5 Top Invitation Design Ideas For Your Next Event

Invitation Design

Receiving an invitation gets attendees excited about weddings, baby showers, parties, graduations, birthdays, business events, and everything in between. Your invitation design gives guests all the information they need about the event and sets the mood for a great party, so sending an effective invitation is an important task.

Creating the perfect invitation for your event is fun and easy. Here’s what you need to know to make an invitation that gets the celebration started.

5 Best Invitation Design Tips

Creating an invitation can be an exciting process. Here are some of the most important ideas to consider as you’re designing your invitations, no matter what kind of event you’re planning.

  1. 1. Let Your Theme Shine Through

    If your party has a theme, incorporate it into your design. For example, for a circus-themed birthday party, include typical circus design elements such as red and white stripes, balloons, or even an image of a clown on the invitation.

    If you’re struggling to think of a design yourself, consider using a template. Canva, for example, offers countless customizable templates. You can replace their text with your own message, resize design elements, and even add your own pictures. Their editing system is easy to use, so you can create the design you want and then simply download a PDF of your design and send it to your printing company for quick printing.

    Your invitation theme can give guests ideas of what gift to give, and it shows the host’s personality. If your event doesn’t have a specific theme, using a colored or textured paper is a great way to make your design more exciting, especially if there are no images or photos.

  2. 2. Opt For A Matching Font

    When creating your design, choosing a font or typeface is one of the most important steps.

    First, make sure the font matches the theme of the event. For example, if you are designing an invitation for a charity ball, using a decorative font like Curlz or Comic Sans would not be nearly as effective as using a nice script or modern serif font. On the other hand, if you’re designing an invitation for a child’s birthday party, a lighthearted font such as Catchy Melody or Alloy Ink might do the trick. Or, you can let the child pick the font, which adds even more personality to the invitation.

    Second, make your invitation clear. It is important that the font is legible and correctly sized. Keep your text at a size of twelve point or larger to ensure that everyone can read it.

    Third, switch it up, but not too much. Using a variety of type sizes and fonts can be a successful way of organizing bodies of text, so long as the invitation is cohesive and not confusing. A rule of thumb for designers is not to use more than three different typefaces on any given design.

  3. 3. Match Your Other Materials

    Oftentimes, when you’re planning an event, invitations aren’t the only print item you need. Do you also need envelopes, or table place cards, or programs? If you’re printing multiple printed pieces in an invitation set, be sure that all pieces are well coordinated. Use the same fonts and design elements on all pieces to show that they belong together and are about the same event.

    It is sometimes necessary to use more than one type of paper, however. For instance, if you’re sending a reply card with your invitation, use uncoated paper for this item since it is easier to write on. At the same time, pick colors and papers that compliment one another. If you’re wondering which papers to pick for your invitation and accompanying materials, feel free to ask your printing company for advice.

  4. 4. Think About Size

    Your design can be horizontal or vertical. No matter which orientation you choose, make sure to pick a size that will fit inside a readily available envelope. These are the most common invitation sizes:

    If you pick one of the invitation sizes above, consider printing matching envelopes with a design that uses the same font, color, and theme as the invitation itself.

    Another option is to create your invitation as a postcard. This is a good choice if you want to avoid using envelopes, which saves money and means that you’re in charge of printing one less item. When designing postcard-style invitations, work with your printing partner to ensure that your invitations meet the post service’s rules for postcard dimensions and weights.

  5. 5. Add A Special Touch

    Modern invitation design can include special elements that make your invitation stand out. Your printing partner can add innovative touches that make your invitations cause for celebration. Some ideas to personalize your invitations are to have them die-cut into a unique shape or to add rounded corners.

    You can also add decorations to your invitations on your own to make them even more exciting. Try using decorative string, burlap, sequins, ribbons, or lace to make your invite look special. Some of these extra touches require careful hand work, but you will be rewarded with a one of a kind invitation your friends will remember for years to come. As well, people love personalized items, and recipients will look forward to your event.

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