Newsletters: The Case for Printing

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newsletters the case for printing

In the age of the internet, why bother with a printed newsletter? This is an important question, and it needs to be addressed in detail before printing and/or mailing out a hard copy newsletter.

So…what are the advantages of printed newsletters? There are several reasons to consider printing a newsletter for your clients and prospects. First off, think of a newsletter as a “corporate news magazine”. In other words, the content of this document is important. Although many things can be included in a newsletter, probably the most important is some real content. Content is critical because it gives readers a reason to read. It is also important because the newsletter will have value if it communicates real information rather than just hype. It is also interesting to note that although there has been an explosion of information available online, printed magazines are very popular, even in the 21st century.

Second, you can use a printed newsletter to add value to the products or services you provide. Since so much information is sent electronically, a printed newsletter is sure to get noticed by your clients. There is less competition in your customers’ mailboxes than there used to be. So, if you can communicate tips or ideas which are useful to your customers, they will look forward to the arrival of your newsletter on a regular basis.

Third, printed materials will help give you top of mind awareness in your customer base long after an electronic version is forgotten. Printed materials tend to be retained if they are perceived as valuable, and they may also be shared with colleagues.

Fourth, printed newsletters can drive traffic to your website. The use of printed newsletters (and other materials) in combination with electronic media is a particularly effective marketing tool. You can highlight new features of your website and also use QR codes to make it easy for clients to get to your site via mobile devices.

Lastly, since printed newsletters tend to have some “shelf life”, the use of good design and paper stocks is highly important. Excellence in design may sometimes be appreciated more in a printed piece, where small details, such as font choice, the use of specific colors and other design techniques take center stage. Using a high quality paper is also important to try to ensure that the newsletter “looks good” when it arrives at the client’s office and stays in good shape.

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