked one of these options and then you were done, other than reading a few travel books.

Well, is cheap do-it-yourself graphic design great graphic design? Many times, the answer is yes. After all, who knows better what you want than you. If you do it yourself, there is no need to explain it to anyone else or to proof someone else's work (although you definitely need to proof your own work). On the other hand, we offer both options at, and you may want to consider letting one of our professional designers do it for you. Our designers understand the importance of white space, the judicious use of photos and images and which colors go together well. They have years of experience under their belts. They also have the experience to know what works in design and marketing a business.

So, make the right choice for you. Either do it yourself or let Zoe design it for you. You win either way!