How To Print Instruction Sheets: 3 Top Tips

Instruction Sheets

Whether you’re explaining complicated processes or making a great education possible, instruction sheets help you communicate your ideas clearly. These easy-to-print items only cost a little but make a big difference.

If you’re wondering how to print your own instruction sheets, this article is for you! Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about instruction sheet printing.

What are instruction sheets?

Instruction sheets can take a wide range of forms. Typically, they are short and to the point, and they provide information about a given topic. They explain information step by step, frequently with numbered points or an order that readers will follow.

Types of Instruction Sheets

Instruction sheets can come in many different forms. Here are some of the most common types.

Educational Instruction Sheets

Learning happens step by step, and educational instruction sheets make learning easy. They can explain math concepts simply, describe how to complete science experiments, and even provide ordered explanations of historical events.

Assembly Instruction Sheets

Many items require assembly, and instruction sheets help users assemble these items with ease. Whether the product in question is build-it-yourself furniture or complicated machines, providing step by step instructions help people understand what to do. You can use them in-house or distribute them to customers.

ZoePrint’s advice: add images to your assembly instruction sheets to make the assembly even easier!

Process Instruction Sheets

If you’re looking to explain a process, instruction sheets can help you provide easy and clear explanations. For any step by step process or a specific course of action, instruction sheets provide clarity and guidance.

Training Instruction Sheets

Job training involves learning many step by step processes. Training instruction sheets make these processes clear and help new hires learn the ropes. By providing clear, detailed information about job processes, you help employees succeed and provide great service.

Safety Instruction Sheets

In every sector, safety is paramount. Safety instruction sheets provide guidelines that keep your workplace safe and ensure that both employees and visitors are able to feel confident and secure.

3 Top Instruction Sheet Printing Tips

  1. Put clarity first. Information sheets are functional documents with a clear goal: to make information and processes clear. Therefore, as you’re creating your instruction sheet design, think through the process you’re explaining, and make all of the information as clear as possible.
  2. Consider color. You can choose to print your instruction sheets in black and white or in color. Which option you choose will depend on what makes the most sense for your instruction sheet. If you’re including images or diagrams, printing in color can provide additional details that help readers follow the instructions. Printing in color also allows you to include your branding. If you only have text on your instruction sheets and aren’t including your branding, printing in black and white is a cost-effective choice.
  3. Pick your favorite size. You can choose from a wide range of sizes when it comes to your instruction sheets. The most typical size is the classic 8.5x11 size, but you can go as small as 4.25x5.5 or as large as 11x17.

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