Landscaping Business Cards Help Your Business Bloom

landscaping business cards

Landscaping business cards are the foundations of any successful landscaping company. They’re easy and affordable to print, and they help clients remember your name. Simply put, well-designed, modern landscaping business cards keep new customers calling. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about landscaping business card ideas that help your company grow!

The Importance Of Landscaping Business Cards

When starting or growing your business, a tried and true marketing approach maximizes your potential to find new clients. Think of your landscaping business cards as the seeds of your company. By spreading them far and wide, you increase the chances that some leads will take root and blossom into new clients.

When you complement a range of successful marketing techniques with excellent business cards, you further elevate your business profile and make it possible for clients to find you. After all, beautiful flowers can only bloom if you’ve planted enough seeds and nurtured them through the growing process. Soon, you will have a flourishing garden of clients!

Landscaping Business Card Ideas

Hopefully we’ve helped you understand the importance of distributing top-tier modern landscaping business cards. Now, let’s dig into the design process. Here are some ideas to keep in mind as you make your business cards a reality.

Demonstrate Your Design Style

Landscaping is both a skill and an art. Show clients that you have an eye for design via stylish business cards that provide a glimpse into your unique sense of agricultural aesthetics. After all, customers want their properties to look beautiful, and your business cards are the first piece of evidence that they can use to judge how you understand landscaping.

Green Is (Almost Always) The Way To Go

When in doubt about your color scheme, go with green. Bright green is a typical color for landscaping business cards because it makes clients think of beautiful, healthy grass and flourishing outdoor spaces. In fact, consumers in all fields associate the color green with growth, nature, and life. It’s therefore a safe bet for any landscaping business.

On the other hand, if you’d like to subvert expectations and make a splash, try switching up your background color and including a different design element that invokes landscaping, such as flowers.

Differentiate Yourself From The Crowd

Landscaping companies are numerous, so it’s important to show that you stand out from the competition. If you have a specialty, such as low-water landscaping or flowerbed design, be sure to reference it on your card so that clients can get a feel for what makes you special.

Even if your company doesn’t have a specific focus, be sure to emphasize some top selling points or services that you provide on your business cards. Clients can choose from many landscaping companies, so use your business cards to help them choose you.

Use Both Sides Of The Card To Your Advantage

When considering your landscaping business cards ideas, you can choose to print one-sided or two-sided cards. Here at ZoePrint, we recommend printing on both sides when possible. Printing one-sided business cards saves money in the short term, but you are only able to impart half as much information to your recipients. If this reduced amount of information and examples of your design prowess leads clients to choose other landscaping businesses instead of yours, then you’ve lost even more money. So, consider printing on both sides of the card to make as strong an impression as possible.

Print Your Landscaping Business Cards With ZoePrint

When you’re ready to spread the seeds of your landscaping business, let ZoePrint take care of everything. With decades of experience printing and distributing excellent and affordable products, we can make your business cards a reality. Our stellar graphic design team can even design them for you! To get started, order online or ask for a custom quote.