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Flawless record keeping is the foundation of any successful business. Help your company flourish with custom NCR forms that perfectly fit your business’s needs. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about NCR forms and how to make carbonless forms. Let’s get started!

What Are NCR Forms?

NCR forms are handy forms that automatically create multiple copies of what you write, as you write. They consist of multiple layers of paper, each with small capsules of a chemical or dye on the underside. When you write on the top piece of paper, the pressure from your pen or pencil breaks the capsules underneath, which transfers your writing to the pieces of paper below.

The term “NCR forms” might sound complicated, but it’s pretty simple. These types of forms used to be made with carbon paper, so they were called carbon copies. NCR forms, on the other hand, contain no carbon, so the initialism NCR stands for “no carbon required.”

NCR forms are useful in virtually all sectors, including medical practices, cleaning services, automotive repair, plumbing, construction, and more. If your business requires multiple copies of any document that employees fill out by hand, NCR forms are a sure bet to improve organization and efficiency.

Why Are Custom NCR Forms Helpful?

Every business is unique, so printing your own custom NCR forms ensures that your forms are tailor-made for your company’s needs. If you offer specific products or services, you can include these items on your NCR forms to make services and sales easier for your employees.

Printing custom NCR forms is a smart marketing move. Typically, the customer keeps one of the copies, so including your company branding on your forms will help customers remember you. You should take every possible advantage to help customers remember your name so that next time they need your services, they’ll think of you before thinking of your competitor.

How To Make Carbonless Forms

If you’re wondering how to make carbonless forms, we’re here to help. Here are some of our recommendations for making NCR forms that get the job done.

Choose A Practical Size

When it comes to how to make carbonless forms, one of your first decisions is size. Remember, form follows function; consider how much text and information you’d like to include on your forms, and choose an appropriate size from there. Two of the most common NCR form sizes are 5.5x8.5 and 8.5x11, but your printing company is happy to work with you if you’d prefer a custom size.

Decide Between 2 Part NCR Forms And 3 Part NCR Forms

One of the advantages of designing and ordering your own NCR forms is that you can choose how many copy pages you’d prefer.

If you’re happy making only two copies, then ordering 2 part NCR forms is the best choice for you. This is perfect if your company keeps one copy of a customer’s order and the customer receives a copy for their records. Please be aware that standard sequence 2 part NCR forms have a white colored sheet as the first part and a yellow colored sheet as the second part. (The pricing on is based on forms in this standard sequence.) It is possible to have non-standard sequence 2 part forms, but it is a custom job and costs more.

If you need three copies, then 3 part NCR forms will do the trick. 3 part NCR forms work best in situations where your customer needs one copy and your company needs two, for example if one copy is for the business office and another is for a service technician. Please know that standard sequence 3 part NCR forms have a white colored sheet for the first part, a yellow colored sheet for the second part, and a pink colored sheet for the third part. ( NCR pricing is based on forms in this standard sequence.) It is possible to have non-standard sequence 3 part forms, but it is a custom job and costs more.

Let Your Inner Artist Choose Ink Colors

One of the fun parts of printing carbonless forms is choosing your ink. Many printing companies such as ZoePrint offer printing with multiple ink choices, including only black ink, one spot color, black ink and one spot color, and two spot colors.

In many ways, making a decision about inks depends on who is going to see your NCR forms. If they’re for purely internal use, then plain black is typically sufficient and saves money. If you’d like to impress clients, consider using the colors in your logo, so that the forms match the rest of your branding.

If you need to highlight a specific area of your form, such as an invoice or a sum total location, use a different color ink to bring attention to this place. Be sure to use this second color sparingly so as not to dilute its attention-grabbing effect.

NCR Forms Examples

NCR forms are a handy option for all kinds of documents, from restaurant guest checks to invoices and more. If you’re looking for inspiration for your carbonless forms, check out these examples.

Auto Repair Form

This example provides ample space to note all necessary information, including services provided, parts ordered or installed, and a description of the work done. It uses color to its advantage, drawing attention to the invoice number and sum total fields.

Plain Order Form

This simple order form is clear and easy to understand. Given its lack of decorative elements or business contact information, it would work well as an internal document. It is highly versatile and can be used in many different sectors.

Sophisticated Order Form

This order form is perfect to provide to customers as a receipt. It is well-organized and contains the business’s name and logo, and the colors used in the form reflect the company branding.

Packing Slip

A packing slip is a perfect use for an NCR form. Since the NCR form creates multiple copies, the vendor can keep a copy for their records while also sending the buyer a receipt that lists all the items in the order.

Hopefully these examples have given you some inspiration for how to design your forms. If you’d like additional help or advice, the experts at ZoePrint can assist you with your design or create a design for you.

Let ZoePrint Take Care Of Your NCR Forms

Here at ZoePrint, we want to help your business succeed. We provide easy and affordable custom NCR forms printing, and we offer both 3 and 2 part NCR forms. We ship to locations throughout the country, and our prices can’t be beat. Our team is excited to work with you! Order online or request a custom quote to get started.