Real Estate Brochures

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Real Estate Brochures are a fantastic way to highlight the features of a house, townhome or condominium and present them to appeal to potential buyers.  By putting the information in print, you can reproduce high quality photos of the exterior and interior of the property, list unique features, and show a floor plan.  In print, you will also have the room to include information about the local school system, features of the town where the property is located, and any amenities of the neighborhood.  For example, buyers will want to know when there is a neighborhood pool or a system of nature trails nearby.  Some of this information can make the difference between a buyer sitting on the sidelines or making an offer. 

 Here are some tips for designing and printing a winning brochure:

  1. Keep the design simple.  If the printed brochure looks cluttered, it will not be as easy to use.
  2. Make sure to have professional photos taken.  Not only will the professional photos look better, but they will reproduce better in print.  Printing needs higher resolution images than those found online, so take full advantage with the best photos you can.
  3. Use a gloss or silk stock for the printing.  Coated stocks tend to accentuate colors and make images pop!
  4. Print only what you need.  That way, if the price of the property changes, you won't have to throw a bunch of brochures away. With modern digital printing technology, you should not have to print too many to get great pricing and quality.
  5. Use only a few fonts.  If you use too many typefaces, the printed piece may look unprofessional.

When you are ready to print your real estate brochures, be sure to give the professionals at a call.  We are experts at cheap brochure printing, and we can help with graphic design if you need it.

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