Handyman Flyers Show Off The Tools Of Your Trade

handyman flyers

Marketing can make or break your handyman business. With so much competition out there, it’s important to distribute marketing materials that make an impression. That’s why ZoePrint has compiled these tips for printing your own handyman flyers that get you the new clients you need.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about handyman flyers, including some of the best handyman flyer ideas, printing tips, and more.

Why is Handyman Marketing Important?

All businesses rely on successful marketing to succeed. Whether you’re starting a new handyman company or are updating a preexisting one, it’s always important to build a marketing strategy that fits your goals.

The US home service market generates over $105 billion annually, and handyman services contribute to that amount. By crafting an effective handyman marketing plan, you tap into this enormous market, and putting the best possible products out into the world encourages customers to take action and give you a call.

How To Print A Handyman Flyer

Handyman flyers are some of the best tools in your toolbox when it comes to your marketing strategy. Let’s discuss how to print handyman flyers that encourage business.

Start With Great Information

A flyer can only be as good as the information it contains. By explaining the highlights of the services you provide, your flyers help readers understand the useful skills you can contribute.

ZoePrint tip: Don’t include too much text on your flyer. Try to distill your text down to a couple of sentences and some bullet points, which even readers with short attention spans will read all the way through.

Get Inspiration

Creating new material from scratch can be daunting. To get a head start, you can look at some handyman flyer template ideas. It’s always easier to get creative when you can see some helpful examples, so taking a glance at handyman flyer ideas is a great way to get off the ground.

ZoePrint tip: To get personalized advice on your handyman flyer ideas, ask ZoePrint’s expert graphic design team to make your design work. They can also create an entire design from scratch!

Pick A Size

Flyers come in many different sizes. The best size for your handyman flyer depends on how much text you’d like to include, where and how you’re planning to distribute it, and how much money is in your budget. Smaller flyers are generally cheaper and easier to distribute, while larger ones allow more space for text.

ZoePrint tip: An 8.5x11 flyer is a great handyman flyer size that includes enough space to include all the information you need without being overwhelmingly large.

Use High Resolution Files

If you plan to include photos on your flyer, make sure that they are the highest resolution possible. Low-resolution photos will look blurry, which might not impress readers.

ZoePrint tip: When it’s time to send your flyer design to your printing company, be sure to save your digital file as a high resolution PDF. The higher resolution you can send, the crisper the images on your flyer will be.

Print Your Handyman Flyers With The Print Experts

When you’re ready to get started printing your own handyman flyer, let ZoePrint help! With a wide range of flyer size and paper options, we can print the flyer you have in mind without breaking the bank. We also print all the other items you need, including your handyman brochure, business card, and more.

Our cheap flyer printing has helped many businesses find the customers they’re looking for, so see what it’s all about by ordering online or requesting a custom quote!