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make your own poster

When you decide to make your own poster,  a little advance planning will ensure it is effective in reaching your audience and achieving your goals.  Posters are versatile tools that inexpensively broadcast a simple message to a large number of people.  Posters are used to spread the word about a special event like a play, band concert or church program.  Posters are also excellent for advertising a business or organization, displaying a corporate program or message, or advertising what is on sale.

In thinking about how to make your own poster, answer the following questions:

  1. Who will be reading the poster?
  2. What type of person makes up your audience?  Do you know the age of the readers, their gender or their income level?
  3. What is your budget for designing and printing the posters?
  4. Do you know where they will be displayed?

Typically, the goal of a printed poster is to communicate a relatively simple message in as few words as possible.  For instance, if you are advertising a school play on a poster, you need to graphically display the excitement of the production, tell the readers where and when it will take place and how they can get tickets.  You will want to provide a few details, but with poster designs, less may be more.  If you include too much text, the design becomes crowded and cluttered.  So, the first thing you need to do in creating the poster is decide what information is pertinent and relevant to the reader.

Next, use an eye catching design to grab attention.  If your budget allows, use full color and incorporate images that speak to your audience.  If you cannot afford full color posters, try a crisp, professional design with black ink on a brightly colored stock.  Use the best design software you have access to, or if you are not a designer, hire a design professional.  Another way to grab attention is to make the poster BIG.  There are many poster sizes available, so pick the largest one you can afford.

Lastly, be sure to display your posters in a high traffic area where you know it will be seen.  The best poster will only work if people are there to read it. Some ideas for placing your posters are on local bulletin boards, corporate break rooms or high-traffic areas of the workplace, cafeterias, restaurants, church lobbies, bathrooms or outdoors.  When displaying your poster, make sure that it is in a place where the audience you want to reach frequently visits.  For example, if the main purpose of the poster is to inform employees about the company mission, put posters in the human resources office,  employee break rooms and the management office. 

Another thing to keep in mind is font size on the poster.  You want the message to be easily received-- so make sure your font is big enough.  People will see the poster from afar and if the text sparks their interest, they will look more closely to get the details.  Make sure the information the reader is looking for is easily found. Having an image on the poster can be help create an exciting design, but you want to make sure the image is relevant to the topic.

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