Print Real Estate Brochures That Lead To Offers

Real Estate Brochure

Real estate brochures are the powerhouses of the real estate world. They’re informative and inspiring marketing tools, and they have the power to sway potential buyers and renters towards making an offer. If you’re looking for some more information about how to create a great real estate brochure, keep reading!

Why Your Real Estate Brochure Is Important

Your brochure plays a key role in the buying or renting process. It explains all of the most important information about your listing and highlights its special features.

The brochure is the most illustrative, informative document that potentials keep after they leave your property, and it is a physical reminder of your property. It’s how potentials will remember you once they’ve left the building. If they’re visiting multiple properties, their visits might start to blend together in their minds, so your brochure influences what they’ll remember from their visit and helps them distinguish your property from all the others they’ve seen.

When potentials tour multiple properties, they will also keep each property’s brochure and use them later to compare their options. Think of your brochure as a runner in a race, competing against all the other brochures from all the other properties that potentials visit. You want your brochure to help you make it to the finish line: an offer on your property.

In sum, your real estate brochure helps sell or rent your property. When prospects are considering which property to bid on, your brochure helps them think of you!

How To Design A Real Estate Brochure

Now that you understand the importance of a stellar real estate brochure, let’s get to the fun part: designing! Here are some tips and tricks for making a real estate brochure that converts tours into offers.

Pick Your Best Size And Folding Style

One of the first decisions you must make about your real estate brochure is which size and folding style you prefer, as this will influence all aspects of your brochure’s content. You can choose from many sizes; some of the most common include 9x8, 11x8.5, 14x8.5, and 17x11.

Once you’ve chosen your size, it’s time to decide on a folding style. Popular options include half fold, trifold, z fold, and double parallel fold. Brochure folds help you organize your material into clearly-defined areas, so consider what information you’d like to include in your brochure as you’re choosing a folding style. If you’re feeling stuck, check out these real estate brochure examples.

Once you’ve chosen your size and folding style, it’s time to dive into creating your brochure’s content.

Present Your Property In Its Best Light

This idea is evident, but it’s worth mentioning. Your brochure is one of your top marketing materials, so it should highlight your property’s best features. Of course, you need to include some basic factual information such as number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage, and realtor contact information. In the rest of the brochure, provide information about the most exciting amenities and features. Your excitement about the property will be contagious!

Use Space Effectively

NBrochures are effective tools for imparting information quickly. A booklet, for example, contains enough space to spread out and include many photos and paragraphs, but a brochure is typically one folded page. Therefore, once you’ve decided on your paper size and folding style, choose your text and images carefully so that they fit the amount of space you have.

To make your real estate brochure easy to read, use simple, clear language. Include your property’s amenities in a bullet point list instead of burying them in a flowery paragraph. Use bolded headings throughout your brochure so that readers can quickly find the information they’re looking for.

Include Inspiring Images

Your real estate brochure’s images serve two purposes: they’re informational and inspirational. Include an image of the floor plan so that prospects can easily refer to it later. As well, include professionally-taken photos of the listing that highlight its best features. Use the highest-quality photos possible so that they’re not pixelated on your brochure. Make it easy for house-hunters to imagine themselves in your property’s beautiful, sunlit kitchen or your luxurious in-home theater!

Choose A Paper That Serves A Purpose

Select a paper that exemplifies your commitment to your listing. Consider a silk or gloss stock that gives your brochure a luxurious feel, symbolizing the wonderful life that residents at your property would have. Coated stocks tend to accentuate colors and make images pop!

If your property’s environmentally-friendly design is one of its selling points, use a similarly environmentally friendly paper, such as one that contains recycled post consumer waste. Prospects will appreciate your dedication to being green!

Print Your Real Estate Brochures Todaye

Once you’ve finished designing your brochure, it’s time to print it and get it out into the world! ZoePrint is ready to help you with all aspects of the printing process. We offer many sizes, stocks, and folding styles, and our high quality can’t be beat. Our speedy printing and shipping times mean that you can start distributing your brochures in no time at all. We can even design your brochure for you! Fill out an order form or send us a custom quote request today.