5 Fantastic Print Marketing Ideas for Nursing Homes

marketing ideas for nursing homes

Marketing is how you show the world exactly who you are and what you do. For nursing homes, you want to be sure that you are evoking the type of comfort and care that you wish to provide to the elderly. A single print can truly encapsulate your entire nursing home’s beliefs, so you want to put thought into it.

Print marketing is all about the message that is being sent out. For a nursing home, there is no more desired message to be sent than one of trust. Choosing a nursing home for a loved one is a significant decision for a family that requires time and patience. You want prospective residents and their families to trust you because you’re looking out for their interests. Images that convey trust are a good idea.

Here are five marketing ideas for nursing homes.

Marketing Ideas for Nursing Homes

1. Small Postcards

Small postcards are an excellent way to reach out to families in the community; they are cost-effective, have your message on them and can easily be placed in people’s mailboxes. A striking image in a beautiful glossy or matte postcard can get your message out there and will help build that coveted trust between you and the families.

2. Brochures

Brochures are an absolute must. You need to convey as much information as possible about your nursing home in the smallest package possible, and this is where a neat brochure comes in. The multiple side panels in a booklet allow you to have not only exciting graphics but also valuable text that lets families know what you stand for. A brochure is something that no nursing home should be without.

3. Business Cards

Business cards are an absolute necessity for any professional setting. You want people to be able to remember you and be able to contact you quickly if necessary. For the lead staff inside your nursing home, business cards are something that needs to be at their disposal. You can have your nursing home’s name or logo on the cards and necessary contact information too.

4. Invitations

Of all the marketing ideas for nursing homes, this one is the most personal. A direct invitation is a great way to reach out to families who may be already exploring nursing home options for a loved one. The heartfelt message and information about the home can help them make the decision. Finding the right nursing home for a loved comes down to feeling like the home cares about the family as a whole.

5. Flyers

Last, but not least, the most dynamic of all the marketing ideas for nursing homes is the flyer. These deliver your message quickly and in mass numbers. Flyers can be posted in places such as churches where families gather. Finding a nursing home for a loved one can be a stressful time for a family, so you want to convey a message of peace and stability for both the loved one and the family.


The Right Options

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