How to Make Invitations

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how to make invitations


how to make invitations

There are tons of different kinds of invitations.  People send invitations for everything from weddings and baby showers to birthday parties, graduations, family reunions, and fraternity and sorority events. Knowing how to make invitations will make your events more successful and exciting.  A well designed, high quality printed invitation can also serve as a keepsake long after the party is over.

Invitations come in a variety of formats. Postcard invitations, fold-over cards, and standard note card style invitations with envelopes are all good ways to reach your audience. Take into consideration what size would be best, and if you need envelopes, be sure you pick the right size envelope to fit the invitation comfortably.

When writing an invitation, make sure to include the 5 W's- Who? What? Where? When? Why? When guests receive an invitation, all important information should be readily available and they shouldn't have to search to find the critical facts they need. If the event has a website, include the website address.  Also be sure to include contact and RSVP information to ensure your event goes smoothly. 

Invitations can reflect the theme or mood of a party by using color, different typefaces, slogans, pictures and designs. For example, if you create an invitation for a high-school graduation, including the school colors and a picture of the graduate will easily show what the invitation is for.  Make sure that invitation you design are easy to read and understand. Using type in different point sizes can create variety in the design and also help organize the information.  High quality graphics or artwork will also help convey your message in style.  Images of baby bottles, storks, or cradles go a long way to create excitement for a baby shower without even reading a word!  In addition, pick a font which reflects the mood of your event.  There are literally thousands of typefaces today, from traditional to ultra modern, highly stylized fonts.

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