Grow Your Practice With Medical Flyers

Medical flyers are powerful and versatile tools. These convincing handouts provide patients with key information about your practice and their health, and they can even help potential patients decide whether they choose to visit your practice or your competitor. In this article, learn how to design and print an effective medical flyer that promotes your practice and encourages patient health.

Medical Flyer Design Ideas

First things first, develop a design for your medical flyer that conveys your intended message. Regardless of the flyer topic, help patients understand that you put their health first every time. When developing a design, remember the following steps.

Start With Your Goal In Mind

Medical flyers serve many different purposes, and as with any printed material, form follows function throughout the flyer design process. Determine the goal of the flyer first, and then make a list of the essential design elements. Some examples include:

  • For a flyer explaining a medical diagnosis or course of treatment, add a section describing possible patient outcomes.
  • A flyer promoting patient health might include a list of actions or exercises patients should do to avoid disease or promote recovery.
  • If you’re printing a flyer describing a new procedure, promoting your practice’s specialty, or introducing a type of machine, include illustrative photos to help readers understand what to expect.
  • Flyers listing in-network insurance plans might also briefly explain what to do when patients have questions about their coverage.
  • Medical flyers aimed at encouraging referrals from other medical practices should include detailed information about your practice so that doctors can make informed decisions about their referrals.
  • A great informational or marketing flyer about a medical practice frequently includes a photograph of the medical staff and a map showing where the practice is located.

Whatever your goals are in printing a flyer, choosing your design elements thoughtfully will help you make an impact.

Write Clear Copy

Once you’ve decided on a design, it’s time to embark on one of the most important steps: writing text that readers will understand.

Medical information is an important topic for everyone, no matter their education level, so using accessible language is a must. Break complicated ideas down into bullet point lists and use photographs or diagrams, when possible, to provide useful information without cluttering flyers with excessive text.

Set The Tone With Your Visual Choices

Many patients are hesitant to visit the doctor or dentist, so be sure to use your medical flyer design to encourage positive emotions. Blue and green are calming colors, so many successful medical flyers use a blue or green background to reassure viewers and promote your practice as a safe, relaxing place.

As well, include one or more photos which make your practice personable. An image of the medical team, a practitioner interacting with a patient, or another positive scene helps viewers feel familiar with your office. Seeing a glimpse of the positive experience they could have at your office will make them more likely to pick up the phone and make an appointment.

Make The Next Steps Clear

f course, as with any printed material, include information that will help readers take action. This might mean inviting readers to make an appointment, explaining the healing process of a surgical procedure, explaining how to make a referral, and more. Always include your contact information and website so that readers can ask questions.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or simply want some advice from the experts, let ZoePrint’s design team take care of your medical flyer design for you.

How To Print Medical Flyers

So, you’ve finished your medical flyer design. Now what? Now it’s time to print your flyer so that you can start distributing it. Here are some of the important choices you’ll make when printing a medical flyer.

Choose Your Preferred Medical Flyer Size

The most common medical flyer size is 8.5x11, but don’t feel limited. If you have another size in mind, such as 5.5x8.5, 4x9, or even 8.5x14, feel free to pick whichever size you’d like.

This step is important to consider while designing your flyer, to ensure that you’re creating a design that fits with your intended paper dimensions. However, if you’ve already developed a flyer and then realize you’d like to change your paper size, you can certainly do so. Consider reaching out to the ZoePrint team, who can optimize your design for any flyer dimension.

Make An Impression With Paper

When printing your medical flyer, one of the most important decisions you can make is which paper you’d prefer. After all, your paper choice says a lot about your practice’s values and professionalism. A paper such as 80# or 100# gloss text lets your colors and photographs shine through while still being lightweight and flexible.

If you’re looking for a sturdier paper, consider choosing 80# or 100# gloss cover. These papers fold less easily, so your flyers will hold up for a long time. If you’d prefer to print your medical flyers on a different paper, ask your printing company about their options. They’re always excited to work with you to find a paper that meets your goals.

Choose How Many Copies You’d Prefer

Finally, it’s time to decide how many copies of your medical flyer you’d like to receive. This is simply a matter of preference. ZoePrint’s easy online ordering system makes it simple to order a small number of flyers and reorder when you need more. This process increases your flexibility and reduces waste, as a small change doesn't render huge stacks of flyers obsolete. If your office moves locations, a new doctor joins the practice, or you start performing a new procedure, it’s easy to change your flyers and print more.

On the other hand, if you don’t plan on making any changes to your medical flyer, placing one large order is simple and means that you don’t need to think about ordering more for a long time. This option is easy and also decreases the cost of printing per page.

Print Your Medical Flyers With A Professional Printing Company

At ZoePrint, we have decades of expertise printing medical flyers that help practices flourish. We appreciate the power of good health and want to help you find new patients. Our affordable pricing, easy online ordering system, and passionate team is ready to get the job done! Order online or request out a custom quote for more information.