Make Your Own Business Cards

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make your own business cards
make your own business cards

One of the most important tools in marketing are business cards. Exchanging business cards is a great way to network and share your information with people you have just met. Having a nicely designed business card will help you be more memorable to potential clients.

Learning how to make your own business cards is easy once you determine the information you want to include. The most important thing to consider when designing your business card is that your contact information is readily available so customers and potential clients can get in touch with you. The information you want clients and prospects to have at their fingertips will determine what gets printed on your card. Information you may want to print on a business card includes the company name and logo, the name of the employee, his or her position or title, various contact phone numbers (company number, direct, fax, or mobile number), the email address, website url, and the physical or mailing address.

Since business cards are small (in the United States, business cards are usually 2 x 3.5), the font size will have to be small. Typically, the largest type size you should use is 12 point.  The typeface on the card is another important consideration; decorative and script fonts are harder to read when reduced to a small point size. Choosing a nice serif or sans-serif font will make your design appear clean and professional. Try to stick to 3 or fewer typefaces.

Simplicity in design can be very effective for business cards. In that regard, it is important to decide  how to use white space in the design. Since business cards are small, lots of information can discourage and confuse viewers.  White space can provide emphasis on the information that is included on the card. 

If your company has other marketing devices, such as a website, your business card should refer to these same elements so customers make the connection between you and the company and its brand. Using the same typeface, logo and color scheme across different forms of marketing media can provide consistency and unity.

Even in the digital age, business cards are still an important part of networking. People have found ways to incorporate their company's web presence directly onto their business cards.  You can use QR codes, which are essentially barcodes that smart phones can read.  These codes direct the user to a website for more information. You should also consider including logos of common social media sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter on your business cards along with your handle or username so potential clients will find you on social media.

At Zoe Print, we offer options to make your business card stand out:

  • You can make your business card horizontal or vertical
  • We offer a variety of papers: coated, uncoated, colored, heavyweight or textured paper
  • You can print business cards in unique sizes or shapes
  • You could make folded business cards, or have us pad your business cards in groups
  • We can also design your business card for you!

If you have any questions or need more information, give us a call.  Once you have designed your business card, upload it to and find out what cheap business card printing is all about!

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