Salon Flyers That Attract New Clients: Tips, Design, and Examples

salon flyers attract new clients

Skillful marketing is the key to a successful salon business. If you’re searching for tips and tricks as you create your next nail salon flyer or hair salon flyer, look no further! This article contains everything you need to know about designing and printing beauty salon flyers that bring customers to your door.

A Great Salon Flyer Makes A Difference

Don’t underestimate the power of your salon flyer. Remember that every chance to reach a potential customer is a chance to show your skills, so don’t squander this opportunity.

As well, remember that your design skills are representative of the care and beauty you create in your salon. Viewers will see your flyer as representative of your sense of style, so this is your chance to showcase your aesthetic sensibilities for the public. If people like what they see on your flyer, they’ll be inspired to come into your salon and see how you can make them their most beautiful selves.

How To Design Beauty Salon Flyers

It’s not difficult to design a salon flyer, and a great flyer will bring in lots of business. Your design matters, so take some time on the front end to consider your goals and which choices you want to make during the design process. Here are some of ZoePrint’s tips for designing successful nail salon flyers and hair salon flyers that will bring readers to your door.

Focus On Images

Readers want to see examples of your talent, so make sure to include photographs that give a glimpse of what customers can expect from your services. Once they see your beautiful results, they’ll be inspired to make an appointment.

Include images that are as high a resolution as possible so that the photographs are crystal clear when the flyers are printed.

Use Color Schemes To Your Advantage

Choose colors for your flyer that relate to your desired effect. Many beauty salon flyers use red and pink background colors that emphasize liveliness and vitality.

On the other hand, for a hair salon flyer, consider using a purple or another such color that invokes the feeling of being relaxed and pampered. Give the viewer a sample of what their experience in your chair could feel like.

Include A Promotion That Inspires Action

Adding a can't-miss deal to your flyer is a great way to convert readers to customers. Depending on the services you provide and your budget, consider offering a discount for first-time customers, a discount on product purchases, or a refer-a-friend bonus.

Keep Words To A Minimum

Because your salon flyer is advertising a finished visual result, keep the words on your flyer to a minimum. Here is the information you should be sure to include:

  • Salon name
  • Services you provide
  • Address
  • Contact information
  • How to book an appointment
  • A special offer or discount, if applicable

In addition, you can include a sentence or two, or even simply a few key words, about your business or services. If you focus on curly hair, or if you offer acrylic nails, for example, that would be relevant information for your flyer. However, include as few words as possible so that readers stay focused on the photographs and your amazing results.

Salon Flyer Examples

If you’re looking for some examples of great beauty salon flyers, here are some examples that ZoePrint recommends.

Nail Salon Flyer Examples

These nail salon flyer examples attract new clients through their stylish design choices.

This flyer is perfect for handing out on the street, as it inspires recipients to head into the salon to take advantage of the deal. As well, the composition balances the main text and the dynamic image of the nails.

This colorful flyer draws attention to the beautiful nails in the photograph while also emphasizing the exciting mood of spring. The pink text in the bottom half of the flyer matches the pink glasses, which helps tie the image together. It also advertises a special offer, which inspires people to come into the salon.

Hair Salon Flyer Examples

Take a look at these hair salon flyer examples that inspire action.

This flyer contains as many words as is necessary without becoming clunky. It also uses contrasting fonts to increase dynamism.

This hair salon flyer offers an exciting deal of 30% off all services and products on opening day. This type of offer inspires readers to take initiative and try out your business.

Bring Your Salon Flyers To Life With ZoePrint!

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