Effective Poster Design Makes A Difference

Viewers remember a great poster. There is no magic formula, no prescribed method; when designing a poster, you get to let your creativity run free. 

If this idea feels intimidating, don’t worry: in this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about poster design and printing!

Why Poster Design is Important

Whether you’re designing an advertising poster or an art poster, your poster’s design is paramount. Your poster captivates an audience with an image. Therefore, this image must be powerful. Here are some tips as you’re designing your poster.

  • Maintain a simple layout. Keep your poster uncluttered so that viewers can easily find the most important information or artistic element.

  • Use large letters. Many posters are seen from far away, so if your poster contains text, make it easy to read.

  • Emphasize your main point. If your poster is informative, be sure that the most important information is the largest so that readers can quickly understand your main message.

  • Include a bold design. History’s most memorable posters all contain bold design elements that impress the viewer. Use bright colors and other poster design features that make your poster stick in the viewer’s mind.

  • Add all important information. This might seem simple, but it bears saying: for an informational or event poster design, don’t forget any crucial information. This includes the time, date, and location of an event, or a URL for further details.

  • Balance positive and negative space. To help viewers notice the important parts of your poster, don’t cram the whole page full of information. Leave some empty space so that people can focus on what’s important.

With the tips and tricks above, you’ll be on your way to designing effective posters in no time!

Printing Your Poster Design Ideas

As you’re printing your poster, you have many technical aspects to consider. Here are four key printing options to keep in mind. 

One-Sided or Two-Sided Printing

When you’re deciding that you’d like to create a poster, you probably already know whether you’re planning to hang it on a wall or distribute it by hand. That makes this first step in the printing process easy! If you’re going to be hanging your poster or posting it on a wall, then printing it on one side in color is probably the best choice.

If you’re going to be distributing your poster, for example as an informational poster, then you might want to print on both sides in color. That will allow for twice the information, twice the art, and twice the impact!

Any Size To Fit Your Need

You can choose from many poster sizes. Some of the most common sizes include 11x17, 12x18, 18x24, 24x36, and 30x40. Of course, each size can be printed in portrait or landscape orientation; for example, a poster could be either 24x36 or 36x24.

Your poster size choice is purely up to you. Consider where you might be posting it. A small poster might be better for a bulletin board, whereas a piece of artwork for your wall might be significantly bigger.

As well, consider how much information you plan to include on your poster. If you’re including lots of information about an event, for example, opt for a larger size that lets you include all necessary details.

Paper Options Galore

Because posters as an art and design form are so versatile, you have many paper options for printing your poster. Some papers work better for some types of posters. Papers such as 70# Uncoated Text are perfect to hand out on the street and post in community gathering areas. Papers such as 100# Gloss Cover are thick and deluxe, great for displaying a work of art. Of course, you can also choose from everything in between.

Number of Copies

Before you print, consider how many copies you’d like. This is also a question of intended use: are you planning to post five hundred event posters around town, or thirty copies of a theater poster? Frequently, the more copies you order, the smaller the cost per click.

At ZoePrint, We’re The Poster Experts

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