Custom Hotel Stationery Helps Guests Feel At Home

hotel notepads

Hotel stationery is a must-have, and for good reason. Whether guests need to jot down ideas, create packing lists, or write messages, your stationery gives them space to express themselves.

In this article, you’ll learn all about how to print your own cheap custom hotel notepads and hotel stationery!

How Hotel Stationery Helps Your Business

Providing a range of stationery in your hotel rooms makes a great impression. Notepads and other paper is a subtle sign that you care about your guests’ experience; when someone gets a call and needs to take notes, readily-available writing surfaces will be a huge relief.

Stationery also helps guests remember your hotel. Whether they tear off a single piece of paper from a notepad or take the whole notepad with them, they leave your lodging with a tangible reminder of your brand. With your stationery’s help, they’re more likely to remember your name the next time they’re in town and recommend you to their friends.

Design Ideas for Custom Hotel Notepads and Stationery

Don’t underestimate your stationery’s marketing power; you can make a big impact with a great design. Here are some tips and tricks as you’re formulating your design ideas:

  • Include your hotel’s logo either on the top of notepad pages or as a watermark. On stationery, add your logo to the heading of letter paper, and it never hurts to include it on your envelopes as well.
  • Decide whether you want lines on your notepads. Lined notepads give writers a clear structure for their ideas, whereas unlined ones provide space for creative use.
  • Consider adding a one-line welcome message at the bottom of the notepad. This can be a simple statement welcoming guests to your lodging and wishing them a pleasant stay. They will appreciate the kindness!
  • Choose between folded and unfolded cards. Folded cards provide a feeling of luxury, and unfolded cards are versatile and can be used as bookmarks.

Hotel Notepad Sizes

Printing custom hotel notepads is easy and cheap, and one of the most important design choices is the size notepad you’d like to print. You can choose from a few main notepad sizes:

  • 4.25x5.5. This small size fits in a purse and is perfect for jotting down packing lists, to-do items, phone messages and other short reminders.
  • 5.5x8.5. This medium notepad size provides space for longer thoughts and a bit more detail, making it great for trip planning, brainstorming and memos.
  • 8.5x11. This size is the largest and gives guests ample space to write thoughts, letters, and detailed documents for either personal or business planning.

No matter the size, your notepads provide space for guests to express themselves and take a memento of their trip with them when they leave.

How to Print Hotel Stationery

Professionally printed hotel stationery adds both luxury and functionality to your rooms. Here are some printing tips for the most common types of stationery.


Pick your favorite paper. When printing both flat and folded notecards, you can choose from a range of papers, all of which provide unique effects. Gloss paper makes color designs and logos pop, whereas uncoated paper provides sophistication. Recycled paper demonstrates your care for the earth.


Variation in sizes is key, so provide envelopes that match your other stationery items. Print your logo on a range of envelopes of varying sizes, including both business envelopes and invitation envelopes, so that guests are sure to find the envelope size they need.


Who doesn’t love a postcard? These days, receiving a postcard is a special event. Some guests will take a postcard as a souvenir, and some will mail one to friends or family. Either way, providing postcards at reception and in rooms is a lovely touch that helps guests feel the excitement of travel.

Partner With the Hotel Stationery Experts

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