How to Write a Newsletter

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how to write a newsletter

One of the most important things to keep in mind in learning how to write a newsletter is really simple--stick with what you know.  Obviously, there are many different types of newsletters.  Some of the most common types are sports newsletters, hobbyist newsletters, church newsletters, school newsletters, real estate newsletters, sorority and fraternity newsletters and university newsletters, just to name a few.  In any case, the person writing the newsletter is presumably either an expert in the field or a participant in the organization.  So, if you are the writer, you should be able to write with some authority.

Make sure the articles are relevant to your audience.  In the case of real estate newsletters, for example, write articles of interest relating to sales of local property, how to prepare your house for sale or the challenges of finding good financing for a new home.  As another example, if you write an investment newsletter, you will presumably write about how your readers can make more money on a specific investment or how to avoid losses.  In short, if you are a good writer and you know the topic well, you can engage your readers and keep their interest.

The text in the newsletter should be thoroughly edited because any mistakes will affect the credibility of the newsletter and the organization. Reading the copy out loud and having others look over the newsletter before printing are very helpful in finding mistakes. 

It is also a good idea to include short articles which may not be on point, but will interest your readers.  Many quality newsletters include local recipes, special interest topics and short stories about tourist attractions.  Keep these types of stories short and use eye catching graphics to make your point.  You may also want to include a puzzle or brain teaser.  Newspapers have used special interest topics and brain teasers for years to build a loyal following...just ask followers of New York Times crossword puzzles.

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