Green Printing and

go green with zoeprint

With much of the world sheltering-at-home due to concerns over coronavirus, a renewed focus has turned to the impact of our society on the natural world. We have seen firsthand that progress can be made with regard to improving our environment by simply conserving energy and reducing pollution. Moving toward minimizing waste whenever possible and doing things in a more environmentally friendly way has the potential to become the ‘new normal’.

Businesses are refreshing marketing materials, restaurant menus, and storefront signage to reflect new safety measures and protocols taken to protect the health of staff and customers. Choosing environmentally friendly printing practices is a good way to further join in the effort of people everywhere to reduce our environmental footprint.

1. Make Informed Choices

Items such as training materials, marketing products and product packaging can be produced using recycled paper and/or paper made from sustainably sourced raw materials. Many of the standard paper stocks used in the industry today have recycled content. With an increased need for disposable products such as restaurant menus, this is the perfect time to choose recycled paper for your next project. Environmentally conscious print vendors recycle both paper and cardboard as a standard practice.

Partner with a printer who takes advantage of recycling where possible, uses eco friendly materials and processes, and uses modern, energy saving production equipment. At ZoePrint, the digital printers we use for most of our work have very low power requirements and the color toner used is plant based and biodegradable.

2. Increase Efficiency

Plan for updates - ongoing changes in policies and protocols will require regular updates to your materials. Using a consistent style template will help save you time and clearly communicate the message to your customer. People will more easily recognize a familiar design and be able to understand your company message at a glance.

Convey basic information to many clients by using signage. Banners, signs, and posters are being used in new ways to attract attention to important policies and to suggest social distancing guidelines. Consider your options when choosing how to display your signage to make it easy to update.

3. Embrace the New Normal

Moving forward, adopt good practices, such as using on-demand printing to help keep products up to date and minimize waste from large print runs. Business to business on-demand printing websites offer many cost saving and environmentally friendly options. Product updates can be executed quickly so end users can easily order the latest version of your materials. Smaller quantity options allow customers to order just what they need for a certain time period, so they won’t have a lot of waste when products are modified.

Now more than ever, consumer attitudes are shifting in favor of green business practices. If your business is not already recycling, consider making this a new policy. Closing the loop by recycling helps to minimize environmental impact and benefits the entire community. This can be a win-win deal for all parties involved. 

ZoePrint is committed to helping businesses reduce costs by conserving resources and streamlining the commercial printing process wherever possible. Our product offering is produced on demand with an eye to minimizing waste. We also operate the company to minimize our environmental impact. All of our digital presses have extremely low power usage and we recycle paper, cardboard ant other byproducts of our production every day. We promote the use of recycled and environmentally friendly paper options. Contact us today to find our more about green printing!