Printing and Mailing Services versus Email Marketing

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printing and mailing services

Printing and E-mail Marketing both have their place in marketing businesses and organizations. However, both tools are different and can be complimentary if used correctly.

Usually, E-mail marketing is seen as a great tool to keep in touch with existing clients, whereas printing (and mailing) is a great way to find new customers, especially when you want to geographically target certain areas.

Let’s compare printing and mailing services with E-mail marketing in greater detail. E-mail marketing isn’t free, but it can be much cheaper than sending a printed piece to everyone on a mailing list. E-mail marketing can be a low cost way to stay in touch with existing clients. However, in order to be an effective tool, the subject line of your email must be catchy enough to open immediately and the content and offer must be compelling enough for the recipient to take action quickly. Unfortunately, most of the time, emails are deleted before being opened or read. Furthermore, emails often are buried so deep in a prospect’s inbox, that, by the time the prospect needs the service, the email is long forgotten.

Another factor to consider is the collection of email addresses. In order to legitimately use an email address for marketing purposes, a person must sign up for an email newsletter or be an existing customer. You cannot legally purchase lists of email addresses to use. In contrast, you can purchase a targeted list of physical addresses for a very targeted print mailing. E-mail marketing may be best used to keep in touch with existing customers or make them new offers—these recipients may be more likely to open and read the email.

In contrast, printing and mailing can be a very cost effective way to target new prospects, but it has to be done right. Let’s say your business is an athletic training camp for children playing sports in school. You can purchase a targeted list of “homeowners” with a combined income of “$_” per year or more, in the age range of “30-45” and in specific “zip codes” in your area. You’ve just narrowed down your audience to people who likely have children in school and may be ready to invest in private athletic training for their children! A post card is likely to catch at least a glance from most recipients, and this targeted audience is even more likely to read more and consider calling. What’s more? Prospects may even tape your postcard on the refrigerator so that the prospect doesn’t forget to discuss the camp with their family. A printed piece is easier to hold on to for consideration than a fleeting email, facebook post or tweet. When printing is included in combination with your digital marketing campaign, you are sure to reach the most potential customers!

So…the key is to use both media to compliment each other and reinforce your marketing messages. Printing and mailing can easily target new prospects in a geographic area. E-mail marketing can reinforce your message with existing clientele. The use of both can be a powerful combination!