Set The Table With Delicious Placemat Printing

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Curating an excellent dining experience involves every aspect of your restaurant. The moment guests sit down at the table, impress them with stylish placemats that elevate their visit and whet their appetites. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about placemat printing that brings diners back for more!

Paper Placemat Printing Saves Time And Energy

Restaurants are hives of activity, and your front of house staff is constantly on the move. Placemat printing makes your employees’ jobs easier, giving them more time and energy to focus on serving your customers. Here are some of placemat printing’s top benefits.

  • Easier cleanup. Collecting the placemats after a meal dramatically reduces the amount of cleanup needed to prepare a table for the next seating. By catching food particles, drips, and other stains, the tablecloth or table underneath stays cleaner.
  • Expedited ordering. Including your menu on your placemats helps diners choose their dishes quickly, saving everyone time. They can inspect the menu from the moment they sit down, and seeing your mouth watering menu will increase their appetites.
  • Speedier service. Clearing placemats only takes a second, whereas wiping a table clear is a lengthier process. Using paper placemats saves your hard-working employees valuable time.
  • Increased hygiene. Hygiene and food safety are paramount, and disposable placemats provide protection for both guests and staff. By replacing the placemats, you provide a fresh eating surface for each guest.
  • Guest entertainment. Who says placemats need to be boring? Family-friendly restaurants can include fun activities on their placemats, such as word search puzzles, tic tac toe games, and conversation starter questions that make mealtimes fun for all.

Paper placemats are extremely versatile. In addition to restaurants, they are perfect for events such as weddings and dinner gatherings. Placemats are helpful whenever food is being served!

Placemat Printing Design Tips

The paper placemat printing process is full of choices that help you create the perfect dining experience. Here are some of ZoePrint’s top pieces of advice as you’re making your placemats a reality.

Pick A Size, Any Size

When it comes to placemat sizes, the sky’s the limit. Some common sizes include 14x11, 17x11, and 18x12. However, feel free to discuss sizing with your printing company, who can work with you to create a custom size that fits your tables.

Decide On Your Preferred Paper

Your printing company offers myriad papers, letting you choose the paper option that best fits your style and budget.

70# uncoated text paper is a great option for placemat printing. It’s slightly thicker than copy paper, and it sets the table for a great meal. This paper is particularly popular in casual dining and family-friendly restaurants, but its versatility makes it a great choice for any table.

If you’re looking to elevate your guests’ dining experiences, a fancier option such as a silk or gloss paper adds luxury. The smooth texture or shine of these papers turn every meal into fine dining.

If you want to make a difference in the world, print on recycled paper that puts your environmentally-friendly spirit into action. Choosing a recycled paper lets guests know that you’re a responsible steward of the earth. This is a particularly fitting choice for organic or vegetarian restaurants, restaurants focusing on healthy eating, and any establishment that wants to take care of the planet.

Choose Between Color Or Black And White Placemats

One foundational decision during the design process is whether you’d rather print full-color or black and white placemats. Luckily, each option has benefits, so there’s no wrong answer.

Black and white placemats are an economical choice. By only using one color, you save money that you can spend elsewhere. Black and white placemats are also subtle and classy, letting diners focus on their food and conversations. As well, black and white placemats can easily provide games for kids…coloring with crayons and word search puzzles work great in black and white.

Color placemat printing provides excitement, drawing attention and helping diners engage with their meals. If you plan to include activities for children on your placemats, color printing helps them pay attention, making the dining experience more fun for the children and adults alike.

Another great advantage of color placemat printing is the ability to include your name or logo in color, as well as color photographs of your food that whet diners’ appetites. Never miss an opportunity to help customers interact with your brand!

Don’t Gloss Over Finishing Processes

Finishing processes add panache to your paper placemat printing. Some common finishing options for placemats include lamination and rounded corners.

Laminating your placemats protects them from all manner of accidents and spills. This is a great option if you want to reuse placemats, as laminated placemats are easy to clean and disinfect between seatings.

Including rounded corners on your placemats provides an element of luxury. This is a simple process that impresses guests and lets them know that you care about all aspects of their dining experience.

Printing companies offer many finishing processes that add flair to your placemats, so be sure to ask if you’re looking for specific options. Your printing company can work with you to create exactly what you have in mind!

Make Meals A Success With ZoePrint’s Placemat Printing Services

When you’re ready to get started with affordable paper placemat printing, ZoePrint is here to help! We offer both full-color and black and white placemats in all sizes, as well as speedy service and nationwide shipping. If you’re looking for specific papers, dimensions, or processes, feel free to ask: chances are, we can print the exact placemats you’re looking for! Order online or request a custom quote to get started.