How to Write a Newsletter

Writing a newsletter is both a skill and an art. Whether you’re writing a community newsletter or a business newsletter, it’s important to include both stellar written content and a functional design. If this sounds overwhelming, don’t worry: in this article, we’ll explain exactly how to write a newsletter.

How to Create a Print Newsletter Design

Writing a newsletter is easy as long as you have a process. Here are the steps to creating a great printed newsletter.

1. Decide on a topic.

First and foremost, decide on the topic of your newsletter. Is it a real estate newsletter? Church newsletter? School newsletter? Your focus will influence your design and the content of the articles you include.

2. Choose your design.

As you’re deciding on your print newsletter design, keep readability in mind. If it’s being folded to be mailed, decide what you want above the fold. Consider structuring your articles so they aren’t bisected by the fold. As well, try not to cram too much type onto the pages of your newsletter; extra white space can make your newsletter both more attractive and easier to read.

Many print newsletter design ideas are worth a look. You can be as traditional or as creative and artistic as you want with your printed newsletter designs. The sky’s the limit!

3. Create excellent written content.

Once you have your design, it’s time to fill it in with content! Whether you’re writing all of the copy yourself or soliciting submissions from friends, family, or community members, now is your opportunity to make sure you have the written material you need.

This is the perfect time to learn and practice how to write a newsletter article. It will take practice and lots of editing and revising, but you’ll be churning out stellar articles in no time.

4. Create a digital copy.

After you’ve created your design and your written copy, it’s time to put them together in a digital file. You can either create the newsletter digitally in software programs such as Adobe InDesign or Canva, or you can create it on paper and then scan it into the computer. Either way, save your digital file as a PDF so that your printer can easily use it.

5. Choose your preferred printing specifications.

Now it’s time to check out your printing options. Printers offer many paper size and weight options, so choose the paper that works best for you. Some common paper options are 70# uncoated text, 80# gloss text, 100# gloss text, and 100# dull text paper.

Next, decide whether you’d like to print your newsletter in black and white or in color. Black and white is classic and affordable, and full color is an exciting option that shows art and photos in all their detail and makes your newsletter more vibrant.

Then, calculate how many copies you’d like to print. Do you need ten copies for family members? Fifty for your coworkers? Three hundred for your school community? A thousand for your religious congregation? It’s always worth printing a few extra as well, in case recipients (or people you haven’t thought of) want extras.

6. Send your newsletter to your printer, and enjoy!

Once you’ve chosen your print specifications, it’s time to send your newsletter to the printer. Some printers offer a printed or digital proof, so you can make sure that your newsletter looks exactly how you want it.

Once everything looks perfect, your printer will print and assemble your newsletter. And there you have it! Those are all the steps for how to write a newsletter.

Newsletter Writing Tips

Now that you know the basics of how to write a newsletter, it’s time to talk about some newsletter writing tips and tricks. Here’s what to remember as you’re writing content for your newsletter.

Stick With What You Know

Obviously, there are many different types of newsletters. The person writing the newsletter is presumably either an expert in the field or a participant in the organization. So, if you are the writer, you should be able to write with some authority.

Know Your Audience

Make sure the articles are relevant to your audience. Luckily, if you are a good writer and you know the topic well, you will engage your readers and keep their interest.

Edit Thoroughly

The most important step in the writing process isn’t actually writing--it’s editing. Any mistakes will affect the credibility of your newsletter or organization, so reread your copy multiple times, read it out loud, and have others look over your newsletter before printing it.

Include a Variety of Articles

It is also a good idea to include a variety of short articles which will interest your readers, such as local recipes, special interest topics, or other items that would interest your target readership. Keep these types of stories short, and use eye-catching graphics. You may also want to include a puzzle or brain teaser that keeps people thinking about your newsletter after they read the articles. Can Bring Your Newsletter to Life

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