Custom Product Tags Make Sales Easy

Custom Product Tags

As a small business owner, you’re responsible for your company’s success. If you work in retail, you know that some of your most-important and most-used printed items are your product tags.

In this article, we’ll explain the ins and outs of merchandise tags, including why they’re important and some key design tips.

Merchandise Tags Explained

Product tags are vital for both online and in-person retailers. These small but mighty items are attached to every product in your store, and they let customers know what they’re looking at and how much each product costs. They are therefore indispensable for any retail business.

Merchandise tags contribute to your store’s brand. After all, these tags are placed on every product you offer, so they’re highly visible and should therefore encourage interaction with your products.

Design Tips For Product Tags

Creating merchandise tags is a fun process that gives you the chance to reflect on your business. Here are some of ZoePrint’s top tips for designing custom hang tags that make operations easier.

Let Form Follow Function

Consider the products you sell. If you carry a consistent stock of merchandise, go ahead and print custom tags for each item you sell. This is a great plan for businesses that offer a smaller number of items and are confident that their products will remain similar over time.

If the products you offer change frequently, then it might be a good idea to print hang tags that leave spaces for you to hand-write each product’s name and price. This is a good strategy for businesses such as vintage boutiques with a constantly-evolving stock.

If you have any design questions, feel free to contact the helpful experts at ZoePrint for advice.

Don’t Forget Marketing

While hang tags might seem to be mere sales tools, don’t forget their marketing power as well. Once customers make a purchase, they bring the product tag home with them along with the merchandise, so they will be looking at the product tag long after they’ve left your store.

Consider including your website URL or contact information on one side of your hang tags so that customers can keep in touch. After all, it’s worth capitalizing on every opportunity to maintain connections with customers!

Above all, when you’re designing your merchandise tags, stay true to your store’s branding, but don’t be afraid to make a splash. Customers will enjoy well-designed product tags that showcase your originality!

Consider Your Size

Product tags are typically on the smaller side. However, you still have some flexibility and choice when it comes to deciding on your preferred size. Four of the most common sizes for merchandise tags include horizontal 3.5x2 cards, vertical 2x3.5 cards, square 2.5x2.5 cards, and mini 1x2.75 cards. All of these sizes provide enough space for the product name and price, as well as your business’s name and logo.

Finishing Processes Make Your Job Easier

Many printers offer helpful finishing services so that you don’t have to do them yourself. For example, talk to your printing company about providing hang tags with a hole punched in the corner for easy hanging on your merchandise.

Your printing company can also provide other handy finishing services including beautiful UV coating, which adds a shiny layer to your product tags to help them get noticed.

Take Care Of Your Product Tag Printing With ZoePrint!

You have your hands full with every other aspect of running a business, so let ZoePrint handle your product tag printing. With decades of experience, we’re experts at printing product tags that help businesses thrive, and our enthusiastic team can’t wait to work with you. We can even design your custom hang tags for you, giving you time to focus on your business. Order online or request a custom quote today!