6 Inexpensive Print Marketing Ideas for Apartments


Managing the marketing efforts for an apartment complex is not for the faint of heart. You need to keep operations running smoothly by serving your current tenants while also attracting new tenants. It's a balancing act that requires a strong marketing plan and dedicated staff! However, when it comes to advertising, finding inspiration for creative print marketing ideas for apartments is everywhere. Whether you're representing a property management company or a single apartment complex, we’ve got you covered. Here is a brief list of our favorite print marketing ideas for apartments!

1. Professional Posters

Ask yourself: When a prospect visits your property, what is the first thing they see? Hanging high-quality posters outside will create a great first impression. Make them work for you! Before having your posters professionally printed, considering the following questions:

  • What message do you want to convey?
  • Who you are hoping to target?
  • What are the top reasons why your current tenants are drawn to your location?

When you consider these factors during the design phase, you are sure to stand apart from the competition by touting your best selling points and attracting the right audience!

2. Branded Brochures

These days, brochures come in all shapes and sizes. The versatility of brochures allows for easy distribution and complete customization at a cost-effective price. They can be conveniently placed around the apartments main office, given to prospective tenants upon arrival, or even handed out at trade shows or conventions. You may also want to consider placing brochures in racks at your Chamber of Commerce or visitors center.

Regardless, when it comes to personalizing your apartment’s marketing materials and communicating large amounts of information, you can’t go wrong with a high-quality

3. Custom Notepads

The benefits of custom printed notepads are limitless. This cost-effective marketing tool is the perfect way to stay in front of current and prospective tenants as a frequently-used household and professional item. The repeat exposure gained from this product makes for a great return on investment!

4. Special Offer Flyers

It seems flyers have been around as a marketing tool since the beginning of time - and for good reason. Flyers work! And on top of that, they are proven to be a convenient, cost-effective, and easily customizable option for marketers. Let's say you are offering a move-in special or waiving the application fee for a limited time. High-quality, printed flyers are the perfect short-term marketing strategy due to the fact that they are easy to design, print, and distribute.

5. Referral Cards

According to a recent Nielsen survey, apartment complexes that use a referral system have a 70% higher conversion rate and they report a 69% faster close-time on sales. This is because people trust their friends over all of the hype. This is especially true with younger prospects, including Millennials. By printing referral cards and giving them to your tenants (and former tenants), you can create an incentive for them to help you do your job. Your best cheerleaders and promoters are your satisfied tenants! Consider rewarding them for spreading the good news about your apartments.

6. Printed Newsletters

For many apartment complexes, much of the communication is done online. However, this isn’t always that most effective tool to use! If you manage a community with tenants who are 55+, you may want to consider distributing printed newsletters. Additionally, regardless of age, placing printed newsletters in your reception area, you're giving prospects a real look at what's happening in your apartment community!

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