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newsletter names

When creating a newsletter, it is important to to pick a name for your newsletter that represents you and your organization well.  Done correctly, newsletters are an important business communication tool.  In order to maximize a newsletter's effectiveness, here are some suggestions for creating a great name:

  1. Don't pick anything which could possibly be misinterpreted in a negative way, or anything which suggests profanity.
  2. Create a name which either includes your industry or part of your business name when possible. This will increase brand awareness for you, and make the topic (or at least the company creating the newsletter) easily understood at a glance.
  3. It is best to avoid names which are "too cute" or which are part of a pun or joke of some kind. Although the name may be funny when you first think of it, there may be some percentage of your readers who are turned off by the pun or joke, and just don't read it.
  4. Pick a name which is easy to understand.  You should run any name you think of by a "test panel" of friends or advisors so that you can see different people's reactions.

One example of a good name for a real estate newsletter is "Location, Location, Location".  Most people will know at a glance what the topic of the publication is and there is nothing offensive in the title.  An example of a weaker name for the same publication is "Home Sweet Home".  Although this name suggests the topic of the publication might be real estate, a newsletter with this name could also be about home improvement, handicrafts or cooking. 

In the end, newsletter names are a reflection of you and your business or organization.  Be sure to make a great first impression and choose a terrific name.  Once you have a great name for your publication and a terrific newsletter design, be sure to contact  We specialize in cheap newsletter printing, but we also produce outstanding digital quality on every piece we print.

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