Make A Great Impression With Plumbing Business Cards

plumbing business cards

Marketing your plumbing business is all about making connections, and excellent plumbing business cards help you cement new relationships in style. Keep reading to learn the best tips to design and print plumbing business cards!

How To Print Plumbing Business Cards

Printing your own custom plumbing business cards is an easy process. By following these simple steps, your business cards will arrive at your doorstep in no time.

Decide On A Size

When printing your plumbing business cards, you can choose from a few sizes. The classic horizontal 3.5x2 size is the standard for a reason; it’s large enough to fit all of your important information and small enough to store in a wallet. This size is a great choice for all plumbing businesses.

If you want to spice up your card and make an impression, consider printing a unique size or shape. From square to vertical business cards, and even cards in unique shapes, you can stand out from the crowd with an exciting size that draws attention and helps contacts remember you.

Choose Your Preferred Paper

choices, so you’ll always be able to find one that meets both your needs and your budget.

Some of the most common papers include 12 point coated, 14 point coated, and 16 point coated paper, as well as 100# satin cover and 100# uncoated cover. All of these are sturdy options that give you a business card that will hold up and make a statement.

Add A UV Coating

To make your plumbing business cards stand out, add a UV coating that makes them shine! UV coating is a glossy coating that is applied to one side of your business card and then cured using a heating process. This process is available for all business card papers other than uncoated cover paper. A UV coating will draw all eyes to your beautiful business card!

5 Top Design Ideas For Plumbing Business Cards

You’re ready to take the plunge and design your own business cards. Now what? Now it’s time for ZoePrint’s top tips for designing custom plumbing business cards that get remembered!

  1. Incorporate Your Company’s Branding

  2. It’s never too early to help clients associate your company with excellent plumbing services. Therefore, be sure to include your company’s branding on your business cards, as well as design elements that help recipients easily remember that you’re a plumbing company. If your logo doesn’t contain any hints, consider adding a helpful image such as a faucet or a plunger, which makes this idea clear.

  3. Make Yourself Memorable

  4. A creative business card works wonders for helping clients remember your company when they need a plumber. From shape to color choice, consider adding some bold design elements that push your company to the front of clients’ minds.

    One excellent way to make your plumbing business memorable is by printing a magnetic business card that clients can put on their fridges. When people need plumbers, they often need them urgently, so clients don’t have time to rifle through their drawers looking for your card. A magnetic card is right there on the fridge, making it maximally easy for them to remember you and call you instead of your competitor.

  5. Take Advantage Of Both Sides

  6. If you’re not printing a magnetic business card, be sure to print on both sides of the card. After all, twice the space lets you provide twice as much information. You can include your name and your business’s name on one side and your contact information on the other side. Or, for a minimalist look, you can print your logo on one side and the rest of your information on the other. Either way, double-sided printing lets you include more details and make more of an impression.

    ZoePrint Bonus Tip: Expand your marketing strategy with an informative plumbing flyer and plumbing brochure! A successful marketing strategy consists of more than simply distributing business cards, of course. Therefore, it is also vitally important to print a plumbing flyer and plumbing brochure that complement your business cards and provide clients with more information about your services.

  7. Consider Color Psychology

  8. First and foremost, make sure the colors on your business card complement your company branding. After that, think about color psychology and the effects it can have on new clients. The color blue is a frequent choice for plumbing business cards because of its associations with water, as well as its how it represents calmness and serenity, which are emotions that people often need more of when dealing with plumbing issues!

    Get Design Advice From The Experts at ZoePrint!

    Here at ZoePrint, we’ve perfected the art of designing and printing plumbing business cards that work. We love helping plumbers make new connections and find new clients, and our top passion is for seeing our customers succeed.

    To get started printing your own custom plumbing business cards, order online or request a custom quote today!