Japanese Business Cards Are Not Cheap Business Cards!

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Japanese Business Cards

Although most Americans have very inexpensive printed business cards, we, at ZoePrint.com, decided it would be fun to share a few more outlandish examples of Japanese business cards, which, as discussed in another blog post, are intended to convey the personality and status of the owner as much as his/her specific contact information.  Depending on the industry, the cards can quickly become very exotic, so the model kit manufacturing company Tamiya's business card becomes:  http://www.markwu.info/img/uploads-miniblog/tamiya.jpg

As you can see from the link, the business card itself is a model, or rather, three models, all of which can be assembled solely from the snap out letters and numbers featured on the card.  Clearly, the holder of this card is serious about model making; virtually any potential client would be quite impressed by this exotic card.

Of course, creative business cards can be designed on more normal materials as well, as in this example, which we'll call the "Google Me Card."  http://www.cherryflava.com/cherryflava/2009/04/our-new-business-card.html
The idea is simple, straightforward, and fun, while conveying at least some degree of brand name popularity to the receiver.  Whether or not Google would take offense to this use of its name is another matter, one we can't answer here.
Of course, with such creative business cards, the market for business card holders has taken off as well, with exotic options ranging from wood to carbon fiber to this video game controller themed aluminum option:


Clearly, business cards and all their accoutrements are made to impress in Japan, but an elegant, creatively designed card can make a great impression wherever you are doing business.  We at ZoePrint.com would love to help you create a unique business card so you can start all your business relationships on the right foot.  Whether you need cheap business card printing or something much more exotic, we will make your business cards look great!