3 Top Tips For Cheap Booklet Printing

Woman reading printed booklet

Printing your own booklets is an easy way to spread information, create comprehensive marketing materials, and make memories that last a lifetime. Booklets can cover a wide range of topics and are useful tools in a wide range of sectors and industries.

In addition, balancing the budget is an important task for every business. By opting for cheap booklet printing, you leave more money for the rest of the budget. Here are ZoePrint’s tips and tricks for printing booklets cheap that still create a finished product that will impress your readers!

  • 1. Make Your Cover Look Great

    Oftentimes, readers do judge books–or booklets–by their covers. When it’s your booklet they’re judging, make sure your cover makes a great first impression.

    One way to create a great cover is by opting for a thicker cover paper, such as 80# uncoated cover paper, 100# gloss cover paper, or 100# dull cover paper, while using a thinner paper such as 70# uncoated text paper for the interior pages.

    Opting for a thicker cover paper makes your booklet sturdier and gives it a polished look. This gives you the leeway to use thinner interior pages that cost less, as they’ll still be protected by the thicker outer pages.

  • 2. Print In Black And White Without Sacrificing Color

    Black and white printing saves a lot of money. When you have the option, consider printing in black and white to cut down on costs.

    However, printing in black and white doesn’t mean your booklets have to look boring. You have a couple of options to introduce some color to your print products: printing on color paper and printing only your covers in color.

    Printing with black ink on color paper is an easy way to provide a pop of color to your booklets without paying for color printing. Depending on the type of booklet you’re printing, you can choose a paper color that matches your branding or simply a bright color that attracts attention.

    Printing only your covers in color is another great strategy for booklet printing cheap. This is a particularly good idea if the interior content of your booklet consists mostly of text. The covers provide the color and interest that encourage readers to pick up your booklet and take a look, and the interior pages provide the information they’re looking for.

  • 3. Think Big By Thinking Small

    If you want to print booklets cheap, sometimes cutting down is the solution. By printing booklets in a smaller size, you have to pay less for each booklet. Two of the most common booklet sizes are 8.5x11 and 5.5x8.5, and by picking the smaller of the two sizes, your booklet starts at a lower base price.

    If you want help figuring out how to print your booklets on a smaller scale while still including all the information you need, feel free to reach out to the design team at ZoePrint. They can help you create small booklets that pack a punch!

  • Partner With The Cheap Printing Experts

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